Chihana family to construct K100mil mausoleum for Malawi pro-democracy hero

Following negligence by the Malawi government to honour fallen heroes, the family of late Chakufwa Chihana has been forced to raise funds on their own amounting to K100 million to construct him a mausoleum.

Chakufwa Tom Chihana is a name that is associated with multiparty politics of Malawi

Chakufwa Tom Chihana is a name that is associated with multiparty politics of Malawi

Son to Chihana,  Enock confirmed the development in an interview with a local newspaper.

Apart from the mausoleum, Enock said the family intends to build a library and establish a trust to oversee the legacy of the  late Chihana senior.

“We plan to build a mausoleum first then we will establish a library and a trust to oversee the legacy of our father” Enock is quoted by the Nation Newspaper.

Enock who is also Member of Parliament (MP) for Rumphi Central Constituency said part of of the funding is coming from Human Rights Organisations including the Amnesty International which in 1992 named Chihana Prisoner of Consience.

The late Chihana led an underground movement in calling for a referendum in 1993 to end the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) one party system of government.

The late Chihana was a Human Rights Activist, Pre-democracy advocate, Trade Unionist and a politician.

He spent a couple of years in exile and was at one time arrested at the airport on his return.

Chakufwa died in 2006 at a South African hospital.

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12 thoughts on “Chihana family to construct K100mil mausoleum for Malawi pro-democracy hero”

  1. Byron says:

    Keep on insulting those who did the spadework for the good of Malawi but God is watching and will judge.

    Catholic bishops never had a premeditated underground work to challenge Kamuzu.It was Chihana with the likes of Ahmad Dassu,Mapopa Chipeta, Rev Peter Kaleso, and some other good- natured Malawians both abroad and in Malawi, who held meetings and seeked help from Western powers to bring democracy to the impoverished and backward Malawi.Catholic bishops only released a pastoral letter that was in general and that touched on economic and social problems affecting Malawians but did not challenge Kamuzu’s throne directly. They did not go at length to lobby for outside help.Can anyone think of a particular bishop confronting a deadly Kamuzu at that time? Chakufwa Chihana did. It was after Chihana did the spadework that’s when we heard the likes of Bakili Muluzi coming into the public domain showing knuckles to challenge Kamuzu in polls,but this was after the architect of democracy (Chakufwa) landed in jail soon after his touching down at Kamuzu international airport.

    Malawians forget easily especially Malawians who have no regard for northerners. The people who are in power now never cared about helping to bring democracy to Malawi but are enjoying it now. Chakufwa loved his country. Matter of fact, his fight for democracy started after the cabinet crisis. He was stabbed severely on the head by the MYP for condemning Dr Banda’s regime and ended up being helped by some human rights organization and got transported to Tanzania and after that overseas where he was given opportunity to further his education.

    For some people to label late Chafukwa Chihana an opportunist, it makes me sad and God should forgive them. It is because of such mentality and hatred by some Malawians why the country is still lagging behind in development. If the country was truely united we wouldn’t hear such narcissistic comments.Shame on you haters of the late Chakufwa Chihana,your hatred will take you nowhere.

  2. Greencardless Malawian says:


  3. koma kumaneko says:

    Goodnews indeed

  4. osangonena kuti ndalamazo wakuoasani abiti mtira bwanji?

  5. Chambe says:

    That’s the way to go! There was no need for the government to have spent the staggering K 100m in a family matter. This could have started a precedent for the other politicians who died before him and those after him.

  6. Bellings Nyamazi says:

    Those who write that Chihana was an opportunist are stupid and nepotistic. learn to appreciate. If anything, political leaders of to day are the ones one would call great opportunist especially those in power.

  7. Tigawani says:

    Repent of your sins and be baptised in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38
    Did you repent?

  8. Wawa says:

    This is good news

  9. J. Chagoma says:

    Chihana was not brave. He waited until the environment was favourable to come back home. The Catholic Bishops and pressure from western countries did the whole job of fighting one party not Chihana. He was an opportunist.

  10. Chihana was an opportunist who hijacked the agenda for Catholic bishops and claimed to rebarate Malawians. Question is where was he when Kamuzu was a lion?

  11. Bongololo says:

    Chihana was an opportunist, flimflam, and one of the biggest imposters Malawi has ever seen. Government money should definitely not be spent on honoring that rascal. Kcuf that guy!

  12. bryan says:

    i wil contribute in any way. a good news for us in Northern region, our brave men must be kept for ever. they made history for us.

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