Chilima meets SA’s Zuma

Malawi Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima with South African president Jacob Zuma.chilima-zuma

Chilima on Monday attended the SADC Double Troika Plus Two summit in Pretoria, South Africa where among others member states agreed to restore peace and security in Lesotho.

In the picture, President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is welcoming Vice President Chilima at the summit.

Pic courtesy of VP Press Office.

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30 thoughts on “Chilima meets SA’s Zuma”

  1. gologolo says:

    Chilima looks very shocked in Jerusalem…

    Zuma is showing Chilima Exit Door,Zuma is not welcoming Chilima at the Summit,This is what the Picture indicates, Malawi did not have May 2014 credible presidential results….

    Many Leaders are Skeptical about Malawi’s Political and Business Affairs!

  2. Jose' says:

    Mbuzu za pa Malawi. Bwanji osamaona the positive side of the stories. Taphunzirani kukonda dziko lanu. CHilima you are doing your job right. I admire you. To me, you are the next president

  3. apm says:

    koma swagga sitikuiona. nanga ngati inuyo mwapindila mchila wanu choncho, ife ma sapota tipindila bwanji? talk the walk Mr. VP. inu yanu inali mr money yomweija. taonani inu kungochokako, pano black berry internet service anthu apakira.

  4. Ambele says:

    Nthimbidwa imafuna amanu ija ikanadzitha zimenezi ?

  5. Nyongani says:

    A-aaaaah! Koma amene waika chinthuchi sakuona kuti sichikupereka message yabwino??? It’s not like “Chilima meets SA’s Zuma” It’s like “Zuma tells Chilima ‘OUT’!” Lol!

  6. Tsami says:

    Though I do not like Peter Munthalika and his party DPP, but this guy Chilima I feel he can make good president and I like him, what about that? Akuluwo angosiyira mwanayo kuti za ma federal state zithe. By the way I want Dedza to be independent country so too is Lilongwe where my Dad comes from.

    1. Ma says:

      Tsami: what makes you think this young thief can make good president? You have no idea of what you are talking about. Zakhutu basi

  7. Mmalawi says:

    Zuma was in his country on that day. Ife nkhalamba yathu itatsogola kale kale ku UN. Zuma azapita lero ndi kutembenuka mawa, wathuyo adakali kumwera.

  8. Love your neighbour as yourself!! says:

    Based on Chilima’s posture, look at Chilima’s left hand, its like he complained and said, my stomach, Mr President any toilet close here? And Zuma responded by saying, that’s the toilet young man!! Go! go! go!

  9. Kwa Nkando says:


  10. We have a myriad problems here Mr Chilima. Put this country in order first. Nthawi ikupita. Don’t waste time with Lesotho. Let SA solve that. Moreover Zuma does does not recognise Malawi as acountry.

  11. I have respect for APM. This is the first time a Malawian vice president has been able to function as such.

    This shows real self belief, a thing a lot of us can take a leaf from.

  12. Simie says:

    Zuma-Are the roads lookin better nw? Chilima- nt yet…get out!!

  13. Malawiana says:

    The VP office should be careful with circulating such pictures. APM may not like this limelight. This is Africa and Nyasaland in particular where we dont want our deputies to be stealing the limelight.

  14. Malawiana says:

    Being the first experience Chilima can be forgiven for portlaying an inferior figure on the picture.

  15. PEACE TALKS FOR LESOTHO ============================ OK AND GOOD

  16. Zanga Phe! says:

    Wow really Chilima looks good.

  17. Benja says:

    “I’ve reserved your seat over there Mr. Money.. Mean while I’ll go take a shower, I’m coming from humping my prospected next wife”

  18. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Wawa wawa, Mr. VP. Nde mukupasidwa ulemu zedi. You make us proud, Sir.

  19. Jacob Zuma says:

    Caption “Go sit down!”

  20. Mondokwa says:

    A zuma, koma shower ija inakusungani?

  21. nkhedu says:

    chilimayo ali boo bwanji.a zumawo ndi mpalawo ngati akudwala

  22. Chimkhalo says:

    Thats the welcome action as the Veep is working freely.

  23. Usova says:

    Now that’s what we call swagga. Big up Mr Money!!!

  24. Kanthu Ako! says:

    If we were to put a caption on this picture, it would be:

    “Get out!!”

    1. mtoto wa mama says:

      Nsanje bwanji? Grow up! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

      1. kanchenga says:

        Except for the fake smile on Zomas face it really looks like that. Nothing to do with sanje. That’s the way it looks like

        1. Mabanker says:

          Pwapwa pwa pwa

      2. ngalimba says:

        eeeh! you young man that is an exit door,leave my office now!!!!!!!!!

      3. Waa says:

        AMalawi umbuli suzakuchokani.

        Look at the picture is there any title on it? that is why people are captioning it. It is called satire.

        A nation without a sense of humor is a sad one. and in most cases is a dictatorship.

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