Circus at State House: Ben Phiri resigns, President rebuts

After Ben Phiri, President Peter Mutharika’s longest serving aide and right-hand man, announced through the media his resignation Tuesday,  President Peter Mutharika has issued a rebuttal firmly insisting his ‘Special Aide’ remains at State House.ben letter

Ben Phiri: State House 'special' aide to President: Mind boggling wealth

Ben Phiri: State House ‘special’ aide to President: Mind boggling wealth

Mutharika speaking through a presidential press secretary Gerald Viola said Phiri remains a special aide .

Phiri told local media including Zodiak radio that he had resigned to “pave way for investigations” following accusations that he was accumulating unexplained wealth through wrongful ventures.

A letter of resignation puportedly written by Phiri (also published in this article) shows  resignation will be  with effect from June 1, ‘2105.’

He said his decision to resign was made to safeguard the President from undue attacks from his (Phiri) detractors.

The presidential aide said his move was also aimed at creating an opportunity for investigations into allegations that he abused his proximity to the presidency to amass wealth.

“The fact that I have left the office of the President gives a chance for anybody to commence investigations into these allegations without hindrance,” he said.

“I wish to call upon all those that have been making allegations against me to now seize this as an opportunity to prove themselves,”he said.

“It is not fair, for instance, for someone to call the state president a puppet just because of me,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, State House said Phiri resignation is not official.

Viola told state broadcaster MBC that Phiri has not tendered his resignation.

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205 thoughts on “Circus at State House: Ben Phiri resigns, President rebuts”

  1. kygon says:

    man kapumeni bwino

  2. simunati says:

    A Ntata ndi a mzanu a nsanje munyera magazi a mafinya nsanje basi ndi a malawi anzanu iwo zisamawayendere koma inu. What are you doing in UK wosokoneza iwe. Mchira wako. Busy fighting a smart guy. Are you a credible barrister or is just lip service: Does the post of the prime minister exist in Malawi? A Ntatatu zikuoneka kuti school sinakupindulireni, Just go back to lab uzikayeza manyi.

  3. Kumbukani says:

    Abale English in an official document like this one kungokhala ngati yalembedwa ndi primary school drop out! Can Ben Phiri confirm this letter is the one he indeed wrote? In this country our official language is English, tiziti this is the kind of English that Ben Phiri uses when dealing with high ranking dignitaries at state house? Shame! I think his resignation is a blessing in disguise. We cannot afford to continue having him as Special Advisor and Assistant to the entire president with this English as if this was a French speaking country!!!!!

  4. Mr Phade says:

    Koma zilikoliko

  5. Farooq umar says:

    Is this english for a personal assistant to a state president of the republic of Malawi or standard 3 student? Malawi ntchito kulembana pa chibale vuto lalikulu kwambiri.

  6. tuvitwana says:


  7. I don’t hate any human being & I don’t have anything against this guy BUT it’s for the better if this guy can resign cos all the cries about him cannot just be ignored. 99% of the time when there is smoke only 1% of the time that you can find smoke without fire so I think it’s better even Mutharika himself must let the guy loose now. My greatest worry is that the guy knows too much about the incumbent president so he will be scared that he can spill the beans. You know in African politics there is always shady dealings so there people who know too much in the end they tend to have a hold on the leader. What do you think my country mates????????

  8. fkr says:

    sorry the English used in his letter showsI how poorly educated he is. it’s no wonder the country is in a mess. how does a full professor hire this person as his special aide or is there more to what needs the eye. “special” aide to me sounds like he gives Peter more than verbal advice. The world poorest country….yes I can now see why

  9. Akatswiri says:

    Shaa 2105 1st June?

  10. Mwana wa kwa Inkosi Bvumbwe says:

    “Effect 21st June 2105”. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Pa Malawi!

  11. prof ziki says:

    Hey read between lines. He is saying he is not resigning! Look at the date 2105. He is resigning after 90 full years! kikiki

  12. WIN.B says:

    guys dat man u call BP is a graduate…. i love how thingz fall apart wen yu fight with ppo of God… muona zambiri zaka ziwiri zoyambirirazi simunati….mark my words for this is a prophecy….ndipatseni list ya anthu onse omwe achita resign mzipani mwawo.

  13. makwinjaishmael says:

    Dificult to understand,2105?????, nde lit limenelo?,Simpakana yesu adzakhala atabwera.

  14. Jimmy juga says:

    Nsanje pa Malawi uyu ayi koma ine mtima wachabe Ben why resigning ure a role model to the youth.Andale atha kutikhulupilila titagwira ntchito mozipeleka ndi kukhulupilika. Never be a coward amalawi ntchito zao ndikutsitsa amene ali mwamba.Asiye azilankhula azatopa okha.A malawi akuziwa PM si puppet is in control of the country.ndipo siwe PM asiy atokote adzasiya okha.munthu amene wadalisidwa palibe angalande.

  15. willard Thipa says:

    Ben there is a reason behind the move, there is more big Lions who want to make the president to fail,since you are there they have failed, please we don’t want the president to be the failure we have started very clean,do not resign,mr president do not accept the resignation,

  16. Hestings says:

    Guys,look!the President is refusing the regnisinatin,why?What agreement do these pipo have?I think continuing cashgate.Anthu wopanda mano.eeeeesh!

  17. wangawanga says:

    Kodi iwe Ben umaona ngati ife a malawi ndife zitsiru? ndatsimikizadi kuti ukutilamula ndiwe petro ndiwaturo…ungamauze dziko zopusa zako za 2105 zo….and ngati APM sangakwiye ndi kalatayi then he is stupid not fit to be President of this country

  18. angoni says:

    Imeneyo ndiye timati kutakata bawo. pa mmawa akapala ali paja ndinkafuna kusiyatu ine

  19. Patriot says:

    He will resign in 2105???
    Chitsiru cha munthu.
    Akupitiliza pa K92 billion ija.


    Some people are lucky indeed! Look at the poorly worded letter attached, yet he was a senior advisor and assistant to the president of the country. Za Chilomwe-lomwe eee! No wonder anthu akutokotadi kuti ntchito akungopatsana pa chiweni-weni.

  21. vilimmwera says:

    assuming he dies today, will it still stand that he resigned with effect from june 1? bambo mukanalemba kalatayi pa june 1 pomwepo. why at such short notice? mwaululidwa, ndibwino kuchita resign than kuchotsedwa, gentleman’s leave or departure to save face

  22. vilimmwera says:

    by the way what is his qualifications to be peter’s adviser? i dont think he was an advisor, i would call him personal informant to the president

  23. vilimmwera says:

    he has not resigned but will resign on june 1, in other words he may not even resign since his resignation letter is stil with him and not even intransit to peter

  24. peter says:

    Remember that he was not working as apolitician as these greedy politicians we know,they just hate him coz he tells Mr President the truth,amalawi tizasiya liti dyela?

  25. Phodogoma says:

    Please wait till 2105 when Ben will resign not now. Read the letter and understand its contents

  26. Kadzibwa says:

    Wadyelera mokwana,mlekeni awusumane.

  27. Mtukula says:

    This resignation is not a reality now. It will be in 90yrs to come. He has said he will resign on 1 June 2105. Its a joke, no issue to respond.

  28. Malawi says:

    Thanks for planting that seed of resignation. You have declared it and let it be so. We will continue to help u declare ur desire of ur heart until it comes to pass.

  29. Denguzman. says:

    Welcome Ben, there’s stl life outside state house.

  30. Chester Mzuni says:

    The letter is not well written. Where did this chap go to school?

  31. hush button says:

    Zamdziko izi zachabechabe zisiyeni ndizotsala

  32. chapita says:

    leave Ben alone. the reason most of you including ntata hate him is because you all want to be him. he has resigned and thats final decision.

  33. BEATON NANTAPA says:


  34. ankhoma says:

    this guy knows all the secrets off dpp.he will not be allowed to stay out of the party. mark my word.

  35. Prophet Knox says:

    Inu First Lady Naphiri Wasiya Kulowelera Za Chipani Komanso Boma,Amuna Ake Akana .Ine Ndikumumvesesa Nkhoswe Violayu.Ndatukwana Ngati?

  36. bwidzedze says:

    A Ben mutu ngati bembelezi..

  37. Let Mr Phiri resign. Alot has been said about his character and if somebody to add something he is just waisting his/her time. Nvomeleni Mwina Tinganveko Zina

  38. ALOMWE says:


  39. Patrickseyama says:

    ayi malawi watsopano tamva nawo,

  40. apundi says says:

    mukamuseche ameneyo asanachoke, ndiye kuti mchaka cha 2105 pitala akhala ali ku state house. kkkkkkkkkkkkk, cash gaters

  41. mbwiye says:

    Akukuakulu Ben Phiri has not resigned. In his letter he has honestly indicated that there are 90 years for him to serve in DPP government as an advisor. Do not think that by writing 2105 it was a mistake. This is politics at its best. A person Pursuing a Doctrate can not fail to write 2015. kkkkk

  42. goliyati petulo says:

    @ Juan Miguel comment 92…ndiwe wozelezeka. Nanu a Nyasa comments from imbeciles like this one why publish them? Ukufuna kutiuza kuti akwa goliyati onse alowe ntchito because Mathanyula ndi president? By the way ndi alomwe angati amene anapita ku school? 90% are illiterates of a sorry state and you say they should be employed..wat job will they be doing? Kumakangonyera ku ma ofesi? You are very stupid wandikwiitsa kwambiri. Poti Mathanyula ndi president ndiye alomwe nonse muzingoti nyooomi, you must be very stupid. M’bale wao ndi president my foot, where was this imbecile when people were fighting the one-party rule? Tinkakudziwani inu? Shuttuuup!!!

  43. neutral lady says:

    its sad how Malawians feed on gossip. Malawian have gossip for breakfast, gossip for lunch and another big session of gossip over dinner.
    ife tinaziona, tinazigwira but we came out alive and much stronger.
    ife akumpotofe khaya ndi boma liti lingazatikonde? achimwenenso a Ben paja ndi akuZomba . i think wina wakaphulitsa bodza. koma dziwani kuti mfiti zizafanso.

  44. fk Banda says:

    Resignation date Che Ben hhhhh

  45. Chindazi says:

    I liked this guy so much,,,,,, Mr. President you will not find a replacement like him…. nsanje basi iwe Allan Ntata…. umafuna ukhalepo ndiwe….. unadya kale 92 billion ndi Bingu….. and when Bingu died you run away and shown your a*** after Peter won. You wanted favours from Peter but him does not want to associate with you Allan.

  46. Chengolopiyo says:

    Now poti amayendetsa bomali with full of mistakes ndiiyeyu, nanga a Petulo ziwathera bwanji tsopano because m’mutu mulibe chilichonse? Ayithawa state house ili khale kkkk

  47. ndatero ine says:

    Wakuba ndi wakuba basi
    Bola amalawi adziwa zoona zake pitilizani kutetezana
    Kalulu akabisala pa chisamba……. Uyisova mzee

  48. Viva Ben Phiri Ena Mdziko Muno Ndma Ref Mpira satha ife tonse kuno misanjo tingot ovilera

  49. Chengolopiyo says:

    If the whole of state house fails to differentiate between 2015 and 2105 and nobody from president to cleaner failed to see this, eeeish Malawians ran for your dear life the country is being ran by imbeciles!!!! With these type of people in government, how is this country going to survive. They don’t know anything. Even a standard 3 child can educate them.

    1. Hoitty says:

      Such mistakes are common at state house. Have you already forgotten the confusion of a dollar sign and figure 8 in asset declaration. We now know who wrote that declaration. Fond of making mistakes and no proof reading

  50. Mwanna says:

    Dont worry Mr Ben, nsanje ndiye yakula pa Malawi, you are worthy to be a Special Assistant to the President, let them investigate whilst you are in office. Dont fear for the unknown please. The allegations are non other than cashgate. You did your good job assisting the President at Ngara.

  51. Nanga mwayankhulitsana naye pa air ndindani amaliwongonu? Nanga ameneyonso ndi wina amene wapanganso forge his phone number ndi voice yake?

  52. Mathanyula Petulo says:

    DPP simunasinthebe khalidwe lomalemba fake letters? You wrote a suicide note claiming it was Chasowa’s now this?? You are taking Malawians for granted, you think we are fools? Wait until we put this government on fire!!! You will then be able to write a real letter, fools.

  53. Frankois says:

    Yes the date may be wrong but what of his (Ben Phiri) interview on Zbs is it also fake Cyrus Mwenenyimbiri? The fact is let’s wait as the whole events unfold to me I think there has been a lot of allegation s on him which have many times proved right so this is his opportunity to clean himself and prove to the nation that all was lies from his detractors otherwise it’s gimmick

  54. Pitala says:

    Ben wandipweteka, wanikoma why so early mzala mesa umandithandiza kusolola ndiponso mwendo umandipasa apa ndatha basi asaaaaaaa dziko lilibe pabwino ili.

  55. Mwana wa Dorothy says:

    I side with u Ben zoona apresident kunenedwa puppet because of you? see me lets just do business. keep on being a hard and dedicated being wishing u the best.

  56. Mwanna says:

    These are the works of Ntata, the frustrated guy. Ben cannot resign in that way. This is cooked story indeed.

  57. MABUMBU says:

    A Ben Nanu phozi pa photo

    Amatero ngati muli mchimbuzi ???

    Zabwera mochedwa eeeti v???

  58. P. Y.Zuda says:

    There is special in Ben,and Peter knows better!!!

  59. Nyambitoni says:

    Are people dumb not to notice that this is all staged? Malawians will never cease to amaze me. Nsanje tho,I like Pastor Salanje’s approach towards lazy and jealous Malawians

  60. nthandalanda says:

    Inu a Cyrus mwenemyimbiri, how do You rate Ben. Sanapite kusukulutu! You Will be disappointed If You Google his profile. Open up Your eyes!

  61. Mwamudioma says:

    This letter is un professionally done and obviously not from somebody knowledgeable and from the State House as Beni Phiri.One big error is that the purportedly Beni Phiri can not fail to address the President as ‘Your Excellency’. This is a fallacy.


  63. Kondwani Obetha says:

    I am not supporting the motion…Ben iz frm far with why tody?ben plz Dont we need strong pple lyk u in thi country

  64. Chibanja tv says:

    Going through this whole saga chibanja Tv has established that this is fake and is the work of Bright Malopa and Allan Ntata who are not sleeping well with this gentleman. Ben Phiri is smart in all his dealings and don’t like confrotation type of behaviour.

    Guys, look at Malopa he built a house at Chapima heights worth millions of kwachas, where did he got the money ? were he investigated before the house was put on auction by NBS? These are the acts of evil minds towards others not to progress and could not be tolerated otherwise it will destroy Malawi of today.

  65. Tatyata says:

    Zitayeni izi ndi za akambelembere kufuna kuyipitsa mbiri ya munthu-mutalephera kumumenya ku mt soche

  66. Samuel Lwara. says:

    There is no confidentiality within the state house here in Malawi. There is need to intensify some security measures to safe guard vital intelligence. And people responsible should undergo total scrutiny based on merits and age before given responsibilities. In such a case, Ben Phiri was never ever employed by the state house and therefore has not resigned until the nation is informed about his job description and to whom is he handing over his office if indeed it exist. Otherwise “pa Malawi pano pasanduka pa manda popanda chiliza”.

  67. fleshly says:

    This is a deliberate move, this guy has stolen money and this move helps them to lay low as they are planning to use the money sometime later or now through “legal investments”

  68. The Most Concerned says:

    Nthawi yake,musiyeni adye $.

  69. mbindinga says:

    Ben can u school us on this leta.Who wrote it?

  70. truevoter says:

    Ambuye mwachokera kutali piliranibe mafunde sagonera.

  71. Kavuluvulu says:

    Even if he resigns what effect will that bring to the development of Malawi ?A Malawi ,tikutaya nthawi ndi zinthu zoti sizingatithandize ata !

  72. Vizala Nkhata says:

    This letter is really a faked one, it does not have the state house logo etc, he just wants to get the reaction from the public. This is similar to what they doing with the MSB saga where they are cheating the nation that they are selling Mullis property later the court intervenes with a court order. Who are they cheating???????/

  73. tiwonge says:

    Idiot who are you cheating?Resigning in 2105.

  74. Jelbin mk says:

    Such a stupid publicity stunt,this nonsense should stop,the DPP led government is always busy trying to divert people’s attention from crucial issue crippling the country on every day basis as on Ben phiri’s wealth he should explain it as to how he amassed such an obscene figures within a year of service at the state house failing which charges of money laundering should be levelled against him.

  75. Chindazi says:


  76. Sounds like a calculated move just like the Mulli/MBS saga? Anyway, mmene ndikuonera it will be very risky for APM to let BP leave coz he is surrounded by people who don’t wholly love him and the nation. Most of them are pure opportunists. Bola Beniyo may at least and at times advise him objectively coz of their long term relationship bearing in mind that the fall of one may lead to the fall of both. At the same time it will be good for the president to let him go and test the depth of loyalty and faithfulness of the others and the ministers. As somebody has alluded to the recent presidents have lost opportune time to do the needful for the country by surrounding themselves with useless kids like Kasambara, Mtata, Chikumbutso, Wadi, Zikhale at the expense of developing the country. Izi ndizibwana za mchombo lende and we are made to worst our time on this instead of concentrating our energies for something better for the nation? I cry for my mother Malawi. We need serious leadership with passion to develop the nation not individuals

  77. jakata says:

    Looking for public sympathy

  78. anachanza says:

    Inu munawona kuti akulemba kalata yosiya ntchito pa nyasatimes bwana ake asanaziwe. Anamulemba ndi a nyasawo

  79. commentator says:

    This is what it is a psychological trick, a manipulation of public opinion, abuse of the media. It is well thought-out trickery.

  80. Lowinzie Sibande says:

    If this is true, then one, Allan Z. Ntata accomplishes his vengeance in style against DPP. He hated Ben Phiri most. He has won part-one of the battle. Lets wait for part-two.

  81. Insight says:

    Anthu otembereredwa inu..anthu otembereredwa inu (Billy Kaunda)

  82. Karonga Boy says:

    Pliz Don’t Bother Our Mind Sirs!Mukuziwana,take All The Time To Enrich Yourself Do Anything You Want There At The Statehouse,but Our God Is Not Asleep He Will Visit Us In Due Time.

  83. fomboni al hilal says:

    Apa pali kanema wa ma mafia wina wake akusewera ina yake. Iyi ndiyongofuna kuwadziwitsa anthu kuti azindikile kuti a president sangalole kuti iye achoke. Nanga munthu ungapange resign pokanena pa wailesi pamene ku tnchito sunapange? na ilo ndi Boza.

  84. arkmm says:

    koma mmalawi Amwene, mmalawi sazatheka ndithu. chifukwa chozolowera umphawi plus umbuli, we are always happy tikamaona mzathu akuvutika basi. when one is working hard for himself, feeding his family mitima imangokhala dyokodyoko kufunitsitsa atakumana ndi tsoka linalake, speculating he or she is stealing somewhere. eisshh!!!!! guys lets change our outlook, seriously. lets be proud for ourselves by working really hard, and lets love others when things are working for them. most of us lose our previous time scheming bad for our friends. even in our work places, there’s always speculations, aaah Uyu akuvina ndi abwana koneka ampanga promote, ahh Uyu amaba ndalama za company koneka wamanga nyumba etc. worse still, most of us are good listeners to gossip and speculations, eeiisssshh this malaawi thing is rotten to the core. I know a bunch of guys, led by Ntata aren’t happy that Ben Phiri is working. I don’t know where phiri met apm and I don’t know him personally but what I know is that Ben is working as special assistant to the president and that the president is satisfied with and approves of what Ben does. koma ena mitima Ili psuuuu kufuna kuti Ben achosedwe ntchito azikavutika ngati iwowo. this letter was written or was inspired by one Allan Ntata, sangakanenso

  85. mtubuka 1 says:

    I’m also appealing to the donors wherever they are to please tighten the lid on the aid! It does not make sense to to give aid to a country for 50years but ordinary people (voters) gets poor and poorer and no public services while these politicians share the aid amongst themselves. I hope one of the donors will be able to read this please put your aid to good use in other countries and not wasting it on this dpp useless govt which is ran as a family entity ie it’s the govt for the lomwe people and by the lomwe people. The Goodall gondwe guy also has no clue he goes into parliament to only sugar coat the so called budget speech that won’t benefit the poor but squeezes them. To hell with mutharika,ben phiri,the whole dpp govt with all it’s mafias.. Peter masumbi yako. Mxiii.

  86. Oh! says:

    NTATA 1
    BEN 0

  87. Substone zabvuta says:

    Kkkkk zayambika

  88. Shams says:

    Inu musatione kupusa mukamakhala otitsogolera anthufe mukumva, modi mumaganiza ngati tikakhala pansi panu ndiye kuti Mulungu samatikonda? Ayi zonse akudziwa ndi mwini tsogolo la dzikoli, koma chilichonse chimayamba ndikutha less than single second.

  89. Akatswiri says:

    if it is true why Ben?let them talk, such is life.

  90. Leoplant says:

    Bravo Ben phiri, resign in 2105..serve our president to the best ability…osafuna asiye

  91. MP says:

    Since Daily Times has also written this, then it is true. The even interviewed Ben Phiri to confirm.

  92. Bingu Muluzi says:

    Uyu APM mutu suyenda bwino, i am beginning to believe kuti ndi Homo ndithu. He cannot cling to this Ben Boy like this. There must be some sexual emotions involved

  93. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

    Now I know the reason why Malawi is poor. Some Malawians are mentally starved (poor). Evidence is in their comments about the date on Ben’s letter. In Malawi date is written like this: Day/Month/Year and not the Chinese way e.g. Year/month/day or the American way e.g. Month/Day/Year. Ben’s date is 25.05.15=25th May 2015. And sadly people are failing to logically see this. I agree with everybody who says Malawi will never develop. I now know the reason why.

  94. Patriotic says:

    Kkkkkkkk something fishy here
    Looks like State House has been taken unawares and it’s typical like Paul Kanyama issue where an officer goes public on resignation without discussing with the appointing authority. This is unprofessional and not fit State House staff. Coming to this letter it certainly looks fake. No way can any public servant address the President as Sir when writing to him and communication can’t be through a letter but a memorandum. But how do we reconcile this seemingly fake letter with the voice interview Ben gave to Gabriel Kamlomo of Zodiak? Something is not adding up here.

  95. bookwormer says:

    What Ben phiri wants to show is that peter can’t do without him hence his refusal to accept his resignation. He has proved a point to his detractors .

  96. thinktankmalawi says:

    He is at it again..attention seeking..faking resignation ..and like he faked his own kidnapping sometime back

  97. Ntchona says:

    We should learn to be honourable and I think this Ben guy should show african politician how it is done. You can’t continue business as as usual when there are serious allegations. This is how public officials should behave and he has set himself high standards as a gentleman regardless of the outcome of the investigation

  98. chaiwone wawo says:

    Ngati zafika poti a pulezident mkumamulilira Ben Phiri kuti asachoke then perhaps it is true that Ben manipulates the president to the extent that the president feels so powerless without him. Too bad

  99. Charter says:

    This letter could just be organized machinations of Phiri himself and his subject (the president). I have my doubts that Phiri can resign. Only in the west do politicians resign at the dissatisfaction of the citizenry, not in Africa – certainly not in Malawi.

  100. crattie says:

    Are we heading in good direction?

  101. Kaya says:

    Malawians foolish up to the 21st century. What Ben Phiri has said is that he and Peter will never leave each other until God knows. He says he has almost another century to serve the president unreservedly. If I were Ben Phiri, I would say so and disappoint my enemies. Ben Phiri, if you want him to stop serving APM, he will do that on 1st June 2105. Anganya simukuona?

  102. chinyotho says:

    Ndikudabwa kuti anthu mukudabwa. This government is full of refusals and rebuttals.

  103. Jealousy is our main problem
    PA Malawi nkhondo yamfuti sidzakhala ife koma Jealousy/kufunirana zoyipa/kukulirana mitima ndikusagonjerana
    Ben has been there when President Munthalika was down and out
    Unathawira kunja maliro asanayikidwe mmanda Ben was still there,all of sudden Ben is not good enough for Munthalika but you
    ~Jealousy jealousy jealousy~

  104. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    U dont quit coz of ur detractors come on ben dont act like peter mponda

  105. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Very unfortunate that this issue has been swiftly responded to by the president, yet it concerns one man. But MSB issue that concern all Malawian, the president chooses to be quite. What a leader?

  106. Ine says:

    But why planning to resign in 2105? If I were the President I could say Yes to the resignation while I know that 2105 it’s far all of us in this nation will be gone n my term of office will come to end by that time.

  107. oga chijoke says:

    Amene walemba resignation letter imeneyi ndiamene analemba suicide note ya Chasowa. This is a ploy by Ben Phiri and APM to try and clear BP by showing he tried to resign and offered to be investigated.

  108. charles says:

    i wonder why you people are confunsing with the date,that date is perfect correct(25.05.15)

    ndie mukuti ndilolakwika pati?kungoti akulu amene alemba nkhaniwa ndiamene alakwisa date-yo

  109. mfana Wa DPP says:

    Chonena chagwera mkati

  110. Aaron Nsena says:

    I would loved if it was real otherwise the date is not an issue here, it might b a hand error

  111. Timva says:

    Wina aomberedwa pompano as far as trends are showing

  112. Juan Miguel San Roman says:

    You fuckers in praise of Ben you dont know nothing so you better shut up. Ben is a very bad person who has created a rift between the president and his blood relatives. They are suffering without jobs when their relative is the president. Those that have been employed have been posted to blantyre sanjika away from the president. He is dubiously amassing wealth. He has employed his stooges and relatives in most important positions that are crucial to the running of government. That is why there is no tangible development in this country since the dpp return. Cronyism has taken the centre stage. The chosen few are living in fear of Ben. This is not healthy. Our allegience must not be to a person, but the nation. Ben muts know that His time has come to an end whether there is a presidential rebutal to his resignation or not. He has been weighed in Balances and found wanting. He may try to spin a few gimmicks to enhance his image but deep down in his heart he knows that he has stollen wealth, caused suffering to innocent people he hates, denied people of their right to employment and dealt treacherously with the president and so many other people. He knows the truth about himself. And the rebuttal raises eyebrows…..

  113. Think Tank says:

    ok the letter might fake. But who talked to Zodiak? Also fake?

  114. thinktankmalawi says:

    Just like he faked his kidnapping during JB rule….attention seeker

  115. Mkonda amalawi says:

    We need to hear from the horse mouth.So Pitala is ruling Malawi till 2105?Is he made of steel?Koma chuma chobera amphawi chimakoma eti.You will be answerable for all this poverty you have created in Malawi because of your corrupt greedy system.Mulungu azakukanthani.

  116. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    If It is true that Ben Phiri has resigned then I should congratulate him.He has done a good thing for the nation to pave way for investigations into the alleged massive wealth accumulation within the shortest period.He is worthy congratulating.He is a man of integrity which most of us would be seeking presidential shielding or sit on the presidents lap for protection from government axe.

  117. vida says:

    guilty concious!!

  118. A Cuthbert says:

    Ih tne fog of the seasons end

  119. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Ben just wants to gain simpathy for the masses. I dont see him resigning. The resignation letter carries no evidence to say Ben wrote it. If he did, it means that he is trying to blindfold the public to say I wanted to resign but the president refused.

    The truth hurts that’s why he had to think of something. He thinks malawians are stupid. Of course he takes precaution in accumulating wealth making sure no trail is left behind following the cashgate saga of PP government. JB did the same by using Lutepo. She was receiving cash which left no trace to say she was actually getting cash. Lutepo can never proved it in any court of law.

    Back to Ben he may have been getting cash from mwenyis which can not be traced. They can be using a middle man for instance to achieve their goals. Out there exist so many ways laundering money. As long as they have government machinery who can challenge them if not through media where lies the invisible powers that make them loose sleep.
    Ben, at the best of my knowledge will never depart from Peter. Peter needs him more than Ben does. Peter hardly knows Malawi, malawians and their various cultures. Peter needs someone who knows malawians in length and depth despite multitude of advisors surrounding him. Peter needs someone he can confine in emotionally. Remember he is nearly 80 of age. He needs young blood that can do errants around the globe opening bank accounts and manage them and dealing locally with well wishers.

    Also remember Ben is not a civil servant. He is directly employed by Peter. We all don’t know how much he is paid. Is he paid by commission or monthly? No wonder Peter calls him Special aid (advisor) and Assistant.

  120. ujeni says:

    This nonsense dull Malawians are commeting here that ka Ben stood with Mutharika is all bullshit. What has their personal relationship got to do with Malawi public work? We have no interest whatsoever whether Ka Ben is Peters nephew that is private

  121. rudolf phiri says:

    The date says 21.05.15….meaning 21/05/2015

  122. ujeni says:

    What about the interview on Zodiack was it not him or someone framed him too.

  123. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika is a puppet for real. Either ka Ben Phiri knows alot and he is afraid he might start spilling gabage once he is not close by. What a failed state. A President without charisma and self confidence. Mxiiii!

  124. Sapitwa says:

    He has given you a chance to come up with evidence. Do not speculate about him anymore and if you don’t come up with such evidence in this given opportunity to you Allan Z and et al, then we will conclude that your speculative writings about Ben and APM were from your own personal vend etta against these two. We will never take you serious again the time you write your trash against these two enemies of yours that you have jealousy against.

  125. Jackson mzoza says:

    Kkkkk kaya zanu izm

  126. makito says:

    The letter is too substandard to be true. Don’t waste our time.

  127. Nedson Trouble Jere says:

    The date itself shows that Ben Phiri has not/will not resign/ed.And also the president to accept that he is really a puppet he says has not resigned.As for me what tell both the president and Ben is that “If a person thinks and believes that s/he is perfect is actually the most foolish person in chichewa and tumbuka we call such people as chitsiri cha munthu or chindere cha munthu.”So you two are the most foolish people in Malawi if you want to kill me just send your thugs to call me on 0 888 185 448.

  128. puludzu says:

    This is not in good faith. Kukuphimbani mmaso a Malawi ndi umbuli wanuwo. This is a calculated move. To be going about the dirt unnoticed. Wake up Malawians. Ben and Peter know well that by being close things are not working well. This is just a well to distract public attention from the many engineering activities this guy does. Allan Ntata will surely tell us more. watch out!!!

  129. katakwe wa dongosolo says:

    thank you Ben. you were there with the president all along. we are grateful. when they all scattered away you stood by my president. again, thank you. i love you. koma galu iwe unanyanya kutizunza anthu a m’boma fe. iweyo kusiya u advisor wakowo nkumati ndiwe prime minister wa ma minister. askin people to resign because they dint make things go ur way. za ntundu wanji. kulandila ndalama to get people appointed. we know that. la chi 40 limakwana. zipita. tatopa nawe. nkhalidwe kunyasa ngati galu. nyani. mbuzi. kafucheche. bongololo. tonkhwe tonkhwe. nunkha dala.

  130. Verg says:

    Very eager to hear more, kip on updating me about w@ wanna occur in 2105!

  131. Watu says:

    Tiwone zomwe zitsatire bwana Presidents remarks.

  132. kamulinde says:

    Let him go these people just stealing tax payers money getting richer n richer within a short period of time lots of house in town where are they getting the money?lhomwes bullshit

  133. Kenkkk says:

    This resignation is good news if it is really true, he was damaging dpp and Peter assuming the allegations against him are true. However, the strange conflicting reactions from state house seem to show that his resignation is not real. Peter says Ben will still be at state house and viola says they haven’t received the resignation letter, it is not yet official. Are these people hoodwinking us?

    From the grapevine, it seems the cabinet decided to have real balls and gave Peter an ultimatum, either ben goes or the whole cabinet resigns!!! It is obvious which wAy Peter would reluctantly lean to as that would have been the end of Peter himself.

    Let us just observe and see what transpires!!! It is a significant development.

  134. so who r these guys fooling? mmayamba choncho paja! kaya ife tibadikira mpakana tione momwe zidzathere! koma billionare in under a year! big joke. komatu mwaoneka kale kuti ndinu amuyaya mpakana resignation in 2105!

  135. Akulisinga says:

    mulli chinali chida cha bingu posolola. ben chida cha apm ndi mwana waona zomwe zikumuonekera mulli though bingu anatisiya, wadziwiratu kuti kutsogoloko dziko lidzamuthina.bravo mwanawe!!

  136. BigMan says:

    Za zii! Malawians as usual clucking away like chickens! Obsessed with envy and trivia as if Ben resigning or not will make any difference in their empty lives.

  137. JB says:

    I really hope its true. This scam needs to go. And to all those who are saying a Malawi nsanje: wake the hell up and stop being ignorant this guy isnt good for this country nor the president not to mention hes a thief. If he had money before ankaleka kumanga nyumba that time. Mbava out

  138. Honourable says:

    @ Cyrus- Ben actually spoke on the radio. Would you claim the voice was also bogus? I believe he was emotional hence made the mistake on the date. Komaaaa!

  139. john says:

    Running govt is serious business. Plz for once be serious.State House is a serious govt institution

  140. Tengupenya says:

    State House should accept it as a constructive resignation. The intended effective date is fake! What a stunt this is !

  141. Kajawo says:

    This letter is fake: check the date. He will resign in 2105!!!!

  142. Cyrus Mwenenyimbiri says:

    I don’t believe this letter is from Ben (my friend) knowing him as I do. First, the letter says he will resign on 1st June 2105, a century from today! Secondly, a letter of resignation from Ben would not read like this. The diction, decorum and flair in this so called letter is way beneath the hand of Ben. Thirdly, I reckon, on some authority, Ben can not declare his will in this manner to HE. I could go on. Someone has written this and framed another

    1. Hoitty says:

      So who was the man claiming to be Ben Phiri and giving oral interviews on radio stations and confirming the resignation? Was it an imposter too?

  143. B m says:

    Waiting sindifulumira kulankhula

  144. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    This was probably a carefully orchestrated stunt, schemed at the very highest echelon in the Malawi Government hierarchy. Malawi, my Malawi. Please, when will you change?

  145. Hoitty says:

    Ben kutiseweratu. Anachitira dala zonsezi kuti mupne kuti iye nfi Peter mpaka imfa idzawalekanitse. The best boyfriend ever

  146. patrick banda says:

    The resignation letter says he will resign on 1st June, 2105. 2105 is 90 years away. We will all be dead by then.This resignation will happen when we are in heaven possibly;

  147. White Rabbit says:

    I just can’t wait for the next James Bond 😉

  148. JB says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish (dancing around )

  149. cash gate says:

    utsi siufuka popanda moto

  150. A Gondwe Wakalamba says:

    Zabodza izi. Palibe munthu angasiye mpando wonono. Ngati resignation letter yo ili yoona why is it bearing a wrong date of 1st June 2105 instead of 1st June 2015.

    Amalawi muzichenjera it can’t be true these are mafias, they know what they are doing. There is no way a Malawian can leave a portfolio on his own.

  151. Namoyo says:

    A Malawi ambiri, ulesi ndiye umabweretsa Nsanje, Nsanje, zimabweretsa Nkhaza , kusafunilana zabwino. afiti akondwera. koma tu simukhala inu, special assistance. Mwana wachepa mumamuonongera mbiri wakutayirani!

  152. Tengupenya says:

    Daring move, setting the pace towards concrete and evidential rebuttal of allegations or towards credible proof of allegations. If the resignation be not accepted, this move will amount to a stunt that cast a darker shadow on transparency and accountability in high places. In other words if the authorities not accept the resignation, then the allegations and the denial of acceptance of the resignation would collectively deepen the mistrust and thicken the mist surrounding the conduct of business between the authority and the special aide. This master piece move of the aide to resign effectively dares the appointing authority and moves the focus of scrutiny onto the appointing authority itself. Blocking the resignation would amount to a proxy admission of the power, influence and centrality of executive decision making allegedly wielded by the alleged prime ministerial position and its holder. Quality of leadership and real stand against graffit is getting a real test here. A master piece move testing both worlds.

  153. welera says:

    Give people, time frame to come up with evidence and if they do not come up with any, resume your duties,mfana

  154. Sande says:

    a Malawi munthu akamachita bwino, zoti zithandize dziko simukondwa. Panali KiNNA PHIri . kuwinitsa Flames! koma kumunyoza daily, lero pano achina young kumangobolobosha, kuli zii! kuchita kumunyambita coach, kumuonjezera ndalama. Malawians associating with achievers is a Taboo! lero mwana uyo, walakwanji? enanu munamuthawa PETER pa Nthawi ya mabvuto ……..

  155. Wendy says:

    Tionetu ngati akusankheni inu. Tionenso ngati mutapikisane naye. yemmwe chala cha mulungu chasankha, chasankha.

  156. winiwa says:

    amalawi Nsanje zidzkuphani. kusiya kulimbika kugwira ntchito kuti mutukule mabanja anu, kukhalilla kusowetsa mtendere anzanu eish! mwana mwamusowetsa mtendere kwakwana.

  157. Siizo alingati chizimba cha APresident

  158. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Prime Minister has resigned!!

    Get ready for something to come out in daylight.

  159. NYANI WAMKULU says:


  160. abiti mtila says:

    mudzamulira Ben Phiri. kubako akabe lero? kodi amalawi mudzaphunzira liti kuthokoza munthu akachita bwino?Ben wazunzika ndi a peter kwanthawi yaitali ndiye akanyanse lero? nanu a peter kodi a bright malopa,a chimwemwe Kajawo,Allan ntata nthawi amamenyedwa Ben Phiri ija iwowo adali kuti? mesa anabitsala onsewo ndiye lero as and UK a anzeru? Ganizani mofatsa a Peter zisanafike povuta. enawa ndi atidye nawo atha kukuthawani zitavuta. koma Ben anayesetsa osakutsiyani pa mavuto aja.

  161. titus Scoti says:

    W. B. Yeats in his poem, “The Second Coming” said, ‘Turning and turning the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer, things fall apart; the centre cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world………..kauluka kadzatera!

  162. Why did the whole 80 year old APM association with a useless boy like him? Amakamupezera mahule m’tauni? He should have appointed a mature person and this relation was more or less parasitic. Ben was an opportunist just like the many politicians we see. It is a question of making money and not developing Malawi. We should move away from this notion and motive and maake Malawi a better place for our children. We need leaders that really love Malawi like Kamuzu. Kamuzu did not take on board trash.

  163. chiidamtere says:

    all the best chitsime chimadziwika kuti ndichakuya chikamphwa. u were there even tym imene ambiri amawathawa a president while he was at the opposition side

  164. sex well says:

    Akayanjana aleke matako akaKula apakana sete

  165. kalingonda says:

    ok toine mmene zithere!

  166. abweze kaye one hundred million amwene in four months time pauing back loan kubank amalandila zingati kodi?

  167. mgawadere says:

    Zaziiiii one sindiwerenga nkhani zokhuza alomwe mundichedwesa

  168. Yotz says:

    It’s been in my mind that Peter Mutharika is a civilized and capable president who can steer Malawi to greater economic heights,but as usual,people surrounding him want to derail his plans for the nation through their selfish and unsavory services to the president.

    Malawi faces race against time because it’s too behind in many sectors after gaining independence such that there shouldn’t be any room for those practicing politics of marginalization and for those designing conduits of siphoning government’s money at the expense of the millions who are expecting an improvement in their economic and social lives.Malawi doesn’t need vultures but a good policy making government that will change its citizens’ fortunes.

  169. MJK says:


  170. Guley says:

    Is he the one who was using a bogus state house email address to swindle business people by threatening them it was from Peter? Because all we heard was that the suspect was from state house but the suspect’s name was never revealed. Even the Police kept a tight lip. Now Ben, do us a favour, spill how DPP stole the vote.

  171. RM says:

    Following with kin interest. WMO

  172. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    This guy has made a furtune within a year. All the Lhomwes are multi billionears at the state house no wonder they are fighting among themselves. We are to see a lot within this five years term.

  173. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Z Allan Ntata, thanx our own whistle blower

  174. bikiloni says:

    You said Ntata is a frustrated man? Now see what he is capable of..tik-tak tik tak

  175. Disciple says:

    Kazisiyani Ndithu Maudindowo Komanso Wamkulu Wanuyo Asiye Tikhoza Kuyendetsa Dziko Tidalamula 31 yrs iyeyo, makolo ake, aliyese sadadandaule nditsiku limodzi lomwe koma izi eee, ndiye zinanso izi shaaa mulungu talanditseni monga mwa nthawi zonse.

  176. Bunch of idiots… Tione zina..

  177. Reasonable Man says:

    zili bwino zili bwino zili bwinooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  178. Bunch of idiots…Tione zina…

  179. They know if thy investigate him,and catch him,he will reavel. Therefore they will just leave him

  180. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    wasalako minister of information to self resign due to his hate remarks. Nankhumwa be ready to pack.

  181. Biyisikolo says:

    DPP supporters were foaming over Ntata’s revelations but now is vindicated. DPP is a party that started Cashgate thus why IMF and World Bank have a cold feet to give these thieves of K92 billion. If DPP were clean they would have been given aid. Ben Phiri is just a sympton of the cancer-DPP.

  182. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Hard luck Ben time wil be de best judge for u if ur innocent part of life

  183. Thumbwefu says:

    ine phee kungodikila cardiac arrest.

  184. tuvitwana says:


  185. tonye says:

    The world is really round.

  186. Sokosi says:

    You see Ben? What goes around, comes around. Bravo APM!

  187. sheik says:

    nankhumwa please do likewise the earlier the better kho

  188. Viva says:

    Koma la 41 lake ndiye lakwana nsangatu isaaaa!! Ndiye azitani? Am sure will be rewarded with a diplomatic post.. Paja ndiye kotayira all the rubbish! I doubt Peter would take the risk of kumusiya opanda chompatsa busy..ayamba kuuulula zambiri kkkk

  189. sheik says:

    nankhumwa please follow suit

  190. The nation without vision ,future,and next heros

  191. mulomwe says:


  192. kalumbi says:

    Finally the “puppet master” has resigned ! Things have started falling apart .

  193. hon says:

    Ulape ndipo uwulule mmene munabela mavoti

  194. Batman says:

    Alomwe alumane tsopano watsala Chisale ndi Mukhito mbava zikuluzikulu

  195. Hans Mikehg says:

    Babiloni agwee.Agweeeee!Evison Matafale anaimba choncho.

  196. kadamanja says:

    Timva zambiri, zambiri ziululika.

  197. munyaradzi says:

    Amalawi miseche basi. Walakwa chani Ben. Inu mukasauka anzanu asadye nyama?

  198. mtubuka 1 says:

    The whole dpp gvt is rotten so the whole gvt needs an overhaul if we are to save a few cents. Don’t trust anyone in this dpp led gvt just imagine if he was to be there until 2019!

  199. geofrey says:

    unless his resignation is in gd faith.

  200. njolomachipilingu says:

    Chipasupasu.Simunati Muli watsala pan’gono kuwulula umbava wonse wa Bingu and Chilima nayenso awulula mmene munabelera mavoti.Mapemphero sanama.

  201. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Go and rest in pieces!

  202. Patriot says:

    Ka nthawi kochepa komweka mpaka kukhala Billionaire?

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