China Xinwei Telecom to roll out in Malawi: Xu meets Mutharika

A Chinese telecommunication firm, Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Inc., will soon roll out in Malawi to offer cost-effective communication technologies to the rural masses according to the company’s Chief Scientist, Guanghan Xu.

President Mutharika with Malawian top officials and Chinese delegation pose on the group photograph at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Mutharika with Malawian top officials and Chinese delegation pose on the group photograph at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Peter Mutharika receives a gift from Chief Scientist Guanghan Xu at Kamuzu Palace-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Peter Mutharika receives a gift from Chief Scientist Guanghan Xu at Kamuzu Palace-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

This came to light Friday when a highly powered five-member delegation of the firm led by Guanghan met President Prof. Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe to sell their investment idea.

The Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Inc. Chief Scientist said they had noted that the rural masses in the country lacked communication technologies that were not only reliable but affordable too.

“What makes our company different from others is that we develop technologies and operate telecommunication services while the telecommunication companies in Malawi are only operators and no one is developing communication technologies,” said Guanghan.

He said the firm understood challenges rural people in developing countries faced and the company’s main focus had always been developing affordable communication solutions for such people so as to accord them a chance to communicate with the rest of the world just like those living in towns and cities.

Guanghan said Beijing Xinwei Telecommunication Technology had also rolled out in Cambodia, among other countries, where the lives of people in the rural areas were improving following the affordable technology solutions.

“We would manufacture very affordable cell phone of as low as US$10 – US$20 (MK4,500. – MK9,000) which could provide everything including voice calls, videos, internet, among other applications,” explained the Chief Scientist.

He said in Cambodia, for instance, people in the rural areas were paying as low as 2 dollars for internet and call usage for the whole month.

In his remarks, President Mutharika said the investors were welcome and he described ICT as a sector that had high potential in the country.

Mutharika noted that Malawi was one of the countries in Africa with highest rates of telecommunication and that cheaper solutions as suggested by the Chinese company would be ideal.

“Affordability of telecommunication services is very important especially to the rural masses because 80 percent of the population in Malawi lives in the rural areas,” explained Mutharika.

He assured the Chinese prospective investors that Malawi government would give all investors maximum security both for their investments and their personnel.

The president further said government had deliberately eased the process of acquiring investment licenses as a way of wooing investors into the country.

Accompanying the president at the meeting were Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Minister, George Chaponda, Minister of Trade and Industry, Joseph Mwanamveka, Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture, Kondwani  Nankhumwa and his Principal Secretary, Chimwemwe Banda.

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21 thoughts on “China Xinwei Telecom to roll out in Malawi: Xu meets Mutharika”

  1. Malawian Mom says:


  2. Gawera wa Gawera says:

    Ironically Goodall proposes tax on Internet and SMS. No wonder we will be the poorest nation with highest telecommunications tarifs. Welcome the Chinese

  3. Nanga ntani says:

    Chinese company is welcome, government must invest at list with 60% share and also Malawian nationals must get job in these companies. Not all workers from managing director to cleaner must be Chinese.

  4. ujeni says:

    Malawi government officials are the usual suspects, mbava, look at their faces.

  5. gregua says:

    communication at affordable tarrifs. u r welcome.

  6. nganga says:

    Tell them that we don’t need their disposable cellphones here you charge a phone after 30 mins battery about to die

  7. muthu muonege says:

    Competition ikufunika these pre-existing companies amatikawa eish let this china firm be a breather.

  8. half man half biscuit says:

    the vice president has been central in telecommunications development in malawi? why was he not invited? where is andrew kumbatira, and even the officials from malawi chamber of commerce, economics society of malawi, and pss from trade and finance? there are serious questions to be asked: what is the base capital investment by china?? how much will malawi invest? what skills will malawi contribute? etc

  9. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    These people will later on be evading tax and intimidating MRA on grounds they came to Malawi because of the president and unfornately the president will be telling the nation that he is able to woo investors.

    But the bottom line is that thin cow is now very desparete becuase all the money is gone.

    Why is the president involved in this process? Does it mean all the investors go see the president? What for? Don’t we departments to handle this.

    Palm oiling.palm oiling.Then directive from above.
    You are all stupid.

  10. soberman says:

    That’s the way to go. May be we shall cease to be robbed and being deceived. Bonus ikhale from 11 p.m to 5 a.m! Umfiti chani???

  11. Bazooka says:

    Why should investors sell their investment ideas to the President and not the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre? Will officials have the nerve to negotiate better investment deals with this type of approach?

  12. mbina says:

    kukhuta kachasu chani? kapena wama tokoso ukupwetekani? why the 10% tax on Internet and sms now if indeed our rates are much higher? mxiiiiii

  13. SHAMS says:

    There is no business without profit, these people they know what there doing, ife ndi umphawi tizingovomela tilibe mawu. Akuti kumangoti WELCOME!!! WELCOME!!!! eeeesh

  14. Hebdo says:

    $10-$20 handset, $2 a month for Internet is way too much for a typical Malawian villager


  16. Patriot says:

    This is a ploy by the Chinese gouvernment to gain more construction contracts from gouvernment. And this means more taxes to malawians in order to pay back to China.
    Remember, China simamanga ulele, ndi NGONGOLE.

  17. Mbanangwa says:

    This is a welcome idea. Internet for $2 for the whole month! It is a better option than atsinzinantole enawa

  18. Tithatonse says:

    Has Peter Mutharika become one fifth man? Investors visit him with a small gift before announcing that they are coming to invest.

    I will not be surprised if these bribes include shares in the companies.

  19. chimwemwe says:

    Welcom idea, mwina tingapume kutibera a TNM and airtel…kodi, chaponda,mwanamveka nankhumwa ndiakuti? Company imenei ikamangidwa kwaotu bwinonazo a Malawi

  20. eketi omora says:

    Bwana president, munakatulutsa zili mu envelop zotu, kapena ndi mphwamwamwa kapena? Pangani tione basi.

  21. eketi omora says:

    Good idea. Please come before sunset. Malawi needs people like you. Koma musazazaneko kuno mwamvatu eh?

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