Citizens want Malawi President to start paying tax

Citizens in eastern district of Balaka have proposed an increase of taxes on the wealthy, including that Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika should start paying tax.

Bwalo la Nzika discussion

Bwalo la Nzika discussion

The call was made at Balaka’s Catholic Women Organisation on Friday during the State of the Union (SOTU) in conjunction with Citizen Alliance public debate dubbed Bwalo la Nzika.

Contributing to the debate, citizens argued that Presidents in other countries do pay taxes and saw it strange to have Malawi’s Head of State have a privilege of a tax free status.

The citizens argued that companies and organisations including individuals do evade tax because they see it senseless for them to be paying tax and yet Citizen Number 1 and those in the corridors of power as exempted from paying tax.

“The President  must exercise bonafide citizenship by starting to pay tax,” said Joseph Banda a contributor to the debate.

Contributors added that members of Parliament must equally start paying taxes on their incomes and all imports they make.

“It is important to ensure that there is equality and justness amongst all bonafide Malawi Citizens in as fire as tax justice system is concern.”

‘Medical tourism’

The delegates noted with concerns regarding External Referrals on health grounds which seem to be in favour of people in position of power when the arrangement was designed to favour all manner of people.

Delegates recommended that systems must be streamlined to ensure that fairness and justness is available to all citizens of the country.

The citizens cited the case of singer late Geoffrey Zigoma which they said  demonstrated how much decay is in referral systems.

Further to that,  the delegates recommended to government to immediately bar ‘Medical Tourism.’ where only Senior Government officials and relatives to them, are given an opportunity to go outside and access foreign medical treatment.

The participants believe that the proposal can be fulfilled by constructing a high-technology Medical Facility.

The delegates made a consensus that the establishment of high technology health facility with a wide range of medical specialist would inadvertently end discrimination and favouritism of External Referrals.

Meanwhile, citizens have also asked Government to improve systems of medical procurement and delivery systems to guarantee that there is an end to trending stock-outs and absence of specialists to ensure that External Referrals are only available in extreme and justifiable circumstances

Delegates to Bwalo La Nzika also unanimously agreed that Malawi must have ‘National Agenda’ as a blue print for accelerated social and economic development.

The delegates resolved that where this country has one guiding document for development, politicking would be substituted for harmonious working relationships between various political parties, Civil Society Groups, implementing partners, donors and all other stakeholder in development.

Meanwhile, economic experts have backed calls from Balaka proposals asking the President,Vice President,  Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament.

Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) Executive Director, Dalitso Kubalasa, said: “It is surprising that our Malawi Head of state is exempted from tax and yet presidents in many African countries including Ghana and South Africa do pay tax, American President even declares at the end of the every year that he has paid so much in tax.”

Phillip Kamangira and of Citizen Alliance commended the Balaka citizens for voicing out their concern over the way how governance issues are being handled in the country.

Kamangira said that the Alliance will continue engaging citizens till their voice is heard.

Sotu executive Director, Edward Chileka Banda , thanked  Citizens for voicing out their concerns.

“Citizen participation is vital in any democrat society of a nation, so as SOTU and Citizens Alliance we are very grateful that citizens have spoken,” said Chileka Banda.

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26 thoughts on “Citizens want Malawi President to start paying tax”

  1. atros says:

    Apeleke basi ndiponso asayelekeze kukweza salary .

  2. chipie says:

    Kuyamba kumva kut kagulu kameneka sikalipira tax. Koma abale inuuu. Nice nayo kulimbikira kavotenikavoteni+++ lomba takudziwani. Every casting of vote 100, 000mk pompo. Apo ayi tidzathamangitsa nizikwanje aliyexe omemeza zoti tikavote. Vipyilu inu. Anthu otukwanitsa mkristu inu. Kagwereni uko ine kuno.

  3. Tete Zirimushe says:

    Really, I didn’t know that. This is total insane. These people gets food allowance, clothes etc and ontop of that enriching themselves in dubious ways. Business contracts to their connections and themselves. This is gross misconduct. It shouldn’t be happening. What type of greediness is that? Please pay back all the tax in arrears too. My goodness gracious!

  4. aurora says:

    kodi president salary yake amaitenga kuti? isnt it from the taxes we pay?????? IF AM NOT WRONG….
    nde why should he pay tax when he is getting his salary from the tax money..I dont get it..ndekuti akalipila ndlama zake azizitengaso nkukhala salary yake or what… just qurious…

  5. Josophat Returns says:

    This is a useless will just increase the justification for a higher pay. Leave the robbers alone. Is it not enough what the wealthy are paying? Why not manage properly on what is already collected?

  6. If ministers sent their children to public as was the case during the MCP era, the standards of education would improve. Mphungu Primary School in area 12 in Lilongwe was full of children of ministers and principal secretaries. Lero?

  7. SAPITWA says:


  8. drogba says:

    I agree with this 100%. and on top of that, I also want to propose that everyone in this country should pay a direct tax, including villagers. like K3000 per an adult per year. government could collect at least something from such coleectuons for buying of medicine and for education. its a very small percentage of working class here in malawi but they have shouldered such an enormous responsibility of paying taxes to millions of malawians, and still counting

  9. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Comment No. 12 machende ako wanva
    Zimakukomera mmene tikuzunzikiramu eti ? mboli yamako…..tikunvatu kuwawa ife

  10. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Anthu amenewa ndizitsilu, sapereka tax koma amaba tax yomwe anthu wamba ngati ife tapereka

  11. sapitwa says:

    This is healthy for Democracy. What makes a cabinet Minister and an MP so exceptional to be exempted from tax? I don’t see it. To add to this, I would suggest the position of a cabinet Minister, Opposition Leader, the Speaker, Chief Justice including all Senior Government Officials should be packaged to include the following:
    1. Housing Allowance for 5 years ( they should not be provided with a house). They can rent in the Government houses and offset with the allowance or they can stay at a place of their choice.
    2. Car Allowance for 5 years. They should not be provided with a government car.
    3. Medical Aid( 50/50….50% government contribution, 50% employee contribution.
    4. Travel Claims on Official Duties where the official uses his/her car. Taxable it should be.
    5. They should pay duty on their cars and everything they import.

    The value of the package may depend on headhunted Cabinet Ministers and other Officials regarded as rare professionals especially when they don’t want and are being persuaded. You can’t compromise on them.

    Whilst I agree for the No. 1 and his VP to pay tax, I can only suggest that this starts from 2019 after elections including the new packages of the Ministers. Remember, they are on employment contract and by changing this abruptly could lead to employment breach of contract
    I fully support the notion of Cabinet Ministers using the same public hospitals if they can afford private ones on their own, sending their children to public schools if they cant afford private schools on their own etc. Iam sure they would be tasked to improve these public amenities as they will be using them too just like when they die, they use the same mortuaries and same graveyards where the poor go.

  12. kachikho says:

    The law only exempts the president and the vice president from paying tax on their salaries but they are expected to pay tax on their business profits. If they are not paying tax on their business profits if they have businesses then that is tax evasion . The solution is not raising tax for the rich but ensuring that the rich and everyone else pay their fair share of tax. Greece is in economic problems because of tax evasion by the politicians and the rich which is being assisted by rampant corruption and the whole country and mostly the poor are paying the price.

  13. Observer says:

    Not only the president! Others working for statutory corporation’s also enjoy certain privileges that need to be scrapped off! for example receiving free Units at ESCOM and free water to those working for WATER boards. Why should others pay huge some of money while others NOT? what privilege do teachers enjoy? so why should others enjoy when they are working for the same government? ZAMBIANS HAD A NATIONAL STIKE ON THE SAME!

  14. Nabanda says:

    Ine ndikulandira salary yosakwana 100,000.00 pamwenzi BUT am paying Tax almost 28,000 YET someone is geting millions but failling to pay even 10.00. Choncho kukongola ndi kudziwika nzosiyanadi.

  15. Rasta says:

    Kodi wathu inu munakhala bwanji,munafunika kaye kuphunzitsidwa bwinobwino musanakambe khani imeneyi.Mukufuna udindo wa President ku Malawi kuno ukhale opweteka,chani kwenikweni?

  16. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    adzipelekadi msonkho,kodi samachita manyazi kumadya tax payer’s money,of which they dont contribute a single penny

  17. cashgate1 says:

    In theses hard times, hard decisions need to be made. All free tax individuals ought to start paying tax and we feel the pinch together. Only then we can start talking same language.

  18. Kanyimbi says:

    I receive K90,000.00 and pay K20,000.00 PAYE worse still VAT will also be waiting for me. So how much money does the government rob me? Please Mr President lets pay these taxes together.

  19. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    It’s a first time to hear that there is a country that a president,ministers,mps don’t pay tax. It’s very strange

  20. maseko says:

    This solution together with what kachaje has written is what our governmeny should consider as solutions to the challenges facing the economy. There is much more that this country can do except that the top brass does not have the willingness to listen

  21. Shut Up says:

    How about the MPs?

  22. Rumphi says:


  23. MKB says:

    He benefits a lot from our taxes

  24. advisory committee says:

    Za chambatu izi the president is sovereign he can’t pay tax to himself we need civic education here

  25. mtumbuka1 says:

    Politicians have fucked your country and it’s a pity to still live in that country where greed and hate has taken its tall. Tell your president that divide and rule will only worsen things in Malawi where you expect only one tribe to go to school and yet the tribe that runs away from school and sit at home is guaranteed to lead the fucking country. You guys got a long way to go…

  26. mapwevupwevu says:

    Ma rubbish!

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