Chinese arrested with ammo rounds, cash bag – Malawi Police

Malawi Police in the capital Lilongwe have arrested a 51-year-old Chinese national for alleged illegal possession of ammunition, a spokesman has confirmed with Nyasa Times.chinese-

Ma Minqin, owner of China South Investments Shop situated in Area 36 in the capital city was arrested on Wednesday after police found him in possession of illegal fire arms, according to Lilongwe Police spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula.

He said the Chinese man had reported fire at his house in Area 36 at around 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday and police who accompanied the fire fighters from Lilongwe City Council uncovered some rounds of live ammunition in his car.

“We arrested him and investigations are ongoing,” said Dandaula.

He said Police went to the Chinese trader’s property to “carry out some investigations on how the fire started.”

Dandaula said as the police were taking out some baggage, Mingin accidentally dropped one live ammunition.

“We tried to question the suspect of the whereabouts of the gun but he denied not having it and later on changed his statement saying the gun was in Zambia,” he said.

He said a further search uncovered 43 rounds of live ammunition in the suspect’s car plus cash worth a whopping K25 million stashed in a sack bag.

The suspect is in police custody and is expected to answer charges of possessing illegal fire arm contrary to section 16 (2) of the Firearms Act.

Sources say the number of rounds found with the Chinese typically is only found in military establishment.

In recent years, Malawi has seen an influx of Chinese nationals who own business interests in the construction, mining and retail sectors.

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10 thoughts on “Chinese arrested with ammo rounds, cash bag – Malawi Police”

  1. S786 says:

    U people are only racist and u only know to accuse people from different races as thieves.U people are only jealous when u see rich Chinese or Indians. Examples are those bastards those ugly pigs ugly faces like Julius malema, Idi amin. U followers of the 2 dogs malema and Idi Amin Fuck offfff. AFROMOPOBIA worst disease than apartheid.

  2. jenala says:

    Paja akuti anthu amenewa kwawo ndi akayidi ndiye akuzagwirira kuno punishment yawo. Nde no wonder.

  3. Benjones says:

    This Chinese is the one smuggling our ivory and our president have given him clearance to do.

  4. pido says:

    They kill elephants, lions, kambukus, nsato njati during the night in game reserves

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    The case of the Chinese people in Malawi and Africa has come in the middle of disenchantment in the Continent against the Chinese manipulations which have reached unprecedented quagmire in the 21st century.In the Western governments,people know precisely well the evils done by Chinese to African people in this century,but keep aloof,to instil some senses into the heads of the so-called leaders.The situation right now,is both pathetic and unbelievable the way Chinese have agressively won the control over our leaders and the economies.One patriotic Malawian has just aired his concerns in this subject.He wrote thus: Why there are no Indian,Pakistan,Chinese criminals in our prisons?This is a very vivid question to be responded,but as a Muthalika administration is committed to stoop so low to the Chinese social imperialists who do not believe in God and democracy,it is a vicious circle of selling our independence and decorum to the heathens.These people have landed in our continent with vengeance and they are going to rip off Africa beyond recognition and when they are done with us,Africa is no more Africa we love and know.Chinese boast that they are in Africa to create jobs,but this is a hollow manipulation to cajole African people.The truth is that they are in Malawi and other unfortunate lands to creat jobs for their millions of jobless.Malawians,I have worked with these people in Tanzania and Zimbabwe and it is from there that I lost respect and trust for the Chinese people.Worse still,they have heavily invested into our leaders foreign bank accounts and right now,they just push around these leaders and tell them what to do and what not to do.Our grandchildren will haunt us for throwing them to the vultures.LONG LIVE MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!

  6. Jamz teeye says:

    Military ammunition, 25 million and a shop in Lilongwe’s area 36 do not add up!!!

  7. Kakha Erutu says:

    If it were a Malawian you would have shown his full length image. Kodi titapita kuMaula, tikampezako ameneyi? I have visited Maula prison many times but have not seen mmzungu, mmwenye, mchaina, ndi mitundu yinayi. Where are they kept when they break our laws?

  8. All4ks says:

    Dpp friends. What do you expect? Probably planning a coup.

    Truly the coup is within dpp themselves. Dpp v dpp. Muchosana nokha agalu inu.

  9. mphatso says:

    eversince Chinese eopel have come here the kwacha has started devaluing

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