Chibingu, Gowelo speak out after being fired as Malawi ministers

Two members of parliament who have been booted out of cabinet in a reshuffle by President Peter Mutharika on Monday for unexplained reasons , have told Nyasa Times they have gracefully accepted their purge and pledged to remain loyal to the ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP).

Gowelo: Dropped from cabinet

Gowelo: Dropped from cabinet

Chibingu:  Fired but not bitter

Chibingu: Fired but not bitter

Chibingu told Nyasa Times on Monday evening in an interview that he never expected to be dropped as Minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development, saying the cabinet axe has come as a suprise to him.

“Let me admit that I did not expect this,” said Chibingu sounding in very low spirits.

Chibingu, however, said he accepts his fate and believe “it is for the development of the country.”

He said: “I did my part as a cabinet minister and now it is time for someone else to take over.”

Chibigu said: “Malawians will remember me especially when I was Minister of Home affairs and internal security where I worked had to decentralize printing of passports.”

He pledged to continue supporting DPP, saying: “The President exercised his right and I respect that.”

Tarcisio Gowelo relieved of his duties as Minister of Local Government and Rural Development told Nyasa Times he was not bitter about his removal.

“I have humbly accepted President Peter Mutharika’s decision to drop me from the cabinet. I am not bitter, in fact very thankful that he gave me the opportunity to serve as cabinet minister,” said Gowelo who learnt about his sacking after performing the installation of Traditional Authority (T/A) Tengani in Nsanje.

“It is the prerogative of the President to hire and drop cabinet ministers and he has just exercised powers conferred upon him to drop me from the cabinet. It pleased him to drop me, so why should I be bitter? It’s time for those that have been picked to serve him and the entire nation and I will largely support them.

“ I will also continue to work as a public servant through the parliamentary seat that I was entrusted with,” said Gowelo.

He also said he will remain loyal to ruling DPP leadership, observing that government affairs are different from that of the party.

“I will always respect the system and structure of the party as we look forward to fulfilling and implementing development projects we promised the people during the campaign trail,” he said.

“I did my best and will continue to work for the party,” he added.

In the reshuffle Mutharika made on Monday, Gowelo was sacked as minister of Local Government and has been replaced by Kondwani Nankhumwa who was at the ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture.

While Chibingu has been replaced by Atupele Muluzi at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Muluzi has been moved from the  Ministry of Home Affairs.

From the Ministry of health, Dr Jean Kalilani has been moved to Home Affairs and Internal Security Ministry while Jappie Mhango has replaced Nankhumwa at Information.

Malison Ndau has replaced Mhango at the Ministry of defence, while Dr. Peter Kumpalume has replaced Dr Kalilani at the Ministry of Health.—Additional reporting by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

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76 thoughts on “Chibingu, Gowelo speak out after being fired as Malawi ministers”

  1. Galilei says:

    Moto umapita kumene kwasala tchire

  2. Icefloe 1 says:

    It is the president’s prerogative to hire and fire thats it.

  3. naini says:

    Good number

  4. Teamleader says:

    I thought the professor will be making the best of the decisions as a well educated president. I am not seeing anything different from the other less educated presidents in the way decisions are being made. Just look at how people are being misplaced in our new cabinet.

    Hot debate: Do we need a professor as presidents for Malawi to develop?

  5. Zatonse says:

    Bwana NJOKA SAWETA, Koma mukulimbana ndikupha tima Green mamber, pamene NSATO ndi MPHIRI mudakazidyeserabe mu cabinet mwanumo ndikumazipasanso mipando ya Bho,,zina mpaka kuzipanga maintain ma seat awo SAMALIRANI Zikugagadani

  6. MAFUMU says:




    KU UDF ??

  7. The Patriot says:

    Just imagine how these two contrasting pieces of news are welcomed by family, friends etc!
    1. Your father has been appointed minister of so, so, so!(in this case Dr Kumpalume and family!)
    Hugs, kisses , merry making , happiness and congratulatory messages from right, left and center, including on whatsapp.
    Results: mercedes benz,new house, free access to the Presidential palace,.
    2. Now imagine, the families of the Gowelos and Chibingus
    Like a funeral on the announcement of the father being dropped from cabinet!
    No hugs, no messages, enemies rejoicing!
    Results: MG Mec gone, moving houses, status change, nkhawa(ndinalakwa chani!?), salary halved, allowances , and all those goodies gone!!
    Conclusion: cabinets reshuffles the African or Malawian way are basically an abuse of power! Just take a look at where our so called democracy came from, UK of USA. Reshuffles are a rare commodity, are only done when really necessary! In Malawi, APM has been on the helm for only 1 year but we have had two reshuffles already! Yes, its his right and he may be doing better than Atcheya but a sober and critical look at these reshuffles which are as frequent as blackouts , will reveal a very negative impact on our economy !
    1. lack of stability and continuity of programmes initiated by ministries
    2. some able people may shun ministerial appointments for lack of job security
    3. multiple orientation tours by different ministers in the same ministry.
    Solution: cabinet reshuffles should be done only when necessary just like in other countries, ministers can serve the whole 5 years . this is good for planning and performance. there are many ways the President can show his authority, reshuffles are not necessary.

  8. Ac Matewe says:

    Any Way Let Them Perfom Their Duties.Ukakwera Mumtengo Usati Pasi Palibe Mame Posika Uzawapeza.Funani Yehova Pomwe Angapezeke Akakukwezeni Iye Palibe Angakusiseni.Ena Zikuwavuta Koma Sakufuna Kumvomereza.Zinthu Siziri Bwino Pamalawi Pano.

  9. Nasan says:

    Bola ngati mumasungako ka ndramako mupeza poyambila moyo ndichocho mukafuse gwengwe ?

  10. Nasan says:

    Mundale mulibe Dolo man . timakwezedwa kusisidwa ndiza kumwamba zokha palibe angakutsise pokhapokha u kachimwa

  11. Zatha says:

    I cry for my beloved Malawi! If educated pipo behave like this, what do you expect from those who have never graced the walls of a classroom? Appoint pipo to positions where they can perform based on their areas of expertise! Some ministers are not performing because they have no clue of what they are supposed to do since they are in “wrong ministries”. Am yet to witness an appointed minister refusing to to take up a post coz of professionalism issues! Dyera basi! This is why you see a medical doctor heading a security ministry! Are we really serious or do we really want to make progress? Where will the briefing start from?

  12. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Palibe chachilendo apa. There is no life minister, aliyense wapafupiko adyeko basi.

  13. nyambiton says:

    Ena adyepo.

  14. chefourpence says:

    Iwe Gowelo, kkkkkkkk Nandolo unamuchotsa ntchito uja waiwala? The guy was fasting weeks on end. Now its your turn. Kaya zitha bwanji ku church kwanuko mukakumana?

  15. BigMan says:

    Bwana, Njoka saweta.

  16. Maxwell aaron says:

    Abwana achita ufulu wawo koma akanamchotsa kaye guudu amadya naye kapena?

  17. che kaphwiti says:

    Mukanachotsanso mbuzi Goodall and kalirani. non performance too much.

  18. Noel Mbambande says:

    Dakamau unyera, mbuyako uja Gowelo wachoka, paja umati ukhala PS wa Local Government.. heheheheeh

  19. Suta Chamba says:

    If I were Gowelo firstly I would blame myself for my know it all altitude. Secondary, I would blame my self for relaying on ill advise from Dakamau, ignoring PS and working with Director

  20. Lizeo Shawa says:

    Thom Gowelo waona? You picked a wrong fight. You can not fight DCs and Chiefs at once. Blame it on Kizwel Dakamau, he misled you. Nankhumwa, you will have a tough job to reverse the mess. Please be watchful of Dakamau

  21. baba says:

    This should apply to all government departments where their incompetence affect the development of the country in Departments like , Road Traffic directorate, ESCOM, ADMARC, MHC, Water Boards, lands etc.

  22. Ndamwa Mtubulo says:

    Does relocating Kizwell Dakamau also require a cabinet reshuffle, he is the animal which has lead Gowelo to the ditch. Nankhumwa be careful, munthu wamiseche, he bypasses the PS kumakakamba mabodza kwa minister

  23. Wilhelm says:

    Another re-shuffle so soon?

    I think it was only a few months ago Muluzi moved ministries, and others were also shuffled.

    APM doesn’t want Atupele to get entrenched? Corruption and other problems with ministers? Or internal party wrangles?

    Either way, this shuffling around seems to be becoming quite frequent. We can only guess what’s going on in this rather secretive government.

  24. Harrineck Phiri says:

    Much as it is the President’s prerogative, at least a day’s notice should have been given to those he felt should be replaced. I understand that the appointing authority consults the prospective appointees before publishing their names. So why take them by surprise as if the President was angry with them? Somebody else said”The world is unfair. So why should I be fair to you?” It is not the end of the world.

  25. Wozinyanyala says:

    Iwe Chonchobe ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu. Who do you think is better trying in his capacity Peter Mathanyula kapena Goodal? Blame the stupid Proffesor who cant even speak well in public amangotichititsa manyazi akapita kunja…galu iwe..

  26. mamwali says:

    Koma abale zoona Dr Kalilani mpaka home affairs mwaonjeza

  27. mbodzole says:

    we are poor guys let’s accept I don’t think the president has the capacity to change our economy. we are the ppo

  28. guta says:

    I think Chibingu is a good and hard working politician, very trustworthy.

  29. Mapwiya says:

    Uyu Wamkulu Mutuyu ( Chibingu) Sindikumudandaula. Munthu Ameneyu Ali Minister Of Home Affairs Ndamene Anayambisa Kuti Ana Achosedwe Mma Department Ena A Police Mkuwachita Revert Ku General Duties. Naye Lero Amve Kuwawa Kwa Kuchosedwa.

  30. Tengupenya says:

    Ku Lands kuli moto.

  31. ASAJOHENGUTE says:

    Palibe kanthu zachitika basi,but I’m not sure that this will change anything becoz abwerawa ndi alendo. I’m just watching.

  32. Joseph Moyo says:

    APM woyee ur constitutional right

  33. Kavuluvulu says:

    Did you expect Goodall to perform miracles in a sick economy like this one just because it is DPP ruling ?

  34. Gulugufe says:

    Honouarable Paulo Chibumbu and Honourable Transistor Go-Well!

  35. Today £1= K846.99 says:

    Ayi zikuyenda zikamatero a Jean home affairs. DPP woyee! Economy isintha kikiki. Good luck DPP

    Koma chaka chino tiona zoseketsa.

  36. CHONCHOBE says:

    I would love if the so called PRESIDENT SACKED DR. Badal kod munati Goodall Gondwe? This guy has indeed failed us to the foolest. Akamatinamiza za economy amakhala ngat enafe sitidziwa. When I heard that APM has reshufled the cabinet, my first suspect was Goodal Gondwe because palibe chomwe ndiona inecho!

  37. Thanduxolo says:

    What does ‘to speak out’ mean?

  38. Joyce Hildah Banda says:

    It is painful but they have no choice as bootlickers. Bootlickers are supposed to provide even their spouses to APM to make them holy by his grace Archbishop APM.

  39. chakhalira says:

    All along I was made to believe that DR. Kalilani is a Medical Doctor by Profession and fitted well in the Ministry of Health. Now the move to Home Affairs & Internal Security, I am not sure what really this means. In my thinking, I think it is good to get some one with some idea of security matters not just a figurehead. Is this not just to appease her?

    Finally, my question is ” Is this move for the better of our nation where security is thrown to the dogs or it is just to keep her going in the DPP cabinet?

    Honestly, I am not comfortable with this move.

  40. Judge Joash says:

    Madyapo basi enanso adyepo

  41. petulo dzimphuno ngati mauna a mbewa says:

    petala kumpalume opanda nzeru just full of himself just wait until he opens his mouth for you to know what an empty doctor he is

  42. hahahah says:

    Mufwa Mkandawire, point of correction. It has to be ‘point of correction’ not ‘point of cirrection’

  43. redeemed says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that majority of people seem to rejoice at other’s fate. What happened to “in the joy of others lies our own”? Yet we wonder why our misery is indefinite. Paja amati moto umalowela kwatsala tshire. Tiyeni tipewe kusangalalira mabvuto anzathu, because that itself shows the depth of our own misery.

  44. Ethurama says:

    A Gowelo You Did Your Best Indeed Removing Mafumu Onse Am’matauni Ngakhale Akukakamila,iai Mumaithadi Koma Mwachosedweranji,mumaba?

  45. Telling the Truth says:

    In any cabinet there are lightweights and heavyweights. It is the lightweights who get fired while heavyweights are simply moved around. Atupele Muluzi is not a performer but by virtue of being a leader of UDF which has partnered with DPP he cannot be fired. Dr Chaponda will never be fired. So all who are lightweights will from time to time be fired. I do not at all believe that Chibingu and Gowelo were not performing. Chibingu is sharp and capable and he was performing as a minister but he is a lightweight in the DPP and that is why he has been booted out of cabinet

  46. Chikanga says:

    its a very normal situaton. Not all mps can be ministers.

  47. Matama kwambiri medical assistant wa mtengo umodziyo anchita bwino. bus iyi ndi ya alomwe okha okha inu mumati mungataniko kumeneko kungoba kamodzi akuthamangitsani ndipo ukanachotsedwa kale chaka chatha iwe amangofuna kuti ubweze za kampeni zako zija basi. You are just another senseless chicken mixxiie

  48. chimwemwe says:

    should have fired goodall the useless economists kwacha at 600

  49. MABVUTO says:

    I dont know if the new Minister of Health will sort out the issues of underfunding in the DHOs as hospitals across the country are facing enormous problems such as failing to pay creditors as a result of zero fundings from may to July,failing to attend to referals,not able to feed patients due to underfundings.
    These things have never happened since Malawi attained self rule.Most ministers tell their presidents lies as if things are moving when in actual sense the opposite is happening and what we see is that when their masters discovers they don’t fire them instead they just change them their ministerial portfolios.

    PLEASE HELP MALAWIANS BY increasing funding in hospitals as we are suffering.

  50. Pitala wofoira says:

    A Mufwa mkandawire u a typical Malawian who is after those accorade like Dr. Proff and what have u. They have meant nothing to us for a long time. We have the whole Prof as president what is he doing? There was another Dr before him, A Dr as minister of finance and many other well trained fellas the have collectivelly proved useless. Take out this useless thinking and dwell on out put period. Education is important but it is proving useless to us as a nation

  51. Liston Yonnamu says:

    A very warm welcome to Hon.Nankhumwa, its a relief in the Ministry of Local Government, the expectation is so high, your predecessor messed up things. Before you report for duties, ensure that Dakamau is completely out of sight, he will lead to your downfall

  52. Kambani Zanu says:

    Gowelo has met his fate, this was a pompous minister, he boasted that he can hire and fire DCs, look now. DCs are civil servants, its him who has faced the chop.

  53. H Kamdidi says:

    How can you say the sacking has come as a surprise? Actually you should have said you were surprised to be included in the cabinet in the first place! The sacking should therefore not be a surprise after all. KKKKKK

  54. gaudent says:

    its not point of cirrection achimwene! its supossed to read correction

  55. Sindi says:

    I missed you at your hospital ( Mtengoumodzi) bwana Chibingu. Tatiyeni muzikatipangira prescription ya mankhwala. Izi za ndalezi mwachitapo. Bwelelani kuchisa.

  56. Nabiyeni says:

    Nankhumwa watch out as you move to Local Government. You were very useless and misquandared Macra money the time you were at Ministry of Information. It was a bad combination of you and Chimwemwe Banda. You were asking the organization to settle bills for servicing your ministerial vehicle as if Ministry of Information does not have a budget for this. Kuwononga and Malawi will remain poor with administrators like you. I hope next reshuffle the President will value your contributions with a sober mind not taking into consideration that you are a fellow ‘Mid night 6’ . I rest my case.

  57. A Gowelo mafumu si anthu osewera nawo. Lero mwaziona? Kufuna kuzionetsa ngati munthu ochenjera ndi ophunzira lero waona? Uisovenge fotetseki

  58. Mbiyazodooka says:

    I expected Goodall to go for cooking up macroeconomic figures and Kaliati for concentrating on attacking Chakwera instead of running her Ministry.

  59. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    Muhlakho Wa Ahlomwe Executive Committee disguised as Malawi cabinet. To he’ll with DPP!!!!

  60. Kapalepale says:

    usavutike ayse kuno ndi ku malawi sitidzakukumbukira olo pang’ono analiposo anzako achina philip bwanali nde ndi inu mulibe ndi dzina lomwe

  61. amina says:

    You never went for interviews for such a job and thats why you are not forewarned on dismissal. Never laugh at those who are under you coz tomorrow it will be you under them. This country is so rough really.

  62. Aubrey Njunga says:

    So the only thing Mr Chibingu achieved as a Cabinet Minister is the centralization of printing of passports? I would also fire him if I were the president…well done APM for getting rid of this excess baggage …

  63. Mwethu says:

    Goodall said it all, am bitter, sad and am not happy at all, when he was fired by JB in the PP cabinet. Even a houseboy or gardener, despite their pittance pay, they feel bitter and sad when fired without reason. So for someone to stand in an anthill and proclaim they are not bitter it is not truthful, how do you explain it to your spouse, kids, friends and sundry why you have been fired?
    Any firing is shameful, you lose face among colleagues, it disorients you. Its manly enough to speak the truth, if these 2 former cabinets members are not bitter then APM has made a right decision, because they are not human, as this not fit to serve as ministers.
    Mapwevupwevu is over for them. One day they will speak out of the bitterness, shame and anger over this firing, mark my words!!

  64. Dr Palani-State House says:

    Kuba ma member wa period. Seee my name.

  65. That’s how life goes!

  66. A point of cirrection. The new Minister of Health is Dr. PETER KUMPALUME and NOT PETER KAMPALUME.

  67. Ndoda yabwandila says:

    Pepa Paul moyo ndi choncho . I am with you during this trying
    time,tiyeni tingopitiliza ntchito
    yathu yogwaza ma jakisoni anthu
    achile tsopano.Welcome collegue
    to our noble call > medicine.

  68. Nyama Banda says:


  69. Zanga Phee! says:

    Mwapinduranji during your tenure guys,?We have seen some other Ministers eventually found in financial constraints i’e Mr. C Chakwamba so show us what you got guys.(Ntima kupweteka)See my name.

  70. kanyimbi says:

    We want a cabinet that can drive the economy of this country. Will this reshuffle work?

  71. MARTIN says:


  72. What is our system as malawi to remove someone from health to internal affair why someone who know about health to lead in security issues?

  73. jonas says:

    Akalilani Health ministry yawakanika ndiye mukuwapatsa security kuti akataniko, she will only die due to blood pressure.

  74. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Ena adye nawo. Inu mwachita mbali yani. Kodi a Chibingu nyumba ya Ku Gulliver mwatsiliza kumanga? Kaloweni basi

  75. MAN KENYA says:

    Its good to accept the sacking for your party’s unity but i doubt if you talk what is truly in your hearts. Now its your time to go back to the drawing board.

  76. Bob says:

    Say the truth. Koma zikupweteka pansi pamtima.

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