Chitipa overflows with decomposing corpses, stinks: ‘Emulate Muslims to bury dead ASAP’

Dead bodies are decomposed and stinking at Chitipa hospital in the northern Malawi due to lack of functional mortuary at the facility, a mortuary attendant said.

The hospital is filled with decomposing corpses piled together and there are fears for an epidemic to break out as a result of this development.

As a hospital official puts it, “the place stinks.”

According to Malawi News Agency report, people of Chitipa have since launched some fundraising activities intended to rectify the problem and have so far managed raise only MK150,000, a amount thrice lesser than the needed to make the morgue functional once more.

Ministry of health publicist Andrian Chikumbi has since confirmed the development with promises that the ministry is working hard to redress the situation.

With the financial crisis government is facing, people are being encouraged to emulate muslims who bury their corpses as soon as possible to prevent the mortuaries being overstretched.

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38 thoughts on “Chitipa overflows with decomposing corpses, stinks: ‘Emulate Muslims to bury dead ASAP’”

  1. popapo says:

    Masozi Nyondo, I am ready to contribute if there can be a call from any recognised authority from Chitipa for the purpose of rectifying the morgue. It is not strange to come up is support of such situations, not long ago Mr Mwambande in Karonga donated maize and fuel to Karonga Hospital which is similar to the situation in Chitipa. If you are upset with the “Fort Hill” then my apology but as put forward I am ready to contribute if there can be a call.

  2. Masozi Nyondo says:

    Government should remove all mortuaries from all hospitals to emulate muslims

  3. Masozi Nyondo says:

    Stupid Popapo, you mean in Karonga, people contribute money whenever there is problem with any government established social department? We are here not to make fun or amuse ourselves with filthy and boigous propaganda. You never use the facility thats why you are talking of all this nonsese Popapo. Leave the matter us daily users of the facility, ok?

  4. Masozi Nyondo says:

    There Is Local Development Fund (LDF) and Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in the District in millions of Malawi Kwacha. Use that as we dont want to hear about this sad story again. It wont even cost all that K600,000, its my late brother Keagan who used to repair that. he was never paid even K100,000 no matter how grave the problem was. And now because its Chitipa, we gat to emulate Muslims, it was in Lilongwe two years ago, there was no need to emulate anybody

  5. Chimani. Game says:

    Popapo you are a fool.thats the responsibility of the government.instead of fixing the morgue your president is busy partying.stupit of a president

  6. matako says:

    You have a government and leaders that are so busy trying to find a way to loot our coffers.We have a leader whose priorities are lopsided. Focusing on building halls to hold parties while the most important needed amenities are lacking. Shae on this corrupt administration

  7. Mtolankhani says:

    This is the most poorly written story I’ve ever read throughout my career as a Journalist. It’s by all definitions a disgrace to the Media community. A piece filled with every error you shouldn’t find in a published article: starting from the grammar to the flow of a readable news article. Nanu a Editor, where is your gate-keeping role here? I might catch a heart attack here…

  8. popapo says:

    We have a lot of people from Chitipa and many well wishers who can raise enough funds to rectify the problem. Government can not do everything all the times. Wake up people from Fort Hill!

  9. Shekman says:

    If There Is K150 000 Available It Means They R Remaining With K450000 To Repair This Mogue, Zoona Boma Kukanika Kupanga Kwatsalaku, Ok Our Govt Is Not Caring But Cant Some Patriotic Northrners ( Chitpas Especially) Makamaka MP Nd Ma Councellor Ake Plus Bzness Pple Around Cp Cant Do This? These Other Problems R Big Bt Can Easily B Solved Kandalama Kafunika Apa Nkochepa Koma Boma Ndi Anthu Ozungulira Chitipa U R Negligent

  10. karoda says:

    Sometimes I fail to understand when people say akumpoto ndiwophunzira. How is the issue of boko haraam coming here?

  11. chimwe says:

    Malawi walero ameneyu 51 years old

  12. NYAKWAWA says:

    kkkkkkk up to the extent of emulating Alqaida?
    No please no. Cant the govt provide anything in the region of K0.5 million as earlier reported being the needed lot to rejuvenate the mortuary?

    How about our Chitipa Assembly, are you really serious wanting to tell us that you cant even provide the said amount hitherto?

    Please, do something
    b4 we do something!

  13. Nangozo says:

    The thing is that ambulances are grounded due to lack of fuel. So for some poor people to arrange for transportation of their departed relations is not an easy thing. The hospital area does not have any grave yard where the dead could be immediately buried. So you can imagine how bad things are in Malawi. While some people are using more than 10 cars motorcade, some are getting 1000 liters of fuel ambulances are being grounded for lack of fuel. God have mercy!!

  14. fodya says:

    Tawalandani ma cashgaters zonse like cash and ma properties awo so that ndalamazo mupange address these problems. Malawi at 50!

  15. wakuchisenga,Chitipa. says:

    Imraan Sadick,the usual attention seeker and stooge of the Muluzi family.Emulating you people is emulating boko Haram.We would rather hv rotting corpses than people turning into human fireballs killing innocent people.People from Chitipa will not be converted into boko haram because of this temporal situation.

  16. Honest says:

    Wina akadzukira mnjira, tizamva heee keep your bodies longer emulate Christians. Amalawi kupupuluma poganiza.

  17. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    Misonkho yathu ikuchita chani? Tel me is this not emmergency? This Govt is taking health issues casually imagine health workers not yet paid up to now! This govt is not necessary doesnt deserve us God shd intervine. These pple dont mind any body bt just doing mbofyombofyombofyo

  18. Kayaman says:

    Kodi nkhani yamadead bodies mpakana emulating Muslims so that the pple responsible can go free. You could have started preaching this altenative before this problem occured. Do you think emulating muslims will stop the presence of unidentified corpses in the mortuary? Give us lasting solutions and not quick fixes

  19. Wakuchinunkha says:

    Malawi should start cremating.Doing that we wont hv all these problems of delays in these non working mortuaries.If the ministry of health is failing to provide drugs to sick people,so what more with dead bodies?

  20. Muyande says:

    This is Malawi!

  21. Truck says:

    Landani ndalama za Cashgate mukonze ma Mortuary.

  22. Islam is the way of life….there are many reasons why Christians should embrace Islam

  23. Emmanuel Mbewe says:

    Allah akbar

  24. Malawi is Sinking Fast says:

    Do we have Ministries& Ministers responsible for these departments? Do we have Leaders responsible for these local bodies? How does the system operate in Malawi in any department? I really fail to understand. We have people well educated but they choose to act as illiterate. Why do people go work In Malawi? The answer is to look for corrupt opportunities. You ve done very well raising that money, keep going you will get there. Someone will indeed come out and help raise more funds.



  26. king yello says:

    The most High God deliver us from this mess, you n you alone shall we hail thy name, you never fails

  27. patrick banda says:

    PROBLEM:lack of a functional mortuary at the hospital-SOLUTION:emulating moslems?So moslems dont need functional mortuaries at their hospitals?GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO THE NEEDFUL PERIOD!!!

  28. Atcheya says:

    I wonder why u keep dead bodies for such long time? Akuti waiting for relatives which are in Joz, UK, Zambia et cetera! Rubish!!! As if akabwelamo adzuka… Chikafa chafa basi chinyamuleni mukachitaye… Ena amene akubadwa apeze malo. Ngati sunanjoyeletu udakali ndi moyo mumaganiza mukanjoya mutafa? Burry them while fresh

  29. Atongido says:

    Boma ili ndilolephera chifukwa ngati mitembo yikufika poti mpakana kuwola ndiye kuti somebody is not doing his job. Ntchito ya mortuary attendant ndi chani. Ngati panali vuto amayenera kupanga report kwa responsible person to rectify.

  30. Gamphani says:

    Mbayamwe ninjani watipoke

  31. Gift says:

    Its too bad. why chitipa???

  32. mmm says:

    Can you Mr. President FIRE Kalilani.
    She is unable to handle the Ministry of Health.
    That other day in Ndirande she embarassed you on availability of drugs, the truth of the matter are there is no drugs in the country.

  33. sir bentby says:

    Thus the government you campaigned to rule, led us now Peter kamasaya, hahahahaha zimaphweka akamayendesa azako, aka inye njine profeshara za usilu basi….

  34. zaya says:

    if we can not manage to burry our lovedones soon then just burn them . there are more options .

  35. Chifundo says:

    The reasoning to Emulate Muslims is no giving sense, Coz there are alot of things that can delay the removal of dead bodies from the Mortuary, like transport cost , identification of corpses by relatives. Nobody can’t love to delay the burial of loved ones.

  36. segerege says:

    Islam “The way of life “

  37. Kuchanya says:

    very unfortunate. God have mercy on us we are really in disarray. AMEN

  38. Totolitotoli says:

    Sad,but why keeping corpses longer than necessary,if a person is certified dead there is no return to life.Let respect our dead relatives to burry them while in good condition.

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