Chinsinga says peaceful protests signal ‘maturity’ of Malawi democracy

University of Malawi’s Chancellor College Political Professor Blessings Chinsinga has hailed the Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) for holding peaceful demonstrations which he says symbolizes the maturity of Malawi’s democracy.

Chinsinga: Peaceful demo that is the way to protest

Chinsinga: Peaceful demo that is the way to protest

He has also applauded the Malawi government for letting the people exercise their constitutional right.

Chinsinga said it is good that the demonstrations took place though it will have little impact due to low turn up.

“The impact is quiet limited because it is not many people who took part; this is good because as a country we are maturing in democracy” said Chinsinga.

Chinsinga has since appealed to the government to open room for dialogue with the CSO’s in order to solve the people’s concerns amicably.

CSO leader led  scores of Malawians across the country’s major cities including Karonga in holding peaceful demonstrations where they also submitted petitions to government through respective City Council Offices though they which were slowed down due to heavy rains.

The protestors delivered a 100-day ultimatum to government calling for financial and electoral reforms.

Protesters also demanded the return of K5 million donated by the National Aids Commission to first lady Gertrude Mutharika’s charity organisation, Beautify Malawi (Beam).

Beam has no connection with the issue of HIV and Aids, and the donation is seen as a handout to the president’s wife.

“We have given them a hundred days to respond to our petition. We have asked Beam to return the money to the National Aids Commission within three weeks,” one of the protest organisers, Gift Trapence, who is the executive director for the Centre of the Development of People, said.

Civil society organisations are also demanding the speedy implementation of electoral laws that would require the elected president to get more than 50% of the votes cast, said Trapence.

The petition also raised other issues including the slow pace slow pace of (K92 billion and K13 billion) cash-gate cases and divided interests, women empowerment, civil Servants salary increments undermining the principle of equity, shortage of drugs and poor health service delivery and poor Delivery of Social Services.

They have since warned that unspecified action will be taken if government does not imply.

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25 thoughts on “Chinsinga says peaceful protests signal ‘maturity’ of Malawi democracy”

  1. che bint says:

    chinsinga an idiot.a jb material when commenting

  2. No matter how many ppl participated but they represented all of us,bcz we all suffer the same.Some of you who claim that it was jst a waste of time, you must be stupid and mad.

  3. ndanda says:

    you stupid malawians why divided

  4. mfiti iwe says:

    busy brains unabadwa osa khwima eti kubadwa una badwa ngati nkhandwe fisi odya kakasi mbuzi yomangolota kubwira deya.

  5. Busy Brain chamba chikupengesani musiye mapeto ake muzipha ndi nsanje,

  6. Francisco Mkozomba says:

    Komadi its important kumafunsa ma ordinary view,ie from streets, villages,minibuses, not just always a Chinsinga, eee, a Kanyongolo,etc,etc.sikuti a Chinsinga amalakwa ayi, komano timangofuna kumamvanso ma views a ena, abale.

  7. Chosamva says:

    It is not about the numbers, but delivering the message. When you imagine how the national broadcaster cartooned itself regarding these demos and the fact that they actually took place, then you begin to understand just how big an achievement it was. [The MBC TV ‘interview between Vincent and Sembereka was a particularly low point – Sembereka was complaining that he was driving, but Vincent would have none of it, his mission was to discredit Sembereka at all costs. This was pathetic journalism].

    Democracy must be jealously safeguarded. We should allow DPP to dictate how we should all think and act – divergent opinion should be respected. Kudos to the Police for acting in a mature manner on that day. But the editorials in both daily papers on Wednesday 14 January 2015 , especially The Nation, were not helpful. Both papers (The Nation and The Daily Times) should be very careful in their editorial policies and practices – if they support curtailment of hard won freedoms before too long it is they themselves who will be on the receiving end of repression before too long…

  8. zanga phee! says:

    you may hate the northeners bt u wil not finish them, i hop ku south kuli ma demo a natural mulungu wakwiya nanu ndikuzikonda kwanu ndi ulamuliro wanu wosakhana mitundu, shupit zanu.

  9. Katundumadzi says:

    lts MCP and PP dat organisd those demoz thats y Kabwira wz delivering ppo 2 dat place, Kabwira u hv jst westd ur mony energy and tym, we dont need ur stupd Idias and behaviaz in dis country. Kachibwenzi kako kaja umkakapanga zimenezi nw thn anakusiya nw u wantd 2 b doing dat 2 dis country?

  10. Think Tank says:

    We forget that what happened on 20 July,2011 is still fresh in people’s memory. Malawian demonstrations will only attract huge numbers if mobilised by a rulling party because it has all necessary machiner and its government controls the shooters . Even Kapito’s demos attracted few people. The ‘shoot to kill’ killed bravery in Malawians. Iam very disappointed that Mr Chinsinga has not seen the importance of the principle behind the demos. It is only people whose lives are now completely controlled by partisan politics,tribalism,nepotism,regionalism of the ruling leadership and party who confine their thoughts to defend rather than seeing the concerns. Why has Global Fund dumped channelling funds through NAD if funds were not abused?

  11. big mac says:

    kodi inu ma “political scientist” a ku chanco mumalipidwaaaa chani? mwatikwana. muauze a nyansa times kuti azifunsanso the man on the street for objective comments and ideas. nanga daily chisinja, kanyongoro etc etc….

    1. Wodala says:

      Big mac,
      In a unversity there is specialization. You dont expect wophunzitsa ChiChewa kulankhula mwa ukdaulo nkhani zachuma. Chonchonso wophunzitsa masamu sangamalankule ngati katswili pa zandale. Iyo ndi nkhani ya ma Political Scientist amene mukwanenao.
      Chanzelu nchakuti inuyo mupite ku university nanunso mukaphunzile Political Science kuti anthu achuluke olankhula za ndale koma zili zanzelu ngati mmene akuchitla enawa. But you should first of all get slome qualifications in order to speak with authority

      1. arkm says:

        inenso zimandikwana za ma political scientists zanuzo. I mean is there any value addition in what these “political wizards” say?? I mean can’t someone who never studied political science say something similar or even more worthy news than what these people say?? Wodala, I don’t believe one needs to go ku chilunga kukaphunzila kulankhula ngati a blessings chisinga because any average minded person can do it. some if these political scientists are politicians, supporting one party or another e.g, blessings chinsinga ndi wa pp, so STOP this nonsense called political scientist this political scientist that

  12. Busy brains says:

    Mr chisinga, the reality of the matter is that people had realized that those demos were organized by the jelousy northerners. So those from the centre & the south didn’t want to be taken for a ride that’s why they shunned them. However, this has also proved what people have been saying all along that majority rules. Since they( demonstrators) were minority, they ( the northerners) have proved that they can’t rule this country.

  13. Mr.Matakoakanapansi says:


  14. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    yes its not about number ir largd grps..but sending messagd shich thousands agrree to or cincdrndd them.yes bad weathdr prevdnted support grps to vendor we did not miss them loko!

  15. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    A Chitsiru ndinuyoka and your idiotic leader alibe nzeru just like yourself. Bravo CSOs.

  16. Jelbin mk says:

    Ecclesiastic 7:1 the bible reads I quote “A good name is better than fine perfume” end of quote this has reflected truly to Mr Maliseche thus why he does as his name sounds he doesn’t know what he is talking about he might have been a primary school dropout if not a quotably selected student because his reasoning is at the lowest pace level

  17. Patriot says:

    Stupid Nyapapi

  18. kwangu says:

    This is a matured Govenment, playing matured politics, I think we were spoiled ndi “azungu akuti”

  19. SPACEMAN says:


  20. C. S. O are foolish and ideots fucken mtambo

  21. Maliseche says:

    Zauysilu izi we have our manifesto,people voted us into office because of our blue-print,foolish CSO did not sign with us a contract on how we are going to govern-idiots cso!

    1. MFUMU says:


  22. Dyakumusi, says:

    How I wish Mtambo and friends were Malawians!

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