CHRR, Cedep query Malawi govt on water and electricity woes

The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development of People (Cedep) are expressing great shock with what they say continued silence and failure by the Malawi government to address the devastating problem of water and electricity crisis in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

CHRR and Cedep executive directors Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence: Cosigned the statement

CHRR and Cedep executive directors Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence: Cosigned the statement

The two cities have recently been hit by water shortage and intermitted power outages. For instance, for two weeks now residents of Blantyre are going without a drop of water from the tap, despite claims by the Blantyre Water Board that it is distributing water through bowsers.

The electricity blackout has become the order of the day especially in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe, and there seems to be no feasible, lasting solution to the problems.

In a joint statement signed by CHRR and Cedep executive directors Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence respectively, the two human rights groups say they recognize the unrelenting efforts exerted by consumer rights activists, the media and concerned members of the public on government and the relevant bodies to resolve the crisis “ but such attempts have failed to yield any feasible response from government,”

On January 13 during demonstrations) Civil Society organizations working in the realm of human rights, governance, health and HIV/AIDS presented a petition to President Peter Mutharika through the relevant officials in which amongst other issues were demands on government to address the water and electricity crisis especially in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

“But till to-date the CSOs and the general public have not got any response from government let alone a confirmation of receipt of the petition by OPC on all the pressing issues raised in the petition including those pertaining to water and electricity crisis,” the statement reads.

“More shocking has been government’s business as usual approach (as expressed in its continued silence and use of propaganda on issues of national importance) to the whole saga a scenario that has only managed to sow seeds of discontent and displeasure in the public who have all along waited for the leadership’s swift and robust response to the crisis which can arguably be said to be another national disaster requiring special and urgent response,” the rights campaigners pointed out.

The organizations say as they appreciate government’s dedication, attention and remarkable efforts bent at addressing the current flood disaster which has negatively affected the country, they also realize that government has the constitutional and human rights obligations to protect and promote the rights to water and sanitation.

United Nations General Assembly has since 2010, recognized the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation and the Human Rights Council reaffirmed this recognition .

“It is therefore premised on such that any possible excuse that government is too committed with the current flood disaster to the extent that it cannot have time to look at other issues of national importance like the current electricity and water problems have no legal and human rights justification or basis.

“The fact that government is currently engrossed in addressing the current flood disaster does not necessary mean it has to suspend all, other, operations or governments’ business.

“That’s the reason why there are ministries, departments created to address various specific issues of national importance just to ensure progressive development.”

CHRR and Cedep have since asked government to adhere to its constitutional and human rights obligations by urgently addressing the current water and electricity crisis and save the nation.

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47 thoughts on “CHRR, Cedep query Malawi govt on water and electricity woes”

  1. Hoitty says:

    These are things you should be fighting for CSOs because they are human rights. Water is life and this issue has affected a lot of us. I think BWB and ESCOM are trying to subbotage DPP govt. These problems started way before floods. During the two years of Joyce Banda blackouts were forgotten and water supply was at least acceptable. When Peter took over blackouts and dry taps came back. Dausi investigate with your intelligence team. Saboteurs at these institutions

  2. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Floods shouldn’t be an excuse for substandard services. This is 21st Century, yet Malawi is experiencing blackouts and water shortages like nobody’s business in this era. Some people are clapping hands for this mediocrity, not that they can’t see anything wrong with the government or the two institutions, but because they have blue instead of grey matter in their heads. The arguments about floods would have made sense if the blackouts and water shortage started after the floods. But these problems started just after APM took over power. JB tried her best to reduce these problems. Why can’t APM swallow his pride and meet JB to find out how she managed to do it? Thumbs up to the two CSO’s. I categorically refuse to be part of the blue praise singers. I will commend APM where he does right and equally rebuke him if wrong.

  3. RiseUpMalawi says:

    Lets rise up and hold demonstrations, water is free, yet when the water bill will come month end and we will a lot of money. The BWB and its government are full of shit, we should rise up against them this is not fair, I’d rather have no electricity than unclean water. WATER IS LIFE, we need it for our survival rot in hell Peter Mutharika and ur stupid administration!!!

  4. Malawian says:

    This press statement is very empty, it lacks the structure analysis of why things seems not to improve at ESCOM and BMW. The two NGOs can you take some time to find out from workers of these two institutions to learn more about their woos and there after you should open your mouths.

  5. Gunda Phiri Katsekaminga says:

    Escom iyambenso kugawa magetsi pa ma Electricity bowser.

  6. mcsosten chikwatula says:

    Angokupatsani boma mwezi umodzi ngati mungathe kulamulira. Chili kunzako, chigwire nyanga.

  7. mphwanye says:

    You guys What Have you done to address deforestation which has reduced infiltration and increased surface run-off leading to the floods? Chilichonse boma ?!

  8. prosper mbemba says:

    kodi agalu awa sanamve za ma floods? stupid

  9. Mobile. com says:

    Thump up CHRR and CEDEP.

  10. Alex Likoswe says:

    water is life and therefore a human rights issue. Only goats and their cronnies will dispute this call by CSO. Blind loyalty will not help Malawi. Chilima, you seem to talk tough. Where are you on this water issue Mr Reformer. Iam waiting for Shit kapito to shit at Blantyre water board.

  11. Phyuta says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Koma Makape awansooooo!!!!! When will you start complementing Government’s efforts ?

  12. Mendulo says:

    The concerned institutions have issued statements on the same and on power, the VP himself visited the damaged power station and made a statement. What more do these organisations want government to say? Right now govt has to do their best to address the problems affected by the flood disaster. Should they try to poke into each issue even if the concerned organisations are already doing something about the problems?

  13. joking samulani says:

    Im a leader of a CSO but I soberly look at what Timothy and his gay friend Trapence do as disturbing. These guys are not leaders but noise makers and fame seekers. I have never come across a lecture that reflect on what these gays or guys do. Its high time they go back to school and try a leadership course. As others rightly put it! We expected to hear them say something that comes from them as a contribution towards flood victims. These gays are cursed! What they only have is gay Money and no brains . How can a normal pair say stuff like that? Ufitiii chani?

  14. Jose' says:

    stuipid SCOs in the names of these stupid people. Anthu nopanda chitukuko, opanda nzeru opusa, opepera. trapence, usandichimwitse. STUPID

  15. Hebrews says:

    Are you consumer associations? You have failed with your matching now you have gone into Consumer? Heheheeeeeeee Mtambo sunati ufunse Undule Mwakasungula ndi m’bale wake Malubunju ali kuti lero! This is Malawi. There is no hurry in Africa

  16. fkr says:

    The government is a bunch of bafoons. They are failing to cone up with any plan to ensure marketing had enough power and water. This in country water rich! The natural resources are there and waiting but it takes thinking to organise things right and we keep electing inept people.

  17. mmihavani says:

    Instead of marching and your endless press releases can’t you go and help the victims of floods. You want to see president speaking every day instead of working to solve issues. Munazolowera amayi anu ankalankhula daily zopanda nzeru. Osawasatira amayi bwanji kumene athawirako.

  18. papa says:

    Ndiyetu DPP ndimpakana 30 years ikubwerayi.

  19. Kaphaizi says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm. Don’t expect anything better from BWB with people like Mavuto Chilipanthenga. He is the guy who was stealing with Andrew Thawe. Now he is busy sabotaging the acting CEO just because he is not an engineer. Mavuto and Thawe anthu oipa. Muzafa imfa yowawa

  20. Fathara says:


  21. Kanyimbi says:

    Mr Mtambo must the most stupid person in Malawi. Why can’t you ask ESCOM and Water Board to explain the problem to you? If we had a right to vote for death of someone, you could have received the most votes.

  22. mabwiti says:

    Tiziti chomwe chapangitsa vuto la magetsi ndi madzi simukuchidziwa pena musamapange zinthu kuti muzioneka ngati mashasha pankhani imeneyi palibe angagwirane nanu manja

  23. Jererome says:

    These people are useless. The gvt is buys assisting people who have been affected by these floods and these NGOs they are quite on the matter. I thought you are for human rights as per your claim . Why are you not coming out to assist such people who have been affected by these floods. Are you there just to blame gvt. Again looking at the nature of the situation that we having in this country of the floods its not gvt which has caused this . If you can check even the whole world is aware that we are experience these floods and they are coming to assist us and yet you no sense NGOs you are busy making stupid noise in steady of helping. You are there to help the gvt to find solutions and to help people on the these flood. I you can see the water shortage has been wasten by these heavy rains as well as electricity. You as NGOs what are you doing to resolve the water shortage and the blackout that the country is facing. Did you buy new generators for the water board and the Escom so that these issues a fixed. Before you ask your gvnt to do something for you think of what you can do to your gvnt. You NGOs you are many in this country but there is nothing to help the gvt on this issue of floods. You should to talking such nosense.

  24. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Mumukumbukira JB. Amayi anayetsetsa pa nkhani ya magetsi ndi madzi. Ma generator tinasiya kugwiritsa ntchito, pano tayambiranso.

  25. ujeni says:

    Dundder heads will not understand what the two organisation are saying. Achuluka ma bulutu in Malawi. Having flood disaster in some parts of the country does not mean ESCOM abd BWB should sit phwii and start watching relief organisations working. How dull and how far dull you Malawians are. Do you want to die of Ebola, thats how Ebola started in West Africa, slowly slowly Government service organisations stopped functioning properly. Cholera is coming yes but Ebola is knocking on the door in Blanytyre right now

  26. cnkhuto says:

    How many times water and electricity go into floods, displacement and death of our beloved brothers and sisters. Foolish CSO’s. If you talk about the national tragedy we will support you. Don’t give our govt unnecessary pressure. Haven’t you seen TVM news yesterday?

  27. Chingolopiya says:

    Timothy and Tranpence you might be staying in another nation for you not to appreciate what is hapening.

    We have had heavy rains that has caused misery to many Malawians and you have kept silence without asking your fellow gays to assist displaced people, now the aftremath of the heavy rains have affected utility providers and they are busy working to resolve the problem but in your poor sences you blame Government.

    you are only exposing your hetrade to the current government.

    Shame on you Mathanyulas….. Very soon you will be exposed……………???????

  28. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Without you two organisations Malawi will go back to the dogs. All those organisations which were standing and fighting for Malawi are now nepotism organisations they are towing tribal lines. KEEP IT UP

  29. Jelbin mk says:

    Next time Nyasatimes please publish these articles in these peoples language because they can’t understand the content of the article not a bit, the csos have highlighted the efforts by government in addressing the flood incident at the same time they have pointed out that it is not justifiable to use this as an excuse for not paying attention to other important matters of governance!!!!!! eishi koma umnuli akanati mbuli zonse tizitenge nunkataya mu lake Malawi ndikanalola because they are worthy dead already and the use of being alive is long overdue.

  30. Kadakwiza says:

    Is John Kapito still alive? Because now its a year since I heard about him. What I know is that this Kapito man talk too much. But now he is so quiet. What happened? Is he still in Malawi? But anyway let us discuss serious business here. Government must know that water is life. What am thinking is that government has no money to carry out maintenance of the water plants and pumps. Government must just come clean because the nation deserve to know the truth.

  31. Mtupatupa says:

    Malawi is a country with mountains an lots of water bodies whch leads to flash floods and yet wd are still starving for the same. Thanks to BWB and ESCOM for their efforts to restore water and power whch is life. How ever its high time we make use of the plenty water mountains and hills like Soche, Ndirande, Chiradzulu Mulanje and some of these rivers like Mnamadzi, Thuchira to bring water to where it can be used. If these mountains, hills and rivers can cause such floods and death, it simply means these mountains, hills and rivers have plenty of water in them. As we all say, “Water is life” same as power is, there is no way this country can develop without water and power! Above all city residents could be affected wth water born diseases whch would also destroy the small gains. Let BWB, see beyond Shire river and colaborate with SRWB and bring in water frm these other sources whch might also not require much power of pumping us is the case water frm Shire.

  32. yohane says:

    All govt depots are affected if you don’t know! Agriculture is currently estimating how much crops and livestcks are destroywed

  33. Patriot says:

    Musova kikikiki
    Mulungu wakwiya nanu. Mayesa mumabvomeleza ma results abodza analira nawo mbendera aja?
    Munya muziwanso, simunati…miliri ikubwera yina….cholera…..agalu inu.

  34. Suicide Bonza says:

    Indeed water is life and electrical energy is back bone of the economy. We all know the situation we are in but I thought you’ll be in the fore front to pen donors on how you want to assist your fellows? Trepansi mmalo modandaula aSena anzako akuvutika ndi madzi iwe koma kufuna magetsi 24hrs udzionera za mathanyula? Don’t hide in the name of fighting for minority muli inu mukufuna zinthuzo! Pen the donors and convince them that once you are funded you’ll assist in power generation for the welfare of minority mukunenayo, osamangokhala ndi ganizo lopempha boma pa chilichonse. Nawonso ma donor kumangopereka ndalama kwainu for ma query basio?

  35. Wizes says:

    Stupid NGOs, Foolish! Why not concentrate on the flood victims. I know why they are there to demonstrate basi and not help poor needful Malawians. !

  36. sapitwa says:

    Mr president please visit tedzani check the situation there.we are bathing water drawn from rivers.Mr president hire advisers on water and electricity please.these two orgs are relaxing too much this is unacceptable

  37. Ababa Thamangiwa. says:

    you guys are out of your minds. you have realised that you are irrelevant now you want to make noise just to be heard. Rubbish zanu mwamva!!!

  38. Mkwaso says:

    Don’t just query, please offer alternatives or solutions please. These CSO just want publicity and attention. They are saying anything new but the usual statements. Go to Nkula and Walkers ferry to appreciate the situation before issuing useless press statements.

  39. Tilibemau says:

    So you mean all these problems the NGO’s should just keep quite thats foolish thinking by unpartrotic malawians who are busy being given moneys to support the very stupid party with no hope for poor malawians.Enanu kodi are you staying in Mozambique that you can’t see all these problems facing malawians? Shame on you.The govt has no vision at all.The Kapitos have been given board chair position to silence them by the Mafia Party.This country is facing a lot of uncountless problems.Thanks SCO’s for giving pressure on the govt.

  40. Whatta pending, my concern is that this is just the start arain season!

  41. lalirani says:

    Government, government, government! Its time to move to the country sides, cities are and will no longer be good for habitation! Good or bad goverment, but more city unrest is coming!

  42. Big up Chrr and Cedep u r the only real CSOs after your friends have swallowed zimaburns. Continue speaking to the people.Water is life electricity is also life. Govt she not behind its head to floods.

    1. Mhesha says:

      You just praise ANYTHING?!…mhhh?

  43. KkkkkkkkK I thought you want to help flood victims kKkkk stupid you guys satanic people why don’t you talk single word on disasiter in our districts kkkkkk jealous muwonda nayo

  44. wadabwa says:

    You ppl r so foolish knowing that our beloved nation has been davistated with enormous floods and its not in the hands of our goverment. They are working through out the clock to restore power and water. So please look at cercumstances and situations before your nonsense

    1. powder says:

      they are no longer influencial, let them talk pano tidawatulukira kuti lakula ndi dyera ngosathandiza! akusowa job adya ciani pa town

  45. Nothing strange here for these organisations go as usual on the roads and match

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