Chinunda slams door for Mwawi in Malawi Queens

Malawi Queens netball star shooter Mwawi Kumwenda’s glittering role has been brought to an end after Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) president Rosy Chinunda declared that she will not be forced to return  for national duty.

Chinunda accused the stay-away shooter of insubordination for accusing the association in the media over unpaid allowances for the players.

Mwai Kumwenda: No way back

Mwai Kumwenda: No way back

“We can proceed without her as commitment starts from the heart,” Chinunda said as quoted in the press.

“Is it not the same administration and the same Rosy who helped her to be where she is? Sometimes people get drunk with money. You don’t insult your parents and the public that made you,” said Chinunda.

The New Zealand’s Tactix’s shooter Kumwenda insisted she was fighting for the plight of Malawi Queens players, who she says are muted to express themselves for fear of reprisals.

Chinunda downplayed Kumwenda’s absence during last week’s two-match test series in England where the Queens lost and lacked the usual spark.

Malawi has, in Kumwenda’s absence, lost eight straight competitive games.

The Queens are will be heading to Sydney for the World Cup next year and Chinunda says they can move on without  Kumwenda but there will be recalls for Beatrice Mpinganjira and Tina Kamzati who excused themselves.

According to Chinunda, even in the absence of Kumwenda, the Queens shooting has improved, saying the team need to improve on attack and defence.

She praised the performance of centre player Takondwa Lwazi, shooters and goal attackers Lorraine Ngwira, Jane Chimaliro and Sindi Simtowe as well as newcomers Martha Dambo and Beauty Nyangulu.

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henry katiniche

Musayembeekezere kuti the queens idzawinanso.mudziwa ntchito imene amagwira mwai koma simungayamike


NAM is full of gready officials. Why cant you solve this small problem? Nhkanza lekani chonde!!!!!!!!!!

dalitso chirimba

amalawi ma jealous, musovenge iye akudya money ndi angerezi. move on mwayi ur career in Aussie is what brings u food on the table awa ataye sports admins in Malawi is full of dunderheads, arrogance, corruption and mediocrity. u have been xposed to professional sports adminstrators in Aussie but these empty heads cannot undstand u coz they just empty cans trying to fed their big fat bellies at players xpense. fly away mwayi ine and millions of malawians tikukumvetsa


She is where she is because of her skills! Chinunda is one jealous rat.

Zain Adam Kaisi

Komatu ndalama zimaononga zambiri,even this Rosy she dsnt get bonuses and allowance?what ashame is this Malawi leaders if they can stop being greedy ithink we can do more in our country,but always they think of themselves only,remember the positon you on its because of her and fellow teammates if there was no Queens team you think we would even your Rosy name,think before you judge as Mwai said she spoke on behalf of the mute queens so what?be ashamed of yourself plsssssssss bring that queen back on the squad stop bringing your personal issues to other people


The questions here are, who is Mwawi fighting for? Why don’t they fight for themselves? Who is Mwawi trying to fool here? This girl is becoming big headed. The queens can do better without her services. She is not Malawi remember?Akagwere!!! asatinyase ameneyu iya!!!!

swallow your pride

That is the problem of most women in admistrative positions. They are influenced by hormones instead of using logic. How do you expect somebody to work for you and not being paid. In any adminstration you need to motivate your workers. They have families they need to support and have needs. Even the president of malawi is paid allowances although he may be already rich., so what about ordinary players who find it difficult to make ends meet. Pleaseeeeee swallow your prideeeee for the gooood of malawi not personallllllllllllll egooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


She z insane……ngwamisarA roseyo

Azibambo eni eni

I don’t understand what Chinunda is trying to tell us, loosing eight straight games is testimony enough to tell us the girls are not putting on much effort. So madam please swallow your pride and let the nation get back on the map.

Papa Wekhumpha
I see very little if not no merit at all in Chununda’s setiments as an Administrator. She is busy fighting Mwai without any basis. She has never urgued to say what Mwai claims on unpaid allowances is false or not. Then why should she fight an innocent Mwai for her absolute truth on the unpaid dues for the players. Welfare of players is of paramount importance if the team is to yield the desired result . Rosy is practicing archaic management style of threats that is not beneficial to the nation apart from addressing her personal ego at the expense… Read more »

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