Chief Justice says corruption strangling Malawi progress: ‘National emergency’

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda has said corruption is  strangling the country’s progress and that it was a national emergency.

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda: Its an emergency

The Chief Justice made the remarks at the closing ceremony of the two-day National Anti-Corruption Conference in Lilongwe.

“Corruption is a disease that is quickly strangling our governance agenda to death,” said Nyirenda.

“And how do you manage a disease that is an emergency? We must realise that cases of corruption are emergencies that deserve to be dealt with aggressively and expeditiously. This is not to say we will relegate the other cases in the system,” added Nyirenda.

He stressed that efforts should be made to reduce the perception on corruption.

“A well-functioning judicial system is imperative to the fight against corruption. The Judiciary must remain impartial and most importantly, be seen to be impartial,” he said.

Nyirenda added: “Judicial officers must take a leading role in eradicating the scourge within its ranks. For any judiciary to be associated with corruption, it is a tragedy.”

He also stressed the need for collaboration by all stakeholders in the fight against the vice.

The two-day conference held under the theme “Corruption in Malawi: Reality or Perception” was, among others, attended by ministers, judges, donors, heads of constitutional bodies, academia, civil society and experts.

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If Malawi is asking itself in 2017 whether corruption is reality or perception, we are in for a real ride!!

winston msowoya
Personally,I vehemently uphold the path our Chief Justice has taken in condemning atrocious corruption which has engulfed our lives through rotten leadership.Indeed,to the extent which we have reached,economic and political progress,is non-starter.We have now reached a tipping-point whereby we have turned our nation a MAN EAT MAN society.To reverse,we need patriotic and trustworthy leadership who care about the poor of the poorest people of our country.We have unlimited resources and hardworking people,but the major problem is leadership.If the leader themselves,are intensively engaged in corruption with naked-eyes,how would we progress in economic development? The people of Malawi have been thrown under… Read more »
Douglas Ndindi

One of the ways to end or reduce corruption is to put in place systems which will ensure that all people in this country are treated equally regardless of their status in society. This cannot be achieved by one person or office, but it can take one person or office to set the ball rolling. As long as we have full Malawians and half Malawians (or whatever fractions of Malawians), corruption will always be there. Disbelieve me at your peril. I rest my case.

Disasters such as corruption can not be dealt with the ACB,let alone the president of the Republic..Curbing corruption need multidisciplinary approach, is the clergy, government machinery, ie Parliament, ministry justice, minister education, as well as civil society organizations…. Those involved in corruption are also prayers in corrupt practices. So the issue of ant_ corruption belongs to Malawians themselves…. People should be told what causes corruption in the first place…If you dig deep in the causes of corruption ,you will discover secrets of the Genesis of corruption,, as ranging from all kinds of poverty, laziness, not knowing god and lack of… Read more »
This country is dying a neutral death due to corruption. millions are swindled by few pipo. Help me here,why the Gvt not to try to give it’s people a million Kwach each pet in the rural pipo rather than swindled by one person in the name of educated. down you think pipo can not get help from this? i don’t think they can user the money tosame way. please educate me i don’t knw how money works. Beau we are only 17 million and donors gives us more than that try once and see how it works then next time… Read more »

The most corrupt arm of government on Malawi is the judiciary

Mbundere Wakuruska

You in the forefront of it, and now you feel it disgracing, shame to Judges so called “Knowledgeable People”.


Who is sitting on the case of Chaponda, I thought it is you guys there.So tell the ACB to close down they are afraid of big fishes. They only take matemba and not dzambo

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