Chiefs slam calls for Mutharika to resign

Some traditional leaders said opposition parties had dragged the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) stakeholders conference down to a shameful level after they used it to call for the President Peter Mutharika’s resignation.

Kaomba:  Against calls for Mutharika to resign

Kaomba: Against calls for Mutharika to resign

Two major opposition political parties—Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) – gave Mutharika 90 days to leave office , accusing the Head of State of  sliding the Malawi into a failed state economically and socially.

PAC held a two-day stakeholders conference under the theme Defining Solutions to Economic and Political Direction in Malawi with efforts to find solutions to the problems dogging the country.

But  in a news conference in Blantyre, traditional leaders who included  Paramount Chief Kyungu, Senior  Chief Lukwa, Paramount Chief Lundu, Senior Chief Kaomba, Senior chief Kapeni , Senior Chief Malemia,  Senior Chief Tsabango and Traditional Authority Kilipula said they cannot condone irresponsible statements calling for regime change.

“We as chiefs do not support the call for resignation of the President,” said Kyungu.

“We believes that the problems the country is facing have been there for ages and they have not come because of President Mutharika,” he added.

Chief Kaomba said there is no way a President can resign in 30 days.

“The ailing economy and food security problems cannot be faulted on President Mutharika’s 18-month rule,” said Kaomba.

Kaomba said Mutharika  has set out progressive interventions to address the socio-economic challenges confronting Malawi.

However, opposition leaders said the chiefs are speaking to “justify their allowances “ saying it is a clear indication that Mutharika was out of touch with the plight of Malawians.

“If President Peter Mutharika is not an honourable man, let him do the honourable thing and resign,” said Peoples Party vice president Kamlepo Kalua.

At the PAC conference, the opposition rapped the President of being responsible for the high cost of living and ailing economy, dwindling service delivery peppered with empty talk on Public Service reform.

MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila said its “decision time” for the President to resign.

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tonde wakufa

kodi obwana chkwela olikuti?obwele poyera olitenge dzikoli ,latsala pang’ono kugwera ku phompho pilizi chonde ochakwela tengani dziko mmangu mmangu


Very cheap and stupid politics. The oppositions are power hungry hence they want to take the gvt as to what happened in Egypt. Why cant they bring forward their plans that can bail us out of this so that they can convince us to vote 4 them come 2019? They are all thugs. Asiyeni azimangana amadyera momwemo.


Tikamati mmalawi tikuweta agalu ovala mikhanjo nde ndi amenewa ati eniake amati ndi mafumu.kkkkkkkkkkk monga Lukwa ungamulangize chani iwe Pres? Tikamati tili ndi mafumu ma criminals, iwe nde mmodzi wamatsotsi. Nanji Kyungu, Kaomba, Lundu nde akuoneka ngati wounded soldier. Agalu inu nthawi yonseyi simunkadziwa kuti mmudziko munn zinthu sikuyenda koma munkadikilira a PAC achite kupangitsa msonkhano? Inu ndinu anthu amodzi amene mukutiwonnngera Malawi koma pamaso pa Pres mukufuna kuti muziwoneka ngati tima angel, 4SAKE.

Baba Maduapera

Akakhala Lunduyo amayankhula chamba chitadzadza mmutu. Paja he is a chamba smoker. Sorry for Mother Malawi!!!

Peter wa Muthanyula

The archaic but irrelevant institution of chieftaincy. Political sell outs. What Malawians want is food and not lies. Peter Mutharika’s government continues to lie there is food out there possibly the maize on DPP cloth. Chiefs have betrayed us right from the time of slave trade. Remember Mlozi, Jumbe etc. They set kangaroo courts for political dissidents in the single party regime. Supported open terms and third term bids for Muluzi. Actually they supported the ascendency to power of this idiot of a president. To hell with chiefs!!!!!!!


Useless people called chiefs.

Regime change is through the ballot in Malawi. Government include all sitting MPs. The executive cannot fail alone while it is Parliament that approve allocation of the national budget and even ratified unlawful over expenditures, virements and misappropriations. Parliament has not done enough to ensure government recovers government funds lost through pilferage of the Treasury. They are the law makers. They must legislate measures to protect the Treasury from looting and fraudulent payment, strengthen financial governance, investigate the Central bank’s role in the pilferage and looting of the Treasury; investigate the commercial banks hat cashed huge cheques issued fraudulently by… Read more »
Dr m

Mafumu awa timawadziwa ndi mbala iza mafumu adyera dziwani ichi ndalama zomwe mwalandira ife sitidya nao.komanso anthu sitiyendera zelu za mafumu awa ndialonda chabe amudzi

S Ligomeka

Izi ndiye zitsiru za ma mfumu

bonnie champion

A gong is a gong when it makes noise. The opposition is a bunch of gongs and Doty tins. Show your intelligence and ability by giving solutions and we shall listen to you. Avoid this philosophy of utility and opportunism.

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