Clergy say no compromise for gays: Malawi govt should not promote homosexual behaviour

Conservative clerics in Malawi are asking government not to compromise its anti-gay stand, saying they should not be lured by international support to give equal rights to gays under the law.

Red Dr ZacKawalala: Malawi government should not support divine behaviour of homosexuality, money or no money

Red Dr ZacKawalala: Malawi government should not support divine behaviour of homosexuality, money or no money

Malawi government requested $388 888 (about K221 million) from Global Fund for HIV and Aids interventions targeting 40 000 men who have sex with fellow men. Lesbians – women who have sex with fellow women – have been excluded in the package.

Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has said homosexuals will not be discriminated against when accessing healthcare despite the existing anti-gay law.

And Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume urged gay people to be honest with healthcare workers, particularly when discussing treatment for HIV.

Kumpalume assured that health workers will live up to their ethics of “keeping confidentiality of their patients.”

But Rev. Dr Zac Kawalala of Word Alive Church is urging government not to entertain anything to do with homosexuality

“We are imploring government to maintain its stand on homosexuality – that it is criminal,” said Kawalala.

He said homosexuality is “divine behaviour in the society;” and that “it is a sin according to the scriptures.”

Kawalala expressed concern with the funding for homosexual programs.

“A big concern on our part is financing a section of our society involved in divine behaviour,” said Kawalala.

Malawi government asked for the money targeting about 40 000 homosexual men with testing, counselling, treatment, condoms and prevention of risky behaviour programmes.

Attorney General Kaphale said all people whether they are sexual orientation as gays or otherwise are at complete liberty to get full treatment, as they also pay tax just like any other Malawian.

The clerics say they are concerned government stand could sway young people to accept homosexuality as a norm “believing this is a way of life.”

Recently during the 2015 Blantyre Keswick Convention, Bishop Geoffrey Matoga of Faith of God discussed the issue of homosexuality, and clergy asked government not to compromise our cultural, biblical and moral values.

Bishop Edward Mikwamba said there are some people who are championing gay issues “because of the slumbering Malawi church.”

He said the Bible clearly states from the onset on the creation of man and woman that they multiply and bear children because God knew that men on their own and women on their own could not bear children; hence, the creation of a man and a woman.

Mikwamba said equality for gays meant opening “the floodgates of evil synonymous with the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Western countries and local civil society organisations (CSOs) have been campaigning that Malawi should legalise homosexuality.

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34 thoughts on “Clergy say no compromise for gays: Malawi govt should not promote homosexual behaviour”

  1. Nancy Greenwood says:

    The bible and scripture contain many words of wisdom and advice. Why is it necessary to focus on only one sentence, then decide that it allows us to meddle into the lives of others? Perhaps it would be wise to look to the wisdom of Nelson Mandela who oversaw a constitution that provided equality to all. God doesn’t make mistakes so gay folks are normal. They are also part of my family and circle of friends. I recited a Maya Angelou poem, at the marriage of two male friends. It was a beautiful day to see my friend marry someone who he loved and could legally marry. The parents were aged 89 & 91 and they were happy their son was loved. Now my friend will grow old with a loving spouse and personally, I don’t think it’s any of my business what they do when their door is closed. They don’t inquire about my life behind my closed doors. Mind your own business and go do good deeds in the name of your God. Peace!

  2. kondwani says:

    No one is opposed to same sex equality for religious reasons, because no one’s sexual behavior can affect another’s religion…….. They oppose same sex equality simply because ey hate homosexuals , and they use their religion to justify their hatred…….. Shame on you fake clergymen

  3. kill them and burn them to hell


  5. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    Spot on No. 3 Mbiyazodooka. If the church is failing to revive the people spiritually they shud not depend on govt to be criminalizing something the church can just pray for

  6. musisipala says:

    Homosexual is a sin.

  7. burn all gays and those who support them & pliz don’t treat them in public Hospitals, they shud have there own clinics like dogs do! shupit!!!!!

  8. witness phiri says:

    Gay rights are not human rights at all but a human disgrace. A shame to humanity. Gays and lesbians are not normal people. They are half human and half zombies because not even an abnormal animal can sleep with an animal of the same sex with it. They do reason better than gays/lesbians.
    They are very lucky not to have lived in the same era with Idi Amin Dada.
    A plea to all Christians : Tidziwapemphelera ndi kuwasalira kudya so that their Spiritual eyes and ears should open. It’s very sad that they are dead walking corpes who can’t even differentiate between light and darkness, good and bad, truth and a lie,kuchenjera ndi kupusa
    Now, here is a very good question to you all who practice this shame called homosexuality:
    If all your parents were gays before you were born, what would have happened to you all?

  9. Kukambamwatchutchutchu says:

    The clergy are not refuting the existence of homosexuality in Malawi, they are admitting that we have homos in Malawi. The only point of dermacation is where our laws do not accept homosexuality as a normal way of living. Simply because we have homos it does not imply the nation should legalize it. It is the same to say that pedophiles, those practicing bestiality, rapists and all, who practice their sexuality outside the bonds of the society code of conduct should be allowed to do so, as they have rights. I find it invalid to state that since we have homos, or a certain handsome man you met was a homo, therefore we should legalize homosexuality. Categorically, our laws have strict observance of the interest of the people, should we want to legalize homosexuality, then we should hold a referendum, just as western countries do and have our own voice in the law. I don’t think because people who steal have economic needs, therefore, we should justify theft, in their case. The same applies here, we need to understand the causes. I don’t support double standards, and therefore the clergy are right!

  10. Gambino says:

    Church leaders are failing to show leadership here. All they can do is sit there and condemn. What are you doing to help the gay community. You do not address an issue by acting like it doesn’t exist. What about people born intersex? I thought the Jesus preached love and ministered among the sinners. Rather focus on your own issues like rampant sex and theft scandals in churches. Priests impregnating girls all over the place. And what about all the snake oil salesmen calling themselves prophets and prophetess. Lead by showing love compassion and understanding not condemning and moralising from your ivory towers.

  11. Dodolido says:

    Kutha ma plan FOTSEKI , Mulungu anapanga manuna ndi mkazi.,Akadanena kuti tizikwatirana amuna,kapena akazi okha okha.Za chamba basi fotsekiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  12. Neema says:

    Be wise Clergy people. write proposals , ask for money and work on reforming these people, counseling them, showing them the right way and show them love by being concerning on their strange behaviour

  13. Churches are the most sinners. Providing medcare care to homos is a human right thing. Wether we like or not homos are in Malawi. It is not a thing of westerners alone. What do we think? Are we the only christians? Who brought Christianity to Africa. Is it not a sin to rape a young girl? Is it not a sin to infect your wife or vis versa? Is it not a sin to steal like Cash Gate. Our churches are run by Cash Gate money. Many men practise homosexual in the bedrooms but because they do it with a woman they dont call homosexual sex. What is the difference of anus of a woman and men? These people need to be treated like any human being. They can be your son/daughter. Who knows when u are pregnant what will come out? May be we have to ask God why some people are homos? It is like asking him why some are born handcapes. There are many questions to WHY this but little answers. Dont blame azungu Malawi homos have not copied it from them. I was against homos. I changed when I met a young handsome man who told me his secret and sad story of him. These people go through very hard time. Their parents too. If ther was medicine to change or cure may be there could be cured. No reaserch is done on this. Why? Some people who are hidding in this and yet living with a woman and man. The SECRET OF BED IS ONLY TO THOSE In it.

  14. Ineyo says:

    Read Romans 1:24-32

  15. all-i-can-say says:

    Africa is a place of contradictions. There are people who go around sleeping with underage girls and prostitutes and very few Africans condemn such behaviour. How about stealing government funds? The impact of such practices are far worse than men in a sexual relationships which is done in privacy. We must not hide behind culture and religion to victimise other people. Malawi is not a God-fearing country with all the greed, jealousy and hatred among us. What is so Godly in that? Stop hiding under this God-fearing and culture nonsense.

    We need to change our mind set and start looking beyond trivia. Let those who want bum fun have it as long as they do it in their own privacy. Does it affect me? No!. Does it bother me? No! Let people choose they way they want to live without interference from nosy third parties. We must not confuse ignorance with culture. Some of the cultural practices need to be set aside for the country to move forward.

    The clergy should preach love for one another and Jesus clearly says that the old law was fulfilled by him being born and lived among mortals and he clearly says that we should not judge one another as only God can do that. So to the clergy, Piss off!

  16. master says:

    ZACC my pastor Malawi si not a GOD fearing nation, that is just fake statement, gays or no gays this country is snning big time including big politicians stealing for our coffers, Adurtery is a big issue

  17. ndadabwa says:

    mubvumbi ndiwe galu

  18. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    I agree with you the clergy. It clearly shows that America is Babulo, the nasty beast written in scriptures of Revelations.

  19. Shards says:

    We are ready to end up with them in all angles of this country.

  20. Cashgate1 says:

    When It comes to this issue, I admire the leadership of Uncle Bob Mugabe. He is a straight forward leader on this matter. Why should a leader fail to express his stand because of ma vote? really?

  21. CITIZEN says:


  22. Katakwe says:

    The issue of gay should not be tackled on the basis of faith. There are issues of sin which are flourishing in our country like adultery, prostitution etc which the faith community have not taken a center stage to lobby government to ban them. Why playing double standard with this sin of gay? God will punish everyone who commit sin regardless the kind of it. This issue of prohibiting “gay life” need to be advanced by “traditionalists” since our traditional values do not permit this to be practiced in our societies. Does our culture tolerate gays ? It is clearly a big NO. Other cultures but not ours! So they are free to practice in cultures that accept them and not ours. To preserve our culture, we can ban as country any practice in contrast with what we do. We have the right to preserve our culture against any forms of distortions or infiltrations! In other cultures in Africa, people move naked like the Karajos in Uganda; while for us its not allowed under our Laws. This ban should be advanced by our traditional leaders…….

  23. mache Joy says:

    very bad end times indeed, GOD help us to run away from sin….komanso why do we love sin this much?? wat do these pipo benefit kukana mamuna nkumakwatilana akazi okhaokha then nkukagula chinthu chofanana ndimamuna???? worse still men kusiya akazi onsewa amabowo kale nkukatenga mamuna nzawo mkusaka bowo loti was not meant for this purpose??? wat do u benefits??? muzafa infa yowawa mukangokhala nawo mugulu lovomereza zimenezi nkumapanga zinthu zochuluka maganizo koma zikutsutsana ndi zomwe MULUNGU amafuna…munthu analengedwa bwino ndi chiwalo chilichonse ndi job yake


    No one is perfect. Even those who call themselves men of the cloth. Gays also have got rights.

  25. bola says:

    Jesus is coming soon!


    Whether you legalise homosexuality or not , it is still being practised. Churches preach against it. Government has the duty to protect its citizenry whether it is in minority or not

  27. komko says:

    These people have psychological sickness they need treatment. Are you telling me that people have a right to sickness?

  28. mdk says:

    Is providing healthcare the same as giving them rights?what exactly are you insunuating here?we do provide healthcare to our prisoners and does that mean we are giving them rights to commit a crime?#confused

  29. Mau, amoto amenewo kuti buuu! Osalora ugalu. Ndalamazo zikhale.

  30. Bongololo says:

    On the issue of homosexuality, the clergy in Malawi have transformed themselves into an offshoot akin of the Ku Klux Klan. On this issue, the clergy in Malawi have jettisoned the basic essence of Christianity for an agenda that’s incompatible with the teachings of Christ. The KKK uses the cover of religion to advance a negative agenda, their hate for jews and black people, in exactly the same way as the clergy is doing to people created by God, but do nothing wrong except love each other. Love thy neighbor says the Bible and the clergy ought to be reminded to take heed of that basic biblical doctrine. To do otherwise only serves to show that they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

  31. Khwethemu says:

    I thought hospitals are there to diagnose and treat patients. Have we now got forms in hospitals that requires people to fill in their sex orientation before they can be seen by medical practitioners? Or may be am missing something here, kodi akumafunsa mu zipatalamu ngati munthu umachita za mathanyula asanakuthandize? How many pipo have we lost in Malawi ndi HIV and AIDS who were not gay/lesbians? This idea of getting this money to target this non-existent group is not only criminal but a total blatant lie by this serial sinniful government. Its all about the love of dirty money. In Malawi AIDS hasnt spared pipoz sex orientation in comparison with other countries in Europe n elsewhere in the world. Musatinamize.

  32. Mbiyazodooka says:

    The church should concentrate on stopping the gay and lesbian behaviour itself among its flock other than attacking government interventions on preventing HIV infection among these people. Government should not be forced to discriminate among its own citizens regardless of the sexual orientation. In fact, government is found in this situation because the church has failed to do its work.

  33. Roxy says:

    The church in Malawi has been on slumber for too long. It seems it is fashionable and progressive for church leaders to follow any changes in our society though it is directly against the inspired written word of God as long as it brings fortune and fame. Keep up fire burning
    Bishop Matoga

  34. KAMTEDZA says:

    We should as a nation sell our moral beliefs because of money. I agree with the clergy.

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