Chief Secretary Mkondiwa speaks tough on drug theft: Makes surprise visits to hospitals

Chief Secretary to government, George Mkondiwa, has issued a stern warning to public hospital workers who take advantage of their privileged access to government drugs and end up stealing to sell to the public and private entities.

Mkondiwa: Chief Secretary makes suprise visits to public hospitals

Mkondiwa: Chief Secretary makes suprise visits to public hospitals

The Chief Secretary issued the warning during his surprise visit to Ntcheu and Balaka district hospitals on Wednesday.

Of late, government drugs have found way onto the market both locally and internationally, a development that has forced authorities and key stakeholders such as donors to start tightening the screws by reforming the health sector.

The sudden sojourn had a clear vindication at Ntcheu District Hospital where Mkondiwa was shocked not to find any top official both in administration and clinical sections.

This worried Mkondiwa who wondered how such a big institution can run daily operations in the absence of top management.

Absenteeism in public institutions has been a major worry by government as it has been one of the reasons for poor service delivery and inefficiency over the years.

Meanwhile, It was noted during the visits that absenteeism by top management facilitates drug theft as systems remain unmonitored hence loose and porous.

Mkondiwa did not hide his displeasure at the hospital’s management who according to junior officers spend a lot of time attending to personal business or workshops in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Blantyre.

“I’m disappointed, deeply disappointed with what I found at Ntcheu district hospital. There was literally no one to talk to at senior level I am told most of them went to attend to their personal matters. As chief secretary to government I will not take this lightly this is a very serious matter and action will be taken,” said Mkondiwa.

However, his next stop at Balaka Hospital did not disappoint because he found all key personnel doing their normal errands.

After briefings and deliberations with members of staff at Balaka, Mkondiwa visited some of the wards where he cheered the sick.

Meanwhile, the chief secretary has told Nyasa Times that government will provide extra maize consignments to beef up food stocks for patients and guardians in all district hospitals.

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33 thoughts on “Chief Secretary Mkondiwa speaks tough on drug theft: Makes surprise visits to hospitals”

  1. The chief secretary is right,management by walking around.We cannot trust what you call your DHOs who are there just to create opportunity how to syphon government money.They sustain their positions by paying unworked for allowances to Directors at Hqs.This is why even if other health workers complain about them,they are never punished or removed

  2. Goodsense says:

    Honestly? What is the PS health doing? Where do you get the time to visit all the miniStries? Get real. Sack the PS responsible for that portfolio then you will see the results. Otherwise you as CS you are wasting tax payers time and money!!

  3. Namihavani says:

    ahahahahah magufuli style

  4. Zinenani G says:

    Mr Mkondiwa is whitch hunting . As junior stuff at Nu D Hospital my bosses were there full day ndinso sanadye lunch anali ku hospital library kumene amapangitsa ma intaview amakodineta .ine ndinawawone akutuluka nthawi itatha kale …osati kujomba . atangotuluka ndpamene timamva za Mkondiwawo . A bwana mkondiwa pepani sizoona zomwe mwfalitsa ine ndakhumudwa kwambiri.. Nkesa mukanawa imbira ma bwanawo kuti ali kuti ndipo akupanga chani… Kodi mabwana akulu akulu ngati a a mkondiwa samathanso kuganiza chonchi? Zandimvetsa chisoni zomwebachita iwozi. My Nu bosses keep your morale I think amafuna kuti amveke … Ine wanu floor engineer wa ku male ward!! Ndithu ndiwona ma bwanawa alipo!!!!Mundifunse amkondiwa ndikuwuzani !!! Stop wich hanting!!

  5. Hebdo says:

    Talk is cheap

  6. Busobabie!! says:

    Most of DHOs have overstayed in these districts and they are part of the system. Transfer them around and I am sure you will see a change!!!

  7. mbava ndi nomwenu ambuye che nkondiwa!!!!!!!!


  9. Wankulu says:

    Let other PS emulate the same. Weldone Sir.

  10. No Laughing Matter says:

    Don’t pay LIP service fire them. We have the laziest public servants

  11. Gagama says:

    Ngati kuli mbuzi ya chief secretary ndiye ndi mkondiwa

  12. Namihavani says:

    Mwini Minisrtry of Health akugona nkumatchaya chinkonono bwana mkondiwa muzayenderenso Mzimba North ndi Mzuzu Central, Karonga Hospital muzaona nokha maloza anthu especially ku ma district uku akaukhalira kugawana ma allowance yet patient akuvutika. Reshuffle some of these DHMTs akhalitsa they are more like villagers let those who refuse ma postingz achotsedwe ntchito coz they demoralise those who are hard workers.
    Most Clinivians now are just running their clinics during government time and expect salary and locum yet pple are not attended on time.

  13. Mnkhungu says:

    Watched a documentary on one of the TV stations on drug situation in Malawi…It seems HE watched this program and instructed the Chief Secretary to act….Definitely the Minister of Health and his PS are sleeping!!!

  14. CSTU MZUZU says:

    Let us support these Efforts against pilferage

  15. Nundwe says:

    We trust you boss Mkondiwa do what you know there are several thieves in the Health Sector

  16. Dominic Msowoya says:

    Hands up for Bwana Mkondiwa ise tikumutemwani Dada

  17. Dido says:

    Can this big empty head of Nkondiwa do anything? You mean you didn’t know about this until the Americans alerted you? Shame on Chief Secretary and shame on Malawi government. Where is our intelligence to pick things like these? Busy fucking young girls and campaigning to get back the constituency.

  18. Gogo says:

    The Minister and the PS of Health must go.

  19. Nyirenda wa Nyirenda says:

    I have known Mkondiwa to be a hard selfless worker in the Civil Service and this will happen

  20. nyahara says:

    Bwana Mkondiwa mwa inu muli upangiri wabwino pali ma PS ambiri sadziwa ntchito pangani nawo

  21. Mukwapu wa Mukwapu Bolero says:

    This Man is a Principled person and hear his plea and let him deal with the PS who are failing the Government

  22. Malawian says:

    CS, deal with DC as immediate controlling officer for the district mwapeza opanda mabwanako. Asamangokhala ma controlling officers when it comes to asking for allowances and fuel from the district sectors

  23. Kumamvetsa says:

    Actually this should be the job of the PS and his team. In this regard, the Chief Secretary should discipline the PS for criminal negligence and incompetence

  24. Benjones says:

    But I know this but he come to my workplace to connive with my boss. Pls clean your conscience also coz you are also stealing on a big scale.

  25. Galu says:

    Nobody is in control in government. Ifenso a Malawi anzathu akufa amoyo mu ma hospital and we are sitting phwi. Shame on us

  26. Chenji golo says:

    Good show bwana chief secretary and keep it up.

  27. Sapitwa says:

    Time has come to be applying micromanaging. The Chief Secretary together with Principal Secretaries to continue these surprise visits. Also apply undercover employees purporting as Trainee: nurses, medical assistants, pharmacy assistants etc. get authorizations to use undercover CCTVs and use it after prewarning all employees.
    It won’t take long before you capture culprits with incriminating evidences for successful prosecutions.
    We don’t want these worms in our systems.

  28. BBC says:

    Mr. President, Fire the Minister of Health. Some of your ministers are not helping you.

  29. mapwevupwevu says:

    Ku Ntcheu hospital kukubedwa mankhwala sidzinawonkenso. Akumagulitsidwa pa pharmacy ili next to the hospital opposite Petroda ija, I have just forgotten its name.

  30. Thanduxolo says:

    Drug thieves are becoming much more sophisticated in their ways hence rendering your tough talk empty!

  31. lackison says:

    Trying to be chief magufuli not chief secretary.kkkk u are feeling the heat after ur friend magufuli has done alot in few days than wat u hv done in two years wasted time.kkk

  32. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    We are really a system in hibernation. You mean Mr Chief secretary all this time didn’t know that the civil service starting from the capital hill where himself is domiciled is a rotten lot? Wake up!

  33. mrs banda says:

    So what is the Job of Minister of health? If a chief secretary is the one inspecting the hospitals

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