Chief Lukwa’s family condemn DPP-MCP fracas at granny funeral

Chief Lukwa’s family has come out in the open to condemn the fracas that erupted at the funeral of the chief’s mother as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) battled with the opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) for supremacy in the MCP stronghold.

Senior Chief Lukwa: Funeral was turned into political battle ground

Spokesperson for the family Group Village Headman Chilumiko said this was the very reason people in the area banned politicians from speaking at funerals.

“We only allow politicians who want to deliver messages of condolence money to do so,” he said.

This means Kasungu central MP Amon Nkhata had the blessings of the family and traditional leaders to speak, a move which irked the DPP district governor Oswald Chirwa who forcebly grabbed a microphone from Nkhata, causing the fracas.

Group Village Headman Chilumiko said it was sad the politicians brought dishonour to the funeral service as the clergy failed to deliver a sermon.

At least five people were injured during the violence and VIPs at the funeral, including presidential aide Hetherwick Ntaba, were whisked away by security agents as the situation worsened.

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Looks like politicians, particularly DPP are now taking high profile deaths as an opportunity for campaigning. What with their waning popularity..

That said, Chiefs are laying themselves bare to abuse. Only a few days a go chiefs went all out castigating PAC. This is not your duty. Leave that to DPP Regional Governors

Nevertheless, as JZU once said, death is death and not an occasion for stupidity.


Zamanyazi magogo chalo….usakhutitsidwa…mbuzi zonse zija anapereka mafumu anu zija,,,, ukafunaso wandale? Shame on uuuu the big man


Ine ngati mchewa nkhaniyi yandinyasaaaaa…..kodi inu magogo chalo sizikukwanani za mtunda? Ife Achewa timayesetsa miyambo yokuchitirani
koma dyera silikutha why? Kod ma sgvh, ma gvh ndi ma vh sangalire maliro? Mot amenewa mafumu anuwa sanabweretse mbuzi? Titati tibwere udzafufuza tiona kuti inu Gogo chalo mudalandira mbuzi zoposa 15…Kod nzosakwana uchotsera maliro………..musinthe magogo chalo nonse a Chichewa.. …mutipangitsa manyazi achewa tonse……….Ofcourse ma TA onse mumvenawo

dee Walker

this fracas is Chief Lukwa’s baby. He has himself to blame


Yoooo sorry that’s very bad

Mwana Wa Kumudzi

DPP that’s your end like curtains

This is sad indeed, disrespectful to the dead and the living. My advice is that chiefs must disassociate themselves from the politicians because they are vultures looking for opportunities every where and they dont mind where because they have no morals. As as long chiefs continue to befriend with politicians I don’t see this uncultural behaviour ending. The arithmetic is simple politicians have money and they are looking for people. The chiefs have people. If our chiefs were focusing promotion of their respective cultures and traditions and leave politics to politicians they would remain respected. Pepani Gogo Chalo Lukwa: izi… Read more »

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