Chilapondwa bids emotional farewell to BB fans

After announcing his retirement from active football, Big Bullets and former international midfielder James ‘Terminator’ Chilapondwa on Sunday, December 27, 2015 bade farewell to Bullets’ fans as the team lined up against Civil Service United (Civo) in a closing fixture for the 2015 TNM Super League season at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

Chilapondwa bids farewell to BB fans, Pic Alex Mwazalumo.

Chilapondwa bids farewell to BB fans, Pic Alex Mwazalumo.

Did not want to take risks- Bullets' technical panel, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

Did not want to take risks- Bullets’ technical panel, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

BB celebrate Richard Chande's own goal, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

BB celebrate Richard Chande’s own goal, Pic Alex Mwazalumo

However, the veteran midfielder was never used in the game, to the surprise of many people, who had expected to see the player playing for the last time.

There was anticipation from Bullets’ fans that Chilapondwa would be thrown into service at a later stage but the Bullets’ bench made all the three substitutions, omitting the longest serving player.

Towards the end of the match, Chilapondwa left the bench with some Bullets members and went round the stadium bidding farewell to the team’s supporters.

Asked why the player was not allowed to play his last game, coach Mabvuto Lungu said the technical panel did not want to take any chances in the presence of sponsors- Nyasa Manufacturing Ltd.

“We did not want to lose in the presence of our sponsors and we had a game plan. I am sure he (Chilapondwa) is a happy man that we have won the match. He is a senior guy and very matured and he must have understood the situation,” said Lungu.

The ‘Terminator’ has played for Bullets for a combined period of close to 10 years. He had a stint with Escom United after playing professional football in Tanzania but returned to his roots three years ago.

During his second spell with the ‘People’s Team,’ he has helped the team win the Presidential Cup, Carlsberg Cup and defend the TNM Super League title

Meanwhile, Bullets were parading the TNM Super League trophy in Lilongwe Monday morning as the team left the capital for Blantyre.

According to the team’s vice chairperson responsible for central region Austin ‘Austo’ Kasito, supporters escorted the team from Crown Hotel up to Bunda Road Block but others with vehicles went as far as Dedza.

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20 thoughts on “Chilapondwa bids emotional farewell to BB fans”

  1. Alex Tulama says:

    Mavuto ndi Mavuto what ever u did to Mr Chilapondwa God knows am one of Nyerere fans but u could play him as away of hounering him as a legent u ll get panish of loosing next season then u ll b sucked off

  2. forgive them says:


  3. nomachelsea says:

    wasiya still young because mpira wa kumalawi mulibe ndalama bola kupeza zina zochita

  4. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    insinuating that BB would lose if chilapondwa was brought in? shame on u kochi ma problem lungu

  5. fare thy well ‘The Terminator’,best of luck az u venture in other side of lyf.

  6. tchama says:

    Terminator PUMA,,,,,,,, walimbana nako kulimbana kwabwino


    Mudalakwa a coach posamulowetsa pa game ija

  8. mzungumbuli says:

    I am Silver Strikers fan, and I was there at Civo Stadium and my thinking was that no-matter how though the game could have been, at least James Chilapondwa should have been given a chance to touch the ball on the very last game of his football career, no matter what. On behalf of all the Bankers I wish him well and I say all the best Mr. James Chilapondwa. You deserve a pat on the back. WE ARE THE BANKERS- UMODZI-UMODZI

  9. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    This cow Lungu thing must be fired @ BB, fore sure is a stupid cowch!

  10. Hancy says:

    At least he should have played.A Vuto za zii basi

  11. Mr. Mtembo says:

    I feel like crying..I was so confused why they didn’t even give him ten minutes ,they could deserve one substition for him,.moreover the time they were substituted Kabichi n Sailesi the time was playing well

  12. Bololo says:

    Malawian football. A bit of a joke frankly.

  13. Mpandadzina says:

    Kodi a Malawi tinakhala bwanji??Iwe Vuto u played for Bullets when it had sponsors and changed sponsors—are u telling me that u won all the games u played.I saw Kinnah play his last game for bullets and scored a spectacular goal at BAT which was unfortunately denied but the fans were entertained with his last game.Why deny Chilapondwa such a chance.The fact that u might not have been accorded the same is not his fault.One other interesting thing I have noted from our local coaches these days is the Game Plan.Win or lose they now talk of a game plan or lack of it.I hope they understand what it means.And finally Vuto at 3-1 u could not let him play the last ten or five minutes really.Ndiye muwine ma game onse next season nanga si ma sponsor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. nyando says:

    Risk as if inali must win, game mukutsogola 3 kwa 1 ndiye chinavuta ndichani kumulowetsa kutatsala 10 minutes , mmaona ngati aluzitsa game and yet wakhala akudalilidwa all this time to save us. Am bb koma apa pokha wont forgive lungu and friends. Prepare a special farewell much for him apo biiiii mwapanga zaumbuli

  15. Komano apa zaonikaratu kuti sanachoke mosangalala pali
    Chomwe akulu akulu a BB munakhoza kuti achoke komano
    Ziwani kuti mwala umene mukukana lelo azanu azauika pankhodya

  16. mngoni says:

    ulemu wanu big

  17. Chief Cadet says:

    Mabvuto Lungu Ali ndi sanje ndi mwanayu koma mwayi wa WIna si Wako All the best James

  18. anadimba says:

    mwaonatu aMalawi,amakukonda ukamawachitira zabwino ukangoti phonyetseni pang,ono zavuta.mumtima coach amanena kuti tikawina aziti Dolo ndi iyeyo. Acoach tsiku lina muzalowe tione ngati mwendo sudzatsara m,ground.

  19. Mapwevupwevu says:

    @least akanasewela pang’ono. Risk yachani team yatenga kale league? He deserved better osati zimenezi; mwina pali nkhani ina.

  20. best malawian player ever!

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