Chilima says Malawi committed to fighting hunger, malnutrition: VP rejects K5.7m meeting room in US

Vice President Saulos Chilima says there is strong political will from the presidency in Malawi for the southern African country to fight hunger and malnutrition by the year 2025 through Compact 2025, an initiative for the cause by the International Food Production Research Institute (IFPR).

Chilima speaking in US

Chilima speaking in US

Chiyembekeza speaking at the launch

Chiyembekeza speaking at the launch

Chilima speaking at the launch

Chilima speaking at the launch

Chilima was speaking at a news conference in Washington DC in the US where Compact 2025 Leadership Council members briefed the media on their roles as Ambassadors to fight the hunger and malnutrition.

Through Compact2025, countries like Malawi will work with IFPRI to end hunger and under-nutrition by the year 2015 as a first step toward eradicating extreme poverty.

“It is the responsibility of every government to end hunger and make its citizens happy. As council members and as focal countries we will ensure that we successfully fight issues of food insecurity and malnutrition by the year 2025,”said Chilima.

IFPRI Executive Durector Shenggen Fan said he was excited that there seemed maximum political will from the countries championing as Ambassadors for Compact 2025.

“We know what has worked to reduce hunger and under nutrition in many countries around the world. With Compact2025, we can share this knowledge and ensure that every country has the knowledge and tolls it needs to end hunger and under nutrition,” said Chilima.

He was accompanied by Agriculture Minister Allan Chiyembekeza who stressed in interview that his ministry will work with the Vice President to offer technical support to ensure that Malawi becomes hunger and malnutrition free by the year 2025.

However, apart from attending the IFPRI function, it has been a busy trip for the Vice President in the US who on day one was congratulated by President Mutharika for taking time to carry a number of official assignments ahead of the main function.

“Two hours after his arrival on Monday, the Vice President held a number of meetings with prospective investors especially now that the reforms have eased the way of doing business for Malawi. Previously, before the reforms which my government is embarking on, the country could take 90 days to issue business permits to investors which was frustrating but currently, thanks to the One Stop Service Centre under the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre where all stakeholders are housed under one roof, it only takes five days to issue a permit,” wrote President Mutharika on his Facebook page.

The Vice President also took time to meet with Malawians based in Washington DC at the embassy of Malawi where he outlined a number of reforms that the Mutharika administration is embarking on.

He stunned Malawians living in the United States of America (USA) when he refused to meet them at Marriot Wardman Hotel whose conference room was pegged at $10 000 (about K5.7 million).

Office of the Vice-President ordered a cancellation of the conference room booking upon learning that government through the Malawi Embassy in Washington DC was going to foot the bill.

Instead, the Vice-President offered that they use a free albeit small room at the Malawi Embassy

Pilirani Phiri, press officer in the Office of the Vice-President, confirmed the development .

Speaking during the meeting, Malawi’s Ambassador to the USA Necton Mhura told the people at the meeting that the venue was changed because Chilima refused to have the interface at a hotel where resources would have been spent.

“I am impressed and encouraged that back home there is a leadership that is doing things from a business-unusual perspective,” he said, attracting applause from the 30-plus Malawians at the event.

Chilima commended Malawians in the US for investing in Malawi and that they should also actively participate in national development back home.

“It is not necessarily the size of the investment, but the impact it makes in improving the quality of life of ordinary people that matters and I want you to know that the Malawi Government appreciates your efforts,” he said.

Chilima also gave a progress report on reforms whose commission he chairs, stressing that unless Malawians reform as a people and as a country, they should forget about development.

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24 thoughts on “Chilima says Malawi committed to fighting hunger, malnutrition: VP rejects K5.7m meeting room in US”

  1. Malawi says:

    Our hope for the future!

  2. Proud for once says:

    Thank you for not shouting and bagging tables nor calling us names. Thank you for not threating anyone. It was so refreshing to see a sober VP articulating issues better than his tired boss. Keep forging on, show Mathanyula , Chaponda and all the lomwes how much class you have, keep forging on, strategize wisely and 2019 will be yours under a different political party for all under 50s. I can’t wait.

  3. Bakali Maluzi says:

    When a nation fails to accomplish anything meaningful any cheap stunt becomes news.

    This coloured chap would do himself justice to go back to selling airtime

  4. Asabuni says:

    mwana uyu nde akuyendesa boma..wuthout chilima this government can totally collapse..well done saulos

  5. Alex Likoswe says:

    You are wanted my churches . When are you going to visit our seventh Day church in Kasitu

  6. Honala says:

    Osati IBU

  7. Willie Chimseu says:

    Mumakwana a VIP & you’re my role model for sure. Pitirizani we will support you

  8. D.D. Phiri says:

    zonyaditsa kwambiri

  9. Dyumali says:

    A Braziwa amandiwaza.
    Wishing every success.

  10. mtumbuka says:

    This is my man ???? 2019 dpp bomaaaa

  11. Zabwinotuizo says:

    Let the one who book the room be retained home to see his or her grandparents and siblings how they are suffering. Then let him,her or them get fired!!!!!

  12. mukharapwio says:

    that embassy staff must be changed

  13. Umphawi says:

    Continue raising the bar, continue building your profile, don’t worry about Mathanyula 2019 is yours

  14. DC resident says:

    Only one correction to this article and the myths floating around, no Malawian was “stunned” that we met the VP at the embassy. Malawians in the DC area were the ones invited to meet the VP. The first invitation said the meeting would be at the hotel. Then we were told the venue had been changed. When the VP delivered his speech, he mentioned that he moved the venue to the embassy to cut costs. Even though we didn’t know how much because we had nothing to do with this event, we applauded him. If we had known this was how much he saved poor tax payers, we have included whistling and ululating. The embassy organized this event and if the embassy was securing a K5.7M room for this, then the VP sent a clear message. If one knows DC well, you can secure a conference room at a tenth of the cost mentioned here and it still would be a lot to pay for a two, three hour event. The room at the embassy was enough for this event. How are Malawians stunned when they too were invited? How do writers miss the obvious information? Did they bother ask any DC resident? Was information given in Latin that it had to be translated into Chichewa then English? Sigh…. Otherwise, the event was very well organized by the embassy. The VP and delegation were welcoming. He delivered a clear non-political speech that laid out the challenges we face as a nation and reforms needed. We had a good time and no money was certainly wasted. Zikomo.

  15. WAMISALA says:



  16. Koma ????? says:

    If it was already booked, they still had to forego the payment or paid a cancellation fee..both ways we lost! Lets plan properly and avoid such costly miscalculations…… do we have to wait for the VP to make such a decision?

  17. The Analyst says:


    Don’t get discouraged that the rest of the crew members including your boss, are acting differently by just preaching austerity and not living it. Know that . . .

    “Right is right even if no one is doing it. And wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.” – Saint Augustine

    Embarrass those who live extravagantly when their country is bleeding, forgetting that if only a leader can signal austerity, not just but a word of words but also word of actions; everybody is forced to follow. Sadly, what we hear is irritating news that they are putting up at the most expensive hotel in New York e.t.c. Continue to do this, and sooner or later shame will fast catch up with them. And they will realise they have constructively given up their relevance.

    And don’t think that the $10,000 saving is small, nooo!!!. What matters to us Malawians is the spirit of not being ashamed of identifying yourself with the unsung songs n untold stories of poverty n challenges Malawi is grappling with. Your boss is always ashamed and therefore hires private jets to not look dissimilar from rich countries’ presidents! Yet . . .

    “Having been poor is no shame. But being ashamed of it; is.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Know that Malawi is proud of you!! Just be consistent, nkuchepetsakonso ka convoy kanu kaja, basi. Basiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

  18. Mgoloso says:

    Man of de moment Chilima

  19. mapwevupwevu says:

    Next president, and I will be his vice!

  20. Mvula J. Mvula says:

    You always impress me with what you do. Keep it on!

  21. Gannett says:

    atsogoleri abwino

  22. Suzen says:

    Mtsogoleri woganizira osaukafe keep it up 2019 president of MW

  23. gama says:

    awo ndiye atsogoleri

  24. dzambo says:

    my man.

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