Chibingu, Gowelo speak out after being fired as Malawi ministers

Two members of parliament who have been booted out of cabinet in a reshuffle by President Peter Mutharika on Monday for unexplained reasons , have told Nyasa Times they have gracefully accepted their purge and pledged to remain loyal to the ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP).

Gowelo: Dropped from cabinet

Gowelo: Dropped from cabinet

Chibingu:  Fired but not bitter

Chibingu: Fired but not bitter

Chibingu told Nyasa Times on Monday evening in an interview that he never expected to be dropped as Minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development, saying the cabinet axe has come as a suprise to him.

“Let me admit that I did not expect this,” said Chibingu sounding in very low spirits.

Chibingu, however, said he accepts his fate and believe “it is for the development of the country.”

He said: “I did my part as a cabinet minister and now it is time for someone else to take over.”

Chibigu said: “Malawians will remember me especially when I was Minister of Home affairs and internal security where I worked had to decentralize printing of passports.”

He pledged to continue supporting DPP, saying: “The President exercised his right and I respect that.”

Tarcisio Gowelo relieved of his duties as Minister of Local Government and Rural Development told Nyasa Times he was not bitter about his removal.

“I have humbly accepted President Peter Mutharika’s decision to drop me from the cabinet. I am not bitter, in fact very thankful that he gave me the opportunity to serve as cabinet minister,” said Gowelo who learnt about his sacking after performing the installation of Traditional Authority (T/A) Tengani in Nsanje.

“It is the prerogative of the President to hire and drop cabinet ministers and he has just exercised powers conferred upon him to drop me from the cabinet. It pleased him to drop me, so why should I be bitter? It’s time for those that have been picked to serve him and the entire nation and I will largely support them.

“ I will also continue to work as a public servant through the parliamentary seat that I was entrusted with,” said Gowelo.

He also said he will remain loyal to ruling DPP leadership, observing that government affairs are different from that of the party.

“I will always respect the system and structure of the party as we look forward to fulfilling and implementing development projects we promised the people during the campaign trail,” he said.

“I did my best and will continue to work for the party,” he added.

In the reshuffle Mutharika made on Monday, Gowelo was sacked as minister of Local Government and has been replaced by Kondwani Nankhumwa who was at the ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture.

While Chibingu has been replaced by Atupele Muluzi at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Muluzi has been moved from the  Ministry of Home Affairs.

From the Ministry of health, Dr Jean Kalilani has been moved to Home Affairs and Internal Security Ministry while Jappie Mhango has replaced Nankhumwa at Information.

Malison Ndau has replaced Mhango at the Ministry of defence, while Dr. Peter Kumpalume has replaced Dr Kalilani at the Ministry of Health.—Additional reporting by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

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Moto umapita kumene kwasala tchire

Icefloe 1

It is the president’s prerogative to hire and fire thats it.


Good number


I thought the professor will be making the best of the decisions as a well educated president. I am not seeing anything different from the other less educated presidents in the way decisions are being made. Just look at how people are being misplaced in our new cabinet.

Hot debate: Do we need a professor as presidents for Malawi to develop?


Bwana NJOKA SAWETA, Koma mukulimbana ndikupha tima Green mamber, pamene NSATO ndi MPHIRI mudakazidyeserabe mu cabinet mwanumo ndikumazipasanso mipando ya Bho,,zina mpaka kuzipanga maintain ma seat awo SAMALIRANI Zikugagadani






The Patriot
Just imagine how these two contrasting pieces of news are welcomed by family, friends etc! 1. Your father has been appointed minister of so, so, so!(in this case Dr Kumpalume and family!) Hugs, kisses , merry making , happiness and congratulatory messages from right, left and center, including on whatsapp. Results: mercedes benz,new house, free access to the Presidential palace,. 2. Now imagine, the families of the Gowelos and Chibingus Like a funeral on the announcement of the father being dropped from cabinet! No hugs, no messages, enemies rejoicing! Results: MG Mec gone, moving houses, status change, nkhawa(ndinalakwa chani!?), salary… Read more »
Ac Matewe

Any Way Let Them Perfom Their Duties.Ukakwera Mumtengo Usati Pasi Palibe Mame Posika Uzawapeza.Funani Yehova Pomwe Angapezeke Akakukwezeni Iye Palibe Angakusiseni.Ena Zikuwavuta Koma Sakufuna Kumvomereza.Zinthu Siziri Bwino Pamalawi Pano.


Bola ngati mumasungako ka ndramako mupeza poyambila moyo ndichocho mukafuse gwengwe ?


Mundale mulibe Dolo man . timakwezedwa kusisidwa ndiza kumwamba zokha palibe angakutsise pokhapokha u kachimwa

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