CHRR, CEDEP condemn child sexual abuse by gay man

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and the Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), have come out strongly to condemn the alleged sexual exploitation and abuse of a child by Lilongwe gay man, Kelvin Gonani.

Mtambo: Child sex exploitation unacceptable

Mtambo: Child sex exploitation unacceptable

It was reported that Gonani had been subjected to a homophobic beating in Lilongwe by some unknown assailants. However, an investigation by the two organizations reveals that contrary to the media reports, Gonani was not beaten because of his sexual orientation; rather he was beaten by some members of the Lilongwe gay community for offering his nephew for prostitution.

“CHRR and CEDEP would like to emphasise that the alleged sexual abuse and exploitation of the child in Gonani’s care is an extremely serious and worrisome accusation and it is crucial that this case is thoroughly and urgently investigated by relevant authorities”, reads a statement co-signed by the directors of the two institutions, Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence.

“Much as we are interested in the promotion of equal rights and social justice in Malawi, we at CHRR and CEDEP do not condone any sexual abuse of children. This is why we are calling for Mr. Gomani to be promptly investigated and, if it is established that he indeed sexually exploited the child, he must be prosecuted. Sexual abuse of children is not only illegal in this country but is also unacceptable and should not be condoned or go unpunished.”

The two organizations say that “sexual abuse of children is not only illegal in this country but is also unacceptable and should, therefore, not be condoned or go unpunished.”

CHRR and CEDEP, however, clarify that sexual abuse of children has nothing to do with gay rights.

“Gay rights concern consensual sex between adults. In other words, none of the people involved are below the legal age for having sex, and all of them agree to what they are doing. Forced sex (rape) and sex with children (defilement) both violate the sexual rights of the victim, whether the perpetrator is of the same or opposite sex as the victim,” reads the statement.

Furthermore, the organizations urge the Malawi society to do more to protect children from sexual abuse by adults, arguing that sexual abuse of children “is a sickness that still clings to our society like a malignant cancer despite widespread campaigns to end the practice.”

“Almost every day there are reports in the media of children being sexually abused by adults, often close relatives who are expected to give them love and protection and not to abuse them. While some of the offenders are brought to court to face legal action, the sickening reality is that many others go unpunished and continue to molest innocent children. There is no excuse for this appalling behaviour.

“As a people we must stop this sick behaviour in its tracks. It is completely unacceptable that innocent children should be turned into sex objects by shameless adults who cannot control their lust, which is why we call for stiffer penalties to be meted out to people who are found guilty of such acts.

CHRR and CEDEP then fault section 138(1) of the Penal Code, which excludes defilement of boy children, saying that this provision is one-sided and hence needs to be reviewed.

“We have said it in many different forums that the law in its current state is one-sided. While the maximum sentence for child sex abuse in the Penal Code of Malawi is a life imprisonment, the Penal Code has made the mistake of assuming that only girls can be victims of sexual abuse or defilement,” the organizations argue in their statement.

The said provision, section 138(1) of the Malawi Penal Code, reads: “Any person who unlawfully and carnally knows any girl under the age of thirteen years shall be guilty of a felony and shall be liable to imprisonment for life, with or without corporal punishment.”

According to CHRR and CEDEP, this section does not discuss the issue of sexual abuse of male children, making this country a virtual paradise for those who sexually abuse boy children.

The two organizations hope that government, and all relevant authorities, will take seriously the allegation of sexual abuse of the child in  Gonani’s care.

“The law must always place the safety of children as its priority. A child who has suffered sexual abuse is robbed of their life, their dignity and all opportunities of living a “normal” life,” reads the statement.

The two organizations also appeal to the Lilongwe District Social Welfare “to consider the best interest of this child and possibly reallocate him so as to protect him from further abuse and ensure that he receives the redress to which he is entitled.”

Gonani was beaten up last weekend by fellow gay men who were trying to protect the 9-year-old boy from being sexually exploited.

While praising them for rescuing the child, CHRR and CEDEP condemn the gay men who assaulted Gonani for taking the law into their own hands, saying mob justice is illegal in Malawi.

“If anyone has reason to believe that an individual has committed a crime, we encourage that individual to report to the nearest police station or relevant authority. No one has the right to lynch or abuse any suspected criminal. Every criminal suspect has a right to fair trial in a court of competent jurisdiction as enshrined in the Malawi Constitution,” say the two organizations.

Same-sex practices are illegal in Malawi under the Penal Code sections 153, 156, and 137A.

However, activists say these laws should be repealed because they fuel homophobia, they are against international human rights treaties to which Malawi is party to and above all they are unconstitutional, a stance opposed by a majority of Malawians.


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28 thoughts on “CHRR, CEDEP condemn child sexual abuse by gay man”

  1. Moses Makoko says:


  2. Khonde says:


  3. Maliseni says:


  4. Faariez says:

    Inu ndi zitsiru zotembeleredwa,This is the result of your cursed promotion of evil & dirty stinking gays,u and all gays should arrested instead.Before God you shall regret terribly for going against God in promoting what He has condemed.

  5. Samuel says:

    Just shut up you bunch of cursed people. Mwatikwana.

  6. Peter W Berlin says:

    These are games played by homosexuals. They want everyone to be one.In homosexual could not be bad but its consequences co be.Look here if Kelvin Gonani was not a gay, this could not have happened.
    God will confuse you gentlemen until you see light from the Creator.How many international organizations made their long and serious deliberation over the same. Even Virgin Palmer made her deliberation over this.Malawi is God fearing nation and He will not only fight for us but defeat our enemies, the Timothy Mtambos and the Virginia Palmers of this world.

  7. dalitso says:

    The gays who took the law into their hands are not above the law. That was an act of violence. It does not take two wrongs to make it right. I suggest that your two organizations should proceed to report those who were involved in that brutal act and police should handle all the cases fairly including if what is reported that Kelvin was introducing you his related minor to prostitutions.

  8. Mahefu says:

    Mr Mtambo I dont acctually understand you, do you say that for the sake of job or its serious? If it is job no problem but if not hell is waiting for you shame to you I dont think you come from north you are ashame to nort

  9. rodneyminika says:

    Mbole zachamawo mbuzi za anthu zimenezo zisakhuze malamuro a malawi ma gay siamalawi ayii ,zikawavuta zitumiza mavuto awo ku azungu,zopusa

  10. Manuel says:

    We demand an apology frm Mtambo&co. for demonizing Malawians in the eyes of international community that we assaulted this gay for just being homosexual.

  11. Washington Zoo Panda says:

    Sodomy is sodomy, its against nature, though God is love and merciful, he hates it

  12. Revesi Mbambo says:

    Mr Timothy Mtambo and Mr. Gift Trapence we told you that you are defending that which can not be defended. Dissuade these people from homosexuality to marry a woman and have children of their own for them to appreciate parenthood. Their parents grew up and chose the opposite sex in marriage, bore them to the ages they are but shamefully to choose to be gays.
    God’s given rights is for a man and woman to marry as He divinely directed in the garden of Eden.

  13. Chivute says:

    We have always said homosexuality is not an abnormality/defect but something learned or acquired. In this case, the batman is trying to recruit the child into his sinful world. Our children are not safe with these dogs around. Disgusting!

  14. Toad says:

    Nkhani yovuta kupereka maganizo. Nkhuteka ndimisara.akawayese ku chipatala bwa?

  15. King says:

    Chilipo akuzembera osati za mfanayi ai @ afuna awone ng@ adawa adawabandula kamba konyengesa kumatako, ngat kut adawona kukutuluka mwana

  16. Myles says:

    From reading the story,if Kelvin Gonani did try to pimp out his underage nephew,then that is his crime.How does his sexual orientation play any part in this?The fool writing the story only created the gay connection to attract more readers.He should be fired or disciplined for such cupidity.

  17. Myles says:

    Either Kelvin Gonani is gay or he is a paedophile,to be both is not possible.Paedophiles like to take sexual advantage of children.Gay people like gay people.
    What does some “almighty” something have to do in the real world?(Myao)

  18. The Analyst says:

    Iwe Mtambo ndi mzako Trumpet or Trumpence mitu yanu siigwira iai.

    Sadly, you have some followers here who cant see beyong their noses hence see nothing wrong with gayism as long as it does not affect them directly, they say.
    What you and your followers forget however, is that homosexuality goes beyond two-people’s dick-ass talk; as it is a culture, alongside which, are strange happenings.

    Imagine how painful it can be for parents to just realise that their boy-child is HIV positive at age 15, gotten from some shameless old gay-pig who happened to browse the boy’s hole at some point! As strange as it is, this is what legalisation of homosexuality shall bring us, a tendency to lust after young boys; as often, the younger the better.

    Trust me, winning many small battles is how a big war is won. Soon enough, we shall be forced (in the name of rights) to bless gay marriages in churches or mosques, and to change the entire school curriculum to recognise the existence of gay marriages et cetera.

    We have enough chaos in the society today and shall be no better with gay culture, as well.
    “Multiparty ndi nkhondo,” said Kamuzu; but gayism is more than nkhondo!

  19. GAY MAN says:


  20. Gonani says:

    A mtambo ndiye u gay mwanenepa nawotu. Ziphwisi za amuna azanu ukunenepetsani chonchi?

  21. tsetsefly says:

    CEDEP & CHRR and the rest of what you call gay community are foolish idoits promoting foolish practices. Mutu yanu imagwira ntchito anthu inu kapena you have white stuff in your brain similar to what dogs have? No body is going to smile at you stupid human like creatures. The confusing that is raging on tells me that most of you are always under influence of drugs and alcohol all the time.

  22. opportunist says:

    Babylon is now falling

  23. Myao says:


  24. Zina ukaona Kamba anga mwala ndithu. Malawians should we make ourselves busy with these gays and lasbians? We have big things to think of and solve. Our constitution is clear on gays and lesbians and we just need to respect it. Ban Ki Moon, please stop telling our beloved Malawi on what to do.

  25. Guantanamo says:

    kkkkkkkkiest!! When we say no to gayism, these r our fears. Malawi is still an illiterate country. Legalizing gays, some people will not understand. They will misinterpret it. They will misrepresent the facts. Western nations r highly developed. Its citizens r literate. They can make well informed choices and decisions. No need for human rights campaigners. It shouldn’t really concern me when 2 mature adults do it in the confinements of their bedrooms. Two foolish, consenting adults! Why shud I worry? But we r fearing for our kids. We have foreign tourists who will entice our kids with money and fall prey. As of now, let the law on gays remain as it is. We may review it after after 50 yrs, when Malawi literacy level will have improved

  26. Malawian says:

    Why rushing condemning the beating before having the true information. Dunderheads!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mbuya says:

    Chimene chija ndi chitsiru was saying was beaten coz iyeyo ndi wamathanyula by members of ve community dread ili mutu ma Rasta akufuna akuwonongeleni mbiri yanu forsake

  28. Myao says:

    That is how the almighty confuses his enemies, next it will sedepu & ZHRR fighting against each other (mwinanso kumenyanirana mahule), chiyambi cha mathero ichi!!

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