Chewa Heritage admits poor timing on Gawa Undi’s visit

Chewa Heritage Foundation, an umbrella body of the Chewa grouping in Malawi has admitted that they were late in conveying the message about the visit of their paramount leader for all Chewa’s in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, His Majesty Kalonga Gawa Undi.

Prof Kanyama Phiri: Re-working on the program

Prof Kanyama Phiri: Re-working on the program

The sentiments comes following government’s decision to stop Gawa Undi from visiting Malawi citing that there are few important measures that need to be put in place before a person of Gawa Undi’s calibre visit the country which include security among others.

The government through Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa stated that they were not informed in time about the chiefs visit hence the cancellation of the trip.

Chewa Heritage Foundation Chairperson Kanyama Phiri admitted that they were on the wrong side and that they have currently rescheduling the program.

“We informed the government but late. We wrote the government through the Ministry of Local government on 7th with Gawa Undi expected to arrive on 9th September” said Kanyama Phiri.

Kanyama Phiri further said they will also communicate with President Peter Mutharika in time about Gawa Undi’s expected visit through Senior Chief Lukwa.

As per tradition, Gawa Undi always meet the President whenever he visits Malawi this is according to Phiri.

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Rodgers Banda
Who is this chewaharamount chief? Where does he come from? Where is he to meet minor chiefs? Who were the chewa in Malavi Kingdom? History states clearly the clan names of the Malavi people Who are the decendantts of King Karonga? Are the names we hear today clan names of Malavi people? No no no. . Now that we are mixed let’s make a diverse cultural celebration in comemoration of our old past. We very well know Lundi’s history. Karonga’s history is vanishing and being destorted by overzealous grey haired professors. Let’s go back to history and implement it to… Read more »

You stupid Mlakhos think you can control chewas??? Machende anu onankha achimlhakho wo!!

south offender

i will there .you chewas munaba mphamvu zathu za anyanja we are owners of mother language not you

The problem in Malawi is that we have started politicizing everything! Gawa Undi used to come to Malawi during the Kamuzu, Muluzi and Bingu eras to visit his chiefs. We did not hear such type of protocols. This current trend of bringing tribal issues into politics will be a big damage to our future. Politicians need to be very careful on this! Does it mean other Paramount Chiefs like Mpezeni follow the same protocol to visit his chiefs in Malawi? We need to learn to keep traditional functions or issues out of politics. Let us emulate the Kamuzu philosophy of… Read more »

jemba,jemba ndianzanu ndinunu aneru takuyamikilani pajatu munazolowela akazi anu ngakhaie akuphikilani bwino nkubelekelani ana..mpana kutukwana chigrader ndinsewu nkuyesa bingu.kakhaleni president ndinu mwembwa umwe kuzolowela kumenya anthu nd ana asukulu. mudikile 1 0ys nyaunu ndani anaiwala zanu lnu. kapezeni president okusambisani ndukudyesani akubelekeleni ndi ana omwe. shut up.kabwezeni ndalamazo nkutheka mumabaso.

The Patriot

Chewas please unite and help us unseat Mulhako from government. MCP is the only party and Chewas are the only group which can save Malawi from Mulhako and DPP! With DPP and Mulhako in power only the Lhomwe belt will develop. We need national development and NOT tribal development!


Zopusa from mbali zonse, zamasanje.

these tribal loyalties are now becoming commonplace of late. I don’t recall during kamuzu era where people were mobilizing themselves to pay homage to chiefs even during bakili muluzi’s era. its only during bingu’s era that we started experiencing these cultural groupings and now they seem to be the in-thing. these things are the ones promoting tribalism imo. We are living is days of technology and we are supposed to be advanced in terms of social and cultural cohesion but I think because of the politics involved we are sadly going backwards because of these cultural ceremonies. kamuzu only promoted… Read more »

Lomwe sanje cholakhwika chinali chiyani apa? Tiyeni tilemekeze Fumu ya aChewa.

Lovemaniac 91

Iam not @ home ryt now, but iam on my way going to c my ex gal. I wil col u dot worry, ney!

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