Chewa Foundation awards Chakwera, Malewezi: Mutharika donates K0.5m towards Kulamba Ceremony

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Friday donated K500,000 towards this year’s Kulamba Ceremony of the Chewa speaking people of Malawi, Eastern Zambia and Mozambique.

Kalilani receives her award

Kalilani receives her award

Uladi Mussa receives his award

Uladi Mussa receives his award

Chakwela receiving the award from Vuwa.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Chakwera receiving the award from Vuwa.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Mutharika donation was presented at a function which took place in the Capital City Lilongwe.

This year’s Kulamba Kulamba ceremony will take place on 29 August, 2015, at Mkaika Headquarters in Zambia.

Special advisor to the president on national unity, Vuwa Kaunda represented President Mutharika.

Kaunda said government commend Chewa people for upholding values of their Chewa Culture and that Malawi is committed to promote, protect and uphold the culture of different tribes.

During the function Malawi Congress Party President Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Minister of Home Affairs who is also United Democratic Front (UDF) Atupele Muluzi, People’s Party Vice President Uladi Mussa, former Speaker of Parliament Chimunthu Banda, Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya, Academician Dr Stanley Khaila, Veteran politician Dr Hertherwick Ntaba, and others attended the Chewa Cultural Night.

From the corporate world, economist Chancellor Kaferapanjira , economists, musicians, traditional leaders and top government officials also graced Chewa Cultural night, a ceremony organized to raise funds for this year year’s Kulamba Ceremony.

In his speech Chairman of Chewa Heritage Foundation(CHEFO) Processor Kanyama Phiri urged Chewa people to desist from harmful cultural practices to avoid transmission of HIV and Aids, a disease which has mo cure. Kanyama urged Chewa people to coexist harmoniously with people from other tribes.

“To our guest of Honour Mr Vuwa Kaunda we say thank you for attending this function and we are not taking this for granted,” said Kanyama.

Kulamba is a Chewa traditional ceremony in which Chewa chiefs pay homage to their  king.

During the ceremony, the chiefs brief the king on the situation in their chiefdoms highlighting major issues and developments.

They also present gifts to the king at the ceremony which dates back to as far as the 15th century.

During the function CHEFO awarded Chewas who have achieved in various categories of social, economic and political circles.

Some of the recipients of the newly introduced Chewa Champion award included Paramount chief Lundu, former Vice President who was also Chefo Chairman, Dr Justin Chimera Malewezi, Chimunthu Banda, MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Dr Jean Nachika Kalirani, Uladi Mussa, Archbishop Tarsizius Ziyaye.

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19 thoughts on “Chewa Foundation awards Chakwera, Malewezi: Mutharika donates K0.5m towards Kulamba Ceremony”

  1. Julius says:

    Yewo gawa,

  2. Idulusi Issa says:


  3. Kodi ? says:

    @13&15 strictly speaking the letter “r” does not exist in chiChewa not Chewa !
    We say lelo lomwe not lero , Malili not Maliri , Kalolo not Kaloro, Lilongwe not Lirongwe , lilangwe not Lirangwe( since corrected) . Mr Chakwela is correct or better oChakwela !

  4. mbuje says:

    useless tribal groupings that are simply polarising Malawi and Africa in general! We dont need these in these modern times!

  5. Charles says:

    Good story culture is good it always brings the people of different tribes together, a message to mr true factor or whatever you call yourself, there is no reason to criticise nyasatimes because there’s no where Mr Chakwera referred as Chakwela in this article.. If it is tradition beer (kachasu) you must take one tout not two many

  6. Matthews Mpofu says:

    Great work and initiative! We need also to go beyond of linking our cultural to conservation of our Sacred places with indigenous trees! Therefore, cultural events should set plat forms for advocating planting and protecting trees that have spiritual values, hence, conserving the environment!

  7. TruFactor says:

    Nyasa Times, you mean you don’t know the spelling of Dr Lazarus Chakwera? It’s Chakwera NOT Chakwela!

  8. Rich nduna says:

    Mulhakho….ukuchedweranji..anthu azamwe….

  9. Eliya phiri says:

    Kodi uladi ndi mchewanso? Nanga obaba otembo siochewa?

  10. Eliya phiri says:

    Kodi uladi ndi mchewanso?

  11. Sweet Boy says:

    Does Kabwira know that money was donated to a tribal function and yet Malawians are financially handicapped and of all the people her party president was part of the beneficiaries at the gathering? Nenatu lero galu wakodzera m’mkamwa mwa spokesperson wa MCP, akuopa kutsamwa ndepheeyu!! National function has been outweighed by a tribal thing. MCP/PP woyeeeee!!!!

  12. Msadane says:

    The cultural unity is highly applauded, those of us who belong but could not / may not attend due to distance and or opportunity wish the grouping great success. However, let this be not only when preparimg for the kulamba ceremony but also at home to promote and cement cohesion.

  13. puludzu says:

    Wapaphata, zomwe walembazi udakalemba mchilomwe zidakakhala kuti mtundu wanu ndipatali koma poti walemba mchichewa ife maliro amenewo ulira wekha. It was well organized function ndalama za mthumba mwanthu ife ochewa sitinakabe za edzi ku NAC. Well mannered pple osati angulu akuba nagti inu.

  14. Anthony Makuta says:

    Wow! Great! The Chewas as aleading tribe in the nation,indeed they had to be an example in promoting National unity,development.Tiyeni nazoni ochewa!

  15. Jozza says:

    Guys kodi Salu ya Gawa Undi ikupezeka kuti. Am in Ntcheu

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Osamatipaka ziphuphu ndi ka K500,000.00. Za utsiru zimenezo.

    Do you want us to rebuff you so that you claim we have personal hatred with the “trained dog”.Please,fund small tribes.Not Chewas.

    Rememember not to elevate any chewa chief based on political alignment and was clearly said. We know who elevate ourselves not the president.

  17. Thanks so much achewa peacefull people in the land.Let’s be more organised to achieve our goal. Wel done

  18. cheyo the real northerner says:

    I think we the Lambias from the far north, Chitipa should also regroup and be organizing ours yearly because we also command a large tribe and most organized than these other tribes.

  19. Wapaphata says:

    Koma if it had been tinali ife alomwe nde fwe fwe fwe zikamwa yasa yet wen its chewa ngonis or tumbukas its ok but lomwes no munya october is coming mulhakho wa alhomwe is coming

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