Civil Society faults ‘muted’ Mutharika on Malawi Savings Bank saga

Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) on Saturday took a swipe at President Peter Mutharika for being silent on issues involving the controversial  the sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB).

CSOs leaders addressing a news conference on MSB saga

CSOs leaders addressing a news conference on MSB saga

Protestors against MSB sale

Protestors against MSB sale

The CSOs leaders made the statements in Lilongwe when they held a news conference, renewing the claims that  the move to sale the state-owned bank is aimed at settling debts of “greedy politicians and businessmen.”

CSOs led by human rights activist Billy Mayaya,  who was flanked by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation(CHRR) boss Timothy Mtambo and Centre for the Development of People(CEDEP) director Gift Trapence urged Mutharika to come out and speak on the issue.

“He is a Malawi President but it has been a common practice to see him remaining mute on crucial issues of national importance,” said Trapence.

The CSOs have make fresh calls asking Mutharika government not to sell the people’s bank, saying failing to resolve this issue will generate into CSOs mobilizing Malawians in all the three regions and hold country wide anti-government demonstrations.

They have called for forensic audit into the bank while blaming the bank management over the mess at MSB.

The CSOs have also called upon Parliament to among others summon Minister of Finance, Secretary to the Treasury and Public and Private Partnership Commission to appear before the House and explain issues surrounding the sale.

The CSOs also called on government, which recently unveiled plans to issue K6 billion promissory notes to clear the bank’s toxic assets, to, instead, seize assets of businesses and individuals who owe billions to the bank.

Recentlym, the activistsy led hundreds of Malawians in Lilongwe in protest against the controversial sale of MSB and the decision by government to bail out some individuals and private companies by settling over K6 billion of toxic assets owed to the bank.

Meanwhile, the CSOs have requested immediate transfer of the MSB Chief Executive Officer, Ben Bonongwe.

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39 thoughts on “Civil Society faults ‘muted’ Mutharika on Malawi Savings Bank saga”

  1. CHIJOTA W says:





  2. shamwari says:

    Commenting or not commenting does not put bread on the table for an ordinary Malawian.I think the best option is to solve the crisis which MSB IS CURRENTLY IN.

  3. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    kaya zanu izo munawavotela nokha..inu nkhalamba ngati imene ija inagapange chani//

  4. tuvitwana says:


  5. ENOCH says:

    Mufuna ayankhule chani inu anysa timati Ian Bonongwe osati Ben Bonongwe

  6. balotelli says:

    mkulu wazachisankho analira. sitikudziwa kuti amalira chani.. koma analira

  7. Pharula says:

    Please CSO leaders vet your decision before you bring it to the public. Surely what is wrong with the sale of MSB? Why do you want the President to comment? Furthermore you want us to go in the streets for what? May I bring this message to our CSOs that we are no longer dull. We will respect you only on clever or wise issues not otherwise.

  8. dar says:

    Akulu akulu mukakhala m’mwamba mwa Mtengo midzuona pansi; Ndaona anthu ena aiwala kale akumanena kuti ndani inu Peter sangataye nthawi kumayakha zimenezo; Do not forget sikale pamene Gadafi ankanena RATS; dzanadzanali akamuzu ndi untouchables nakanena kuti abongololo mwina enanu munali tiyana; Nkhani osamayitengera zibwana imaononga zambiri; MSB sale there is alot happening; PPPC ndi utambwali wake ina ika ACB, Auditor members in the evaluation team ; This is wrong and very wrong, kusonyeza kuti chitalakwika ACB can not question, In the laws this is not accepted, who is going to do counter check. u do not involve these organisation in that nature. Komanso Shareholder wa FDH ndi M development LTd You can not see this that M is munthalika family???

  9. Kenkkk says:

    Peter speaks on far much less important issues such as fundraising for his dpp or beam but avoids more important national issues such as msb, nacgate, etc. Why?

    It is not good enough to say other relevant people speak for him, well others can also speak for him in these well wishers fundraising events he attends. Isn’t it a wonder that people are saying our govt is headless?

    We are not saying Peter should speak in all issues but only on some which the country feel are very important that requires the president himself lead.

  10. Pichi says:

    Amene akudziwa za finances and commerce MSB has to go! Ma CSO kuthamanga blood and you listen to interested parties who use you for political milage. Dzimafuna prudence idzi osamangoti bwetubwetu with half truths.

  11. padzana paja mumaoneka wamzeru ife mtimkanena kuti mwavotera chisoni zikavuta alowa mmkati lero ndi izi musova

  12. kenkkk says:

    Peter’s silence is shameful and it just shows how incompetent this man is. These are issues of national importance requiring the president to at least say something.

    The main problem he can’t speak is because he is very involved with the scandal himself and what can he say? Yes the govt is st last if we are led to believe is doing something but still peter should say something about it.

    Peter’s silent behaviour is actually a repeat of that when he was cabinet minister. His silence is therefore a symptom of very bad leadership qualities. Change must start from him.

  13. Adamson says:

    Chitsiru ukamayankhulana naho nonse mumakhala zitsiru. So peter knows kuti osaziyankha zitsiru zama cso akumalawi.

  14. commentator says:

    Aaah! A? MSB has a board of governors? Someone give me the list, and some explanation why the burden to be accountable has been transferred to minister of finance and his cabinet chair? Of course, ultimately! But I wonder where the board is when all this hullabaloo is taking place?

  15. Ethurama says:

    Govt.does not back thieves,this is organised stealing.

  16. Mulli Brothers is one of giant local companies in the country that need government protection. What is needed is gov to identify technocrats to work with the company in question until all the money is recovered.

  17. john says:

    Issue iyi is for the Minister of Finance.They have come out with a position paper

  18. ujeni says:

    Mutharika has speech impediment, you cant understand what he mumbles. How did he become President, only him knows.

  19. The Most Concerned says:

    He has people who are working in government, getting paid, responsible to speak on such matters. Why shud the whole President speak on such petty issues?

  20. kenkkk says:

    Peter’s silence is shameful and it just shows how incompetent thus msn is. These are issues of national importance requiring the president to at least say something.

    The main problem he can’t speak it is because he is very involved with the scandal himself and what can he say? Yes the govt is st last if we are led to believe is doing something but still peter should say something about it.

    Peter’s silence behaviour is actually a repeat of that when he was cabinet minister. His silence is therefore and shows very bad leadership. Change must start from him.

  21. Mphaka says:

    Cholinga ndi chani kodi?yatani msb.Osagulitsa ndati bwanji.kufuna kuba basi!!!!mukutibowa ife.Kapena 30/90 days ibwerenso???ndiwedi baby seater,kungoti vuma.

  22. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Kodi Ana A Joyce Banda Awa Alipo? A Chodzi Ndi Bambo Kampaundi Kkkkkk. Mayaya Ukumenya Nkhondo Yoluzaluza. Apm Is A Very Quite President. Sakuyankhani Kanthu Because Sali Ngati Bingu.

  23. BigMan says:

    Our CSO’s are clueless.No analysis, no facts, no logical alternatives. Govt already explained why they intend to issue the promisory notes in order to protect the bank. As for bad debts MSB is already chasing these through the courts, so what do you want Peter to come out and say to you? Who are you?

  24. Jimmy juga says:

    A CSO Nanunso muli ndi vuto kodi mukuthandiza kusova mavuto a dziko kapena kungbweletsa zipwilikiti dziko. Enafe takhala tikutsatila ndi chidwi kuti mukupeleka mfundo yotani pa mavuto a MSB .chomwe tikuva ndi choti mboma lisagulitse. Report likunena kuti Msb ipitilize ntchito za pafunika ma billion ankhaninkhani kuti ifike pamuling oyendetsa ntchito zake pamene zikuoneka kuti ndalamazo palibe. Mukanaliuza dziko kuti litani ndalama zipezeke ntchito zake zipitilile.Business ya mboma nthawi zonse andale amaigwilisa ntchito pa zolinga zawo chitsanzo mutha kuoma EScom ,WB nthawi zonse malo moona mavuto amakhala kalikiliki ku nyamula andale misonkhano mavuto amenewo aliponso ku MSB.Musalimbane ndi Bonongwe akuchita zimene mabwana akufuna.Ndi chifukwa chake pakubwela maganizo ogulitsa kuti andale asamagwilitse bank molakwika. Komanso business ikakhala manja mwa private imaenda bwino imakweza chitukuko cha dziko, limatetezedw wa ndale sangipange abuse. Bank ogula akhala amalawi iyendetsedwa dziko momuno. Olembedwa ntchito amalawi .ikayenda bwino ikweza chuma cha dziko lathu. Apa akhaule ndi andale amene anazolowela kutenga ngongole osabweza. Tikagulitsa opindula ndi dziko nanga mukamati isagulitsdwe mukufuna chani.kapena mufuna mboma pa ndalama za budget lichotse zina kupeleka ku MSB kuti iyende zikatelo andale azikabweleka iwo azidya ndi mabanja awo. Kuli bwino igulitsidwe izitha kulimbana ndi mpikisano pa msika. Business ya mboma ndi beurocracy imachedwa kuchita respond to competition in so doing i would like to ask CSO to review its stand not to promote its interest but plight of Malawians.

  25. Patrick yohane super says:

    Vuto si mtsogoleri wa dziko koma amene amagwira ntchito kumenekowo, anthu amakhala nd maganizo ot tibepo ndalama avutike mwini wake kuiwala kut muvutikira limodzi mapeto ake company ngat ilibe ndalama mumamuuza mwini wake agulitse mumuone ngat iye ndolephera pamene inu ndamene muli olepheretsa, amalawi achinyansa inu muli nd vuto mzanu akamapita patsogolo mumfuna kumubwezera mmbuyo ndiye vuto lalikulu.

  26. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians, you will cry until your chests will burst. This DPP will not listen to you. Cry, maybe harder. No one will hear you. Just cry. Patients in hospitals are crying for help, no one is there to assist them. Graduates, school leavers are crying for jobs yet government just offer them a traveling passport. So Malawians just cry, maybe your neighbor will hear and wipe your tears. Am saying this because your government will not listen to you. So just cry maybe your president is still sleeping. When he wakes up he will attend to your problems. So Malawians just keep crying.

  27. chaiwone wawo says:

    CSOs i feel you are being so slow and lazy in the way you are putting the pressure on govt. over this issue. The delays will allow the govt to complete the sale. Let us do more and now. we need this Bank and it doesn’t have to be sold. why should a few Malawians benefit out of a national asset? apply more pressure please. I will be willing to be in a continuous demonstration even for a whole year

  28. eeeish says:

    koma yee

  29. Jelbin mk says:

    Muntharika is a failed professor he hasn’t ever inspired me a bit. Such kind of people are the ones making people believe that education doesn’t help a person’s performance and make people talk ill of education.

  30. zoona says:

    Osayankha chitsilu monga mwautsilu wake kuti ungafanane nacho…….

  31. Malawian says:

    I thought that if the so called CSO leaders were informed rather emotional, they would have put forward an alternative option to the policy direction government has suggested through a press release made through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. The alternative should be credible and well thought through while among other things suggesting how the entity should raise the required liquidity so that it should not be deregistered by the Reserve Bank of Malawi on account of low liquidity as dictated by the international best banking practices. In addition it should also suggest how the bank should be protected from future political influence if the status quo should be maintained as is being suggested. Street protest is not an alternative to a given public policy and will never lead Malawi to any where but it only makes CSOs leaders popular to some local and mostly international audience.

  32. hon says:

    Maxon mbendera ndi Kenyatta nyirenda munatipweteka lero ndi izi. A saulos kuthandizila kubela mavoti lero tidzalira limodzi atakubheula a lhomwewo

  33. mdk says:

    Akuyankhuleni ndiye mumva? Chomwe mukufuna inu ndimaphokoso basi.munaona akukuyankhanipo?he knows your aim.muzidabwe he is not bingu

  34. nyopsy says:

    leave peter alone he have the right to remain silent

  35. S mswayo says:

    Kufuna kuba basi! Tsimungayendetse boma kopanda kubako.thawi zonse n’kupeza njira zobera basi, iii mwanyanya!

  36. clement says:

    We need national demonstrations. The govt looks determined to sell MSB

  37. Shakali says:

    CSOs phuma! Isn’t common knowledge that Mulli’s assets are being auctioned. Isn’t that a sign enough that the govt is doing something about it? You are calling for the transfer of Bonongwe. For what? Again isn’t it known that the guy who was behind all this scrupulous lending was Mwanamveka. Wasn’t that the reason why he couldn’t relinguish the position of CEO at MSB while he was the Secretary to the Treasury while maintaining Bonongwe as the deputy. Why skin the wrong cat when the machinations of DPP led govt were so clear then? Why not even blame the MSB board for remaining secretive when there was all this rot?

  38. Gonapamuhanya says:

    Beware They Are Changing Their Assets Ownership.

  39. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    ndi liti pamene petulo analankhulapo on matters of national importance? U remember the academic freedom saga (education minister), diplomatic impulse wth uk (foreing affairs minister)? Amangokhala ndwii ngati amumwetsa madzi ometera. Zonse vuto ndi uyu amati Maxon Mbendera! Musova.

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