CHRR brands Mutharika a ‘hypocrite of the highest order’

Malawi’s human rights group Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has described President Prof Peter Mutharika as a hypocrite of “highest order” if the first six months of his tenure are anything to go by.

President Mutharika : Branded a hypocrite

President Mutharika : Branded a hypocrite

Mtambo: Calls President Mutharika a hypocrite

Mtambo: Calls President Mutharika a hypocrite

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times on CHRR’s reaction to the current political and economic issues affecting the country, the watchdog’s executive director Timothy Mtambo indicated that the recent events which have  characterized the political scene  have  – to a greater extent – acted as an eye opener to the personality and character of the President .

“The President seems to be not only clueless in his leadership as observed by some quarters but also a hypocrite of highest order,” stated  the fearless Mtambo.

The CHRR boss cited the recent developments pertaining to National Aids Commission (NAC)  where the First Lady and government agencies have been cash-stripping  the organisation and the Presidential-media interface meeting as some of the few examples pointing to how hypocritical, unpredictable or unreliable President Mutharika has become.

CHRR said the  interference in NAC’s financial issues is a complete departure from the professed austerity measures path his government touted .

“ How do you explain a scenario where Mutharika’s leadership is preaching of launching a crusade to deal with cashgate while at the same time secretly involving itself in its own ‘NACgate’. There is no greater sign of hypocrisy than this,” added Mtambo.

Mtambo also observed that President Mutharika’s reaction to Table Mountain Declaration and Access to information legislation issues during the recent interface meeting with the media was also another indicator of how “hypocritical, untrusted and unreliable the President is.”

Stated the CHRR boss:“It was so provoking and disheartening not only to the media community but also the civil society and general public to hear the President expressing ignorance of the contents of the  access to information draft bill and also table mountain declaration.

“All this came against a background of tireless promises from the same government that there was a high level of political will to table and pass the bill in the forthcoming sitting after the failure to meet its earlier promise of tabling it in the previous parliament. Was all this just lip service? Does it really make sense that all the national consultations on the bill were being done without the President knowing the content of the documents? How could the President commit himself through the DPP manifesto things which he had no knowledge of? What does this speak of his leadership? If truth be told, what one can only see hear is rather a case of scape-goat, and of course a highest degree of hypocrisy.”

The rights campaigners said  Mutharika must be taken to task on the commitments he made on these two issues which are not only important to the media but also to the general public, the civil society inclusive.

CHRR criticism comes after law professor Danwood Chirwa accused Mutharika of displaying tendencies that he is the “worse demagogue “.

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105 thoughts on “CHRR brands Mutharika a ‘hypocrite of the highest order’”

  1. King Stone says:

    Mmmm a Mtambooo,palibe nkhani apa mphatso ndi mphatso basiii palibe chalakwika apa. Kodi akanakhala kuti abwana sanapereke ana ku Chiradzulu ndi ena akuthandiziwo akanalandira? Zinazi tazichitani manyaziiii. Kodi ndimayesa ananena kuti patsani ndipo kuzapatsidwa kwa inu? Zikuonetseratu kuti inutu mwaiwala. Ndikukulangizani kuti inuyo mukufunika mamasulidwe ndipo mupite kwa abusa anu akakupemphelereni. Chonde asiyeni a president athu ndi munthu wa chikondi.


  3. austin sengeledo says:

    I once commented on your face book page and i have recieved an email saying that i have won a price which i am supposed to get from dare-saram Tanzania,please i need an assurance from you whether it is true or not.

  4. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    I am not surprised this coming from the organisation where the best qualification for a person to be employed there is where you are coming from, Karonga to be specific or any district from the North. If you are from other regions forget being employed at CHRR. All directors at CHRR since its formation have been from Karonga.

    1. Mirella K. says:

      And another shameless organization is YONECO ayayayaya all key positions belong to the pple from the north…too bad!

  5. Tikambepo says:

    Alomwe ophunzira ndiye tilipo ochuluka koma sitipupuluma. Eee anthu ena mukumva kupweteka just for the sake of partisan politics osati subsatnce. Ndiye mumvadi kupweteka mpaka 2019 eeish imagine i was the one!

  6. dopho says:

    Mbuzi zozikonda inu a tumbuka. Mumafuna zonse zonona zikhale zanu basi.

  7. Phodox says:

    Dear Mtambo,

    So APM is a hypocrite while you Tumbukas are not. Okey you are not guys. But you must know that the Lomwes also would like to be the head of CHRR not only Tumbukas from one district Karonga. I mean the position of CHRR can not be rotated among the Tumbukas and Tongas and Nkhondes for all districts in north. You are useless Mtambo. Remove the sore from your eyes before you remove a sore from your comrades.

  8. Phodogoma says:

    Tumbukas are fit to manage small public positions like CHRR not the highest presidential post of the land. If you go for feudalism south will draft the new strategy for you Nyikas until you will regret and say better still live in Egypt not here in the pormised land Jerusalem. Imagine south declaring that it will raising revenue for only its citizens in the feudal system. How many students from north are colleges? How many civil servants from north are working in highest positions? How many Northerners are in south who will be charged social services in all hospitals in south? do you that Kamuzu Banda experimented the impact that could be there if every citizen works in his or her own regions? The government of the Lomwe will do this for doctors, students, and all public positions. Surely this will help the individual regions to take care of its own people at all levels, like payments of employees, medications, college students etc. Under what conditions if MCP did it with teachers then what more with DPP, DPP will do it.

  9. chalimbana says:

    no sense a mtambo mukufuna akutameni?

  10. mabedi says:

    Typical Mtumbuka- very dull! Too busy criticizing instead of building the dead clueless north! Bloodsucking primates!

  11. ke u says:

    mbuzi ya munthu iwe. Usayiwale kuti ma post ngati amenewa mumapezeka anthu ophunzira okhaokha. Alomwe anaphunzirako ndi mntundu wa muthalika okha basi

  12. Pension Nenereko says:

    Honestly, I have never believed that APM has any wisdom. He is a dull professor. The guy has been a lecturer without experience of management politics. We are yet to experience the worst!

  13. 3ptiya says:

    kikikikikikikikikiki apm. ndi. boss

  14. Phodogoma says:

    Dear my uncle APM,

    I would like to support # 66 Taweni. Water problem here in Blantyre has reached the climax of the crisis. Please we need the intervention of the head of state. Its too much. Could you believe that I have two daughters in their early teens who woke up at 2:00 APM night to draw water at a distance of 5 km. Please please my uncle its me Phodogoma from Blantyre asking you to sort out water problem as January its just too far. Look at CV for seniors at Blantyre water Board in case it is sabotage. Remember your brother sorted out the problem of electricity and its possible for you to bring water shortage in BT and elsewher to an end.


  15. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Dziko lili mmanja mwa agalu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  16. thako says:

    w@ ican tel u iz d@ skuzabwera presdent wabwno up to de judgement day

  17. Digger says:

    Malawi is being ruled by Ben Phiri. Mutharika is too busy drinking wine. Ben Phiri is deficit President.

  18. mmalawi says:

    My President please say something about strikes and water shortage. Iremember when you were Minister of education you kept quite on the same When you wanted us to vote you you promised us that you are not Bingu yr brother

  19. Khalani Chete says:

    Inu kwanu ndikulira basi palibe cha nzeru mukukambapo apa. A malawi sanakuvotereni becoz you are failures in life. Chokani mbuzi, anyani kagwereni uko. Munalephera kuyendetsa mpingo ndiye boma mungathe? Anthu otemberedwa inu

  20. Mphondo says:

    Komatu mukupangazi mutipheranso munthu ndi cardiac sure ndithu

  21. Nyaphaphi says:

    The result of the 36% win. The majority do not want you and you went a head to rig the elections. Kaya cadiarc siibweranso Mmalawi muno? Tufya God forbid.

  22. Phodox for Phodogoma says:

    Thank you Chawezi # 14 for schooling me that Mwabuluju, Mwakasungula and Mtambo are all useless mbwenumbwenus. The have been holding Heads of CHRR since it was born. Whta is that? And how far have you developed CHRR in Malawi. Do we have turns in heading CHRR? Do southerners complain about it? Do church elders in south talk about CHINDEREISM. Do anybody care that a big organization like CHRR is being headed by the same tribe all along. Why are you jelous if Lomwes are heading big post? Are Lomwes part of you tribe? Did they originate from north?

    Mtambo, Mwabuluju and Mwakasungula if indeed you are fellows from the same district Karonga, the you must ashamed of yourself agalu inu. If you are very wise why dont you allow other tribes to head CHRR? This is why the leadership of CHRR thinks in the same borderline all the time since its birth.

    Please advice each other in the north that we Lomwes we want to enjoy the leadership as you do with the CHRR every year. I was surprised as why all the names of the CHRR begins with Mwa…… So its Tumbukas. Goshiii.

  23. Zone Six Zingaye says:

    Mtambo, please don’t cheat us. You were there when people were busy with the Cashgate. Did you say anything? I’m quite sure you were silent because Amayi was taking care of you. If indeed you are presenting Malawians, would you keep quite with that famous Cashgate? Are you trying to tell the nation that you want now to be recognized? You are not known anywhere and probably you want now to be known. Or do you want to tell us that you want a position in the Embassy as has been done by your fellow big mouthed guys? The other person is Martha Kwataine, she was quiet with Cashgate, the fact that she was enjoying by then. She has now started making noise. I suppose idiots like you guys, better shut up! Mumatitopetsa.

  24. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    The president should reflect on the voices and suffering of the people. I wonder whether the advisers are helping the president – or are misleading him due to selfishness. Leave politics, party lines, tribal, or any relation thinking out when advising the president. I wish the president well for the good of my country. By the way, where is my old friend Lloyd , a vocal journalist then, I mean Lloyd Zawanda of Joy Radio. Has he also been swallowed by the big bombe together with Ung’ono ung;ono?

  25. vindere says:

    Southern region, full of dead people!!!!!!!!!

  26. Alungwana says:

    The mistake of the 36.4% voters, Mbendera and the corrupt Blantyre court. Mr Mbendera, how do you feel when you recall yourself put a crook on this position who has turned Malawi into turmoil? When you see 90% of Malawians complaining, do you have joy in your life? Answer it Mbendela and the Blantyre high court, Friday Jumbe and Allan Ngumuya.

    1. DUWA KALIRANI says:

      Friday Jumbe umphawi wapha zedi. A Ngumuya nde MABI a munthu. Better che Lucius Banda

      Komaso mtundu WA Malawi dziwani kuti pali conspiracy yoti u President shud not go to any other region apart from the South, hence che Friday Jumbe ndi umphawi wawowo played that game

  27. papa says:

    Iwenso wa nyasalende taimusi ndiwe chitsiru. Ukungowonesa ndemanga za otsutsa
    okhaokha chifukwa chiyani?

  28. Angozo says:

    Timothy mind your tongue you foolish lad, kodi ukuyesa akupatsa udindo chifukwa cha phokoso lakolo? CHRR ikukukanika kuyendetsa chifukwa udindo wako unautenga chifukwa chophetsa anthu ku Mzuzu kapena mizimu ya anthu unaphetsa yayamba kukuukila eti, palibe chanzeru ukuyankhula apa. Ku bungwe lakonso ambiri unalemba aku mpoto munthu wolephela iwo and your credibility is questionable.

    1. DUWA KALIRANI says:

      Galu iwe what are you talking about

  29. Taweni says:

    My reminder to the President is why can’t he look into Water problem for Blantyre? His minister has tried and failed. This is the first time water problems have gone to such an extent over the last 50years.

    If you wanted to cut costs on your cabinet this is the result. How do you link Agriculture and water which are life sustaining issues.

    Let us go back to the drawing board as your administration must be facing a lot of challenges especially with inexperienced personnel in all sectors. And the other day you asked Malawians to give you more time.


  30. lumbart says:

    If I were authur peter muntharika I would have resigned from this highest position by now because I have been a failure with less than 6 months in office. I have been cash gating nac and other parastals ngakhale kukhala nawo Mu 92 billion cashgate that is why I cannot authorize the audit. But I will resign soon , kodi a Malawi mumasankhilanji munthu okanika, opanda nzeru ngati ineo

  31. A jose si uyenera ku khala m’Malawi I hope ndiwe wa youth cadet munapha Chasowa.

  32. ujeni says:

    People who dont want their fellow Mozambican president to be criticised yet they voted for him are mad

  33. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Vuto ndiloti anachita kubera mavoti, Mulungu akamusankha munthu kuti akhale mtsogoleri amamupatsa zones zoyenerera koma ukazipangira wekha umamva kuwawa zedi..look now APM is already declared a “total failure” koma chaka sichinathe eeee mavuto phwii the best solution is to impeach him just very soon zamukanika basi. Osamapita mmakachisi bwanji kufunafuna nkhope ya Mulungu angakhala pheee DPP boma liyoliyooooooooooooo!! azimayi kululutira za ziiii lero maso tuzu!

  34. You must know!!!!!! says:

    OUr country needs total overhauling. Any department in the civil service, you always smell corruption. From the president to the messenger. How can a country develop with such malpractices. Am scared with future our leaders are trying to create for our generations.

  35. Ameneyo says:

    Wodala, m’mati nfuseko. Kodi ku NAC kulinsi ifimis?

  36. COYSON says:

    Ndalama zimakoma wina akamalira.mavuto athu chisangalalo chawo.

  37. ujeni says:

    President of useless for the useless, that’s what the world gives. You deserve what you are.

  38. Cheballoteli says:

    balloteli lodge

  39. mona says:

    I wonder some people backing the dpp administration mmene zathu zikuyenderamu anthu enafe sitiganiza bwino bwino, tisamangonena poti ndine waku south I must support the dull president let’s reason and know what to comment even if is not good for the political party that we support malawians wake up don’t just be handcluppers always. Aaaa mwatani

  40. big boy says:

    Well if you like call him president. As for me mmmmmm he lacks alot

  41. kajera says:

    Zoona paziko palibe wolungama

  42. mona says:

    Kodi bwana president cashgate ija ya malata 7 billion subsidy malata gate zi kuti bwanji and how many people have benefited so far.
    Nanga farm input subsidy ili pati please a bwana tisafe ndi njala. Musamangodya ndalama za nac please tithandizeni ngakhale tatopa nanu kale

  43. ohoo says:

    Malawi nsanje………… put in facts that will get us on a position where other people could respect us….. you call your President a hypocrite wat will the other people say. sibwino kufuna kutchuka kamange chipatala iweyo ndalama ulinazo ongodya ndi akazi ako ndi ana osati utipezelere ndi nkhani zanu zopusazo

  44. max says:

    mwayambapo inu anyamata a office ya mudzi umodzi. Nthawi ya amai ija u were silent regardless of blatant abuses. Mumakwera kumbuyo kwa ma rights while peddling ur own grudge vendettas. We know u r bitter with this adm for other things. Pliz swallow ur hate and move on, if not stop using that notion of being on behalf of malawians. Nobody gave u that privelege.

    1. Puludzu says:

      open up your eyez man,indeed truth pains most

    2. Ameneyo says:

      The country will never develop with people of your thinking. It’s not about personalities but facts. When Kamuzu was terrorizing people, some people still supported his acts, when Bingu was taking the country to the dogs, again some people would rather support his actions, when Joyce was touring around the country wasting a lot of resources, still some people backed her errands. Now Peter is taking this country to the dogs people like you still support everything he does. If thought by now as Malawians we should have learnt big lessons and stopped taking sides for the sake of it. Very sad!!

  45. Andrew phiri says:

    Frustrated animals.

  46. pragmatic boy says:

    Mr Mtambo you are 100% right. Those who support this old man blindly will hate you but the truth remains the same.

  47. COYSON says:

    Kukama yoonda. when shall malawi will sing about gud leadership.its 50 yrs now. tikudikira malonjezo anu a prof

  48. malume says:

    the president is hypocrite as you have said and who is you? tell people.

  49. mbwiiye says:

    you can not talk things that can build malawi.

  50. Look who is calling kettle black—-ngati paMalawi pali ma hypocrites ndinu ma human rights groups
    Mwabweretsa mathanyula inu anthu oipa

  51. w.kawina says:

    this is what malawians know. they can not talk about devolopment or advising the president how malawi can do inorder to develop.what is our problem?tisanamizane kuti tingakhale ndi msogoleri yemwe angakhale 100%.yesu yekha ndi yemwe ali 100%

  52. Dausi says:

    Tinkanena anathela musiizi? uyu ndi nkhutukumve satilamulira ngati ndife amalawi, koma ngati ng’ombe zokoka ngolo zomwe umatchapula mumene ulukufunira. Chisumphi tapotananu tithandizeni, mutengeniso uyu. utsogoleri nanga ndichoncho?

  53. ujeni says:

    This is the worst nightmare to decend on Malawi, the next five years will be like Friday the 13th everyday. This presidency is a nightmare.

  54. The problem I see you in CHRR boss is lack of wisdom in addressing issues of National concern. He is pretending to possess moral right while uttering such rubbish on God’s chosen leader. I wonder if you can assist Malawi when you can easily be corrupted and promote demonic rights. I don’t see the truth in what ever you speak. A promoter of homo-sexuality can never be the best Judge for our Leader. Your integrity is impaired.



  56. Jose' says:

    Atumbuka, you really will stop at nothing to destroy a person. Nkhuku yanjiruttu siyimaswa mazira… Do u know that? Mtambo, Mwenefumbo, mwenemuharanya nvichi?

  57. mona says:

    Obela mavoti afe ndithu

  58. Bob says:

    If truth must be told the government is failing to put mechanisms in place to address economic woes in this country. Cashgate cases that might have helped to restore donor confidence have stalled. Tobacco markets are 5 months away. Malawians will suffer the hard way

  59. nkhedu says:

    hypocrite indeed this toothless bwampini

  60. Koma anthu kulimba mtima kwakwe,mpaka pamenepa,shaaaaaaa!

  61. ZEZE says:

    Well done Mtambo, this president is a failure, the nation is being run by people in hiding. this clueless president is only getting remote controlled. we malawians are not happy with your intimidatory thug style of leadership. I am compelled to doubt if you he is really a learned guy with good guts.
    The nation appreciates the role you play.

  62. Wake up says:

    CHRR are to be congratulated and supported for the constructive criticism it was made on President Mutharika.
    Indeed Malawi is now run by village idiots like Ben Phiri and the former Inspector of Police Makito. As a nation we are doomed with Mutharika being a drunkard and suffering from cancer, increasingly it is those who sarong him that are running the affairs of the country.

  63. MMalawi says:

    Professor of Law, paja law amangoloweza no thinking much!

  64. VYOTO says:


  65. Nyasa says:

    Northerners please secede. Malawians, can you imagine a Malawi without the Tumbukas? I can see a peaceful and stable Malawi after the secession of the North. Remember, peace and stability is the basic and necessary condition for economic development though it’s not a sufficient one. Truth hurts but I will still say it here. I know northerners cannot go for secession as we all know that a parasite does not leave its host voluntarily. If you think this is not true then answer this question: Why do you think northerners are advocating for federalism and not secession of the north?

  66. iyawm says:

    mtambo, is he not aTumbuka? I do not expect any respect of the president from most characters from the north of Malawi. Stupid!!

    1. tsetsefly says:

      Mr IYAWM or whatever they call you, What do you mean by respect? You mean we should still respect thieves? I am a Ngoni from Ntcheu but I have the brains to know that the president and his endangered wife made a mistake. So do not expect people to simply respect for the sake of it. By the way if he is your kinsman tell he bring more shame to the presidency that what has ever happened in this country. This why I said one time that this gogo is past the age of being a president hence the cluelessness we are seeing in him.

  67. Phodox says:

    Its you who is hypocritical. Why is it that when you are given highest positions in government you dont open your wider mouth as you are doing now. JB was in highest position shortly. A lot were said against her when she was the president for cashgate and other gates, but you did not say anything. Is it because it is Muthalika? You are useless guys. Just fight for total seccession for Nyika states not fedalism at all. You have to be free completely. Your friends south sudan did it why cant you do it here. This is because you are hypocritical. You are thinking of divorcing a wife while you are looking at her funduma or her matofotofo. Useless thinkers. who has chained you down. Here in phogomaland we fought for freedom through John Chilembwe. We are free and you can not intimidate us at all.think twice. A lot of things happened during JB when all the northerners were in the government nobody and nobody from south said anything until a vote displaced the female bakha that you relied who will never come back from her excile.
    Where were you when the following blanders were done by JB
    1. Maizegate
    3. Lake Malawi gate
    4. Devaluation gate
    5. Gate for promotion of chiefs unprofessionally
    6. Even cashgate came in light in presence of JB. What was your take. nothing. This was a total misconduct of the highest order that is still draging Malawi into poverty.
    7. How many human rights organizations were silenced by JB through public postions. Did you say anything?

    1. Ma battery a mlakho says:

      JB is from Zomba,a southerner not from the north idiot!

  68. Mhesha says:

    Timothy, you have just woken up and start waging unwarranted and unjustified war solely targeting the HE! Of late, we are actually reading your hate outbursts in the media, especially Nyasa Times solely directed at the president! You clearly know that the economy is small and relies much on local resources and donor aid and the donors are not forthcoming due to reasons better known to all of us. What we need together is how should we stop relying much of donor aid by giving suggestions. Malawi is for all of us.

  69. Alinafe Hanakho says:

    Naye Mtambo akufuna u board member akamupatsa akhala phee ngati kapito ndi mhone

  70. JAYJAY says:

    tinanena ife kuti simunthu uyu,koma zianthu osamva.mtundu wake nde wa aids zedi koma akukabakonso ndalama kaya kaya kaya…

  71. Sidix says:

    APM,the great or worst demagogue! eeeeee! What a proffessor! Ndasilira kuti nane andiphunzitse udimagogi wake.

  72. Nobel says:

    The true colours of the Muntharika’s DPP. Bingu started relatively on a good note though with alot of discontentiment hence ‘anasankha wolakwika’ thing. Realizing this, Bingu surprised many Malawians by portraying good statesmanship eventually winning peoples hearts. Came May 20 2014 Muntharika is controversiary made Malawi’s president with like Bingu, alot of discontentment from many Malawians. Contraly to his elder brother’s legacy Peter hired a lean Lhomwe cabinet, continues to walk away from his ppl instead of proving to them that he’s a good leader. Similary to Bingu, Peter is interfering with Nac to fund Mulakho activities etc. The conclusion is that APM proves to be worse than his predecessors if the current occurances and its timelines is anything to go by.

  73. Zayakunkhongo says:

    Atumbuka, muzichita comment za ma president a dziko lanu la viphya kaya mukuti nyika whatever. Musamalowelere za maiko aeni ake, bwanji kodi???kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

  74. Thumbwefu says:

    tiyeni nayo osamusiya ameneyo.

  75. Chigubu says:

    If you were not a Tumbuka I could have bought your point……..

  76. Wokoma atani says:

    I new this is what boys from nyika is better of. Only criticising APM. No appreciation at all. Yes like grand generation like current generation, or like forefathers like grand sons and daughters.

  77. ANALYST says:

    We, who wish(ed) this country well, warned of the dangers, threats and risks of choosing the DPP in the May 20 Tripartite Elections. The biggest challenge we encountered is what Atcheya Bakili Muluzi once said that “Malawians easily forget issues” -aMalawi sachedwa kuiwala zinthu! DPP had been “moved” out of government exactly 2 years before the elections, but Malawians had already forgotten the impunity that they had suffered from 2009 to 2012! Pano ndi izi….


  79. Mbanangwa says:

    Peter Muntharika has a mountain to climb! Everest !

  80. Kwa Nkando says:

    Dumba nganya. You have spoken the truth. What APM and Gertrude his wife have done is immoral and NAC has lost its credibility as the advocate of HIV/AIDS. For the past three years NAC has been rejecting our proposals to support our program to provide ARVs and nutrition to some infected members of staff on the reason that the have no funds. This tribal gathering and a launch for sweeping streets comes up and the find K14million somehow. How do you go to bed with that when you could have saved 22 lives. If you must know the K9million to Mulhako was spent on food, chibuku and logistics.. Every year they order gallons and gallons fo chibuku since when did NAC support that? After drinking their chibuku and conductinhg their obsence dances they go and have sex with each other passing more AIDS. Thank you NAC for spreading AIDS instead of fighting it. My plea to the Global Fund is to ask that this money be returned….. so that well desrving people can be assisted…. BEAM and MULHAKO shame on you.

  81. Chawezi says:

    Timothy Mtambo is a professed hater of the Mutharikas and DPP. He even promised to make sure that Mutharika doesnt enjoy his presidency. Meanwhile CHRR is only for People from Karonga. First boss was Owen Mwabulunju from Karonga, now with NICE. The second boss of CHRR was Undule Mwakasungula from Karonga as well, now preaching on Transworld Radio. Timothy Mtambo is the current boss of CHRR and he is also from Karonga. Timothy has also handpicked Patson Gondwe from Karonga as second in command and this Patson Gondwe is also from Karonga. The Communications officer for CHRR is Fletcher Simwaka also from Iponga in Karonga. They are mere haters and therefore they are biased.

    1. Ma battery a mlakho says:

      There nothing wrong here.Did you expecy a nepostic,arrogant and tribalistic mlomwe to be in CHRR and check on his nepostic,arrogant and tribalistic gogo APM?While he is enjoying the loot?That is not possible with the lomwes.The northerners are the ones feeling the pinch so just shut up and continue dancing” mutaberekela a pusi akufa!”

  82. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Apa Pali Mavuto,with APM as president its the same as having a stone,a dog,sheep,goat at statehouse

  83. wakukaya says:

    Zayambika mpakana Nac gate?Just within 6months?

  84. XXX says:

    Peter is crooked. By the way do you know that he is borrowing US$170m from Comesa Bank through the Reserve Bank to window dress the nose diving economy. The thing is that this loan will be used by the government and the Reserve Bank is just an agent/conduit. He uses the RBM because he does not want parliament and the general public to know as the gvt cannot borrow abroad without approval of parliament.

  85. Abiti Mtila says:

    Mtambo kufuna udindo mboma kumeneko! This is nonsense!

  86. jp says:

    Wow, we still have few SOS’s in the country who are fearless like this or he wants to be considered a post from President?
    I pray that he will be so solid like this bcoz from the look of things, we seems to be loosing men like similar minded in exchange to appointing authorities. Timva kuti a Mtambo awasankha kukhala adviser, or board chair, or gone to Embassy, monga ena achitira. Good luck Mr Mtambo,

  87. tsetsefly says:

    DPP boot lickers, can you please respond to the NAC allegation. Do not be silent on this issue the way you do not want the K92B issues discussed. So with DPP the more things change the more they remain the same. Once a thief always a thief. The problem with Malawi is the literacy rate and politicians have capitalised on this. If this country was a well read society I do not believe the citizens would have wasted thier time voting for this nonsense. While people are languishing with pain from HIV/AIDS, it pleased someone to milk away the little cash from NAC. Shame shame shame on you.

    1. Mhesha says:

      DPP guys are so smart Mfana…they cannot respond to this buckshit…APM will rules the country now up to….2024 Wooooo!!! Whether you want it or not. Come to will know what we mean when it comes to politics.

      1. Professor CJ says:

        You damn right! DPP being smart, really? They have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They can’ t believe that someone from NAC betrayed them. They can’t even come up a lie as they feel so stupid.

  88. Mafikizolo says:

    When you choose to be a hypocrite, make sure that you become a smart hypocrite . APM is way too stupid to be a successful hypocrite . Succeeding to buy the Maxon Mbenderas of this world does not mean that you can also buy the rest of the people in this country .

  89. Patriot says:

    I Prophecy a Pastoral Letter.
    Yes I can see a Pastoral Letter exposing the weaknesses of this clueless leadership.

    Oh…..God is showing also something…. I can see people…a lot of people on the streets carrying boards

    Wait…I can see…shooting of innoncent people.

  90. Kanyimbi says:

    Mr Mtambo everyone knows that your tribe is always against presidents from other regions. When Joyce Banda was in office she abused her office but you said nothing. Peter has been silent and people said they want him to speak. Now he calls the scribes to a gethering so that he should speak you have found fault.To hell with your CHHR. You hypocrites.

  91. CHAVULA says:


  92. dadaboma says:

    The fault is not APM. The fault is with all those who voted for him to become Malawi’s president. Did they not know that APM is not fit to be president? Did we not warn people against voting for APM? Zitsiru za kumwera zitivutitsa zedi. Sorry Malawi.

    1. Mirella K. says:

      My friend, are you serious? Did Malawians vote for him or by that u mean the courts?

  93. Chikopa says:

    Iwe wekha wa chrr sindikakukhulupilire olo pang’ono the way you behavour during elections you just continue were you left

  94. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Muntharika thinks God is a fool and cant punish him for his crookedness…wait and see his wrath is coming down on so quicker than you can imagine

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