Chinese businessman arrested in Malawi for counterfeit

Chinese national Chain Weging, 41,   has been arrested in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe for counterfeiting wool products from Sakiza Spinning Limited who are licensed by Malawi Bureau of Standards to produce and market Mwana Cryl and Robin wools in Malawi.

Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer, Kingsley Dandaula confirmed that Weging who is currently on bail was questioned on the charges and further investigations also revealed that he under declared his merchandise to evade tax close to K10 million.

Dandaula said the arrest followed complaints from Sakiza Spinning Limited Managing Director, Shashia Mishia, that their products were being forged by a Chinese businessman.

“We received a complaint that a Chinese businessman was forging some wool products from Sakiza Spinning Limited who said received a lot of complaints from customers about substandard wool and they established that it was coming from Weging. Police officers went on the ground and discovered that it was true.

“He was arrested in December and he is on bail awaiting trial. He allegedly took a sample to China where a company produced counterfeits of Mwana Cryl and Robin wools which were being sold in Blantyre and Lilongwe,” he said.

Dandaula added that he had been charged with counterfeiting contrary to Section 388 of the Penal Code and is expected to stand trial when courts resume their duties.

He also said that all wool at his warehouse and market was withdrawn and some was confiscated by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) for being undervalued upon entry which caused a loss of about K10 million of MRA revenue.

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19 thoughts on “Chinese businessman arrested in Malawi for counterfeit”

  1. amfumu says:

    Bring back Taiwan.

  2. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Malawi is not all that sophiscated to keep these Chinese crooks.Russians are more sophiscated than the sleepy Malawians but yet they have been having problems with Chinese crooks posing as businessmen.The immigration system in Malawi is crooked.They let every Jim and Jack as longer as they hv a little something to palm oil the immigration staff.This dead country of Malawi doesn’t hv any standards.Poverty has made them to think not anymore.It is sad indeed how foreigners are abusing the hospitality of Malawians.

  3. YANKHO MAJIGA says:

    Amalawi, ndakhala ndikukuuzani za ma NIHAUS (Chineese), they are cheaters. They are here to milk Malawi of its already dwindling economy. Lets just chase them away!!!! Ine nde ndatopanawo bwanji!!

  4. Peter Kaleso says:

    What’s special about the Chinese pple in our country, they are often caught smuggling scarce forex to China, they sell counterfeit goods, they evade tax ,they beat up Malawian workers on their construction sites now despite all this I have never heard of one successful prosecution against these bad people abale dzikoli kodi mwagulitsa kwa Machaina ndi amwenye, zoona zimenezi inu a Boma la DPP.

  5. MBACHI says:

    Stupid chinese.

  6. mboniyabwalo says:

    These machaina akuonjeza ndi fake products. Most of the things sold by them are fake kitengera umphawi wathuwu. Ma phone kaya ma dvd players zonse fake. Bring Taiwan back and send these useless Chinese packing.

  7. njanji says:

    Work up Malawi be creative,let us abolish all nosenses that makes Malawi poorest,the first of which is lack of transparency on uranium sales@ kayerekera mine,work up once again

  8. Mwanansena Alongenji says:

    Awambo ma Chineese akuthukula kobili zathu kwendanazo jiko yakwao kutisiya ife tikutchelenga maningi. Apolisi phatani basa yanu, anthumbo ngati awa anjatiwe. Chii madyabu apezi enewa.

  9. hoitty says:

    The Chinese thrive in counterfeit. I was watching a BBC program where a Ghana textile company is at the brink,of closure due to forgery of their zitenge by Chinese. Please do not allow substandard Chinese imports in the country. Zina ndi zomwe zikuyatsa moto mmisika ndi nyumba. zipangizo za magetsi za low quality. The Chinese are dangerous people, they made substandard poisonous baby milk kwawo konko kupha ana ambirimbiri, nde kulili mwana wa mu Africa alibe naye chisoni. Ndimamva chisoni kuona ma baby products ma store a ma tchayina, anthu nkumagula. Ku Europe even ma toy a Chinese analetsa chifukwa they are dangerous to kids.

  10. rocks says:

    Both are producing counterfeit producsthe other is just not happy with competition. Shashia uyu ndimMalawi? If you check the machinery they use the are all Chinese. Be objective on this one.

  11. Prophet says:

    Mzlawian of Chinese origin paja mmatelo kuyankhula kwake.

  12. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Nobody Loves Malawi.The leadership is crooked and money is the most worshiped by Malawians.Our borders are porous.The immigration system is crooked.Foreigners are doing businesses with no proper documents.All small shops mumakwalala are owned by burundians as if there is still war in Burundi.Chinese are all over doing fishy deals.elephants and rhinos will be history in the future.Ma Chinese amaliza maiko enieni so what with Malawi with no proper system.Malawi has become a conduit for drugs by Nigerians using our money hungry sisters.Nothing seems to be working in Malawi.Malawi doesn’t have strict laws.Malawi is a country ” On Sale”

  13. Akutionjeza, ndiye bola anthu aku Taiwan aja.

  14. daud says:

    What deport ? Alwaz deport deport look the our neighbours country

  15. dzikoli nde tinagulitsa kakekale…we lov money more than ourselvs

  16. mpopoma says:

    I have always said that our leaders are very myopic. Why allowing Chinese to do retailing in Malawi. Folish president. If you can’t stop them doing no sense business. We will robe them and kill them completely.

  17. mery julius says:

    koma ndiye Malawi wafika povutaee.



  19. MADOLO says:


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