Civil servants union differs with IMF on bloated, resource draining govt

Officials from Civil Service Trade Union say the service is not as bloated as the IMF wants people to believe, saying it is smaller compared to others in the region.

Chiphiko: Lack of transparency in this DDP government

Chiphiko: Lack of transparency in this DDP government

Secretary General of the Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU) secretary general Madalitso Njolomole said the civil service is full of non established positions, political appointees who are on temporary work.

“We have many non established positions in government. Close to 45 per cent are on non established positions, they are on month to month job,” said Njolomole.

IMF was in the country for the last two weeks to assess the economic performance of Malawi.

Oral Williams, the IMF review team leader said the government spends 56 per cent of its revenue paying civil and public servants which he said is unacceptable.

He also said the government debt is fast rising and will soon reach unproportional levels which will collapse the already fragile economy.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe agreed with the IMF team observations but said some issues were politically inspired.

Budget and Finance Committee of parliament chairman Rhino Chiphiko also agreed with the IMF team observations and said the situation has been worsened because of lack of openness and transparency in government.

“The government is very secretive. There is not even transparency on how the donor money is used to buy food for the country,” he said.

The IMF has painted a bleak and gloomy picture for Malawi with continued dwindling economy, high inflation rate, unstable kwacha against the dollar unless the government comes fast and swift to fix the problems to which Gondwe seems hopeless and helpless.

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jika man

DDP Government?????????

Sam Ukhela
It is likely that the CSTU and the IMF are both right. If 45% of those ‘working’ in government departments are political appointees in non-established positions, this is where the savings and (regrettably) sackings should begin. The 55% in established positions should be obliged to increase their efficiency. They should no longer be represented by a jacket over the back of their chair. They should no longer be ‘gone to a funeral’ whenever we want to speak to them. Moreover, in the interests of the nation, they should be willing to forego their ‘right’ to fancy cars and bloated allowances.… Read more »
Pse have a life and learn to be objective. While i am in the private sector i think govt must start paying its top civil service well. Is it not ironic that a Malawian is now head of reforms in Botswana when he was a non entity back home. Civil servants cannot stop dealing in solar panels because they have to survive. People talk about posh cars as if its a sin. Govt must just introduce a sensible and fair car ownership scheme to enable public servants get their own cars. The Malawi public service is not bloated. Actually some… Read more »
M Sizini

Sam, I don’t think you understand the relationship between the civil servants and the politicians. The civil servants are there to hold the horns while the politicians milk the cow.


IMF says wagebill has been bloated ,they dont care whether the staff are non established or permanent the fact of thematter is that come month end everybody is gets his salary. The issue CSTU is bringing on non established staff doesnt hold water what matters is financial prudence……….

MPC AUDITORS INSULT GOVERNMENT WE AUDITING JUNIORS According to breaking news source at MPC head office, auditors when they found a problem mostly shortage, they start insulting junior staff refer them as DPP government of the cash gate to the extent they insult the president of Malawi peter wa munthalika for nepotism relatives from Thyolo who does know their duties. This was reviewed when they were auditing limbe post office, Chichiri post offce and Blantyre post office. According to our source who asked for anonymity Mr fole,mr mtelela ,Gloria mbendera and some other auditor at Blantyre post office abuse staff… Read more »

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