Chimbali quits as spokesman of Malawi health ministry

Ministry of Health Public Relations Officer (PRO) Henry Salmon Chimbali has resigned  with immediate effect from the ministry but kept the reason of quitting close to his chest.

Chimbali:  Quits

Chimbali: Quits

“Yes I can confirm that I have quitted from the ministry and this is with immediate effect. There is nothing much I can say,” said Chimbali.

He was recently named by the country’s media watchdog Misa-Malawi as the most media friendly public relation officer who would professionally accommodate journalists and give information regardless of media organizations they represent.

But impeccable sources in the ministry told Nyasa Times that they feel Chimbali has resigned because of frustration.

“He was not promoted since he joined the Ministry as its spokesperson despite big job that he was entrusted with,” said our source.

Chimbali joined the ministry of health in 2003 as a health education officer at Nkhata-bay district hospital where he only worked for a year and was transferred to Lilongwe where he was tasked with handling of community health sciences unit where he also managed communications.

He then went for his master’s degree in science, media and communication to Cardiff University in the UK and returned in 2008.

In 2011 he started to work as a spokesman, a responsibility that was not taken up for a long time. Since then he has been in the media limelight in providing information and also managing external relations of the ministry.

Beside his education qualifications, Chimbali is a social and behavior change specialist with trainings in advocacy, communication, PR and research.

He is also an alumni of US – Malawi Exchange Programme that saw him go to the US where he visited different places including the White House for a meeting on HIV and Aids Education.

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29 thoughts on “Chimbali quits as spokesman of Malawi health ministry”

  1. Chinthumwananga says:

    I wonder why someone decided to make this newsworthy.

    People resign from the civil service each and every living day.

  2. Wankaya says:

    Wachita Bwino Boma Ili Paja Life Yake Ndiyachiphazi

  3. amnzeru aku mmawa says:

    A Ruth Waren (comment 19) musatinyase. Chimbali is a good man. Ngati umkamufuna ukanangonena. Shupiti.

  4. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Ku capital hill kwadzadza nkhalamba za jc ndiye graduate kumamukhomelela wachita bwino mwana

  5. naphiri says:

    Malawi gvt ikuonjeza its employees being on grade PO for eleven years. How can one be motivated to work in such conditions. this is too much in the ministry of Health ambiri aziona zimenezi. Chimbali nice journey God guide you to some green pasture

  6. Chimbali's Friend from Poly says:

    I have known Chimbali since our Poly days. What he was in college is what he has been as MoH PRO….very humble, open, objective and logical. Always happy man! We have met a few times and each time I have told him to keep up the great job. I can’t remember another Great Govt PRO of the quality like Chimbali and Police’s Oliver Soko (RIP), although I still rate Chimbali slightly higher.

    Last time I met him, I nearly told him that he had done enough and now needed to move up and move on. He graduated from Poly around 2003 or so. It is 12 years now. With his ability and skill, he should now be going into senior leadership roles. Whether at the Ministry or elsewhere is another topic. If ministry could not provide that, natural selection dictates the next logical option – and that is what has happened here. Nobody should be surprised. Congrats Henry Chimbali….we are proud of you. Keep up the same spirit!


  7. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Friend when one door closes another door opens. This typical zam’boma zokhomerera.

  8. Abonzi says:

    So u mean since 2003 he’s been on grade I/PO up to last year? He was promoted last year to grade H/P8, 11yrs on same postion even after upgrading academically. You are still energetic boss onani kwina koti akakuyamikeni basi. watipula kokwana mwanawe, boma linalinso kale pano linatha ndima zero so so so budget.

  9. Masaninga says:

    Mwine aliwethe liganga munthu jwakusausya bola akaiche chenene kulikose kwakujako

  10. chigodobo chafikaso says:

    You are Agreat Guy Mr Chimbali, honestly that job never suited you!!!!!!!!!!! anthu aja amafuna munthu udzingoabakira koma osamunthandiza. I mean we have had others before you koma lero onse ndi makape……..bootlickers ndiye inu mwachita boo amwene kuzisiya nokha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ruth warren says:

    musatinyasepo apa iya wayamba ndi iyeyu kuchita resign? there are other capable pple who cân do that shitty useless job zamanyi başi if he thinks its gud for him to quit then let him goal iya!!!!!! post real issues not resignation of PRO ndikachaniso ka post kameneka mxiiiiiiiii

  12. Magagula says:

    Very humble gentleman. ..Odzadza ndi umunthu…osazikweza….Wansangala…….very hard working …… well educated. ….Christian for that matter.

    All the best Henry KASUSUTI Chimbali.

  13. tchadiwiki says:

    Wherever you are headed Henry, I wish you all the best.

    I have overheard a number of people talk highly about your work ethics. Keep it up

  14. special advisor says:

    I left civil service after 3 years of impeccable service. It’s a frustrating and thankless job. Those that persist do so for many reasons. Aome are simply patriotic and deserve the recognition of national heros. Others it’s because they are trapped mumtengo warming; atsika bwanji. Yet others it’s because desk yawo uli pa una la mafulufute; amapeza ma benefit oti ali undocumented. Chimbali has the right to move. I hope he has done a good cost-benefit analysis. All the best in your future endeavors.

  15. Mavi pathako says:

    AISE ataye ndi ka Boma kawo, All the best.

  16. Tili Chenene says:

    Whatever the reason he has resigned for, I will miss him as the best PR govt agencies have had so far. He knew what it meant tone the mouth piece of the Min of Health.

  17. welamdindi panji welamdimi says:

    If all say she is good and yet his boss didn’t recognize, what else can I say. The sky is the limit. Let his talent benefit other organizations. I will aso quit.

  18. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Go well boss, u did alot in this ministry, but the top most bosses are kawards they dont appriciate what hard workers are doing. Next its me

  19. KUCHITEKETE says:


  20. Malawi says:

    Chimbali was literally given a job at one of the UN agencies. The UN is supposed to compliment government, not poach its staff. Only in Malawi!

  21. Malawiana says:

    He has found a job at one prominent NGO as a high ranking officer.

  22. phwiyonaire says:

    Its unfortunate Chimbali has left MoH. He is a real proffessional who did his job very well. Mabwana aku MoH can testify how much this guy worked his ass off even as a PRo to make things at MoH better. Too bad he couldnt show appreciation. All the best Henry komwe unka iweko.

  23. Chiswamphika says:

    Pachoka mzako pali malo iwe Chauwa

  24. Hagar the Horrible says:

    Wishing you all the best Henry in your future endeavors. I also know that you speak much better English. The quote attributed to you that you ‘have quitted from the ministry’ is definitely not exactly what you said. All the same, best of luck wherever you are heading to.

  25. CHAKUDA says:

    All the best in your next mission man!

  26. Totolitotoli says:

    Promotions are not pushed they come.Good luck

  27. Titus Skoti says:

    It’s unfortunate that our civil service does not consider hard workers and as a result we miss out on potential material.

    There are well-deserving people in the civil service who are rotting on one grade whilst akamberembere akumangokwera pa maudindo ali pheee! Forget about Public Service Reforms.

    If indeed Chimbali has resigned because of frustration, I can feel for him. He was very good indeed. He was one of the very few PROs who knew what he was talking about and would calmly give the information being sought for. The Ministry requires a person of his calibre otherwise things will go haywire soon.

  28. cbk says:

    I liked the man the way he was responding to questions.we have also martha kwataine and juliana lunguzi.all are open minded people.

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