China, Malawi ink duty-free trade pact

Ministry of Trade and Chinese government have signed an agreement to allow Malawi export to the Asian country products duty free.

Mwanamvekha: Win-win situation

Mwanamvekha: Win-win situation

Minister  of Trade and Industry, Joseph Mwanamveka who signed the pact on behalf of government on Wednesday described the agreement as a positive step to help scale up Malawi’s export base.

“The agreement will allow us as a country export tobacco, cotton, Pigeon Peas, Soya and other products duty free. Our exports have been minimal and this trade agreement is an opportunity to increase the base,” Mwanamveka said.

The trade agreement comes at the time when Chinese government plans to increase its trade investment to Malawi from US$40 million to US$250 million.

“Such trade agreements are in line with our vision of turning the country from a predominantly importing to a producing and exporting
one,” Mwanamveka added.

Malawi’s trade volume with China hit a record high of $100 million (K25 billion) in 2011, representing a 400 percent jump over 2010.

Malawi, like other African countries, has been exporting 95 percent of its export products to China duty free.

China boasts of over 1.3 billion people which, translated into increased demand for goods and services from outside economies such as

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28 thoughts on “China, Malawi ink duty-free trade pact”

  1. Dear Mr Minister of Trade,

    I do here by humbly plead, on behalf of our beloved country that your good office find a way to bring back the former glory of MDC, which still has good investments. This would be with a top class, innovative, youthful Malawian management team who would be people of action like yourself.

    Where government has influence in the change of captains of industry, please consider a total overhaul as there has been a major contraction of Malawian owned industry since the year 1994 after the introduction of multiparty politics. How do we grow the economy if this trend remains?

    Concerned Citizen

  2. luis says: written from white but my wife she is malawian.
    people they are going to invade all country.
    they are going to steel everything
    open your eyes people

  3. eye eye says:

    Wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to have the Chinese companies come and process the tobacco into cigarettes, cotton into cloths/clothes and soy and ppeas into by products that can then be exported at a higher and much better value? We should strive to move away from exporting raw materials…..

  4. sosoko says:

    offshoring in action

  5. MANFRED says:

    These TRADE AGREEMENT will not help us at all it means they will bring there cheap,fake,poor,harzardous products duty free as well 2 weaken our kwacha 2 drain our forex i feel greedy,stupidity,Satanic is ruling this MULANKHO Government

  6. Alungwana says:

    Have you checked who is going to win in this type of trade? How much time and consultation have you taken to reach this agreement?

  7. Lose-Win. says:

    Tidye achule,njoka ndi agalu amchitini tsopano,made in China.Mulemele ndinu nomwe amaso ngati chulenu,mumagula fodya,soya etc motchipa kuno muzikagulisa kunja modula.Zanga ndizikagulisa ku Mozambique.

  8. mark says:

    But if CHINA uses the same opportunity of exporting back to MALAWI then they will be the prime beneficiaries of the whole deal.

  9. baba oniwa says:

    Abussiness aziwalo sangalalani ndi nthawi yanu iyi get ready Chiradulo and others areas of southern region

  10. masa masina says:

    When elephants make love the grass suffers.

  11. Zomba Banda says:

    No 1, exporting at duty free is better for our country than importing at duty free. read your economics books and understand the benefits of importing and exporting

  12. kayaman says:

    If the same is applies to China then its a miscalculated move!!!bcoz all the exports u r talking about will only benefit Muli and the handful of you…Malawi at-large wil lose more dan benefiting!!! SHAME On You!!!!!!

  13. GONANI says:

    A Mwanamveka, mwamenyedwa ndiyani kodi? You are telling a good story but you look like you have been crying!

  14. eye eye says:

    Of what benefit will this be the other way way round..i.e if the goods from China enter Mw duty free? will it only benefit China? businessmen? the poor Malawian? can u explicate this Mr Minister..mwana amafunika adzimveka akalankhula so u can say it again….

  15. Kafodya Imdzomdzo says:

    I agree with Peter. Will the Chinese government also export their products duty-free to Malawi. Osakamba one side of the story. If they won’t then say so the public…

  16. kukukuki says:

    If chinese goods coming to Malawi are duty free then our brains are dead

  17. Paul Jere says:

    In whatever way exporting raw materials will only help China to grow richer not Malawi. Please reread development history.

  18. pearson sadala says:

    This is total bull shit. There is a silent clause here. You mean these chinese will export into malawi inferior stuff duty free as well?
    Oh my Word . Malawi has been sold to ruthless chinese dogs

  19. CHAVULA says:

    duty free even Chinese product entering Malawi???

  20. fkr says:

    Excellent news. And how much of our trees, minerals and jobs have we given away in exchange? Nothing is free with the Chinese.

  21. Mopiya Mulakhumu says:

    Kodi ku Sivuto kwa Bvumbwe munasiya kupezeka big man? Osamatiiwala ife ana anu, mudzitinkha round.

  22. Dada says:

    Really inu ndiye malola zopusa zimenezo? The Chinese import our goods duty free we import Chinese farm machinery from them we pay duty at the end of the day it’s still The poor Malawian who suffers! Who is running this government????

  23. Peter Muthanyula says:

    And what about Chinese exports to Malawi, will they also enter Malawi duty free? You must learn to give the public the full picture instead of leaving them guessing

    1. Cashgate1 says:

      I Agree with you. This story is not full. What is there for Chinese? They can’t give it away and am afraid it will be them who will benefit more. Malawians seems to be bad negotiators and we’ve lost our resources in these politician pacts.

    2. Malawiana says:

      There is nothing like leaving someone guessing here. This is a one sided agreement just like the American AGOA. Possibly the key issue is whether Malawi has the capacity to ulitise this opportunity going by our poor utilisation rates under AGOA initiative.

      1. yankho says:

        malawiana, you dont know anything here. ask the author to investigate properly and tell the nation the truth

        1. Cashgate 1 says:

          If you say this is not the truth, what do you know that you can tell us then?

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