Chiphampha installed as Skyway Chancellor, graduates 169 student

Skyway University (SU) has installed Professor Brown Beswick  Chimphamba as Chancellor and on Thursday conferred degrees and diplomas to 169  students at a function that took place at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

Chimphamba: Chancello Skyway University

Chimphamba: Chancellor Skyway University

Quality Education is key says Ghambi (right) seen in this file photo during a function with the Japanese Ambassador to Malawi - Pic by Stanley Makut

Quality Education is key says Ghambi (right) seen in this file photo during a function with the Japanese Ambassador to Malawi – Pic by Stanley Makut

The students got degrees in Social Science, Public Health and Project Management among others.

Speaking at the function Deputy Minister of Education Science and Technology Vincent Ghambi emphasized on the need for institutions of higher learning to offer quality education, saying this is important for the development of the country.

He further advised the graduating students to work hard in their various jobs.

Commenting on their graduation, some of the graduating students expressed happiness for having attained what they had worked for. One of the students Rodrick Chikwawa said he was very happy to finally get his degree saying the road was not easy.

“I am a married man and at the same time I am working with one of the NGOs in the country and to balance these two equally demanding things was not easy.  It really required hard work,” said Chikwawa.

Chikwawa advised older people to upgrade their education saying it is never too late.

On the installation of Professor Chimphamba as Chancellor, Chikwawa who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science-Public Health, said this was a positive development in as far as the quality of education at the institution is concerned.

“Just looking at his profile one would not doubt that many things will change,” he said.

Concurring with his friend, Timothy Chimbalanga who scored a high credit in his area of study could not hide his happiness for his performance saying it required dedication and perseverance.

On the installation of Chimphamba, Chimbalanga said it was a step in the right direction since the man has a lot of experience.

Professor Chimphamba was once a vice chancellor of the University of Malawi besides successfully fulfilling other assignments like being chair of the 1994 referendum which saw the country adopting the multi party system of government.

Skyway started as a business college in 2002 and was accredited by the Government of Malawi as an institution of high learning in 2012.

Graduates in this cohort are the first congregation since it became a University.

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40 thoughts on “Chiphampha installed as Skyway Chancellor, graduates 169 student”

  1. Technologistology says:

    No 21 am very sorry for if ur are a graduate a pity indeed category yakenso ukufunayo ndi iti iweyo degree analembapo chani let me school University of Malawi Bachelors Arts in Drama and Music Machende Nyini General Degree.Basitu ndiye category imeneyo amweno am very sory for you waste of unima resources

  2. ujeni says:

    Mpakana College ku Malangalanga kuma garaja zoona zimezi

  3. kajima m nyirenda says:

    Am happy for SU to become university. I once learnt with a friend who was at SU. In Mzuzu. Please I would be very glad to be part of this institution. Today is a university. Keep up and please let me be connected to Mr Chimphamba.

  4. Joseph Mughogho says:

    Malawians, we should be proud of our own sons and daughters who are willing to contribute to the development of the country. No country will develop with education, and we should know that education no matter how little is a development. So what Skyway is doing is to contibute towards that goal. Let us be patriotic.

  5. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Why crying , a university is a university , you brought a quoter system in order not to allow northerners not to have degrees ? There they are , they have their own ways of getting degrees within Malawi.

    You can’t finish northerners . Mwachepa

    1. JIMMY says:

      Iii man zafikanso kumeneko? Nkhani yabwinobwino iyi iii komaaaa!!!

  6. makito says:

    Chimphamba mpaka ku Skyway? Kutha ngati makatani kuposeapa?

    1. phiri jane says:

      wat hv u dne in life? how qualified are u? hw wealth are u? srent u a flop? Leave the learned alone or u nay b employed if u hv right qualifications best by Malawiian or change as everything is changing to avoid being chsnged urself look at technology today ehich xook dd u attend? ehich erra any convicing achievement shsme to u

  7. FELIX says:

    I am here not to magnify Skyway university, but suffice to say that its chair of council is Professor Jeremiah Kang’ombe of Luanar, chancellor is Professor Brown Chimphamba who is the current chair of Mzuzu university council and the vice chancellor is Professor Leornard Kamwanja who is also the current chair of unima council. I am proud to be associated with such univesity as far as the calibre of top notch is concerned.

  8. Dotolo says:

    Comment dziko lathu ladzadza nd anthu ozikonda ndi a nsanje,zithu zawo zokha nd zimene amaziono zabwino,wht is wrong in havng many private universiti univesities???,where are those so called UNIMA graduates nd wht hv they done to this country since we got indipendence???go to Nigeria nd see pvt univesities nd then u wil appriciate that ours r better.munthu akapasidwa udindo lets learn to support him with our skills osati condeming nd fault finding thats not a good spirit, a malawi chonde ndapota nanu nsanje siyabwino lekani

  9. Elanive Nginache says:

    Enanu mukunyoza koma some of us have worked with a ku UNIMA mmaofesimu you are not different from a mma private Universities. Munya muona. Ndi nthawi yoti anzanu apeze ma opportunities mumati mukhala nonkha mpaka liti? Musova kkkkkkkk

  10. edda mwalweni says:

    The whole prof who was once called Vice Chancellor play so low to head Skyway…………..aaaa, mwathatu apa !!!!! Osakalima kumudzi bwanji ?

  11. nyayo says:

    What is wrong with mushrooming of private universities? Don’t you know that our previous leaders restricted access to her education for their own invalid reasons? Education is a matter of right. Let’s encourage each other to grow so that the economy can grow.

  12. nyayo says:

    Monopolistic mindset at its best. Don’t underrate others. Let’s fight on the ground and see who will shovel down the other. I don’t blame the opposers but their background because it made them believe that their institution is the best. Public Universities! Be prudent coz if the private sector retaliates your graduates will suffer the most. Let’s respect each others intellect for our own good.

  13. The one and only says:

    There is only one college worth its name in Malawi, and that is COM. The rest -both students and lectureres -are madeya. I have worked with them in an NGO so I have primary evidence. When they write anything just copy it and put on google and you will see where they copied it from and they have no shame admitting this, including a so called health consultant/ lecturer from Mz…? Zopusa basi. High education is important but people should build on their first degrees or carefully think about their capacities. Some one who was trained in irrigation engineering can not suddly transform into a competent public health expert. Get a relevent high degree in say, drip irrigation or green house farming etc. Let the nurses and their likes do community health. To much opportunisms and that is lowering standards at the work place.

    1. lesta says:

      You’re right,university in Malawi is college of medicine,that college is real,ife nsanje tilibe,dzuwa salozelana

  14. Kiva says:

    what have UNIMA graduates done since they got established? Cashgate, slow development and corruption. Its about time new universities produced blemishless graduates. Now the sun on the flag is reflecting actual awakening of Malawians.

  15. bafuta says:

    ine or mutandithira doom mkamwa school ya pa tarven skyway sindingaphunzirepo usawi uchichi

  16. lesta says:

    Skyway mpaka,public Health?

  17. Malawian says:

    If there is something that needs urgent attention in Malawi, it is university education. To say the least, it is a crisis. Anyone can just work up one day and register a university! With due, respect, I have some reservations with the council that accredits the so called universities because most of the public universities that have been accredited as such do not qualify to be universities.It is true that the public universities do not have enough space but what is required is that we should have private universities that are worth the salt!!. What will happen shortly is that Malawi will have a lot of useless graduates !! May I propose that the degrees should be graded so that those from these other universities should have their own catigory because it is an insult to compare a UNIMA graduate with these others!!!! The problem we have in Malawi is that timalekelera zinthu mpaka zifike pa crisis level!!!. Malawi is a country where anything goes!!! Where is the Minister of Education on this????

  18. Gwaza says:

    I can say that The University is as credible as any any other. I am a senior Government Official and was aware when Prof, Late Tsalaniponi was getting the accreditation two years ago, I can challenge most of you here that you cant stand the quality of output the Uni has raised.

    All the best Chimphamba. All the best Skayway, it was rough start as a college but you have made as a credible Uni.

    All those challenging Prof, Chimphamba’s judgement are stupid for sure.

  19. Magagula says:

    School imakhala Kumalangalanga? Neighboring with Chibuku tarven…….Za zii bolanso kungokhala osaphunzilatu…..

    Ndungocheza osati muzitengere….

  20. ujeni says:

    Fake Universities have mushroomed in Malawi of late, this is one of them. Who employ those who went to such institutions in malawi

  21. Chopwicho says:

    Enanu mukulira chiyani, ngati govt inapanga accredit inu ndayani? Zinthu zasintha mo universities are needed.

  22. Chicharito says:

    Unima, Mzuni, Luana and MUST enanu sitimakudziwani

  23. Vimbuza Masekese says:

    Just recruit graduates from reputable colleges(you know what i mean when i say reputable colleges) Prof Chimphamba,they will help you to take SU to greater heights

  24. Degrees or toilet pepers?

  25. KARU UNITED says:

    In Malawi the referendum was held in 1993.

  26. senior chief Kaomba says:

    These are examples of low class universities

  27. Buhari says:

    Wawa a Professor Chimphamba kutha ma plan mpakana Skyway!

  28. Bonya says:

    Thus was great for the development of this country, bravo Proffessor chimphamba, Bravo proffessor kamwanja

  29. wochenjera says:

    Ma university a anthu osowa kolowera awa. Ine siningapite kumeneku olo kamba atadikula.

  30. master says:

    akunyoza ku skyways koma iwowo with UNIMA Degree are jobless for 3 yrs now shame , yet wa ku skyways is on a very good job, dont cheat yourselves guys, if u have the right work experience any employer would want u to work for them ndaziwona ine guys!!!!!!!!!!! za maina zikutha, am mentoring many UNIMA guys at my work place who after graduating seem not to know anything clueless so to say!!!!!!!

  31. Not all students can afford to go to UNIMA those who r not agreeing that Skyway is a university let them be,but there is no different of studying in UNIMA and other pvt owned university as long as it is recognised by govnt.the problem is those who had a chance to walk into the corridors of UNIMA u feel so pompus/superior when u look to ur fellows but its all the same whether u study at UNIMA or pvt Colleges education its the same.

  32. soberman says:

    I really don’t blame those making negative comments about this institution because that’s what history has. However, for those who have a closer look and a sober assessment of the transformation that has taken place lately would think twice before uttering such comments. Mind u our public universities fail to accommodate close to 70% of deserving students. Therefore count yourself lucky that u walked the corridors of such universities. You may also be informed that some of these students obtained diplomas from reputable institutions like Malawi College if Health Sciences, NRC, etc. I rest my case

  33. kalawire says:

    Uku sikuja kukupita ama 45 points ena jc kkkkkkkkk. Degree iridi mmanja mwa agalu

  34. banda limbe says:

    Mpakana syways degree public health ayayayaya. Maphunziro pa nyasalande ali mmanja mwa agalu

  35. xtra says:

    a chimphamba nde mwasuluka paint tu, mpaka sky way??? Hahaha, kaya poti ka pension survival

  36. Billiat says:

    Bachelor of Arts in Social Science mmmhhh

  37. chejaali says:

    Sky way ndi dhilu.

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