Citizens demand Malawi Electoral Commission relocate to Lilongwe

Citizens have asked government to relocate Malawi Electoral Commission to Lilongwe in order to easily administer, manage and run electoral activities.

Contirbuting at Bwalo la Mzika

Contirbuting at Bwalo la Mzika

Citizen Alliance in partnership with Zodiak radio on Tuesday through Bwalo la Mzika gave the citizenry a platform to comment on social, political and economic woes which Malawi as a country is going through.

During the meeting, Citizen Alliance also gave a report on what people of Balaka said when the Alliance gave another opportunity for them to discuss freely of the same issues and give solutions to problems.

During the debate, Aaron Kafakamoyo said he is surprised that MEC is still headquartered in Blantyre and yet all other organisations have shifted to Lilongwe.

“This is very surprising indeed, we have always been saying of changing the way of doing businesses by cutting costs why can we not shift MEC from Blantyre to Lilongwe. This will make more economic sense because it doesn’t make any sense for a drivers to cruise from Blantyre to Karonga to supply electoral materials,” he said

Kafakamoyo said people from the south will have no administrative challenges in terms of accessing the electoral materials than people from the north and those coming  from the central region.

Citizen Alliance Executive Secretary, Wilson Asibu there is need for the leadership to be accountable to its people on various governance issues.

Bwalo La Nzika is a State of Union funded project and Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) aimed at empowering local citizens to debate on issues affecting their nation and proposing solutions to Government.

SOTU collaborates with Government of Malawi to keep adept track of how the Government is complying with African Union Charters, Treaties, and Protocols in respect of ratification, domestication and implementation of the same.



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40 thoughts on “Citizens demand Malawi Electoral Commission relocate to Lilongwe”

  1. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Cheke Zindaba you are an extremely shallow minded man. If you are the average Malawian, then I pity Malawi. Has Mbendera been at MEC since 1994 then? I suppose he is responsible for MCP not winning in 1999 because MEC was in Blantyre and he was the owner of this govt institution by that time right? How do you sleep at night dude!?

  2. mwachaje says:

    No 33, kani MEC yabwera ndi a Mbendera 2012 eti? Nanga chisankho cha 1994,1999, 2004,2009 amayendetsela kuti?. Inu munabadwa litikutisimukuzindikila kumene MEC yachokera?

    NGATI mwafuna kutukwana anthu awiriwo atukwaneni kuti mtima wanu uphwe Nanga simunaluza chisankho.

  3. Kenako tizamva kuti the so called citizen alliance yawoyo yachita register Chipani . Paja a Malawi sachedwa ayi.

  4. anzeru says:

    No.33. Cheke Zindaba ndiwe Mbuli yotheratu wamva??? Shaa!!!! MEC is not in Blantyre because of Mbendera. Where have you been all this time ???? All your concerns are Nonsense!!! Mbuli iwe !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    There is NO legal or even politically moral requirement for MEC to move to Lilongwe, just because it is the capital of the country. It should NOT hog all the important organizations. In fact it would be wise if the government relocated some of the “bodies” from Lilongwe even to Mzuzu and Blantyre.
    Boy, you give some people an inch, they want the whole mile!
    No way, to this demand. Citizens Alliance does not represent the wishes of the majority in this country. Period.

  6. Cheke Zindaba says:

    Why are we not insulting Mbendera and Kalonga? This forum is an open platform for insulting these two people. MEC is in BLANTYRE because of Mbendera. He runs Mbendera and company his law firm there. Yet he is a judge. He is also a lawyer for MEC. He is paid from the secret account Kalonga opened for representing MEC.

  7. Mbuya says:

    Cashgate happened in LL so u want to do dat again mukufuna tiyanguleso ngati Mulli .MEC is in BT basi

  8. dee kay says:

    zitheke ndithu. Ana a zigawenga akukana koma ana ama citizen omvera akuvomera. what has that to do with the name Malawi number 18? Even your agogo was behind the name. By writing in the manner you have done, it’s a sign in itself that you are an idol worshiper which does not require one to be a nyau person but evil at heart. If you don’t know the meaning of Malawi, keep quiet because you are already accepting kuti ndinu obwera, you do not belong even to Nyasaland. Munabwera liti ku Nyasaland? Number 18, when did you enter Nyasaland from amaliongo?

  9. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Some contributors to comments on the issues really make one feel Malawi is a whole lot of superstitious people whose thinking is at animal stage. I mean how can one say Lilongwe is not strategic? Do you really know the geography of this country? You think the strategic location of a place is merely natural? For a lesson, Malawi is landlocked and Salima being a lakeshore district doesn’t mean it is open to any international waters. I mean which water route from Salima opens to any ocean? Lilongwe is far much better strategically. As a hinterland, Malawi needed a vibrant railway system from Lilongwe to Zambia through Mchinji, to Tanzania though Mzuzu- Karonga, and the already existing railway line to Blantyre etc. Unfortunately, some selfish politician with track business after 1994 shocked this to death. For any serious country, having Lilongwe as the capital city does not prevent Salima from emerging into a lake side city. In fact thats why Kamuzu designated Salima as one of town councils not a district council. So far,take it or leave it Kamuzu remains the best post iindependence president.

  10. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    I applaud the formation and activities of Citizen Alliance. For a democratic government to function well, be accountable and transparent, citizens need to be vigilant and constantly reminding Government about its responsibilities. More importantly, that is the true meaning of democracy–government of, by and for the people.

    It is not enough, nor fair to simply criticise the Government, the citizens must also always be prepared to give feedback and suggestions to government.

    I support the idea of following up on the implementation of government obligations as required in international treaties to which the country is a signatory. The Citizen Alliance should also urge government to publish the Malawi Constitution in major languages: Tumbuka, Yao, Chewa, lomwe and others. This will educate people about the powers of the the various organs of Government (The President, Parliament, the Judiciary) and the rights of each individual. It will also help in making suggestions for Constitutional amendments that must include provisions for recall of MPs, recall of the President, issues that require a Referendum and how it can be initiated.

    Let me observe once, again, that in as much as it is the right of every Malawian to express his/her opinion on any issue, we should remember to do so in a respectful and civil manner. We should stick to issues instead of name calling and resorting to abusive language. That misses the point and diverts attention from discussing real issues that can make the country a better place for us all. No particular group of people can be painted with a broad brush as being ” this or that”. In any community there are good and bad individuals. I again appeal to the editor of this esteemed on-line news to curb use of any coarse language.

  11. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    In this day and age of the internet, cellphone and fast courier services somebody is still thinking of location in business transactions? Any way take everything to LL: FAM, ESCOM, MBC, UNIMA, MET Dept, MBS, MHC, BWB, BT City Council, Bt District Council, MACRA, Sunbird, MRA, Prisons, High And Supreme Courts, Mw College Of Accountancy, National Statistics Office, Botanic Gardens, etc etc take them to LL because thats where you want development to be. The asians will develop BT and it will remain the best city in Malawi due to its civilised residents and weather.

  12. Kenkkk says:

    That is how dpp thugs cling to keep mec in bt or the south so that they can manipulate the voting and ballots logistics.

    MeC should move to Lilongwe, it is out of place in bt. You oppositions and mps listen and act.

  13. james makawa says:

    what will help pple in rural areas if they move it njala yakukwanani eti mudziganiza bf.come work here in sa for money if u hv nothing

  14. james makawa says:

    that organisation is a so called we dont know abt that u hv no idea to tell govt to move to LL u r all stupid arrogant ngati mwasowA ZONENA SHUT UP that for qwhat?mwasowa mobera u just establish orgs.?plse fuck u all of u

  15. Zagwa says:

    Kuba akhoza kukubelaninso regardless of location. The important thing is to seal all loopholes including expedition of national IDs and that counting should be at constituency level basi. Otherwise why do you want votes from Karonga to travel to Blantyre?

  16. Umunthu says:

    Galu wina afune asafune MEC ibwera ku Lilongwe ankhululu inu

  17. DOBO says:

    I don’t support any political party but I do follow some of the issues political in nature and make some observations. Lately, I have observed that this man called CHAKWERA is becoming so popular so much that most comments whether positive or negative relevant or positive irrelevant or negative irrelevant his name is being mentioned.

  18. Witcan says:

    This is what we call nonses of the highest order! Are you out of your senses? You destroyed zomba city coz of the same stupid thinking! and now u want to finish Bt? To hell with your ideas!

  19. tchwitchi wakwiya says:

    Iwe Chatonda leave Willy alone. MEC relocation ndi Willy zikukhuzana chani? You just commenting ignorantly here. Don’t you know that those advocating for this relocation are MCP supporters claiming they are CITIZEN chani chani. Relocating mec will cost billions of kwacha ngati simukudziwa. Umbuli mu MCP. A Tembo bwelerani onani zikuchitika ku chipani chabwino chija. Chalowa elinino. Mxiee.

  20. Clement says:

    Which citizens demand the relocation of mec?? Are you sick? I think its time to bring back parliament to Zomba coz Congress think they are clever and DPP is fool by relocating in central. A place where Kamuzu didn’t like coz of dust, gule etc. That is day dreaming never

  21. Mandela says:

    Malawi is not doing good because this name malawi came from idols worshippers achewa, nyau dancers and malawi, was a fire that was traditionally burnt to ashes of miscarry babies so there were always fire burn every day if there is no miscarries elders agree to kill new born babies to keep sacrifices those children so that the fire continues as their traditions and the name malawi was taken from that tradition of sacrices babies that why when you bring ideas to malawi, they die natural death some of the projects are green belt initiative, nsanje inport project, ntwala corridors, kayerekera, masaf u see the best way is to change the name back to nyasaland believe me, these chewas nyawu are idol worshiper almost all of them including chakwera anagula njira they worship that stupid man gawa undi in kulamba in zambia we a strong who can change the name back to nyasaland and declair nyasaland a christian nation otherwise you can nkhaza za mcp sizidali zosiyana ndi nyau anthu ogona kumanda

    1. Vinyau says:

      Wanama phwanga dzinali silingasinthe amene ikhoza kusintha ndiwe kuchoka kuchamoyo kufika ku chakufa

  22. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    JJ King,I stand to agree and disagree on your take. I agree with you when you talk about creation of a big town or city at Salima which means it should have been a capital city.

    Salima is of strategic importance because aside from being in the center of the country but on the east belt, it is part of the Lakeshore corridor and is a potential for a huge tourism industry.History has told us that cities or towns that are next to water bodies, they are most visited and grow at an exponential rate because people follow fun associated with them and businesses follow people.If Salima was a capital city,there was gonna be more infrastructure associated with hospitality management as compared to Lilongwe,a vibrant real estate industry was gonna be inevitable,and several industries would follow because of proximity to a vast water body.It is not radical to criticize Kamuzu on the wrong choice of a capital city, he should have had a better vision for the country.

    It is fair to say Lilongwe should have been a commercial city to serve the strong tobacco industry in the Midlands.Cigarette companies ought to have had the dominance in an agricultural city such as Lilongwe putting Malawi on the map as the hub for cigarettes and cigars.For long, tobacco has been underused in Malawi and the proceeds from it explain the low income earning of the country- Malawi can’t develop like that.

    Coming back to the subject, I don’t agree with you because electoral matters coincide with legislative matters.Parliament was moved and is now built in Lilongwe and therefore, the electoral commission has no business in Malawi’s commercial capital,that’s a fact.Judging by malpractices associated with the electoral processes with distance from some polling centers to the Blantyre tally center compounding matters, it is fair to submit to proponents of a transfer of the electoral commission to Lilongwe.Kamuzu made Lilongwe the capital city,let’s face it, and all administrative matters pertaining to government have to be done in the capital.Besides, I have never trusted those conducting the whole process in Blantyre, even MBC is a suspect media house and has to move to Lilongwe.

  23. Yamikani Dowa says:

    bud idea

    1. kadamanja says:

      Bud or Bad?
      another mbuli

  24. Gary says:

    kkkkk kufuna u president kumeneko a chakwera ati tally centre azionera pafupi, ku lilongweko kupanda bingu munali mkathu kamuzu wanuyo atalamulira 30yrs kunali chani kumeneko choonesa ku maso kwa anthu, by the way ma expenses ake ati akunenedwawo kodi chisakho koddi chimachitika dairy? the election happens once after 5yrs ndiye muziti zikuononga ndalama, kodi ku karonga kukutamidwa kutalikako kulibe ma office a mec? pitani kwa dc ko mukapeza office ya mec satisokose apa ,kodi tizingomva zisankho mmesa nthawi ino ndiya chitukuko koma dzikoli tikulikondadi?

  25. Chibanja tv says:

    Why bringing politics to MEC? Aaron Kafakamoyo is an mcp die hard he even contested in the last elections and defeated during the mcps’ constituency primary elections in his Mchinji district. Joice Banda was there, why not introducing the subject at that time, this is a non – starter or let me I ask this question which warehouse could be used to house everything as regards to elections? Your blood is mcp so your thinking is all about. If a football team loses a game it doen’t accuse individual players but the whole team so Mr Kafakamoyo and your team musatinyase apa sit down and strategise well on how to win the 2019 elections mwamva as of noe leave MEC alone.

  26. nyamayasauka says:

    good idea but not for the purpose of stopping rigging but to save more. Wakuba ndi wakuba. Forget about those past elections think of the future. Build better malawi.

  27. Fwetseke! says:

    Even if you relocate MEC to Chakwera’s bedroom, DPP simungaithe aphwanga.

  28. chatonda says:

    MEC officials are free to steal and open government accounts in an individual’s name of Willie Kalonga and pump in over one hundred million kwacha zaka a ziday at will.

    MOve MEC offices to Lilongwe indeed. What is special with Blantyre?

    Look now billions of kwachas stolen by MEC officials and commissioners.

    This must be a wake up call to the political parties in the country. Arrest all the thieves involved in the scandle though.e

  29. ngerengere says:

    If everything is transfered to LL what then shall remain in Blantyre that Blantyre will be proud of.If MEC transfers to LL there a number of companies that directly or indirectly benefit from it and will move as well.this will change nothing becoz EC is not run by any party.and when MCP looses the 2019 we shall move to MZUZU.IF you don’t know mec has offices in all districts.if position affects results then why pp lost since JB comes from south.

  30. Solobala says:

    This is a very good idea. That’s why Kamuzu moved the capital from Zomba to Lilongwe,being the centre of the country .MEC must relocate to Lilongwe asap.

  31. PETER NYADANI says:


  32. SONG says:

    I support the I dea, We need to shift MEC to Lilongwe as soon as possible. Parliament should pass motion on the current seating.

  33. kaka says:

    Dzuro mumati tipita ku ma demostration@ usiku munadzuka kunena kuti DPpikukakamila pa mpando panopa mukunena kuti MEC ibwere kulilongwe. Plz tell us one thing that you want? Please tatopa nanu. Is this the work of MCP. We will not accept that. Then high court spreme court ndi MBC nazonso zisamukile ku lilongwe

  34. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    That makes sense. Also there has been too much irregularities in all elections in Malawi since multiparty democracy was introduced; looks like we have been subjected to electoral fraud and some politicians have been enjoying the comfort of a disjointed system.At the same time, certain citizens from the southern part of Malawi have had no regard for others in terms of travel hitches when transporting electoral materials.Malawi needs to change in everything and face the realities of modernity.There is need for prudence in all government processes such that trustworthy and accountable leaders have to be elected. The mandate bestowed on wrong leaders since 1994 is the hallmark of Malawi’s progress woes.May God change Malawi for the better!

  35. Prince Edward rsa says:

    I say the idea is good but electrol commission to work effectively make it an independent body,The chair person must not be appointed by apredident their must be a vacancy so that pipo can apply not to be handpicked by apolical madness.

  36. Beast Msonda says:

    [email protected] hehehehe. MEC may have challenges in discharging its duties but believe you me none of those challenges has got anything to do with it being headquartered in BT. Why do majority of Malawians waste time with things that cannot develop this country at the expense of developmental core issues? Malawi is a beautiful country relative many countries on this planet and I know what I am saying. Unfortunately, 3/4 of Malawians’ heads are full of water. Mwandinyasa kwambiri.

  37. onyonyo says:

    MCP imeneyo singatithandize

  38. JJ King says:

    what a silly and counterproductive request. Shifting headquarters to Lilongwe has never produced any improved results for departments that moved from elsewhere to lilongwe since Kamuzu moved gov from zomba to lilongwe. creation of lilongwe only made malawi backslide by 50 years in development. All african countries that maintained colonialist headquarters and urban roadmaps as defined and designed by the asamunda have good economies.

    Mind you, Lilongwe is of no strategic importance to Malawi and the region. If I were Kamuzu, I could have created BIG TOWN IN Salima and not Lilongwe. We need to halt all projects in Lilongwe and think about salima

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