Chinunda slams door for Mwawi in Malawi Queens

Malawi Queens netball star shooter Mwawi Kumwenda’s glittering role has been brought to an end after Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) president Rosy Chinunda declared that she will not be forced to return  for national duty.

Chinunda accused the stay-away shooter of insubordination for accusing the association in the media over unpaid allowances for the players.

Mwai Kumwenda: No way back

Mwai Kumwenda: No way back

“We can proceed without her as commitment starts from the heart,” Chinunda said as quoted in the press.

“Is it not the same administration and the same Rosy who helped her to be where she is? Sometimes people get drunk with money. You don’t insult your parents and the public that made you,” said Chinunda.

The New Zealand’s Tactix’s shooter Kumwenda insisted she was fighting for the plight of Malawi Queens players, who she says are muted to express themselves for fear of reprisals.

Chinunda downplayed Kumwenda’s absence during last week’s two-match test series in England where the Queens lost and lacked the usual spark.

Malawi has, in Kumwenda’s absence, lost eight straight competitive games.

The Queens are will be heading to Sydney for the World Cup next year and Chinunda says they can move on without  Kumwenda but there will be recalls for Beatrice Mpinganjira and Tina Kamzati who excused themselves.

According to Chinunda, even in the absence of Kumwenda, the Queens shooting has improved, saying the team need to improve on attack and defence.

She praised the performance of centre player Takondwa Lwazi, shooters and goal attackers Lorraine Ngwira, Jane Chimaliro and Sindi Simtowe as well as newcomers Martha Dambo and Beauty Nyangulu.

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107 thoughts on “Chinunda slams door for Mwawi in Malawi Queens”

  1. henry katiniche says:

    Musayembeekezere kuti the queens idzawinanso.mudziwa ntchito imene amagwira mwai koma simungayamike

  2. bbsupporter says:

    NAM is full of gready officials. Why cant you solve this small problem? Nhkanza lekani chonde!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dalitso chirimba says:

    amalawi ma jealous, musovenge iye akudya money ndi angerezi. move on mwayi ur career in Aussie is what brings u food on the table awa ataye sports admins in Malawi is full of dunderheads, arrogance, corruption and mediocrity. u have been xposed to professional sports adminstrators in Aussie but these empty heads cannot undstand u coz they just empty cans trying to fed their big fat bellies at players xpense. fly away mwayi ine and millions of malawians tikukumvetsa

  4. Bongololo says:

    She is where she is because of her skills! Chinunda is one jealous rat.

  5. Zain Adam Kaisi says:

    Komatu ndalama zimaononga zambiri,even this Rosy she dsnt get bonuses and allowance?what ashame is this Malawi leaders if they can stop being greedy ithink we can do more in our country,but always they think of themselves only,remember the positon you on its because of her and fellow teammates if there was no Queens team you think we would even your Rosy name,think before you judge as Mwai said she spoke on behalf of the mute queens so what?be ashamed of yourself plsssssssss bring that queen back on the squad stop bringing your personal issues to other people

  6. Bwitoto says:

    The questions here are, who is Mwawi fighting for? Why don’t they fight for themselves? Who is Mwawi trying to fool here? This girl is becoming big headed. The queens can do better without her services. She is not Malawi remember?Akagwere!!! asatinyase ameneyu iya!!!!

  7. swallow your pride says:

    That is the problem of most women in admistrative positions. They are influenced by hormones instead of using logic. How do you expect somebody to work for you and not being paid. In any adminstration you need to motivate your workers. They have families they need to support and have needs. Even the president of malawi is paid allowances although he may be already rich., so what about ordinary players who find it difficult to make ends meet. Pleaseeeeee swallow your prideeeee for the gooood of malawi not personallllllllllllll egooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  8. vyakusi says:

    She z insane……ngwamisarA roseyo

  9. Azibambo eni eni says:

    I don’t understand what Chinunda is trying to tell us, loosing eight straight games is testimony enough to tell us the girls are not putting on much effort. So madam please swallow your pride and let the nation get back on the map.

  10. I see very little if not no merit at all in Chununda’s setiments as an Administrator. She is busy fighting Mwai without any basis. She has never urgued to say what Mwai claims on unpaid allowances is false or not. Then why should she fight an innocent Mwai for her absolute truth on the unpaid dues for the players. Welfare of players is of paramount importance if the team is to yield the desired result .

    Rosy is practicing archaic management style of threats that is not beneficial to the nation apart from addressing her personal ego at the expense of the nation’s pride..

    It is not too late to rescind her decision and take the right path. You don’t lose anything in saying sorry.

  11. chosatheka says:


  12. Whom Jah bless no one curse,whether Mwai or who pay them accordingly. Your enjoyment lies in their perfomance,take it or leave it to regret.

  13. Piper says:

    Chinunda stop talking from your back side just because you are still getting paid !!! These Queens don’t get pay and you expect them to eat at your house !! You are a stupid fool and out of touch. You should resign immediately !!!

  14. Mute Gama says:

    Mwayi is right and Chinunda dead wrong and should resign her post.

  15. jk says:

    I wonder if you are rosy at all rosy chinunda. In fact u should be sour chinunda

  16. Anti Orange says:

    Always Malawian leaders think they are the ones doing the job. Without good players the Queens will not have the games and the coaches / managers will not have any money passing through their sticky little fingers.

  17. Rose usatenge zinthuzi personally kodi munthu ukamalima umayembekezera kutani?Tsono ngati mapuleyawo sakuona phindu ya ulimi wao umati atani?ngati ntchito yakuvutani siyani kuti ena alowepo koma Mwai Kumwenda sakulakwitsa konse ayi.ndipo iye wati dziko lake amayikonda komano ndalama muwapatse ndi magazi awo amenewo ngakhale Bible inati udzadyera thukuta lako tsono chimene simukuwapatsira thukuta lawo ndi chiyani?kodi iwe Rose Chinunda mu nthawi yako unkasewera opanda kangachepe ganiza bwino iwe Rose Chinunda

  18. Alungwana says:

    Achoke alibe ntchito and the queens are just greater than this arrogant Mwayi. Osamudyola ameneyo ngati amageya gass ophikira. Let her go even if it takes ten years without winning. Unawapeza ma queens ndipo udzatha but ma queens sadzasintha nkukhala kumwenda. Get out Mwaiwawo Kumwenda.

  19. A COMMONER says:

    Rose, Rose and ur bunch of NAM decision makers, u hv sold ur souls 2 the devil. Come Malawi Queens 2 slip down on Africa and world ranking u wil be haunted by the ghosts. Reserve the decision by its too late. There shall b no rest in ur Organisation and read 2Thess 1:6. I rest my case and shame on u.

  20. Unobtainium says:

    Chinunda et al are digging their own graves.We had a similar situation with Flames when fans forced Young to recall Kondowe.If Queens slips to position 6 at World Cup thats when she will feel the heat.

  21. dzina langa says:

    I support the idea of Chinunda leaving the stage. Netball is not all about Chinunda. tione anthu ena. Mwawi keep it up, stick to your guns usawanyengelere achule amenewa.

  22. OD says:

    A Mery Waya ndi a Chinunda akukonza team yamtsogolo. 8 games without a win olo even mukanapangako draw chabe zikanaveka kutidi mukupanga team yamtsogolo. Tavomelezani zinthu zativuta basi Mwai abwele adzatithandize.

  23. Cashgate 1 says:

    Those in leadership, balance the needs of players and those of nation. Don’t use people, they also have family responsibility to take care of. Why should they suffer for the rest of there lives. That’s why most of players fail to make it in their lives, they’re just used when they are at peak and what is given to them does not match their contribution to their nations. So whatever differences leadership and players may have it is better to swallow pride and move forward. leadership has something to give to players and surely players have always given to leadership for a long time and I believe they will do so if they are honored with their dues.

  24. Kadzibwa says:

    Osamatenga team ngati yambwiyanu.mukungodya ndalama yosakhetsera thukuta. Muchoka ndinu ngati simukudziwa. U shud not just blame Mwayi, ur the one creating this situation.

  25. clement says:

    What I have noted is, Mwai made mistake.Its only the captain who is responsibe not bcause you are playing abroad.Who are you? To me its so strange to hear that NAM owes money for the players and you Mwai since you ‘ ve been playing for the Queens,how times did NAM didn’t pay yOu? Don’t think you are clever,think twice before it is too late.

  26. The fast and furious says:

    Give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser! Apatseni ndalama zawo basi keneko tikambilana za future ya Rose Chinunda! Achoke basi Rose, abwere Mpinganjira!

  27. Yakunowa says:

    “Sometimes people get drunk with money” Madam Chinunda said. This sentence is a sign that Mwai is being victimized because of her money. What Chinunda is doing is typical of people who are not happy when one is doing well. Yakula ndi nsanje amai. Mukhalira zomwezo pomwe Mwaiyo zake zikuyenda!!! Shame on you!!!!!!

  28. machecheta says:

    Hey, recall Mwai. Pay the players everything they deserve. Manage the Team. And never lose Sponsors through the current poor performance of the Team.

  29. kulemero says:

    Thus the type of both football and netball administrators that can steal money for the netballers
    shame on you pay them their monies and they call them for the game, if you are not careful this shall be the end of netball just like football has failed when our talented you boys where denied professional football in the late 90s

  30. wanted says:

    The issue here is that Mwai has the right to play or not.Please leave her alone

  31. Man Ifeyo says:

    A Chinunda Pangani Resign Basi Ntchito Yakulakani

  32. zude says:

    We need strong willed administrators like Rose,,the queens can suffer today but not forever,we had the likes of Mary achair Waya,,Connis Mhone,,,Peace Chawinga and the best,,let her go…the queens will pick up..Bravo Rose,,Bapu and the entire committee…God bless the queens don’t let this idiot hold us at ransom..

  33. The Patriot says:

    Mayi Chinunda please just answer the following questions:
    1. Does NAM owe our National Netball Players unpaid allowances(Yes or No)?
    2. Is it wrong to ask for the unpaid allowances?Yes or No
    3. When will these allowances be paid?
    No matter how much you try to demonize Mwai, no sane Malawian will listen to you as long as there is this issue of unpaid allowances. Please pay our players the money, they deserve it. We are proud of our Queens for putting Malawi on the Netball map but we are afraid that you administrators will start spoiling the netball in Malawi and it will become as badly manged as our football!!0

  34. Mw says:

    Thank God u have HPC ur Lawyer. Am sure she is seeing these developments.

  35. Chiphwisicha ntchetche says:

    Chinunda ndi mbuzi Mwai ndi dolo no doubt about that and she is one player that has put Malawi on the map,as for Mary Maya she was a good player not a good coach we need Sayenda basi…..Chinunda wants players to suffer in silence .Mwai asiye aziluza ndiwe shasha basi….aziluza agalu amenewa….8 games in row ndiye muziti we are improving

  36. Naaaah says:

    I think what Mbowe you are suggesting is a good suggestion let’s give Sayenda another chance……..

  37. Believer says:

    She has the right to speak up. am sure most of the Malawi Queens player are afraid to speak up on the issue. But you gotta salute her for being brave enough to speak her mind. Well done Mwai.

  38. OGO!! says:

    Mwai stay away, you can do better even without the National team call up!!

    NAM officials i bet you all get your allowances and more on time why is it that these players are being treated as if they are nothing. Slavery was abolished years ago and you expect them to perform as slaves even on the international scene? Shame on you Chinunda!!

    Whats the problem with just giving people what is due to them? If government did not release the funds tell the players and they should take it on with the government. Inuyo mukungooneka kukula mtima..she has spoken for those that can’t find their voice. APATSENI ASUNGWANAWA NDALAMA ZAWO BASI..MWai can do better even if you decide not to recall her!!

  39. Kakhuta Mpunga says:

    Rose Chinunda! Rose Chinunda! Rose Chinunda! How many times have I called you? Surely three times. Mark my words: You are digging a big big trench and once you fall you will never come out.

  40. kement says:

    Her head is overgrowing her shoulders.let her not disturb the upcoming players.Very quickly we will have her replacement. It is about exposure. shame follows pride.
    NAM should proceed without her. There is light at the end of the tunnel without her.

  41. champ says:

    Its really sad that till today malawi admin “brass” want people to kiss their ass instead of doing their job properly. Well done mwai. Staystrong they will call u back.

  42. Hu Jintao says:

    To be honest, the two need each other. Mwayi needs NAM and NAM needs Mwayi. Why?

    The likes of Chinunda and Waya if they want a sustained supply of the allowances they are receiving at the expense of our queens, they must continue winning games to appear on the international scene. For them to continue winning, a magic scorer like Mwayi who can motivate the team is needed.

    And for Mwayi to continue shining as a world star, she needs to make appearances in the national team.

    Most of all, if NAM will not continue sidelining Mwayi, by 2015 Malawi will hit rockbottom and will never be called to participate at the international scene.

  43. zude says:

    Let her go,,she will regret it…

  44. Kaya says:

    If u told me to depend in one person we are not going to manage anythings. Let we give opportunity to other players like young ones. Bwanji mkumnyengerera ah kaya zanu izo ……

  45. chinchewe says:

    big up to mwai. you are gem. mai chinunda clear yourself. pay the players. it is such small money. pay them please and save your integrity and the integrity of the nation. alot has been said about this and it seems you CHINUNDA is a problem. malawi, let us learn to pay the players well and not CROOKS in the office.

  46. Your look stupid at the end the new management has failed bring back this Sayenda man as a coach azimayi mwakanika otherwise I see no future of our beloved Queens.

  47. A Chinunda ndinu achitsiru kwababsi, swallow ur pride,recall this young and energetic lady, we need good results not nthano everytime time

  48. Augustine says:

    Chinunda is pathetic! Ndalama anthuwa samawapatsa why? airtel ndalama imapeleka zambiri yet the deserving players salandila. if i had the influence wud hav conviced all queens players to be boycotting call ups. Mwai ma hope anga pitiliza kunyanya, patriotism daznt feed you n u make ur mula kunja

  49. zimbos says:

    Malawi queens siinachinyeko newzealand,australia,england even in the presence of mwawi.timangolimbana ndi south africa yokha.these teams have tall girls maybe 2metres tall.

  50. Amwai just humble yourself for not to be humbled…..i smell no future in this shooter…..

  51. Jammy says:

    Nanunso achinunda just accept that mwayi was right to critisize nam.your performance in uk was pathetic and even commentators said your missing mwayi . Pay the dues to the players and move on . Same officials corrupt and malawi will never learn. Next tym wen coming to uk ugule weave yabwino osati nyangwita Zako anakuonetsa pa sky Ur busy eating allowances .

  52. Nchobwi says:

    The team can only improve if Mwai is left out, otherwise we will depend on individual input forever, which is not good for development. In her absence other players can step up and improve their game.

  53. Jammy says:

    Nanunso achinunda just accept that mwayi was right to critisize nam.your performance in uk was pathetic and even commentators said your missing mwayi . Pay the dues to the players and move on . Same officials corrupt and mask will never learn. Ndaumwa apa

  54. cbk says:

    rose,rose,rose!be watchful with yur rotten mouth!otherwise it will backfire and dont cry.should malawi be loosing and sponsors be wasting money for nothing coz yu have grudges with mwai?learn to be peacemaker!eeh this bastard woman!is it yur house team or malawi?then why talking rubbish?

  55. WAKALE says:

    I recall there was griffin sayenda everything went ON very well iheaard there was little moneys in netball but pano azimayi okhaokha with with lots of money in netball.kaya!

  56. Chabecheker says:

    By public demand want mwai included in the team; chinunda out plz

  57. bubu says:


    We pray for NAM and we pray for Mwai. May their big and pig heads realise we are first and foremost a country. We pray NAM stop surpressing free voices and we pray that Mwai stop thinking she is a STAR that decides whether a game is lost and won. Amen

  58. Daniel Phiri says:

    She is being selfish, this mlongosi. Reminds me of Cameroon players who embarrassed Africa during the World Cup, to a point that their country had to hire a jet to carry hard cash to Brazil. Yet these players all play in European clubs and earn over £50,000 a week! I don’t know what Mwawi earns, but a little patriotism is important. If I was a player, I wouldn’t mind putting on the red, green and black uniform for free! How come everybody else played but only she refused?

  59. mfumusinyasa says:

    Amayi inu a Chinunda musatinyase. Kodi timuyi ndi ya kunyumba kwanu kuti mudzingopanga such unilateral decisions. That attitude is killing this country. Good institutions have followed that treacherous trajectory and the results have been disastrous. Do what is good for the nation and not for your oversize ego.leadership actions are prone to be challenged and that is not a crime. These players a old enough to stand up for their rights. Si ana akunyumba kwanu. Ngati muli aukali ndi kunyumba kwanu komweko do not bring that behaviour in the public domain

  60. ibrahim makwati says:

    CHINUNDA remember u not NAM ur nothing today u there tomorr ur not there

  61. Kasenye says:

    Greedy Chinunda. Now Mwai’s Stay Away Is Justified. In Other Words, Chinunda Is Saying Mwai Should Not Question Anything Because They Are Her Parents And The Rest Of The Player Are Good Girls For Remaining Quiet On A Thing That Is Rightly Theirs. Thanks Chinunda For Comming In The Open And Confessing That You Licked Up The Money. But Shame On You!

  62. Dudu says:

    Chinunda you suck. It is players that have put Malawi on the world. I wonder if you have ever played netball. Nonsense. I urge all players to boycot playing for Queens in support of Mwayi

  63. Pitala says:

    dis uzilezi chinunda is very dull.she want our player to seek money by selling their body.They join netball to avoid joining prostutition.Give what belongs to them shupit.fwe fwe fwe mundikumbusa mawu abwampini akubwerango ku angitawo.

  64. HardHardy says:

    Mwai Mwai Mwai Mwaiiiiih

  65. John says:

    Kodi who is this chinunda? Owner of queens? Financier? I this useless prostitute from area 18. Why is government entertaining this idiot to harass players? Chinunda umfiti chani?

  66. mwai z tokng 2much 2de media

  67. Mwiza says:

    That there’s rot is real. Just like in football where officials prosper instead of players. Good administrators would have invited her for a discussion on the matter than issuing threats. Losing many games will make the team unattractive in future.

  68. drakes says:

    This Chinunda is a disgrace and a shame to netball lovers.Mwai is a young girl who needs the guidance of Nam, but instead of sitting down with her you want to destroy and oppress her freedom of speech and her speaking out of the ills in NAM, please don’t gag her.

  69. mpimpa says:

    madam chinunda pliz don’t kill our beloved netball for u to be seen that u r. Let this gel comeback. This is national team not ur family remember….. Shame on u.

  70. Think Tank says:

    Chinunda is purporsely creating a situation where people will get tired of her erratic outbursts. Give the girls their money. I predict this: Mwawi will play again and Chinunda will be put to a shame. We may as well say she is selling the games to foreign teams. In this case South Africa to move to number 5. Remember when our own did something against the Flames with Mali in football. And what the Fifa officials did with kickbacks. Chinunda is only a human being.

  71. Familyman says:

    Madam Rose Chinunda tell the nation openly that you also haven’t received your allowances for 2013 then we will understand you better! How can you expect the players to sweat for their nation for free? Ever heard of the word “professional netballers?” (It simply means that they earn their living thru playing netball) but you expect them to play for free just because u think u brought Mwawi to the limelight how?Its her netballing skills that has brought her to the limelight and even in England the netball players who are already rich do get paid their allowances as stipulated in their contract or agreement so please learn to speak as a president and a mother and if u yourself is a mother why are you wasing her dirty linen in the same public domain?

  72. Proffessor says:

    Komanso iwe Mwawi wayamba kudzifeeler kwambiri, ukuona ngati wafikapo eti? Ndiwe ndani kuti tizingokamba za iwe? Dzana lija unakana ulendo kunamizira kuti umakagwelura Mano Ku Joni koma chonsecho unali busy kugawa mipira Ku Nkhatabay. Kenako utaona kuti atolankhani akutulukira unatembenuza nkhani. Mwawi samala netball just like most sports disciplines is a short time career,time will come udzayifuna NAM. Matama si abwino.

  73. Demo says:

    Musiyeni mtumbukayo, olo atasiya kusewera mu queens alibe ntchito. Anthu amenewa ndi okwana kwambiri

  74. njinga says:

    What cost nothing is worth nothing.Netball is no longer charitable organisation.Pay the is a short leave career.They even play half naked exposing beautiful thigh to the public.see pictures taken by media who make a lot of money only on mwayi them rather than .making some noise.cant you see pathetic result without professional talented Mwawi.Let us wait a d see if you will mantain position 5.Chinunda too much nsanje.

  75. ahoy says:

    A Mwayi…………

  76. ujeni says:

    Pathetic official, we hear this all the time from West Africa football circles that officials not paying football players their allowances due to heavy corruption. It has lead to players like Drogba, Et’o to use their own money to pay their fellow players. What this Chinunda is doing is destroying netball. She is the first to jump on foreign trips because of the sweat of the Mwawi’s

  77. xander says:

    Pay the money to the girls or else you risk losing again. I wish the president could assist as this could Malawi name again internationally. All European footballers work very hard because of the money they get paid to them. Pay the money to the girl period.

  78. jkkkk says:

    Why not address the allowances they are owed issue inu a Chinunda. You officials u always get your allowances but not the players. I think the players should sue NAM. Mwawis talent is hers and she has gone international where she knows players are important and taken care of first.

  79. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Rosy Chinunda Rosy Chinunda Rosy Chinunda, I mean you Rosy Chinunda……Mwano ngati ujeni bwanji? Ukuwona ngati zikuthandiza zimenezo, I think you are so dull in your head and to prove that; you are only accusing Mwai yet you can’t accept or mention that you owe those girls their money. Rosy Chinunda be a Malawian woman not what you are doing here. With this life and behavior you expect support from us and finances from government and our private companies? NO NO NO Rosy Chinunda please wise in your words. Your poor coach Mary Waya started humbling herself and you Rosy Chinunda want her to destroy the process. Don’t speak those stupid words again, unamubala Mwai Kumwenda ndiweyo?? Rosy Chinunda ndati Rosy Chinunda NOT Rosy Kumwenda but Rosy Chinunda. You are only their to milk those wordless girls, you are just jealousy of what Mwai Kumwenda is doing by sharing with the need and the poor, yet you Rosy Chinunda are busy stealing from poor girls.

  80. idah Wilisoni says:

    You are not patriotic and Mary Waya is sacrificing her position Chifukwa cha manthA because of you.

  81. Jealous a Chinunda…Monga akanakhala mwana wanu mukanalankhula choncho???

  82. A Chinunda Malawi Queens ndi yakunyumba kwanu??Bwanji kufuna kupondereza atsikanawa..mukamapanda kuwalipira asalankhule?? Ngati enawo sakulankhula dziwani kuti kumbali ndi mmitima amakudandaulani..pamenepo tsoka ndilanu..bwanji kufuna kumadya nthukuta la anzanu???Dyera basi!!

  83. Jabu says:

    Very sad. Words from the most snr.but wish!!! . NAM politics ndithu ndizipani zandale osalekama. Remember, sports administrators are there to uplift athletes and promote sport osati kudzikweza ndi kuphangira. Mwai and other players who don’t have the courage to speak out deserve better. Enawatu kuopa kuwaphumitsa kukwera ndege yaulere that’s why they are quite. Above all, athletes HAVE TO BE REWARDED ALL THE TIME. I stand by the players and merry xmass

  84. tzude2 says:


  85. Mulhako says:

    ..Money will never be a substitute for descipline and integrity…

  86. phwisi says:

    We need Mwai back

  87. Dry Cleaner says:

    At first I thought I should side with Mwawi, but on a second thought I said no. I have heared professional players assisting their team mates with allowances when it appears to them that the allowances are not enough,why not mwawi,when has she realised this,is it because she is up there ,is the team with allowances abuse not the same that she was seen from to be where she is ? Has she tried to reason with Nam and Government ? God is the rightful judge

    1. boko says:

      man your English needs some serious dry cleaning.

  88. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Women in development. Always bickering over trivia. Ma hormones avuta kutereku apa.

  89. chakwanuleka says:

    There is something missing in Chinunda’s argument and that is the spirit to accept that she too can error at times.
    The fact that you played a role in uplifting someone should not be a basis to keep trampling on their rights.
    In addition, Mwawi has been an inspiration to the team and it will take sometime before confidence comes back without her. The Queens may in the process lose her top position. This is the same executive arrogance we are witnessing each passing day

  90. mabilinganya says:

    A chinunda behave like aa grown up person!!! U lost all the all the matches and then you say the team has improved!!! It is the same thinking that is killing this country; of grolifying below average performance!!! This is happening in almost all the sectors of our economy!!! Security is below average leadership is below average the economy itself is below average education is below average health care system is below average agriculture is below average!!! U can name everything!!!!! But still more u will hear some idiots saying dziko lathu ndila mtendere!!!! This sadism and hardships prevailing in this country=a country at war!!!!!

  91. Mbava Chinunda says:

    I am the Queens what I say goes, whether we loe one hundred times simngandichotse .
    No girl can play net ball in this country without paying kangachepe to Me .

  92. Yankees says:

    Ma allownce wo ndiamene Chinunda mukufuna musapeleke or pali kachidani inuyo ndi Mwawiyo? Kodi tidzapita kuti ndikantima ka 2014 konunkhaka? Inu mukuganiza mukatsika Ranking mudzapanga chani to reclaim your position 1? U’r rivals are busy building Teams yet U are busy kumamasula ma Player mukuti mwapeza ma Replacements si Zakumanyazi zimenezi zimenezo? Ipha timuyo pakuti tidazolowera kutukwanika, komatu Mbamba mtheladi, Mwawi udzamufuna ndithu.

  93. zazing'ono says:

    A Chinunda ndi anzanu a NAM, kambiranani nkhaniyi ndi yaying’ono. I hope you know something about conflict resolution. Differences of opinions and perspectives are normal in any group but both you and Mwai, refrain from the use of threats, blackmail and intimidation. Both sides should swallow you useless pride and find a third party to iron out your differences. The national ego first osati Kukula mtima kwanu kosathandizako. We want Mwai back as soon as possible. And Mwai do not be childish, do not embarrass your mentors by taking internal issues to the media. Minister of sports, Hon. Grace Chiumia, please be the third party I referred to. Stop this madness

  94. yohane says:

    Eeeeeeh chi team chavunda ichi. Munthu akanena chilumga walakwa.

  95. machendy says:

    mumangodana nako ka mwayi chifukwa ndi ka bomba. muzingoluza ma game anu muwona. anyway, ine ndingopempha mwayiyo andilole chibwenzi….



  97. Khwethemu says:

    Team ys atumbuka okha okha. Mwai palibe chimene analakwa. Zitsiru a NAM. Muwona kuluza



  99. ezekiwe utwag says:

    I think Mwawi was right to say other players are suffering silently. They cant accuse NAM infear of being charged of insubordination by word. Chinunda dont forget that Mwawi’s talent made her to be professinal player. How many players failed to be profnals? Otsamuipsedza Kumwenda. Apatseni ndalama zawo. NAM is not personal organization. You dont have powers to stop Kumwenda from national duties. You use our taxes hence Mwawi shd be recalled back. Mtima osapemphera Chinunda iwe. I dont think you are officially married. Anthu okolora popanda thukuta. A minister loweranipo.



  101. Original Northerner says:

    Chinunda munthu wankhanza kwambiri ask those she has worked with before she retired in government

  102. Soldier Thomas Chiona says:

    Munthu akayankhula chilungamo walakwisaa? She was right to speak for others , the yes adona, keep on fighting for the poor.those called president they are there coz people osamapondelezana

  103. preckad says:

    Put your personal issues aside ladies and serve mother Malawi. Both of you are not going to be on those positions forever.

  104. opportunist says:

    Chinunda this team does not belong to your family but to the nation. Ur used to milking poor players but not you been put to shame. U need to be investigated. Mwai Kumwenda 100 percent.

  105. nyamusideni says:

    you mean it is a crime for players to ask for what is due to them? akafunsa malipiro awo ndi insubordination, really NAM? This issue needs intervention from people who have brains not who depend on hormones.
    a president a NAM, nsanje kapena chani?

    just solve the mess (pay the girls accordingly). there’s no way inu mungagwire ntchito basi bwana wanu asakulipireni…..I dont think inu Mayi Chinunda mungaimve imeneyo.

    just pay them and move on. ngati ma health workers, ACB stuff, Courtt personnel apanga strike player ndi ndani kuti apilire ma allowance a zaka ziwiri osalipilidwa.

    I rest my case.

  106. John says:

    The shooting has improved but you haven’t won a game in 8 matches? What a bullshit logic is that? May be the real question is, do you NOT owe those players money, or are you just ashamed and angry at the fact that Mwawi spilled the beans? Lucky she is a professional star and has the money, Now imagined if those local players were also to be subjected to this treatment in the event that they spoke out. No wonder they go months without pay while you are enjoying all the allowances. You are playing the money card to whip players into submission! Arrogant fools!!

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