Church cleric threatens to exhume body of Rose Chibambo

CCAP Livingstonia Synod general secretary Levi Nyondo has threatened the church would exhume the body of heroine and historic figure Rose Chibambo if government does not build her a mausoleum within a year.

Rose Chibambo's grandchildren praying after laying wreaths    during the burial of their grand mother-Pix By Joel Chirwa( Mana)

Rose Chibambo’s grandchildren praying after laying wreaths during the burial of their grand mother-Pix By Joel Chirwa( Mana)

Rev. Nyondo said this during the burial ceremony of Chibambo at a new Heroes Acre in Mzuzu.

He said the church was giving the government an ultimatum of one year from January 16, 2016 to maintain the place and construct her mausoleum or the church would exhume her body and rebury it at the church’s grave yard.

Nyondo said the new Heroes Acre was deserted and needed to be worked on to show that it was a Heroes Acre.

Vice president Saulos Chilima who represented President Peter Mutharika at the funeral ceremony did not comment on the ultimatum.

However, Jappie Mhango, minister of Information said in an interview the government does not recognise the new Heroes Acre which is behind Admarc offices in Mzuzu.

He said the government recognises only one Heroes Acre in Mzuzu where Chakufwa Chihana, another fierce and aggressive freedom fighter credited for multiparty democracy in Malawi, was buried.

Mhango said he has no knowledge that the government recently approved a new site as Heroes Acre.

There is also a state Heroes Acre in Lilongwe where the first head of state Kamuzu Banda was buried, just a stone’s throw from parliament building.

Chibambo, who was born in 1928, was in the first cabinet of Kamuzu Banda. She was also the first woman to sit on Nyasaland African Congress executive committee. Her picture is on Malawi’s K200 bank note.

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69 thoughts on “Church cleric threatens to exhume body of Rose Chibambo”

  1. Lisa Munthali says:

    Chikavu you are one dumb ignorant ingrid.

  2. ibrahim makwati says:

    alekeni amama apume munango zolowela kukanganila zinthu malire maliro mwatani kodi

  3. Chisomo says:

    The deceased s family should make a statement. Did he say that on their behalf or the church.

  4. Davido says:

    Nyondo nyondo kafukule basi ,,mwina mukhala ndi na 2hands ambiri

  5. sidix says:

    A Jappi! always refuting machine! Utesi na kutuka ndivo vako.!

  6. Chikavu says:

    Tumbukas and attitude, tribalism, regionalism, jealousy, envy, hate, self-centredness, pompousness ……….

  7. Nellyn says:

    Forgive this man.

  8. komsy says:

    asiyeni ndi abusa

  9. chicco says:

    That’s pastoral,there is no biblical verse where the church used force or ultimatum,abusawa nyondo alibe nzeru, he wants to make a hero out of a funeral.

  10. Benjamin lipenga says:

    Ampingo chonde malilowa musalowesepo ndale let her soul rest in peace.kulibwino mukafukuliletu

  11. anyauko says:

    koma mipingo inayi,zoti ingabweletse mtendere ndakayika

  12. November Rain says:

    Analyst @ 3, I salute you. That artistry is absolutely brilliant.

  13. zako says:

    But why always negative Nyondo????

  14. nanyondo says:

    nyondo is mad how can value dead bodies out of the many problems the country is face take it and bury at your church yard and she is going to wake up and thank you for your reburial.

  15. Gnice says:

    Am Presbyterian but dis northern Synod Eiisssh!

  16. mache Joy says:

    by force??? akanfukulemo

  17. Markmarkc says:

    kafukuleni basi ampingo!

  18. markmarkc says:

    kafukuleni basi!kasungeni ku Chalichiko!

  19. jonathan says:

    thats too much nyondo dont take advantage ifenso tzapanga ndale during ur own funeral

  20. jonathan says:

    kufuna kutamidwa pa gulu kut mumatha kulankhula! thats shit find a good time at the good place

  21. Euwil says:

    I was there. i have the entire service on record. I heard Nyondo speak. He said if government does not take care of the place.

  22. Mangaliso says:

    Nyondo, just to remind you that Bakili tried such threats before. He commanded Bingu regime to construct a Mausoleum for Chihana on an ultimatum but it never worked up until today. Don’t expect such an ultimatum to be honoured uzandifunse ngati zichitikedi. Idiot! why don’t you just shut up?

  23. Nakamaghi says:

    With due respect to Rev Dr Levi Nyondo, are we not asking too much from government at a time when the socioeconomic situation of our country is in a sorry state? Majority people cannot afford a meal a day and their per capita less than a dollar a day! Government is wary of the continued corruption going on in the distribution and sale of subsidized fertilizers in selling points and surely erecting a musoleum for Late Rose Chibambo cannot be a priority. Surely it does not make sense to have two Heroes Acre in the Northern Region. Have we explained to government why the place Late Chakufwa Chihana is buried if not fit to be called a Heroes Acre? Why should we Northerners subject ourselves to ridicule by guys from other regions merely for utterances of one person? Is the Synod the whole Northern Region? Have we consulted other church denominations for the stand the Synod has taken as stated during the burial of Late Rose Chibambo? Isn’t it time to bury the hatchet as Northerners and think nationally for the good of the whole country as opposed to the good of only our region as we as a people are interrelated? We are sick and tired of being called all sorts of unsavory names by our colleagues in other regions and we want to live in harmony with them all more so when our children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren are working in the other regions and not in the northern region only! If we can’t beat them them, then by heaven’s sake let’s join them!

  24. Mopia says:

    That is not the voice of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia but Nyondo who is busy campaigning for third term- 2016. Koma wa chimina. Nyondo analephere PhD ku Mzuni. Musataye nthawi ndi mbuli iyi

  25. Inu says:

    Let him reburry Chibambo’s body

  26. Mtebeti says:

    Clergy should not use the pulpit for threats. There is a time, a place and a manner for everything.
    Can someone make statues of our heroes? I am willing to contribute. City parks need such things for posterity’s sake.

  27. Bokotonyo says:

    Anyondo ife tatopa nanu.Siyani zachamba ndinuAbusa oxati za mapwala mukupangazo.U used to act well but now you want to mislead people,we don’t want that be a human whose wholeness is always preserved and not a beast which doesn’t even deserve integrity.Wise are those whose ears are open to hear the advice of others and the opposite is true.Be a fool to win more fans and mostly remember to work inconsistent with the duties of your position.

  28. mbuli67 says:

    And you continue calling that bunch of Danish a Reveland all my foot, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk diiii

  29. therere says:

    the government honored this lady and it is up to the relatives to do their part too,

  30. kk says:

    Amenewo ndiye Atumbuka. Mtundu wopanda ulemu, watsakho,wozikonda,wosayamika,wobela mayeso,Mzuzu corner,cashgaters. The list is endless. No wonder Kamuzu had nothing to do with these people. Looking at history I think these people were partially to blame for 1964 cabinet crisis because of arrogance. They were selective when awarding scholarships to Malawians. They believed to be very smarter than everybody yet one Chisiza guy who was a policeman in Tanganyika failed std 8 exams while the Chepemberes and Bwanawusi, none Tumbukas were graduates. Me I have got nothing to do with these northerners.

  31. Kanyimbi says:

    Kuzolowela kufukula manda. Muyaluka nazo izi.

  32. Hez not a man of God, he do things politicaly

  33. veronica says:

    nane ndin mtumbuka but mtumbuka munyane nyondo yai mwe. Nyondo ndi munthu wakujitemwa nadi. imwe a nyondo kasi pala mukuti kujichepeska mukung;anamula vichi. aaa yai alongosi pempahani mwankhalo chifukwa machitiro awo mukutilengeska.

    mukuona yai chalo umo chasuzgikia , wanthu njala. mbwenu mwati boma liyambe na mathinda. mmm kwali mwe. enya kumutumbika gogo withu rose tchiweme, kweni nanga ndiye rose wangatemwa yai na kuti wanthu wamulonde kumsano uko koz of njala.

    a nyondo ganizani bwino apa. set your priorities right. do not do do that at th expense of those who are alive and young.

    wanthu wakuchitipa are known for for humbleness but imwe yai kwali mwe. mukutilengeska anyondo chonde wezgaiko moto. ma showbiz agho ghativwirenge yai.

  34. blondie lomos says:

    Mipingo inayi ikusocheretsa anthu

  35. Nellyn says:

    Fellow Malawians is it not time we change heaping tons of earth on the grave during burial. I believe just enough earth is enough especially if we can adopt constructing our graves inside and close in the top with concrete that no one can break to steal the coffin or casket. The heaps of soil on top crash the coffin. I know the dead can not feel a thing but I believe we should change. In the developed countries cemeteries are usually flat and siren.

  36. Chisomo says:

    Preach Christ crucifixion and risen from the dead. Leave politics to Politicians.

  37. sober minded says:

    I really don’t know what some of my beloved CCAP leaders are high on. What cropped up on this guy’s mind to start issuing ultimatums to government? For some reasons the leadership of Livingstonia Synod, especially Nyondo, think that they own the northern region therefore stupidly assume that they have a moral duty to speak for it. What is the basis for this self-elevation? I would probably give a benefit of doubt if it were the Catholic leadership considering that it has the largest number of followers in the region. To the contrary the Catholic leadership only speaks when they have something important to comment on, and as a result we all pay attention to what they say. I’m really ashamed of our CCAP leaders, they are really a pathetic lot!

  38. Kanyimbi says:

    Koma uyu Nyondo ameneyi ndi machende ache basi.

  39. Chisomo says:

    Pastor be a role model of good morals. Of what benefit is a mausoleum to you and everyone else. As a Christian you know the soul goes to rest with the father or damnation. Some of these things are just ornamental. After a century the mausoleum would have been just a monument nobody will recognize it. Preach salvation hell is real. People are going to hell every day while men of God are busy with politics. Sad indeed.

  40. jacob says:

    penapake ma church anthu ayamba kusanduka ma NGO sopana.abusa mmalo mobweletsa reconciliatory massage mwayamba kufukula anthu akufa kumanda.bravo chilima posayankhapo kanthu

  41. Muropwana says:

    Most of Livingstonia Synod clerics have run out of spiritual morals, they are spiritual bankrupt. Akungofuna kusokeretsa nkhosa za Atate. They are full of arrogance and tribalism

  42. gwede says:

    Eeee by force!!!!!

  43. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:

    Ultumatum? Why? Was government wrong to accord her a state funeral? Let us all join hands to thank government for respecting late Hon. Chiwambo’s body. MHSRIP

  44. Zabwino says:

    Listening to late Rose Chibambo on one of the local radio stations on the day she was being buried, l agree that the History of Malawi has been distorted to suit those that are in power at any given time. Nothing is said of the likes of Charles Matinga, Andrew Mponda and others who also contributed a lot to this country. Yes Malawians have become lazy, they only want handouts. They want to receive money for not working for it. Can the government show the true Nyasaland that was there in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to write a true Malawian History?

  45. Peter says:

    What are northerners smoking?

  46. 2016 welcome says:

    Let them exhume the body after all how does that affect the living person. Kamuzu was far much better leader and we are yet to see a replica of his progressive leadership. Those who were against him were spoiled brats. The multiparty leadership has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Kamuzu was 100% right.

  47. Chigo says:

    ndiye kuti chani joppie ? how many heroes acres do you have in malawi?

  48. MaiMai says:

    This stupid Nyondo why threten government? ?? You can not just request politely? Us this really a pastor. Shame on this man! If you knew the church is decent and can build a mousoleum, why didn’t you do it right away? Rev. Should lead by example not full of arrogance.

  49. US Dollar says:

    Eee koma Nyondo mtumbuka ameneyu ndi oipa ntima ndi nkhope yomwe. Kukhalira mangawa, nkwiyo ndi nkhwizi moyo wake onse. Why giving ultimatums always ndi pa maliro pomwe. Akachoka pamenepo akukakangana ndi Nkhoma Synod then akakhala ku court ndi Chimwemwe Mhango. Is this Nyondo really a man of God. I doubt.

  50. Advisory Committee says:

    The church is wrong here

  51. Madala akazi says:

    CCAP Livingstonia Synod is a gang of senseless savages. Thats my conclusion after reading this piece.

  52. Advisory Committee says:

    The CCAp church should be sensitive in handling issues and pushing their agenda being militant will not assis us really but kukambirana

  53. Tufwe says:

    komaso atumbuka ndinu otani? ndiye mukafukula mtembowo mudya? cheap threats fro chicken brains. That’s why I regret being born from this tribe

  54. Francis Chilalika says:

    Government is correct this time around. How many Heroes’ Acres are we going to have in Malawi? Why was Rose not buried at the “official” Heroes’ Acres where Chakufwa is buried?..

  55. Manda C says:

    Anyondo mwanenazo ndizosamveka ai ndipo zopanda mzeru. Kodi anthu inu banja la a mutharika linakulakwilani ciani?
    Boma limakhala ndizambiri zocita mcifukwa zinazi zimalephereka kucitika ngakhale ena atapanga mapulani abwino.
    Poyankhula muziyankhula ngati anthu osogolera nkhosa zamulungu osati zomwe mwanenazo ai. Inu abusa amzanu atamwalira bwanji ena anamangiridwa ziliza zawo patapita kanthawi.
    Ine nzanu wakumpoto komkuno sindine wa dpp koma apa zanyanya

  56. Nazizwa says:

    The Good thing is that it’s all Northerners answering each other (Government not aware of heroes acre). Please don’t give pressure to government! Remember Kamuzu stayed without a mausoleum for years.

  57. Mr wise says:

    Are some of these reverends sane? Ultimatums on a burial day? What do these people really want? Pena atumbuka mukamatukwanidwa mumachita kuziputa zinthuzi! Whats wrong with you? If I was the one given the ultimatum I would choose to do the contrary just to show than I am man. Human nature! Stop being childish mr reverend. We respect you in most of your contributions but this is a big goof!!!!!

  58. chatonda Chibambo says:

    Silly Rev. Nyondo. Why cant he just tell the nation that is CCAP will build the mausoleum? Cna government do something because Levi Nyondo has said so? This is pure madness. If Nyondo wanted to be seen as the most concerned, then he is silly. You dont give government deadline. Please anu a NYACHUSA behave when speaking at public functions.

  59. Winford K Saka says:

    Rest In Peace Rose Chibambo

  60. Disappointed Participant says:

    Can someone tell Nyasatimes to reactivate the “Like” button and possibly consider introducing a “dislike” button. Am not sure about you colleagues and others but where I am (not in Malawi), I cant use the like button. It is unresponsive although visible. And nyasatimes didnt tell us why. Nyasatimes may wish to know that the “like” button is one of key features of any online platform which attracts comments (news, youtube, etc). And removing it is a big disimprovement on their part. An improvement would be introducing a “dislike” button not removing the “Like” button. We need to rate comments as we used to do. Some of us come here not to comment but just to rate the comments.

  61. Phoka says:


  62. Freedom Fighter says:

    Aaaa, a Nyondo inu, kodi chilembwe adamangiridwa mausoleum? She did a great job as far as fighting for the Malawi’s independence is concerned. I think you not mix emotions with straight thinking, Argh!!!!

  63. salador saan says:

    muzukhala ndi ulemu. pa malilo si nthawi yotokota kumapatsana ma ultimatum. tchalenji chani? panga exhume yakoyo wamva. demeti

  64. Sapitwa says:

    Has the government promised to build the mausoleum for Rose Chibambo? I see you the CCAP exhuming the remains and building the Mausoleum for the first time for one of your church members in the history of your church for I see the government not doing this. We will watch this space.

  65. Dada Gondwe says:

    Mulekeni ameneyo, ndiwakufa muuzimu, kwatsala nkusokeretsa anthu.

  66. Muropwana says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, thats spiritual bankraptcy at its best. Some Livingstonia Synod clerics need spiritual overhaul, they are full of arrogance, tribalism. Fellow christians, lets be alert with these mere philosophers whose agenda is to lead people of God astray. Ask Rev Chimwemwe Muhango, he has no kind words for them. Livingstonia synod can now be compared to axis of evil.

  67. The Analyst says:

    . . . Like the mysteries of thunder . . .
    . . . Its quite a wonder . . .
    . . . How some people can even harbour . . .
    . . . thoughts that far off into the wild, wander . . .
    . . . yet they are some church’s pastor and some house’s father . . .
    . . . thus expected to carry a heart so truer and a tongue so kinder . . .
    . . . that agents of peace among followers, they become, like Esau the black Mamba . . .
    . . . when he scores for Malawi’s victory that far off into another team, seemed to slowly yonder . . .
    . . . regardless of how scantly they are, in their number . . .
    . . . Just how do you expect the govt to react to this empty threat . . . ?
    . . . that you thoughtlessly give like a leash on your dog pet . . . ?
    . . . Who doesn’t know, but a man wearing a lizard mind . . .
    . . . that a lot of pleasure, people usually find . . .
    . . . in acting to the contrary when challenged by rats, cockroaches and some of such kind . . .
    . . . You better start looking for a place, for your face to hide . . .
    Coz these lunatics and zombies, you are giving ultimatums to, will; with great pleasure sit back and look at you; and check on you again after a year.

    Let sorrow, or love or excitement not rob us of our ability to reason and give sensible demands and promises.

  68. hambakalhe says:

    I think Livingston’s Synod leadership does not learn! The leadership is combatant in its approach and one would wonder if the Synod is a church or a political pressure group! The funeral arrangements were a family and state affair and the Synod wants to poke its stinking noise into everything! Actually all the negatives been talked about the northerners is due to the Synod which thinks all northerners are CCAP

  69. Joseph Chagoma says:

    Malawi will never cease to be the Land of Deadlines. So this cleric assumes Government has money for the mausoleum? Even if it delays, there is no problem. Why should Government be busy decorating the dead when a lot of Malawians are living in untold poverty? If Government fails to meet Nyondo’s deadline, he and his synod should build the mausoleum. After all she was a heroine for all Malawians including the church.

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