Clergy faults Malawi leader Mutharika for commenting on prophecy

Secretary general of the Evangelical Association of Malawi Francis Mkandawire says President Peter Mutharika stepped his line when he dismissed Prophet TB Joshua’s prophecy that two leaders from southern Africa would die before the completion of their term.

Malawin President Mutharika: I am still around until 2019

Malawin President Mutharika: I am still around until 2019

“The President was insensitive, he stepped out of his line. Spiritual issues cannot be commented upon like that,” said Mkandawire.

“This is not the domain of his expertise, he should have asked help from religious people who could have helped him deal with the matter, not the way he handled it,” he added.

Mkandawire said the best thing the President could have done was to keep quiet.

Mutharika on Saturday went to town stalking Prophet TB Joshia, picking up his traditional opponents, the opposition and fighting the media on the other hand.

He said he would not resign as propagated by the opposition, he is not dying as prophesied by Prophet TB Joshua and Malawi media is garbage and that he stopped reading newspapers.

“ I want to assure and challenge him [Prophet T.B. Joshua of Nigeria]  that I am still around until 2019,” said Mutharika.

His comments have largely divided Malawians on social media and other places with the majority criticising him in the manner he has handled the issues.

Chairperson of National Media Institute for Southern Africa Thom Khanje said if the President stops reading local newspapers then there will be a disconnect with people, the people he governs.

“Not all people have access to the president. They take their issues to the president through newspapers so if he chooses not to read newspapers, he will not know what his people want,” Khanje said.

Khanje also said this means the President is becoming increasingly intolerant to dissenting views and criticisms and asked Malawians to rise up and demand that this must stop.

“People tell their President all problems they are facing such as food shortage, drug shortages in public hospitals, high cost of living through newspapers because not everyone can access the president,” he said.

He said those who are close to him, the cabinet and his advisors will only tell the president what he wants to hear and read because they do not want to hurt him fearing they might lose their jobs.

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Mr. Presidend Stop Insulting The Man Of God. All I Undestand Frm His Prophecy, He Didn’t Mention Malawi/ Peter Muthalika Not At All. He Said ,two Presidents In Africa. If U Know U R About To Die Dont Hesitate Just Kneel Down And Pray And 4 The Sin Of Your Insults Still Have To Apologise And Ask 4 Forgiveness From God. Say Amen Mr President.


a Peter mwachita bwino kudzudzula zikatelo zatha mphamvu palibe amene anfe wankulu kuno ku Malawi osamango sekelela zili zonse. atsogoleri amipingo kuno kwathu machimo ali thoo! angofuna kudzilemeletsa. Chifukwa chiani mpaka lero atsikana anasowa ku Nigeria sanachenjeze kuti asabedwe. up now nowhere to be seen. kumango kamba zainfa basi ulendo uno A.P.M.


Shame to all fake apostles, pastors, bishops, reverends who cling to this idiot, stupid, gangster, criminal, robber and murderer APM. you false christians you claim that APM is good but see for yourself. is this not Ahab of today in Malawi.
APM see around the corner death is beckoning you.

Azibusa ambiri mu Malawi mumati galuyu ndi mutsogoleri wochokera kwa Mulungu. APM is a devilish leader and illegitimate leader.
Manyazi akugwileni azibusa lapani galuyu musiyeni akupitisani koipa.

Steven Mambilima

On the collapse of the guesthouse at scoan the man of GOD Knew.He said it in prbls.He said he was sppsd to have gone to another country fm where he was.But he decided to return back to Nigeria b’cos he saw dark clouds cvrng Nigeria,that meant trble to him.He said he wanted to see hw the clouds will dsppr.He further went on to blame his countrymen,saying quote “U Nigerians are bad pple,you have sold yr country 4 nothg,if they bomb this scoan u will b the first 2 make calls u Nigerians ure bad pple”unqt


Its about Malawi not an individual person, let’s pray and repent for our nation and ourselves for the sin we have done in the past regardless of our political parties and religious belief.


He is a Muslim
What did you expect? For him to respect Christianity? Seriously? Malawians, Malawians, Malawians. When are you going to wake up?

Chwemeka Viyuyu

APM if you at all read the bible read the story of the shunamte woman and Prophet Elijah .God did not show Elijah that the child had died as a Prophet. I also watch Emmanuel tv every sunday and I have never heard T.B.Joshua mentioning your name or Malawi. just get close to god and pray utterances will not help.

Kunena Mosapsyatila
One if the days last year I said that this President of ours has a prophecy on his head and that he is one of the Presidents under the Skulls and Bones (a section of the Illuminatis). The Illuminatis are the children of the devil and are against anything that God stands for, including His prophets and therefore you cannot expect Mutharika to speak good of TB Joshua. We have many presidents in Southern Africa. I don’t know why out of them all, ours becomes an exception to comment on such a sensitive issue and spiritual one at that. By… Read more »

This prophet is a dunderhead. I thought he has a religious advisor. A prophet is not a seer or someone who sees things in the future. I am not a fan of TB Joshua but I think factually prophecy happens when God tells you or shows you whats gonna happen in the future. He doesnt show prophets everything. He chooses what to show the prophet thats all. So the argument about why he didnt see building collapse its because God chose to hide that from him.


I’m not a great fan of the President but I’ve got no problem him calling TB Joshua a liar because he is a liar and needs to repent.

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