Civil war in PP escalates, havoc in Mzuzu: Uladi accuses Khumbo, Mzomera of sponsoring violence

Former governing People’s Party (PP) was plunged into a bitter civil war Sunday when factions clashed as regional meeting in Mzuzu over the appointment of Uladi Mussa as acting president and third vice-president Kamlepo Kalua.

Uladi Mussa: They hired thugs

Uladi Mussa: They hired thugs

Mussa alongside PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola, vice-president (finance and administration) Ralph Jooma, third vice-president Kamlepo Kalua and other senior members organised a  regional conference in Mzuzu at Anglican Hall.

But officials from other faction led by former regional governor Rev Christopher Mzomera Ngwira and former vice president Khumbo Kachali caused mayhem and attacked the supporters of Mussa.

Forcing him and party MPs  to seek refuge at Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president Enoch Chihana’s house at Kaning’ina in the city.

However, Kalua did not get intimidated with the fight  and proceededto the meeting and address the delegates. He said there is need for the warring camps in the region to unite.

Mussa accused Mzomera Ngwira and Kachali for organising and sponsoring violence.

“They organised thugs to cause fracas,” said Mussa.

“Right honourable Khumbo Kachali through the Reverend Mzomera Ngwira  organised thugs, not members of the party, giving out T-shirts. We know their names. These are the ones obstructing everybody chasing people right there not to attend our meeting at the hall,” claimed Mussa.

Mussa said Kachali and Ngwira “are unhappy” with his appointment acting leader.

“I had to cancel the meeting in the interest of peace. They want violence, we will not give them that,” he said.

He claimed Kachali “is too jealous with my appointment.”

But Kachali has dismissed the accusations , saying he is not interested in being PP leader, saying he would only want to rejuvenate the party.

“I don’t wish to lead PP as expressed through the opinion of Mussa, what I want is to see the  party grow,” said Kachali.

Mussa said PP leadership will sort out the differences “amicably.”

“Politics is my hobby, is my profession it’s my career, we will find the way forward,” said Mussa.

“Those who are not happy, it’s their problem. I have no problem. Ine ndilibe problem,” the PP acting president said.

But PP regional secretary for north, in Ngwira’s camp Clive Nthakomwa said Mussa should reinstate the original committees in the north before he starts conducting meetings.

He rejected allegations that they have received money from Kachali to cause confusion in PP.

“That is a total blue eye. We have not been given a single coin,” said Nthakomwa.

He accused party founder Joyce Banda of continuing to violate the party’s constitution by “handpicking” Mussa and Kalua, who is also Rumphi East member of Parliament (MP).

Nthakomwa said all they want is for Banda to respect the PP constitution by letting members to elect leaders and not her  to make appointments on her own.

PP, which rose to power in April 2012 after its president, Banda, ascended to the presidency in line with constitutional order following Bingu’s death, lost the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

During the elections, Banda came third after winner Peter Mutharika of DPP and second-placed Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the presidential race.

PP got 26 seats in the 193-member National Assembly distributed as follows: 14 in the Northern Region, eight in the Southern Region and four in the Central Region.

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Point of "Odour"

Please opposition, learn to respect DPP and its blue colours. When you have problems, dont say it’s a “blue” lie as Jessie in MCP said. She should have said it’s a “red” lie. and you in PP you need to be saying it’s an “orange ” lie. Otherwise you are turnishing our image in DPP by saying it’s a “blue” lie. Stop this forthwith! KKKKKKKKKKKKK

It is unwise and naive to say that Malawians from north are anarchic and lack sense of humanity.We should never base our arguments on regional backgrounds because its inherently not feasible.In Malawi people behave malawian- like, a mentality which is rampant everywhere in this landlocked helpless country.Conversely if we can base our arguments on places of origin,it is vividly clear that where people can not afford a single metre of land to build a house of their own due to unbearable number of people in a community, is likely to be in perpetual turmoil hence constantly anarchic. We are few… Read more »
mphwache wa bingu

Any place or gathering, church or party with more people from the north there is always trouble. These people do not love anybody including themselves. This is what led to the demise of Aford. Please my fellow malawians do not let anyone from this regionb be closer to the seat of government


ife tinanena kuti yayi kazi sikoka ngolo ndi iyo inathawira pa yoke,kasi nasono wandababe? ISE tikapulika kuti wamitha ,panyake wapholloza ?shame on Uladi northeners don’t want PP tell your cow JB about it

It is a fact that politics in Malawi is regionally based, but the only people who havent voted on regional terms are northerners, despite being neglected in all sectors of the government. I agree, northerners should rejuvenate AFORD and staunchly support it. It doesnt matter if AFORD doesnt rule the country because of population size but such unity would be vital in lobbying development in the north where roads, and all other social amenities are grossly neglected by the government. Supporting AFORD should however be done when a proper leader of the party has been elected. The current one in… Read more »
Kango Herbert

All 14 MPs of PP belong to the North then that’s automatically symbolized PP has more support from Northern Region & not even where Joyce Banda comes from, but alas why appointing Mussa as a president?

Uladi Mussa should concentrate to sell the party to his home ground Central & Southern region. Here in the North we have people who look into its affairs,

Ngati ili kampeni kapangeni kwanuko ndikomwe PP samaifuna olo pang’ono

Wisdom Of Karonga
NO.11 you have talked sense. I find no reason why northerners should bicker amongst themselves instead of rallying behind a party that brought democracy in Malawi. Northerners at one time, voted for Gwanda Chakwamba of MCP, Bingu Mutharika of DPP, and Joyce Banda of PP. I see no benefit of voting for any other candidate of a party other than the party whose identity never fades in the north, AFORD. Politics in Malawi is that of tribalism and regionalism and therefore, nobody can change that. A northerner will never be voted in the center or south so why support a… Read more »

The distribution of MPs would suggest that PP is more popular in the Northern Region than anywhere else. Now, politics being a game of numbers, wouldn’t a Northerner be a more appropriate replacement of JB? Kachali would have had the whole North behind him; on the other hand Uladi’s base does extend beyond his Salima South.
Kumeneku kudana nawo a Tumbuka or something else?


The fall of pipi! The sinking ship everyone wants to be a captain

Our dear brethrens from the north, its time you sit down and take a close look at yourselves, reflect on the past. Why is it that you always rush to support any party regardless of its strategies and policies so long it is against UDF in general and Muluzi in particular? Look how you guys mistreated your own fresh and blood the late Chakufwa Chihana. This brave son of Malawi was rejected by you guys to the extent of voting for MCP instead of AFORD. Then came DPP all you guys voted for it and now PP? My brethren you… Read more »

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