Chris Daza spotted at Prophet Bushiri’s church for prayers

Malawi former Minister responsible for Good Governance in Joyce Banda administration Chris Daza was sported attending prayers at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG church in Pretoria, South Africa. Nyasa Times understands.

Daza (first from right) at Bushiri's church

Daza (first from right) at Bushiri’s church

The former MCP Secretary-General was among the VVIP’s who visited the church including Nigerian Speaker of Imo House of Assembly Dr Acho Ihim and The Greater Tarzeen’s Mayor Her Worship Dikeledi Josephine Mmetle.

Daza was formerly introduced to the congregation by Prophet Bushiri. He was constantly captured on Prophetic Channel and he attended the service throughout.

Apart from prayers, his reason for paying homage to the Malawian born, South African based prophet remain unknown and Nyasa Times understands that he never got any public prophecy from the man of God.

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40 thoughts on “Chris Daza spotted at Prophet Bushiri’s church for prayers”

  1. chiphwanya ngondo says:

    Ngat bushiri ali ndi ziwanda mulekeni, ambuye alipo ndipo adzaweruza. Amadya kwanu? Anayamba wakuudzapo kut umupempherere? Waziwanda ndiweeeeeeee……

  2. chiphwanya ngondo says:

    Koma a malawi, ndinu otseketsa. Sono chodabwitsa ndi chani apa? Let mr Daza worship living God. Inu muzichedwa ndikulongolola.

  3. grey says:

    Kodi chozizwacho nchani?tiziwe

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    Pali nkhani yanji apa ?

  5. Lilongwe says:

    How can one question the presence of Daza in the house of GOD ? Are we serious here or we are just trying to provoke curses from ? That why Malawi will never have a GOD fearing president because what we ask from GOD is curses. The ones ruling us today are grandsons of the then pharaohs or from Dyabulosi . Daza and Bushiri take time to pray and wish good for those who wish u bad. Amen………………

  6. chefourpence says:

    wait and see…. A certain opp party is goin to mourn the death of its leader soon! Then…..Daza….. Just wait and see…

  7. Moya says:

    99% chances the writer of this article attend prayers so why should it be a strange phenomenon for Daza to attend church? or you are simply intrigued by the
    Man of God Bushiri? give Daza andBushiri a break anyway its free “advertisemen”t for Bushiri and his ministry but Nyasa focus on news of national importance the above is a private spiritual matter between Daza and his God.

  8. Kawerama says:

    Major i miss u since we meet at changalume profesacy me man of god

  9. SMM Jnr says:

    Waziwanda ndiweyo opanda tsogolo iwe. Ambuye akukanthe ndi milili.

  10. Maria says:

    Chadabwitsa maka ndichiani???

  11. Rhudo chimbalawala says:

    I we ndadabwa don’t talk rubbish about my spiritual father zotu ndiwaziwanda kapolo iwe go to hell leave major 1 prophet bushiri alone.he didn’t force u to believe him.go believe what u believe for us he’s our father and a prisdom

  12. Bibi says:

    Nzanuyo akufuna mulungu thus y akupezeka ku church nanga inu mumapezeka kuti? Kumene anthu sangakujambuleniko?

  13. Chipalamandule says:

    Kupemphera nkhuwemi

  14. Nganali kombweke says:

    Komadi, a prophet is not respected in his home village. Bwanji pamene anali chibavi simunamuyendere?

  15. edda mwalweni says:

    A Daza mukuchita bwino kumapita ku church, kunotu DPP sikucheza ndi onse a PP moti mafumu ena awona zakuda chifukwa choti adagwira ntchito ndi a Mayi. Shame!!!!!!!!

  16. Tawonga says:

    Chris Daza has been a christian all through and through. He is a son of an Assemblies of God Pastor. He himself, along with Madalitso Mbewe [now apostle Madalitso Mbwewe of Calvary Family Church International], Charles Tsukuluza and Titus Bweya, were Gods instrument in the 1980s for the revivals of that period. They crisscrossed this country and preached in all our public universities and secondary and brought many people to GOD. He is not new to God in case you did not know. Many people today are Pastors or Prophets because of him.

  17. ndadabwa says:

    a Daza zoona mungamapite kwa bushiri,prophet wa ziwanda. pepani kuti you dont have the wisdom from God and that you dont know how to read the Bible

  18. Tim Masamba says:

    Where is the news here or is this a sponsored article?

  19. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    While we comment senselessly Chris Daza is seeking God. May God bless him.

  20. Alungwana says:

    Its normal for any human being to belong to a certain church.

  21. kaji says:

    Daza is a prayerful man since way back, he once gave me a bible more than 20 years ago. He is doing what he knows best. Amen

  22. Ntcheu says:

    That is good to hear malawian politician seeking GOD. But u did wrong by resigning from mcp . Look how chakwela and the learned secretary General has messedup the party today . Only relations are getting position through chakwela . I think baba was better than the so called man of GOD chakwela .

  23. nachi says:

    Milomo yomangotukwana ma Prophet mudzapeza tsiku lina yopotokera kumbali. U have a choice to follow Prophets or not, its ur choice. See how God is blessing Pretoria church and how God is increasing Bushiri’s church ur curses are turning into blessings. Where do u see people cursing Prophet get blessed? Not the God I know. Bushiri unachita bwino kupita ku RSA ukapumeko kutukwa ndi a Malawi. Koma tsiku lina akadzakuyankhani Bushiri mudzadziwanso.

  24. Godisgood Allthetime says:

    The last paragraph in the article is not necessary. It is wicked and witch hunting. Iweyo the so called NT Reporter, if you ever attend religious meetings, does anyone question your attendance as being for other reasons apart from prayers? Please be serious for once and respect your readers’ IQ!

  25. Jelbin mk says:

    Do also churches have designated places for either VIP or VVIP? Where then are we people going to run to for equality? by the what makes a human being very important person than others is it money, position or success? As long as I live I will never ever believe that there are some people who are more important than others. It is this mentality that makes leaders feel that they are supper human beings than the rest hence corruption because it makes them feel other people who are less important do not deserve a better life as they do simply because they think they are of less value and less importance. They deny them their birth rights which excludes homosexuality which is imposed on humans by the illuminate through America, disguised as human rights while they are sinning rights.

  26. achimpeni says:

    I really don’t understand why this becomes a story here. What is the aim of the writer?

  27. vyaya says:

    How many prayer meetings do you nyasatimes guys attend? Is there anyone trying to spot you? Ufiti basi. We all saw Daza on ECG mmayesa its global TV? Is this news? Kkkkk big shame on this reporter…

  28. Parallel Market says:

    I do not see any story here. Is it wrong to go for prayers? Is it a shameful act to seek GOD? Are politicians not required to pray? That is private. Everybody is free to pray anywhere anytime. Infact, the wise seek GOD where HE may be found and cling to HIM.

  29. SHAMS HASEEB says:

    Kodi kubwera kwama prophet wa Yesu adatiuza nanga adati adzakhala a ngati, kodi akusiyana bwanji prophet ndi Bimbi kapena munthawiyija ankatchedwa kuti a Losi, kodi si amene tinkati akutimenyela, nanga pali kufanana kwanji pakati pa wa Mizimu ndi munthu wa Mulungu,kodi tikati wa Mizimu si Msing’anga ngati? Vuto munthu sachedwa kuyiwala that’s why anthu ngati Bushiri, TB Joshua ndi anzawo ayiwelenga poliona khasu kupweteka ali bola Business ija ndi iyi. Zimveleni chisoni a Kristen, izi zingowonetselatu kuti inu choona chenicheni mulibe.

  30. Idulusi Issa says:

    Didn’t Apostle Paul criticise the Corinthians for this kind of behaviour? Read your Bible…Chris Daza!

  31. Idulusi Issa says:

    Kodi kumwamba kuli VVIP? Does a church have to determine which person is important? I thought we are ALL equal in God’s eyes?

  32. Trevor Manyi says:

    VVIP section in church ? fodya eti

  33. Ndisiyeni Ndinene says:

    Namman a high ranking official had leprosy. When he went to see Elisha the prophet of God for healing, watch what the prophet did. Elisha did not entertain his ego and give him an audience. He rather sent him a messenger with a message to go dip himself 7 times in the river Jordan. I find the acts of these prophets of today too desperate for attention. Not everyone wants to be assisted and have it in the news next day. Cheap advertising.

  34. asafuna asiye says:

    Mbava zonse zopanga smuggle timber ndi ivory ku lilongwe zili kutsogolo….. is this a church or an Elite entertainment place. These boys are cashgate thieves people that know them truly know kuti enawa anaba ndalama ku UK and the other one case yake is pending…. REPENT osati kutsatila ma utumiki osisita mitima

  35. Malawiano says:

    I have known Chris Daza as a man of God since my Livingwaters church days. Kulowa ndale doesnt mean kuti munthu asapemphere. olo ena ndimangokumverani mukunena Chakwera mudzakhumudwa akupulumuka tsiku lomaliza inu mukutsala.

    Munthu aope kukapemphera bcoz of cameras? aliyense akukonza moyo wake wa mtsogolo. There’s life after this one.


  36. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Why is it that Prophets are just concentrating in well established countries and towns

  37. Charter says:

    This is witch-hunting Nyasa Times! People don’t visit congregations in search of prophecies. Visiting a church does not necessarily reflect intention to join or be recognized. One thing that is killing the church is selfish restrictions. People who belong to a particular church should be at liberty to visit other churches at will, and that should not be misconstrued as having a hidden intention. I have my church, but I do visit other churches once in a while.

  38. Ghetto Salvation says:

    Amakapemphera munthu guys… Kenako mutiwuza kuti mwampanga spot ku toilet.

  39. jokujoku says:

    FALSE prophets is just an illustration,End times. The power of iblis?/ satan at its work. Trust in God almighty and pray by / for yourself

  40. katema says:

    Pali cholakwika kukapemphera? kodi inu mukungokhalila za chikunja basi? Whether a prophecy was given or not, we need God in our lives full time.

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