CHRR advises Mutharika to ‘tread carefully’ with Banda

One of Malawi’s leading human rights non-governmental organization Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has advised President Prof. Peter Mutharika to tread carefully on Thoko Banda saga after he told BBC that he has turned down the job of ambassador to Zimbabwe because he was opposed to dictatorship.

Mtambo (left) with fellow activists: Government needs to seriously consider the human rights implications of her decisions

Mtambo (left) with fellow activists: Government needs to seriously consider the human rights implications of her decisions

Banda was initially earmarked to be Malawi’s envoy to Belgium and the European Union, but was switched to head to Harare.

He, however, embarrassed President Mutharika during the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme when he  said Mutharika never  consulted him on the Zimbabwe posting.

Banda claimed he has snubbed the Zimbabwe switch, saying he is not “somebody to send to a place like Zimbabwe, where they have a leader who wants you to endorse whatever he does with impunity.”

But government has said  the President had already planned to bar Banda from his assigned diplomatic mission to Zimbabwe even if he did not pull out himself.

Minister of foreign Affairs George Chaponda told the state-owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television during Monday evening news cast that President Mutharika had already planned to bar Thoko Banda from representing Lilongwe in Harare where he was expected to be an ambassador.

But CHRR boss Timothy Mtambo said in a statement thta by contemplating or deciding to drop Thoko Banda  solely based on his 2006 remarks, President Mutharika may be ” indirectly communicating to the public that he admires  President Mugabe’s style of leadership to the extent that any critical voice to dictatorial Mugabe has no place in his government.”

He adds: “This may eventually create the impression that the current DPP is not truly reformed but rather the same old DPP – which idolised Mugabe big time- characterized by several human rights violations. We therefore advise President Mutharika to exercise struck a reasonable balance between diplomatic obligations and adherence to and protection of human rights for all. Respect and adherence to human rights should never be sacrificed at the altar of ‘fake’ diplomacy”

In 2006, Banda reportedly called Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe “an idiot” and that he is a “horrible man.”

According to Chaponda, Mutharika appointed Banda for the post because he was not aware of the remarks Banda had made against Mugabe.

Banda told the BBC he would no longer use these words but said is  opposed to Zimbabwe dictatorship.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times understands that Zimbabwe government had also turned down Banda and in a diplomatic cable, asked Malawi to send a diplomat  and “not a charlatan.”

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65 thoughts on “CHRR advises Mutharika to ‘tread carefully’ with Banda”

  1. kyroc says:

    kodi inu atumbuka osamangoyamika kuti mukukhala nafe m`malawi mwathu muno bwanji. mukutiyamba dalatu kumene mukuchitaku. do u mean calling somebody stupid makes one a democrat? isn`t this rudeness? nanunso a mabungwe r u too stupid to digest issues? to exercise my democracy i now declare the human rights activists ” idiots”

  2. pepe says:

    Thoko bwera uzakhale bwana kuno, mabwana anga onse mbava zokhazokha kwawonso kumodzi.

  3. Naganza says:


  4. Asylum seeker says:

    Now he has been kicked out of his apart again for not paying his rent

  5. no time 2 waste says:

    today what we hear is, Human Rights, human rights, human rights! instead of God’s Law, God’s Law, God’s Law!

  6. Kaya Zanu Izo, Za A Thoko Ine Ndimadya Nawo.

    1. Kodi Amaufulu Inu Nthawi Amamangidwa Peter Munali Kuti?

  7. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    I don’t think you are anx better. Alomwe ndiye ndinu zitsiru. Can go and investigate ku Thyolo and come up with 3 or even 2 uncles to Peter. Ali kuti? Inu ndi mbuzi zachabechabe. Ngati sukulu inakulakani bwanji osamangopha mbewa. mmalo momachemelera zosadziwika.

    1. boy says:

      With just reading your remarks, I don’t even think u deserve to be call “Mwana WaMulungu”, osati Mulungu wake tonse tikumudziwau ayi. Much as u may have something burning in your heart, u can not call Alomwe zitsiru, no way. Much as we don’t know what yr tribe is, ” who ever pronounces such sarcastic words to others, he is the one who is what is saying to others. Basi, nkhani yatha. Remember whatever u say, Alomwewo ndiamene akulamula, it was through the votes, period!! Ufune usafune, that’s the reality.

    2. boy says:

      With just reading your remarks, I don’t even think u deserve to be called “Mwana WaMulungu”, osati Mulungu wake tonse tikumudziwau ayi. Much as u may have something burning in your heart, u can not call Alomwe zitsiru, no way. Much as we don’t know what yr tribe is, ” who ever pronounces such sarcastic words to others, he is the one who is what he is saying to others. Basi, nkhani yatha. Remember whatever u say, Alomwewo ndiamene akulamula, it was through the votes, period!! Ufune usafune, that’s the reality.

  8. kuipakobedwamavote says:


  9. Fathara says:

    Anthu awa kaya tipange nawo bwanji kaya? Chimene amafuna samachiziwa kwawo ndikulongolola basi kufuna kumupezela peter chifukwa basi. Ndiye munyatu peter anakuwelengani samakusamalani muzingolomgolola choncho, munya samakuyakhani. Akakhala a Thoko Banda ndiye ndiyawo agwa nayowo. Anthu akumpoto simuzatheka.

  10. madalitso chilombo chilombo says:

    proud of Thoko he loves democracy

    1. Chamango says:

      Just that he is selfish like you

    2. boy says:

      Anakuuza kuti what Thoko remarked to Mugabe is democracy, zopusa basi. It doesn’t even make u the better one, it just shows how stupid Thoko is. Can u show me where he had an audience with Mugabe to point out what he feels he should change, anangobwebweta kumbali showing his weaknesses. Shame to u for such a comment. He is a coward! And u r a fool!!

  11. Shame says:

    How about his daughter’s basic human rights CHRR? hasn’t Mr Banda violated those?? CHRR next time do your home work diligently before making yourselves look pathetic.

  12. kachikho says:

    This man is an embarrassment to Malawi. He should not be appointed to any government position.

  13. womenslib says:

    The dude is fighting for the rights of Zimbabweans and does not mention his own people. The job of a diplomat is too represent his country in the interests of his own people. He has clearly shown he is not going to do that. Thoko Banda has undermined his own government by talking to BBC, and is single handedly destroying the relationship between three countries. Zimbabwe, Malawi, and the UK. If this is another excuse to make another bid for asylum it is a shame and a disgrace. A man who mistreated his wife up to the point of her getting arrested at an airport in a foreign country for wanting to keep her own daughter is not fit to talk about human rights.

  14. Dumisani Chikadya says:

    Honestly, I think CHRR got the wrong call here. It does not matter when Thoko Banda called Mugabe an idiot neither does it mean the government endorses Mugabe. For goodness’ sake, Banda was supposed to present his letters of credentials to the same guy he calls an idiot, do you think Mugabe would have been foolish to accept him? On this point, it should be the failings of our government that should be at fault. The government should have investigated its appointees thoroughly to avoid such embarrassment.

  15. rtd says:

    I think Banda is a man who wants to serve personal interests at all angles as opposed to public interest

  16. kholowa mkabudula says:

    We don’t care for them all,they are all idiot’s!

  17. silvester wa ophee says:

    APM & Mugabe kugehena.

  18. BBC says:

    CHRR why don’t you advise the President and Mr Thoko Banda on the basic human rights which he has deprived his daughter of.

    1. monkeybay says:

      What happened to his daughter?

      1. Asylum seeker says:

        I will drop that one later if APM tries to give another job.

  19. Chindele says:

    Koma inu, akumuopa bwanji chindele Bandayu? He is a disgrace. APM, what do you lose by dumping him? NOTHING. DUMP HIM TO THE PIT LATRINE.

  20. Mangeni says:

    Cancel his appointment forever. He is too pompous for nothing. Malawi has better professionals than him. He failed in his marriage. What do u expect from him? Shame on Thoko. Look at your sister, Mbumba, she deserves her respect.

    1. Chikopa says:

      Mbumba Atchutan. Sharp Lady behind National Publications Limited. I salute her.

  21. Prophet. says:

    A Mtambo ndi anzanu tread carefully ndiye kuti chani?Boma lamutumiza ku Zim,Thoko akuti ku Zimbabwe sangapite.palibepo nkhani pamenepo akhale basi.

    Inu mukufuna mulipange blackmail boma maufulu ake ati tisakuwaziwao,munthu wapasidwa ntchito ndiye sakuifuna ndi ufulu wake musiyeni safuna ntchito.

    Mission yaku Zim siyake koma akayimile boma/anthu.Ngati alidi kamuna weniweni apite akaonese kuti samanama Comrade ndi chitsilu.Usathawe Nowa pita ku Ninev.

  22. The guy is stupid and idiot whom do you think he is? even DPP has no idea to run the government

  23. Boko says:

    People with stupid minds like Dubeyangu are the ones that have kept Malawi poor for all these years. Mugabe might be whatever you call him, but the guy has proved to the whites that he was created by God not them. He doesn’t pray whites or let them use him. No. If Africa had only 7 leaders of the Mugabe type these whites would hve been respecting us, but alas all African leaders are bootlickers of whites. Viva Mugabe.

  24. Nyapapi says:

    So why was this punk appearing before the public appointments committee if he wasn’t informed of his appointment?

  25. acn says:

    Thoko& APM are @ the same par of level of thinking.

  26. Chindazi says:

    Thoko Banda is a useless man…. he can not perform….. remember it was said that his papers are fake….. he is a fake guy……LEAVE HIM…. AZIPITA KOMWE ANACHOKERA….
    Where was he all these years…..

    aaaaaaa Renford Mwangonde wayamabaso kuoneka…… ukufuna ukawe ndane…… crook wachabechabe……..

    You run away… switching houses in town,,,,, your kids changing schools……while you are running to pay bills……. what kind of an activists are you….. Stupid Man….

  27. mphatso says:

    asatayitse nthawi mutateni ameneyo mwina sakanathansontchitoyo

  28. mphats says:

    musiyeni akhale alopo wena apatseni ntchitoyo

  29. Dubehyangu says:

    Malawian called Thokho Banda is talking sense and whatever he told BBC as listened is quite true. We are living abroad because of these Dictatorship acts fully practiced by Mugabe who is feared by all African Leaders in the continent. Its high time now for these leaders to teach other another the truth about caring your own citizens.

    1. Nzwanya says:

      Ha! If you like this guy you can have him.

  30. One way says:

    Thoko Banda do u know pple lost their lyfe on fytng agast ur rigts u talkng 2dy?So wy refusng 2represent mlw in zimbabwe.U min cnt fight 4beta mlw?So whom du thik he’s going on ur bhaf?If ua enemy 2 Mugabe knw that all mlws are enemies 2 him.So shd we fear abt that?Did Mugabe owned u?

  31. cynk says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk tiye nazoni ife ndiongopenyererrrrraaaaaa

  32. Bongololo says:

    The notion that Thoko Banda cares about the basic human rights of people is a farce. Here’s why; how does he explain why throughout his daughter’s life, he has steadfastly refused her the basic right to know the mother that gave her birth? Who does that? And how does he explain why he has fiercely denied his ex-wife from knowing and having a relationship with her own daughter? This man is evil and sick in the head! If he really cares about the rights of people, where ever people may be found, he needs to practice that with his own family first before criticizing others. And how about he checks himself in the mirror before using unflattering words such as “idiot” on others.

  33. Jabulosi says:

    My Foot!! The president did not know!!!!! A whole president appointing people without consultations and blindly?????? God forbid!!!!!!!!

  34. Cicero says:

    The problem in Africa is that we quickly chased the whites who by nature are development minded & we opted for the black race which genetically is destructive Pamene mzungu wakhalisipo amatukulapo koma pomwe wakuda wakhalisapo amanyerapo. Good example, South Africa, developed because Europeans stayed long but come black rule Zuma corrupt. Go to Haiti, America anywhere black is a sign of evil. Look here Thoko calls sin its name some are against, black skin means black reasoning everything is black. Shame! What a stupid race? Mugabe has overstayed his shelf life & has become real Ebola of Zimbabwe

  35. Zondiwe says:

    No. 4, you do not seem to know what you are talking about.

  36. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Tangomutayani. Mkuluyu ndi wokanika. Ndikuti komwe angapite kopanda dontho la vuto. Adzaimire u indepent mp kwawo tione ngati angadzawine ndi moyo wodzimvawu. Hot debate. What do you think?

  37. VYOTO says:

    Zimbabwe has really mocked Malawi in general and the learned Professor Peter Muthalika in particular by asking Malawi to send a “diplomat” not a “Charlatan”. The big question, why on earth is it that Zimbabwe unlike Malawi is able to know that Thoko Banda is not worth to be a diplomat by virtual of having no special knowledge or abilities.The problem with Malawi is that appointments to these high ranking post is based on “TRIBALISM” not real qualifications.It is a fact that the ever tribalist Peter Muthalika appointed Banda to this big post just because Thoko claimed to have originated from his home District Thyolo.

    A big embarrasment to Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  38. Martin Lawrence says:

    I find this whole Thoko Banda saga a joke, from not being straight with where he is from, his educational qualification saga and now this. But this whole saga has exposed how INCOMPETENT our appointing authority is. These thing were supposed to be checked during the screening process, with all that bunch of so called presidential advisors. I thought this was one of there terms of reference in their job description? Its a shame that a few people has SHAMED the whole 15 million Malawians because of not knowing how to do their jobs right.

  39. Tungaliwe Dunga says:

    something fishy here CHRR you are just being used for some bodys personal interest in Thoko Banda….watch out.

  40. BigMan says:

    Does it really matter to any of us what Thoko Banda does?

  41. Victor Phiri says:

    Chaponda be advised that diplomatic agents serving in a Commonwealth country are High Commissioners not Ambassadors. This is because they represent the Queen. Stop displaying your ignorance in diplomatic issues by reading widely.

  42. Paul Jere says:

    Thoko is very childish. I do not see any merit in appointing this chap!

  43. Zaife says:

    Hey katsande, from which source do you take your lie that 95% of Zimbabweans want Mugabe out.Let me tell you that Mugabe is still a favorite of Most of Zimbabweans.He is one of a few courageous African leaders not the Western puppets like Joyce Banda the idiot. Aren’t you ashamed now that the people gave him a mandate to lead them through credible elections.If he is a dictator then he dictates for the betterment of Africa.

  44. nkunthamasese says:

    Bwana APM drop this boy or give him some job in Malawi. Akakuipitsirani mbiri. He is loudmouth.He will be talking bad about you out there.Take somebody else.

  45. salimu says:

    Thoko Banda is a big fool not fit for any job. Malawi’s diplomatic stance on any country is a preserve of the Government and not a charlattan like this highly uneducated pretender. PAC is useless for nodding to his appointment. There are millions of Malawians in Zim whose welfare must not be endangered by this fool. Diplomacy needs intelligent people.

  46. Katsande says:

    The reason why Africa remains a ‘dark continent’ is the unwarranted hypocritical diplomacy that allows evil and oppressors to thrive.
    Defending of a dictator is a trend one wouldnt expect from the current democratic Malawi which once lived under an equally brutal Kamuzu regime.
    Dont read too much the selective, fake and rigged Zim elections.
    95% of Zimbabweans want Mugabe out and support critic external voices like Bandas.
    Help us rid of a dictator. Wev had enough of oppression, hunger, poverty intolerance and evil propaganda.

  47. A joke! says:

    CHRR is a joke! You have not said anything about the plight of Millions of poor Malawians and you gonna worry about Thoko Banda just because he gave an interview to BBC? Give me a break!!! Why don’t you advise the President about the sorry state of affairs in Malawi???

  48. Kadakwiza says:

    Thoko Banda ndiozikonda osamupatsanso ntchito yimeneyi patsani ena.

    1. Yobe boo says:

      Nsanje inu basi, Zitsiru.

  49. Malindima says:

    Tread carefully! It is a given fact that oil and water can not mix. Banda is unwelcome in Zimbabwe. He may have a valid point in his comments about Mugabe but who in the world does not know about Mugabe’s human rights record? Does one need to be interviewed on BBC to speak of the obvious that the world knows? Banda’s lack of sensitivity disqualified himself as Diplonatic material.
    He may fight back as he has done before by painting a negative picture of APM but no one will buy his story.

    1. Malunza says:

      President Mutharika is failing on many fronts. Look how prices of things are skyrocketing. Do we have a president at all here in Malawi? CHRR please speak for poor and helpless Malawians

    2. waNkota says:

      Are you saying suffering in silence is better that making noise about the suffering of others?

      If Mugabe had kept silent about white rule, would Zimbabwe have gained independence?

      Your argument is flawed. If you do not talk, how would others know about your problems, and how would they know that you are still suffering? If you are Zimbabwean, I am sure you a Mugabe hit man.

    3. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Hmmm, i kinda get Thoko Banda. The guy is frustrated at the realisation that pitala just wanted to use him for two main reasons: the first issue that he thought Thoko would claim to be a northener thereby buying acceptance among the northern ppl by increasing gvt appointments from the north but Banda refused to be labelled a northener but Lomwe. Secondly, pitala thought Thoko would help him buy favours in the way the Nation (news paper) publishes his stories only to hear that Thoko does not have shares in the Nation…so realy the whole plan was a flop. I actually think its possible that when Peter realised that Thoko is of no political use, he deliberately transfered his appointment to Zimbabwe knowing all the clutter would make him incapable to work in Zim….the sttinking side of polotics…

      1. Shame says:

        Thoko has nothing to do with Nation Newpaper. He was barred long time ago. He is estranged from his family, he is a loner.

        1. Asylum seeker says:

          Talk about fall from grace! Pheeeew!

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