Chikaonda to lead Malawi’s new party UTP

Economist  Dr Matthews Chikaonda, who is set to retire as Group Chief Executive of Press Corporation Limited, is waiting in the wings to take over leadership  of the newly-formed United Transformation Party (UTP), Nyasa Times understands.

Chikaonda:Linked to UTP

Chikaonda:Linked to UTP

Newton Kambala: UTP interim leader

Newton Kambala: UTP interim leader

The new political formation is mainly made up of new blood  in frontline politics and some recycles.

UTP is being driven by  former Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Newton Kambala as the party’s interim president, but an official privy to the new party told Nyasa Times meetings are being hosted by Chikaonda and that he is the president-in waiting.

Repeated efforts to obtain comment from Chikaonda were futile.

“There have been meetings with Chikaonda and I can tell you there will be a big bang when the party launches in January and unveil the president,” an official told Nyasa Times.

Chikaonda  is on record saying that there has been a deficit of credible and transformational leadership in Malawi, a fact which has not benefitted the citizens.

The economist revealed the lingering hope after the independence period was that in the shortest period possible, Malawi would be a prosperous nation standing on its own feet with poverty dramatically reduced.

He quoted from the novel ‘The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born’, by Ghanaian author Ayi Kwei Armah who reflected on the Nkrumah years and on the military junta that overthrew him:

“In the life of the nation itself, maybe nothing really new would happen. New men would take into their hands the power to steal the nation’s riches and to use it for their own satisfaction. That, of course, was to be expected ……. But for the nation itself there would only be a change of embezzlers and a change of the hunters and the hunted.”

UTP secretary-general Alex Solanke said the party will parade its leaders nationwide after launch.

He said UTP has been formed because there is “poor leadership” in Malawi.

“Malawians seem to lack effective leadership,” he told Daybreak Malawi program on Capital Radio.

We have started and we have already gone to the people .  We have been to several districts.

“It will take time for people to know us [but] we will build strong and  viable party,” Solanke said.

There has been fevered speculation that the new party will have an electoral alliance with Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Solanke hinted on this during the radio interview when he praised MCP  “as the party that belong to the people .”

He said UTP stand for transformation of the people and aim at ending “growing inequality” in the country.

Notable names in this new party include lawyer Edwin Banda,  William Jalani, Ian Kanyuka, Eunice Makangala and Moses Kunkuyu.

Others are  Janet Chikoko, Charles Mwambyale and Nevert Gondwe.

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28 thoughts on “Chikaonda to lead Malawi’s new party UTP”

  1. Zuze says:

    As Chikaonda sells Carlsberg Company

  2. Sasani says:

    Another party in Malawi. kkkkk malawi @51

  3. john aluma says:

    kkkkkkkkkkk….iwe Chikaonda…ngati 10-point plan inakukanika mastudent aku Chanco atakukwapula ndi mafunso mpaka kutuluka misozi ndi mastudent then, ukuganiza kuti ungakambe zomveka zanji kuti ine nkuvomekeza plus 14million people. uzingomunyenga Calista yemweyo basi (third wife) wakoyo..kkkk.

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Yes,Chikaonda is an economist,however,Iam hesitant the guy is a die-hard tribalist who hates Northerners openly and he is also accused of being corrupt.However,let him go ahead with his ambitions,Malawi is a democratic entity.GOOD LUCKY!!!!

  5. MWIZA says:


  6. Chechamba says:

    Chikaonda can make a far much better president than Peter.He is a super-class economist, still energetic and analytical unlike Peter who has proved to sleep on the job and over aged. By the way Peter got the support just because of being “mng’ono wa Bingu”.Prior to presidency,one cannot point at any leadership positions that Peter held.He had never been a Head of Department, Dean,Principal,Vice Chancellor at all the Universities he lectured……

  7. Mivahani says:

    Isi koma ndiye owina alinga phee kudya buledi wa boma

  8. The Analyst says:

    So having realised that Malawi suffers fom leadership deficiency, Chikaonda thinks he’s the messiah?
    . . . So, he thinks himself alone is the wisest man in babylon? But isnt this the subtle definition of arrogance, if you check in your dictionary? And yet arrogance and presidency are parallel lines?
    . . . Yes, Chikaonda may be wise or intelligent (seen from his achievements – academic and subsequent corporate/professional journey), but who doesnt know that academic wisdom (APM) or pedestrian wisdom (Bakili), does not make better presidents?
    And how many people (the hoipolloi, plebeans, proletariat) know Chikaonda?
    . . . Why are people this forgetful? Is it not this very yesterday when, after Kasambara knew he was the most celebrated lawyer in town, he thought he could become the country’s president hence the birth of his party, CODE? But did people even vote him for an MP or even a councillor? Never!
    . . . Truth – everybody is known or famous, but only to certain people, within a certain circle!
    Why, in the meantime; cant Chikaonda support any other candidate who is already known, while building up a name? Yes, so was Chakwera who almost became president, but was/is MCP as new as UTP?
    . . . One thing is very clear – power is all Chikaonda wants, and yet, the tool for geting the power, he has not. Now, Isnt this chaos? a recipe and sure way to disaster?
    . . . Chikaonda must accept: You cant be everything!

  9. bami says:

    Another Pensioner want to lead Malawi, where are the young men!!

  10. Boko says:

    The only person this country needs for it to prosper is JB, not another professor.

  11. Aniva kileyekiliye says:

    Chikaonda, the same guy who allowed subsidiaries of Press Corporations to be sold and some closed under his big nose of knowing it all. The same guy who developed his own remunerations of US20,000.00 plus benefits as if this is one of the developed countries. The same guy who accumulated power to become board chair of all Press companies to benefit more than any one else. Heeedeeeeeeeeee koma power hungry is a bad animal. The same guy who failed PTC to compete with Shoprite, the same guy who has just sold Carlsberg Malawi becoz he has been asked to retire for overage now wants to run Malawi.

    1. Talitha Koum says:

      As the journey continues before Chikaonda quits. Carleberg is sold. Jobs will be lost. Press will not hold majority shares. The carlsberg brand will soon disappear. And then, and then the plant will be a white elephant. Just like its neighbour B&C. That will be Chikaonda’s legacy. By the way why did he give up the 10% share just before the sale of Carlsberg Malawi?

  12. Munkoyo says:

    Risbon, it is not about heading PCL and 17 subsidiaries. The issue how he headed these companies. Chikaonda is a sweet talker and wa dyaela and selfish. It is true Malawi lacks leadership but Chikaonda is NOT a good leader either. Ask those who have worked with him. They will tell you he is a very bad person. Munthu wozikonda

    Chakwera is the man for 2019

  13. Tiya says:

    Press Corporation has so much shrunk under Chikaonda and wants to claim here that he is transformational? Just look at struggling MTL that used to a Telecoms giant under government, closing PTC shops when similar stores by Indians and Chinese are booming, former Cellphone giant TNM now struggling and overtaken by Airtel, Press Agriculture closed, Malawi Pharmacies closed etc, come on!!!!!!

    Mr. Chikaonda, just tell Malawians that you can not idle after retirement

  14. [email protected] says:

    Chikaonda is not a good leader. He is the same guy who took Reserve Bank two plots in Area 47 and used Terrastone to build his house at RBM expenses. He is the same guy who chased people from RBM in 1999 through dubious retrenchment. He is the same guy who chased people at MTL when Press Corporation bought MTL. He is the same guy who closed so many companies under Press Corporation. He is the same guy who was giving himself over K1.3 million a month as car allowance without the knowledge of the board.
    The man is pompous, arrogant, callous and selfish. He can’t be a leader

  15. Talitha Koum says:

    It is on record that Chikaonda closed over 10 companies and left many thousands of Malawians jobless. Do you think the same Malawians will vote for him? Many shops were closed both in town and remote areas due to his economic ideas of closing companies. Do you think this guy will bring in investors to create jobs and bring happiness to Malawians? Mukuganiza bwanji a Kambala ndi anzanu?

    Chikaonda is a demolition man. He destroyed all that Kamuzu set up in Press Group. Given a chance to rule the country he will sell everything, starting with our beautiful lake. Please be careful. If you have ideas that can assist the country to develop why don’t you just join the already existing parties and fight for leadership from there. Another party will just end up splitting votes to the advantage of the ruling party.

    Chikaonda failed to take advantage of his power as Chief Executive of Press Corporation to solicit funds for the construction of a tourism centre/Hotel along the lake that would transform the tourism industry in Malawi. Do you thing this time around he will have ideas for such projects?

    He killed Press Agriculture which was set by the real Ngwazi to create food security and to grow tobacco for creation of forex. What alternatives can he come up with to reverse the economic situation the country is in today?

    Malawi was better off when Chikaonda joined Press Group than now, at the time he is leaving. Where will the country end if he is given the chance to rule the country. Fellow Malawians dont be fooled.

  16. Risbon says:

    If he headed PLC and its 17subsidiaries he surely can lead the nation. Am in…

  17. james says:

    Unfortunately, people don’t vote based on policy

  18. Chirwa says:

    These are nothing but money hunters. So they know that MCP is the party that belong to the people. But they don’t want to join it and be under the leadership of pastor Chakwera and his team. They just want to use MCP as a ticket to get into government and get fatty ministerial positions. What a selfish lot they are!

  19. Maunisi says:

    He had one pound to ten kwacha during his reign as RBM governor. The guy delivered other than nyasi zinazi. Dont just at one area also see the other side of his service delivery.

  20. lawson says:

    what a collection! believe me it will be a mess than any other party.

  21. Nonsense says:

    Please spare me this nonsense. What new approach will this man bring for the Malawi youth’s future? He must just retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nonsense!

  22. Khwisa says:

    Lets try him. Its obvious MCP will never come again. DPP full of mediocrity and nepotism but remains very strong

  23. be humane says:

    during Chikaonda’s 10 point plan, he raised University fees from K1500 to K46, 000.00. After we demonstrated against it, it was brought to K25, 000.00 zimene ambirinu mwakhala mukulipira zija. The school fees was raised by 2066% ndiye adzalamulire Malawi? hedeeeeee tiye nazoni

  24. Make wa ana says:

    Ayi ndithu another death warrant. Chikaonda the pompous self-righteous guy who loves mapwevupwevu life. He has no connection with people and he will sit in an ivory tower. He believes he is intelligent but we all know the disasters he brought starting at press and even as finance minster. A professor whose only academic contribution is the phrase “chicken economics” and that is because he knows how to practice it.

  25. Bongololo says:

    Isn’t this the guy, while he was minister of finance, that preached fiscal responsibility through his so called 10 point plan which he broke every single tenet of it as he wallowed in obscene luxury at government expense?

    1. wakumalawi says:

      yes he is the same guy, the same guy anaba ndalama kudzela kuma shares a TNM, the same guy amene samatha business, kukakhala competition iye amagotseka company yo basi, the same guy who will literary sell our beloved MW coz he shall claim kuti MW is a sick baby who needs to be beheaded

      1. Gomezga Chiuta says:

        Malawi Leaders are there to satisfy themselves, Chika has done nothing to Press Corporation but satisfying himself for the prep of presidential stand.

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