Chilumpha, Matumula treason case not withdrawn… Malawi still paying British lawyer in millions of tax money

The treason case against former vice president Dr Cassim Chilumpha and businessman Yusuf Billiat Matumula is still on and government continue to spend tax payers in millions to pay a British lawyer the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration hired and state witnesses.

Chilumpha: Charges till hanging on his head

Chilumpha: Charges till hanging on his head

Chilumpha and Matumula were arrested in 2006 on allegations that they were planning to assassinate former president, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, using hired assassins from South Africa.

The case has dragged on for nine years although government then said it had overwhelming evidence against the two.

Malawi Government has since blown at least K200 million (US$487 804) of public tax to pay a British lawyer Antony Berry and Malawians are continuing to pay legal fees and other claims

Berry is the Queen’s Counsel (QC) in the UK. He is leading a prosecution team comprising seasoned lawyers Patrice Nkhono and Pacharo Kayira.

The money spent on the lawyer is enough to buy over 100 ventilators which are in short supply in the country’s main hospitals. Ventilators are used to assist patients with breathing problems.

The former Director of Public Prosecution Bruno Kalemba hinted during the Joyce Banda- era that the case would be discontinued but it was only warehoused and charges were not dropped or the accused were not acquitted.

The country’s new top prosecutor, Mary Kachale, has not has expressed interest to discontinue the case, which was largely viewed as one of the politically motivated cases the DPP hatched.

The matter was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

Chilumpha and the late Mutharika fell out in 2005 after the former president left United Democratic Front (UDF), a party that sponsored him into power in 2004, to form DPP. Chilumpha remained in UDF until he joined People’s Party (PP) in 2012 and later dumped it.

Key State witness in the case are 45-year-old Thomas Elias Ndlovu and Graham Minaar an intelligence expert were paid money from government to implicate Chilumpha.

Ndlovu, who runs a security firm in South Africa, is on record testifying at the High Court that he was given R800, 000 for him and his family to relocate from his normal Johannesburg base in South Africa as part of government’s witness protection procedure.

Chilumpha, who has served as Member of Parliament for Nkhotakota South for close to 20 years now, is seen as a man who leads a quiet and isolated life.

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29 thoughts on “Chilumpha, Matumula treason case not withdrawn… Malawi still paying British lawyer in millions of tax money”

  1. benga says:

    sad situation

  2. Greedy and useless politicians of Malawi exploiting and killing the very electorates that put them into power.

  3. EDSON says:

    apa mwangosonyezeratu kuti you are a biased reporter.

    mupite kusukulu

  4. petros says:

    It’s just too much to handle shame

  5. zaluma says:

    One group I categorise as ignorant, half-baked, irrational and short-sighted human beings in Malawi academia circles are lawyers and judges. It is a waste of resources to educate crooks, thieves, liars and bandits. I do not see why do we need them. They just stealing our money. Make these guys jobless and empower chiefs to do their job. They will do provided we are reminding why they are there.

  6. Davis says:

    Mukhoza kumawononga ndalamazo ndi zanu.

  7. Hot Iron says:

    Just pay Hon. Chilumpha what is due to him in damages. The cooked-up case has ‘constructively’ come to an end. Mr. Rafa Kasambara, is that OK with you? Kkkkkk.

  8. bonya man says:

    Ingwenyama you are a fool

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Reporter, your story is difficult to believe it. This case is still alive after all these years. I will steal the files.

    So we have been paying lawyers all this time? And providing security.

    DPP/UDF Boma iloooooiloooooo!!!!¡!!!!

  10. apundi says says:

    treason yachani, zopusa musiyeni munthu

  11. issah says:

    Malawi ndi yosawuka mukutenga ndalama kupasa loya wachani muthu anafa kale

  12. mohamed says:

    Nkhani osati asilamu taziganizani pofuna kuyika ma comment anu.chipemphezo ndi china

  13. Vitu says:

    I surely do not understand these things, are treason cases different from each other? How come some are dropped and others are continued? could it be that some cases are viewed to be more serious than others? This demonstrates how selective our justice system is. if one does not have any connections with the Authorities, one is bound to face the long arm of the law. In this case, why keep on wasting government resources on unfounded allegations when this country is facing countless challenges economically? but why exactly? we will never know…. this world….Lord have mercy.

  14. govt don’t waste our money on useless issues leave chilupha alone.

  15. Nassani says:

    Bwanji ndramazo mukozele mabed pa K C H athu aku gona pasi . Zinakanika Bingu zimezo

  16. Syaosimo says:

    Angojoina DPP mlandu uthera pompo.

  17. jupiter says:

    INGWENYAMA,spiritual sickness has prevailed upon you.
    because if Chilumpha and Mathumula planned for it,it’s cearly know that it would be on political account not religious concerns.
    but if it’s just a cooked story,let us behold it clearly that we CHRISTIANS hate MUSLIMS,
    and however we here that the assassins were hired from South Africa, this implies their chance of 99.99999% being CHRISTIANS,
    SO, who like the evil???
    Let us eat what is on the table this would be helpful than for what we don’t know.

  18. Jelbin mk says:

    R800 million for relocation as part of witness protection, really???? Do you know the value of 1 million rand??? And by then’s value it was stinking amount of kwachas. I suspect Bingu used this system to swindle government’s money and laundering it out of the country systematically.

  19. Ingwenyama. says:

    Asilamu nao anyanya kukonda ziwembu kwambiri, komabe sizoti boma lizingowonongabe ndalama polipira lawyeryo timziwa boma siwina mlandu uliwonse kuyambira kale Zazii! Nosense Peter & his followers!

  20. chinakanaka says:

    It is not Peter Mutharika who is supposed to drop the treaspn charges but incompetent lawyers from the Ministry of Justice. Look at the treason charges against the former President and the three Brigadier Generals, the High Court discharged the case but the Ministry of Justice is still clinging on the case and can revive the case at any time! Let the State drop and discontinue all treason charges which r hanging on Thomson and his accomplices, Matumula, Nembo and Chilumpha, Muluzi, the UDF officials, the retired senior Police and MDF officers and the 3 serving(b4 they were forced to retire)

  21. amnzeru a kummawa says:

    If so then, cardiac arrest inapha Bingu ija nayonso iyimbidwe, mulandu wa treason coz inapheratu. Za zii, osalimbana ndi njala ilipoyi bwanji?

  22. Zanga Phee! says:

    I wonder opposition parties where are their powers when it comes to issues like this one.They don’t have mandate to take government on task on these baseless cases please MCP emulate from Us Oppositions parties, you don’t feel sorry how worse things are now?see my name.

  23. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Im sure many people would have wanted to kill the bastered beacause heserved it, actually God did him justice by taking his life after he vuluntarily manslaughtered many Malawians whom he indirectly denied medical help due to hisvgreed….but i wouldnt have wasted my time killing him or even wished i was invloved in tge act because i knew God was going to sort him out for me just like He is fighting my battle for me right now!

  24. mtchona says:

    boma la malawi kulimbana ndi nkhani yopanda mutu,bingu ndiye anafa kale popanda treason bwanji osathetsa nkhani yopeka

  25. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is pathetic. The future of Malawi under DPP is bleak

  26. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkk pitala wamunthalika

  27. matchonisa says:

    Stupid! treason treason treason! Za zii, why not talking of real treason that occurred in 2012? Whay not talking of intended sale of MSB to run away from cashgate? why not talking of stolen houses at MHC in 2011? why not pressing for justice to Chasowa’s death? Foolish fools!

  28. angoni says:

    Nanga Treason Ya Peter mutharika zili

  29. Galu WA galu says:


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