CHRR brands Mutharika a ‘hypocrite of the highest order’

Malawi’s human rights group Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has described President Prof Peter Mutharika as a hypocrite of “highest order” if the first six months of his tenure are anything to go by.

President Mutharika : Branded a hypocrite

President Mutharika : Branded a hypocrite

Mtambo: Calls President Mutharika a hypocrite

Mtambo: Calls President Mutharika a hypocrite

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times on CHRR’s reaction to the current political and economic issues affecting the country, the watchdog’s executive director Timothy Mtambo indicated that the recent events which have  characterized the political scene  have  – to a greater extent – acted as an eye opener to the personality and character of the President .

“The President seems to be not only clueless in his leadership as observed by some quarters but also a hypocrite of highest order,” stated  the fearless Mtambo.

The CHRR boss cited the recent developments pertaining to National Aids Commission (NAC)  where the First Lady and government agencies have been cash-stripping  the organisation and the Presidential-media interface meeting as some of the few examples pointing to how hypocritical, unpredictable or unreliable President Mutharika has become.

CHRR said the  interference in NAC’s financial issues is a complete departure from the professed austerity measures path his government touted .

“ How do you explain a scenario where Mutharika’s leadership is preaching of launching a crusade to deal with cashgate while at the same time secretly involving itself in its own ‘NACgate’. There is no greater sign of hypocrisy than this,” added Mtambo.

Mtambo also observed that President Mutharika’s reaction to Table Mountain Declaration and Access to information legislation issues during the recent interface meeting with the media was also another indicator of how “hypocritical, untrusted and unreliable the President is.”

Stated the CHRR boss:“It was so provoking and disheartening not only to the media community but also the civil society and general public to hear the President expressing ignorance of the contents of the  access to information draft bill and also table mountain declaration.

“All this came against a background of tireless promises from the same government that there was a high level of political will to table and pass the bill in the forthcoming sitting after the failure to meet its earlier promise of tabling it in the previous parliament. Was all this just lip service? Does it really make sense that all the national consultations on the bill were being done without the President knowing the content of the documents? How could the President commit himself through the DPP manifesto things which he had no knowledge of? What does this speak of his leadership? If truth be told, what one can only see hear is rather a case of scape-goat, and of course a highest degree of hypocrisy.”

The rights campaigners said  Mutharika must be taken to task on the commitments he made on these two issues which are not only important to the media but also to the general public, the civil society inclusive.

CHRR criticism comes after law professor Danwood Chirwa accused Mutharika of displaying tendencies that he is the “worse demagogue “.

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King Stone

Mmmm a Mtambooo,palibe nkhani apa mphatso ndi mphatso basiii palibe chalakwika apa. Kodi akanakhala kuti abwana sanapereke ana ku Chiradzulu ndi ena akuthandiziwo akanalandira? Zinazi tazichitani manyaziiii. Kodi ndimayesa ananena kuti patsani ndipo kuzapatsidwa kwa inu? Zikuonetseratu kuti inutu mwaiwala. Ndikukulangizani kuti inuyo mukufunika mamasulidwe ndipo mupite kwa abusa anu akakupemphelereni. Chonde asiyeni a president athu ndi munthu wa chikondi.

Uthmaan Ndalasa Abdullah


austin sengeledo

I once commented on your face book page and i have recieved an email saying that i have won a price which i am supposed to get from dare-saram Tanzania,please i need an assurance from you whether it is true or not.

Novirhikana Kovahiwa

I am not surprised this coming from the organisation where the best qualification for a person to be employed there is where you are coming from, Karonga to be specific or any district from the North. If you are from other regions forget being employed at CHRR. All directors at CHRR since its formation have been from Karonga.

Mirella K.

And another shameless organization is YONECO ayayayaya all key positions belong to the pple from the north…too bad!


Alomwe ophunzira ndiye tilipo ochuluka koma sitipupuluma. Eee anthu ena mukumva kupweteka just for the sake of partisan politics osati subsatnce. Ndiye mumvadi kupweteka mpaka 2019 eeish imagine i was the one!


Mbuzi zozikonda inu a tumbuka. Mumafuna zonse zonona zikhale zanu basi.


Dear Mtambo,

So APM is a hypocrite while you Tumbukas are not. Okey you are not guys. But you must know that the Lomwes also would like to be the head of CHRR not only Tumbukas from one district Karonga. I mean the position of CHRR can not be rotated among the Tumbukas and Tongas and Nkhondes for all districts in north. You are useless Mtambo. Remove the sore from your eyes before you remove a sore from your comrades.

Tumbukas are fit to manage small public positions like CHRR not the highest presidential post of the land. If you go for feudalism south will draft the new strategy for you Nyikas until you will regret and say better still live in Egypt not here in the pormised land Jerusalem. Imagine south declaring that it will raising revenue for only its citizens in the feudal system. How many students from north are colleges? How many civil servants from north are working in highest positions? How many Northerners are in south who will be charged social services in all hospitals in… Read more »

no sense a mtambo mukufuna akutameni?


Typical Mtumbuka- very dull! Too busy criticizing instead of building the dead clueless north! Bloodsucking primates!

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