Citizens demand Malawi Electoral Commission relocate to Lilongwe

Citizens have asked government to relocate Malawi Electoral Commission to Lilongwe in order to easily administer, manage and run electoral activities.

Contirbuting at Bwalo la Mzika

Contirbuting at Bwalo la Mzika

Citizen Alliance in partnership with Zodiak radio on Tuesday through Bwalo la Mzika gave the citizenry a platform to comment on social, political and economic woes which Malawi as a country is going through.

During the meeting, Citizen Alliance also gave a report on what people of Balaka said when the Alliance gave another opportunity for them to discuss freely of the same issues and give solutions to problems.

During the debate, Aaron Kafakamoyo said he is surprised that MEC is still headquartered in Blantyre and yet all other organisations have shifted to Lilongwe.

“This is very surprising indeed, we have always been saying of changing the way of doing businesses by cutting costs why can we not shift MEC from Blantyre to Lilongwe. This will make more economic sense because it doesn’t make any sense for a drivers to cruise from Blantyre to Karonga to supply electoral materials,” he said

Kafakamoyo said people from the south will have no administrative challenges in terms of accessing the electoral materials than people from the north and those coming  from the central region.

Citizen Alliance Executive Secretary, Wilson Asibu there is need for the leadership to be accountable to its people on various governance issues.

Bwalo La Nzika is a State of Union funded project and Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) aimed at empowering local citizens to debate on issues affecting their nation and proposing solutions to Government.

SOTU collaborates with Government of Malawi to keep adept track of how the Government is complying with African Union Charters, Treaties, and Protocols in respect of ratification, domestication and implementation of the same.



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Captain Mediocrity

Cheke Zindaba you are an extremely shallow minded man. If you are the average Malawian, then I pity Malawi. Has Mbendera been at MEC since 1994 then? I suppose he is responsible for MCP not winning in 1999 because MEC was in Blantyre and he was the owner of this govt institution by that time right? How do you sleep at night dude!?


No 33, kani MEC yabwera ndi a Mbendera 2012 eti? Nanga chisankho cha 1994,1999, 2004,2009 amayendetsela kuti?. Inu munabadwa litikutisimukuzindikila kumene MEC yachokera?

NGATI mwafuna kutukwana anthu awiriwo atukwaneni kuti mtima wanu uphwe Nanga simunaluza chisankho.

Keen Observer

Kenako tizamva kuti the so called citizen alliance yawoyo yachita register Chipani . Paja a Malawi sachedwa ayi.


No.33. Cheke Zindaba ndiwe Mbuli yotheratu wamva??? Shaa!!!! MEC is not in Blantyre because of Mbendera. Where have you been all this time ???? All your concerns are Nonsense!!! Mbuli iwe !!!!!!!!!!!

Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere

There is NO legal or even politically moral requirement for MEC to move to Lilongwe, just because it is the capital of the country. It should NOT hog all the important organizations. In fact it would be wise if the government relocated some of the “bodies” from Lilongwe even to Mzuzu and Blantyre.
Boy, you give some people an inch, they want the whole mile!
No way, to this demand. Citizens Alliance does not represent the wishes of the majority in this country. Period.

Cheke Zindaba

Why are we not insulting Mbendera and Kalonga? This forum is an open platform for insulting these two people. MEC is in BLANTYRE because of Mbendera. He runs Mbendera and company his law firm there. Yet he is a judge. He is also a lawyer for MEC. He is paid from the secret account Kalonga opened for representing MEC.


Cashgate happened in LL so u want to do dat again mukufuna tiyanguleso ngati Mulli .MEC is in BT basi

dee kay
zitheke ndithu. Ana a zigawenga akukana koma ana ama citizen omvera akuvomera. what has that to do with the name Malawi number 18? Even your agogo was behind the name. By writing in the manner you have done, it’s a sign in itself that you are an idol worshiper which does not require one to be a nyau person but evil at heart. If you don’t know the meaning of Malawi, keep quiet because you are already accepting kuti ndinu obwera, you do not belong even to Nyasaland. Munabwera liti ku Nyasaland? Number 18, when did you enter Nyasaland from… Read more »
Nankununkha sadzimva
Some contributors to comments on the issues really make one feel Malawi is a whole lot of superstitious people whose thinking is at animal stage. I mean how can one say Lilongwe is not strategic? Do you really know the geography of this country? You think the strategic location of a place is merely natural? For a lesson, Malawi is landlocked and Salima being a lakeshore district doesn’t mean it is open to any international waters. I mean which water route from Salima opens to any ocean? Lilongwe is far much better strategically. As a hinterland, Malawi needed a vibrant… Read more »
Dr Haswel P Bandawe
I applaud the formation and activities of Citizen Alliance. For a democratic government to function well, be accountable and transparent, citizens need to be vigilant and constantly reminding Government about its responsibilities. More importantly, that is the true meaning of democracy–government of, by and for the people. It is not enough, nor fair to simply criticise the Government, the citizens must also always be prepared to give feedback and suggestions to government. I support the idea of following up on the implementation of government obligations as required in international treaties to which the country is a signatory. The Citizen Alliance… Read more »

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