Chilima says Malawi suffering from ‘love deficiency’

State Vice President Saulos Chilima has appealed to church leaders and preachers to spread the message of love, saying Malawi is currently suffering from love deficiency.

Chilima: Spread the love against hate

Chilima: Spread the love against hate

Chilima made the appeal Saturday at Lilongwe’s Civil Stadium during celebrations of Seventh Day Adventist’s (SAD) from being Malawi Union Mission t now being called Malawi Union Conference where the Vice President was Guest of Honour.

Appealing to the SDA leaders as well as Malawian church leaders at large, Chilima said: “A lot of problems and challenges facing our country could be avoided if only we had love for one another.’’

“We would not even need to buy guns for our Police Officers if we had love. We would rather have used the money to buy food and invest in development projects,” lamented Chilima.

The Vice President also inspected the guard of honour by the SDA youth army where he said he got inspired by a song the youths were singing.

He said; “As I walked around when inspecting the guard of honour, I heard the youths sing ‘we the youth have the power to change the future of Africa’ I wish the message, important as it is for Africa, was narrowed down to Malawi because we desperately need the message.”

On the church’s elevation to independence, Chilima lauded SAD saying the independence was a symbol of the church’s focus, growth and maturity in faith, worship and spirituality.

On a rather different but equally important note, the VP appreciated SDA contribution to Government’s policy and the country’s development saying “One cannot talk health and education without mentioning Adventist.”

He particularly also appreciated the church’s response with compensatory items, through its Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), to the floods that affected most districts in the Southern Region.

The celebrations which were under the theme “WE HAVE COME THIS FAR BY FAITH,” were also graced by the presence of SDA President of Southern Africa, Indian Ocean Division (S.I.D), Rev, Dr. Paul Ratsara, in whose sermon urged the SDA clergy to pray for the success of Conference’s leadership.

He also dedicated a special service later that afternoon, specifically for the church’s leadership.

As a Conference, Malawi’s SDA now has the independence to run activities as separate but still part of the world wide community unlike before where as a Mission, it was under the control of Southern Africa.

In his remarks, newly elected President for Malawi Union Conference, Pastor Clarkson Kuyama appreciated Government’s respect of the freedom of worship saying “We are happy and appreciative to have God fearing leaders.”

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23 thoughts on “Chilima says Malawi suffering from ‘love deficiency’”

  1. ine says:


  2. WIDA says:

    Chilima kukongola. Mudakwatira?

  3. MMMSSA says:


  4. Ineyo! says:

    Mr chilima says the truth that had it been we had love in this country, vote rigging would not be available.

  5. Julie says:

    That love should start frm the politicians who are given podiums: indeed if only DPP could be loving all Malawians, this country could be a better place to live, but alas! Tribalistic, hate, nepotism, stealing, killing etc

  6. Damage says:

    What love are you talking if all People are smelling the rat in this DPP government. If apa central ndi akumpoto tagwilizana kuxa votera mcp, osati mfiti inu opanda chikondi anthu ngati inu. Fate awaits you

  7. James mkoko says:

    Chilima nizoona zomwe unena iwe choyamba dziko lathu LA Nyasaland kuti likhale lotsongola pafunika CHIKONDI pakati pathu ife tonse ngati a MALAWI. Chitsanzo ndinali KU DRC Lubumachi District municipality komwe munthu wina aandifunsa kuti dziko lanu ndi laling’ono koma chimavuta ndi chiyani kuti munkhale osatukuka koma dzikolo ndi limodzi lamayiko a wanthu anzeru muno my AFRICA? nditafika KU South Africa ndinapitiliza ulendo wanga to Swaziland for two weeks visit that was mwezi watha ndili KU Mbabane munthu wina anali name chidwi atamva kuti ndikuchokela KU Malawi iye akuti amakumbukila Coach Kinnah Phiri pamene anali KU Swaziland as a coach, iye anandifunsa funso lofanana ndilomwe ndinafunsidwa KU DRC. Mwachidule ndikuyamikeni a Vice President Mr S.Chilima pamau ANU achikondi kuti mupangepo mathu kuti zithu zikhale bwino KU Malawi ko. DZIKO LONSETU LA PANSI LIMAONA ZIMENE ZIKUCHITIKATU KWATU MAKA KU MA (MP) OTSUTSA BOMA LA DPP.

  8. GRM says:

    I am in Addis. Guys we are indeed very poor. Kuno people are constructing the city osati nyumba zao nkumazibisanso. Love should start with Chilima and his friends

  9. tuvitwana says:


  10. fredpa says:

    Mr saulosi when have learnt love or may be you are trying to repent your sins.You are aman with alot of hate.Please if you have little or nothing to tell malawians do as your president is doing,go to your bed sleep and dream in colours.Thats what DPP believes,urging people to be sleeping inorder to dream in colours instead of working hard for their betterness

  11. kemwa says:

    Mind U chilima everything is useless here on earth,be TRUE leaders.

  12. Zulu says:

    Please leave political comments all of you who are commenting here. Stick to the issues after all the VP was invited to stand for government. Malawi needs love indeed. Most comments so far validates what the VC is talking about. If we have nothing to talk about let’s not show our ignorance on this forum.
    Congratulations Mr VC for your speech.

  13. Nkuruzinza says:

    If your DPP continues with its loveless tribalistic management where all public appointments are mulakho and mulakho everywhere, you soon indeed need to be buying more guns because a violent revolution is nearing your door steps!! Your party is full of hate and we are planning a ruthless strategy towards your fall from disgrace!!

  14. burnettie says:

    have u seen now what people say

  15. Trevor Manyi says:


  16. Jelbin mk says:

    Start practicing what you are saying first Mr deputy president and people will follow suit because action speaks louder than words.

  17. maganizo muganizeni says:

    What the vice president forgot to ask is that SDA church goers should stop commiting adultery which is rampant in their church. There are too many married women shamelessly sleeping with married men. What a shame!

  18. munyalika says:

    unatibera mavoti kuti uzatinamize za love kagwele uko mfiti ya munthu

  19. The Truthful One from the West says:

    He is being hypocritical, theoretical and unrealistic. It is the DPP Gurus including himself who do not show a good example by abandoning nepotism in public appointments. MBC is now a mouthpiece of DPP. There is no non-partisan debate on the way forward for Malawi. DPP behaves and acts as if it possesses all wisdom.

  20. dwight banda says:

    The political system in Malawi has been manipulating poor people.They have used poor people for votes and finally dump them.All the funding has been going to politician’s pocket.So which Love are you meaning here?Love yakuchipinda?

  21. Faithful says:

    I love this church so much. May God bless it as it goes through turbulent waters

  22. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    Love has to start with Pitara chief Tribalist. Shame to you Saulos for aiding DPP to come into power. We non lhomwes are being opressed in work places. Ukudziwa chani

  23. dandile wa dandile says:

    Chilima you are right.There is really no love in Malawi.Politicians wants everything for themselves.Your friend Bingu stole 61 billion in his old age while Malawians were living in dire poverty.The old people like Pitala and Goodall do not want to retire to pave way to the youth.You got to that position by aiding the crooked wamutharika through vote rigging.Politicians all along have been stealing aid money to leave flashy lives with their children and friends while mass Malawians have been living in shameful poverty.Development money has gone into some other people’s pocket.All politicians are dirty in thinking.Ndalama zakumidima ndi magazi.Stop schooling us about love musakutumiza Spy Dausi kukaotcha ma ballot boxes to complicate ma election cases.Even yourself you do not love your friends chifukwa si iwe munthu wachilungamo.Mere words without actions are useless.

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