Chilima salutes Mutharika for guiding Malawi Reform Commission

Malawi Vice-President Saulos Chilima, who heads the Public Service Reform Commission, has saluted President Peter Mutharika for inspiring and guiding his committee of reform commissioners throughout its assignment over the past few months.

Chilima speaking Wednesday during the launch of the Public Service Reforms Programme in Lilongwe, stressed that he and his team achieved much because they utilised Mutharika’s passion and demonstration of ‘servant leadership’ that embraces the wishes and hopes of ordinary people into national programmes.

President Mutharika, British High Commissioner to Malawi Michael Nevin and Vice President Chilima share a light moment at a dinner celebrating the launch of the Public Sector Reform Programme on the evening of 11th February 2015

President Mutharika, British High Commissioner to Malawi Michael Nevin and Vice President Chilima share a light moment at a dinner celebrating the launch of the Public Sector Reform Programme on the evening of 11th February 2015

Malawi President with ministers and Speaker of Parliament and Chief Justice

Malawi President with ministers and Speaker of Parliament and Chief Justice

The President commended the Chilima Commission for having done a good job in revamping the public service and giving it a new direction in propelling effective national development.

Noting that there had been 79 attempts by previous administrations to achieve desired reform results in the past, Mutharika expressed hope that the new attempt will deliver.

“This time around, reforming the public service is not a matter of multiple choice. It will be done and it must be done. And it must be done now,” declared the President.

By launching the reforms programme, Malawi government has rolled out an  Organisational Performance Agreement (OPA) and Service Charters for public officers to “realise their core” objective of serving the people timely, professionally and with respect.

“The OPA framework will set out clear steps so that the Civil Service has the capability and capacity to perform at the highest level possible to ensure that our civil servants are fully accountable and the public know ‘who does what and to whom are they accountable,” said Mutharika, adding that the signing of these OPAs will be between him and the Ministers.

Mutharika described OPA system as a crucial tool to achieving national development and that some selected ministries including the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development will pilot this initiative and at the end such ministries and departments will be assessed and their performance will be announced to the public.

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27 thoughts on “Chilima salutes Mutharika for guiding Malawi Reform Commission”

  1. Alufeyo says:

    Could Chilima and co be honest pse. Lets talk about implementation because almost every sensible tecommendation was already there. OPAs were Msaka’s creation he even set up the Department to handle such issues. Reform unit was set up by Msaka. Devolution of HR to districts was initiated by Muluzi and the structure created by OPC what APM should do is implement. National Registration started by Muluzi was messed by Chilumpha corrected by Msaka the problem is funding. Teforms have been with us since 1964 what we have lacked is the will to implement. I know PSs who are very good and know about reforms inside out but they lack support. There is no need for studies lets implement. Thanks APM for taking the decision to implement reforms.

  2. brutsha says:

    I always long for when this nation will realize that in any endeavor it makes more sense to celebrate at impact level and not input level. It is always wiser to cherish a process than an event. Malawi needs a sustainable process to get out of its mess not just an event like a launch. How many documents have we launched and how many of those launched have brought about desirable change?

  3. John says:

    Totally agree with most comments that cautions Chilima- the ALL peoples favourite, to refrain from kissing APM’s [email protected] in his speeches. The only reason people love him is bcoz he is not like them and in our minds, we cant associate him with them. Continue attaching your own achievements to APM and people will start looking at you as someone seeking APM’s approval in all that you do, hence the majority with start detaching themselves from you.

  4. Dr Phiri says:

    Organization Performance Agreement yo should match with funding levels. Secondly motivate civil slaves now by rewarding them accordingly. Secondly confine nepotism, tribalism and regionalism to archives of history when it comes to recruitment and promotions. Nanga cchirichonse alhomwe? Are they only capableindivi

  5. Hot Iron says:

    Mr. President and your vice, we are waiting for an efficient civil service. Root out political influence in how things are handled and the civil service will deliver. If you let politics continue interfering with how things are done, then you have wasted our time and resources doing all the process this far. Civil servants needs a ‘clean working space’ otherwise political interference will result in more mediocre performance. So not yet time to start singing praises of each other here! We will applaud you once we see the desired changes delivering the results.

  6. Mike says:

    Asa! Ndalama yake ndiye yiti?

  7. kd says:

    yambanipo kumulamba mathanyula wanuyo Muone…. SKC with the level of education you have got, the respect you get in society, we expect you to be the last one to hero worship ….. musova abwana

  8. makito says:

    Hehehe. It will die a natural death soon. The contract system for senior government officers failed miserably. When these guys saw that all among their folk had benefited, they suddenly realised it was too expensive and they quickly dropped it and returned to permanent contracts, meaning they will get more when they retire as all the years are counted as continuous service.

    Maybe we annex Malawi to Rwanda just for two years.

  9. m'Malawi says:

    This presidential team is a dream team! Congratulations Malawi.

  10. BECHI says:

    He dersrve salutes thus being proactive in action and deeds. APM and Chilima brave

  11. INU Lalirani says:

    tivomereze kuti anyamatawa akucita kena kake kolozeka, at least for now

  12. kaphaizi says:

    Chilima is becoming a very useless vp who is praising useless things

  13. Fred says:

    Ujenitu ndiye dziko akulimva kuwawa because he seems not to be interested in anything. Osangosamuka bwanji? I sorry for you.

  14. Looterpoo says:


  15. titototi says:

    My friend political praising is everywhere! They praise one another coz they are from the same political family. Just like urself praising ur father, even though he has done nothing tangible to u apart from being a father. Kudana ndi izi nde muzingosanza daily chifukwa sizizatha!!!!! kkkkk

    1. Fred says:

      Very true kudana ndiizi ndi nselu mpaka dehydration kkkkk

  16. Banda says:

    Ujeni kagwere uko!

  17. popapo says:

    Chilima you look good in most activities but try once again to be different from others by not all the time mentioning the President. It was good in the evening that you did not talk a word, that is wisdom.

  18. Atcheya says:

    Why do you guys seem to present a picture like the OPA is something that has just started? We have been using the OPA for the past 3 years even before Peter came to power…so don’t sell it like some sort of your genius creation!!

  19. Israel Difense Force says:

    nothing strange to see a junior to worship his boss

  20. ndadabwa says:

    peta waika maja m’matumba, kodi saulos nayenso angathe kuika manja ake m’matumba pamaso pa pita. kikikiki mnyamata wabwino-bwinoyu wazerezeka ndithu


  22. Moving copse says:

    Chilima you are the one deserving a part on on the back not your Bwampini

  23. Midweek Dancers says:

    My Wednesday afternoon excitment about the Reforms Launch went completely low(excitment) as I watched the shocking evening TVM beaming of the ‘launch dinner dance’. Really, Mr. President and Mr. Reforms Chair, dinner dance??? Those protruding men’s stomachs and their women’s extended bums were a disgusting sight as they danced on a midweek night as unpaid teachers were definitely putting their children to bed on a pumpkin leaves ‘meal’.

    You goofed big time here SKC.

  24. Mfumu ya Luso says:

    Am at pains to admit that Mutharika and his deputy are the real deal. Something which i would not have said a few months ago, prior and soon after the elections.

    These people know exactly what they are doing, and if they fail, it’s due to our own making, typical of Malawians, we don’t like to have good things. Timaononga ndi manja athu omwe.

    The leadership style they have adopted is indeed visionary, forward looking and not aimed at achieving only the short term at the expense of the future. The short term should be issues of emergency like the recent floods, but when it comes to econimic empowerment and independece, we have to focus in the long term.

    I applaud you, Peter and Saulosi for the job you are doing. We have lacked this type of leadership for a long time.

  25. ujeni says:

    Away with this slavery of worshipping and praising a president for everything in Malawi, fokofu!

    1. Fred says:

      Baba ngati muli ndi kolowela time is now because you seem not to like anything. When shall the next election come to change things your way of thinking. You are too negative kkkkkkk

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