CNN names Joyce Banda world’s most inspiring woman politician

Malawi  former president Joyce Banda is topping the list of five most inspiring women politics worldwide in 2014 published by the CNN’s Leading Women special edition of December.

Ex Malawi leader Joyce Banda

Ex Malawi leader Joyce Banda

According to the website, CNN set out on a hunt to find the women who excelled in their professions in 2014.

“We wanted to know which women you felt deserved an accolade for their achievements this year and turned to our readers, partners, and organizations we’ve worked with this year to find out,” says the web page brief

According to the Editor’s note, Leading Women” connects you to extraordinary women of our time” — remarkable professionals who have made it to the top in all areas of business, the arts, sport, culture, science and more.

The CNN says Banda has been recognized as First female President of Malawi from 2012 – 2014 and also the Founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation which empowers Malawian women and offers free education to orphans.

Other four most inspiring woman in politics worldwide are;

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf — Liberian President, Africa’s first elected female head of state, and winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. She also led her country through its first Ebola outbreak.

Aung San Suu Kyi — Burmese activist, 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner and co-founder of the National League for Democracy, a party dedicated to nonviolence.

Kathleen Wynne — First female premier of Ontario, and the first openly gay head of government in Canada. In June 2014 she was reelected with a majority government.

Helen Zille — Former campaigning activist, current Executive Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa and leader of the country’s opposition party, the Democratic Alliance.

Banda was also named Forbes’ Africa’s most powerful woman in 2014.

You can assess full details here

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153 thoughts on “CNN names Joyce Banda world’s most inspiring woman politician”

  1. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    I was proud to be Malawian in her reign. Now a fill a ashamed to identify myself as such. She is really a womano of substance. She knows how to speak asati za lerozi. Kaya a zungu
    amkamva akamaphunzitsa. Eeeh mavuto kwabasi.

  2. Henry Wakumpoto says:

    What is happening now in my beloved Country is beyond shame.Imagine and remember during the time JB took over from DPP in 2012,the situation was shambolic but within a short period she managed to revive the ailing situation and behold there was enough Forex,Fuel,Medicine and she also managed to roll out new Initiatives such as Mudzi Transformation,A Cow A Family and many more.What we are witnessing now is a Government without Vision,Mission and Objectives.Also JB used her wide experience in Philanthropy to attract more Well-wishers from Europe and the US. But to prove that most of us do not know to choose between good and bad,We went ahead endorsing a Professor whom we thought could be the right Person to develop Malawi simply because he has been residing in the US for more than three decades,but what we did not ask ourselves was”What has this Guy ever done for Malawi and Malawians all that time he was abroad? Even when he returned,he served in various Ministerial posts with very poor performance but still we went ahead to elect him as our leader.May the Almighty God Heal the Minds of Malawians so that they stop practising Politics of ethnicity.

  3. Petro Banda says:

    Manyazi muzikhala nawo kumangopereka timacomments topandapake.Mzanu akutsogola iwe uzingotuwa ngati nsomba yabakhayawo nditimacomments tanu tauchitsiru.Ukudziwa komwe wamandasiyo ali?Ndikuuze pano ali ndiOffice yake kuAmerica akupanga chuma iwe kukamwa yasaa ngati nsomba yamputa munhtu wopanda nzeruwe.Iwe ukuona ngati Peter mtalika wakoyo angaliyendetse dziko,you are stupid indeed dzimbuta choncho CCN yaona choncho nanga iwe.Kuyamika nthawi zina ndikwabwino.

  4. Mlauzi says:

    Ndiponso kulephera kuyendetsa dziko kwanuko inu a DPP mwaphetsa mzimayi osalakwa ku Balaka. She lost a lot of blood as she was about to be operated on. Due to an electricity blackouts – evidence of current government`s inefficiency – she could not be operated on and regrettably she passed on. To quote one Bob Marley, you will pay for the ” innocent blood that you shed”

  5. Demo says:

    Munthu wakuba woti anachoka chothawa kuno koma ati ” most influence this or that ” koma azungu amenewa, zausiru

    1. Henry Wakumpoto says:

      Why has’nt your so called Mr Ibu with his bunch of political crooks failed to find evidence to implicate her in the much touted Cashgate which according to their blindness,they thought it would be so easy for them to finish her politically.Let me warn you and your DPP,don’t mess up with JB cause you will regret,just remember the Bingu era.And don’t forget to tell Malawians where you took the 92 Billion Kwacha otherwise prepare yourselves for a Tsunami.

  6. pina says:

    Chomwe samuyikila mundende joyce ndichiyani?.
    Boma likusangalala anachitazo?
    Aldinaly person akaba chimanga mmunda wa mwini mumamumpha…
    What more with joyce waba billions ndi kuzuzutsa anthu a malawi.

    1. Henry Wakumpoto says:

      Zimenezo ungoyiwala mnzanga chifukwa JB alibe mlandu ngakale umodzi komanso you have to watch out cause any ill-treatment will backfire.

  7. kabotolokamo says:

    Good one JB , you have me proud ! Inatu amangosowa chonena apa , koma Banyinemwe !

  8. tuvitwana says:

    4 sure she’s better than this NACGATE thing of a WOMAN. She makes me nauseated. Why DD he get it?

  9. pedegu says:

    Joice banda was rejected as a failure even by her home people of Zomba and performed miserably in Malawi as a whole and what does CNN say? Does CNN know how she became president? Guys, let’s stop recruiting whites as consultants. They only come to fool us. Joice banda? Most inspiring? To whom?

    1. Henry Wakumpoto says:

      I don’t trust Yaos,if they even rejected Acheya’s beloved son,What more JB whom they accuse of being a Northerner?Lets wake up from tribalist politics my dear MALAWIANS.

  10. a CNN mwanena zoona. Mwa azimayi onse akuba world wide wamandasiyo ali pa number one.

  11. Koma siyeniyeniyo ikudziwa kuti wamandasiyo wathawa cashgate jetgate mandasigate……..Imeneyidi imangokamba zinthu zosafufuza.Siyeniyenidi.

  12. bamusi says:

    Thumbs up MAMA. U deserve such recognition. A caring mother MALAWI has started crying for. Amayi muli Bo. Osawamvera ana a bongolo ngakhale atabuula ngati nyama Ija imati ikadya lero chimbuzi next week . Keep it up. Wawotu wawumbale ngawa mbalale sinesi.

  13. Zain Adam Kaisi says:

    She deserve this,and she is agood leader,yes no human in 100% but everyone got good and bad side,am proud of you mama,big up #KeepInspireMoreWomen

  14. WAKULILONGWE says:

    Mumuuze koma JB kuti cashgate ikumufuna kuno.

    1. mangochi kabwafu says:

      Cashgate began with the dead dictator, hence present nkhalamba is answerable as well. Remember house gate scando? Nkhalamba got houses from MHC at knock down prices.

  15. opportunist says:

    I told u. JB for life .I love u mama

  16. tito says:

    Western countries are liars Joyce Banda failed in the state of Malawi nothing she did in her leadership, We had brave leader Bingu whom European and American hated him for his policies to better his nation “home grown policies” example Ndata university it was even condemned by World Bank saying Malawi does not have potential to build such kind of infrastructure

  17. Mz Stiglitz says:

    Which are these with substance from Peter? Does he even know what’s supposed to be done?

  18. George Lihoma says:

    I assume the writer of this story is making a mistake on the distinction between Patricia de Lille,the Mayor of Cape Town Metropolitan and Hellen Zille,the Premier of Western Cape Province and the Leader of the white dominated Democratic Alliance party.OK.Timaidalira nyuzi yanuyi,koma pena mumandikhumudwitsa with half baked stories,zosafufuza bwino,zomva mbali imodzi ndi zitisiya mmalere.Otherwise,keep the good work.

  19. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    I am actually disgusted as to why the Western media regard Joisi Banda in high esteem. It is as if CNN is just dismissing Malawians as ignorant, in judging persons.
    But I am, however comforted in knowing that this list mainly reflects the opinions of CNN and its western advertisers, nobody else. If CNN were to undertake a credible survey of Malawians, and include the majority in the rural areas proportionately, Joisi Banda would probably be on the bottom wrung of 100 women politicians. Nothing she, CNN or any of her backers, san say or write will ever erase the record of reckless and clueless government, dominated by wanton theft, for which Malawians will suffer for a very long time.
    The lady is beyond redemption, as far Malawi is concerned.
    She should simply and frankly, just have declined the opportunity to succeed Bingu! Undoubtedly and evidently, governing was beyond her capability. By a long shot!

    1. dadaboma says:

      @Nyani: You seem to be daydreaming like a monkey. It’s monkeys like you that make Malawi sink to abyss of poverty and underdevelopment.

    2. mangochi kabwafu says:

      Its hard for the ignorant to understand the method used.

  20. MZOZODO says:

    So what for amadya ndife zake zimenezo

  21. ndunde says:

    Joyce Banda Economic policies were shortsighted, I blive Peter’s are of substance.

  22. KK Njelele says:

    CNN or BBC may soon award Joice Banda, Mphwiyo and Lutepo for fighting curruption in Africa.

  23. ishmael kalimah says:

    We ‘ve nothing to do with CNN..we need gud presdent of this generation of today we are tired of this old pple..

  24. Alfred Newmann says:

    Such a master of deceit that even CNN can’t see it!

  25. christo says:

    Continue doing gud things u r puting Malawi on de world map

  26. drakes says:

    Mtela wa mankhwala akuwazunhuza nawo azungu, mayiyu ndi wa bodza,wotetera pakamwa. Amene sakudziwa za ieo ndi ndani? Anyhu smane adachita benefit ndi Jb foundation ndi ndani? Anthu olemera ndiye amene amstumiza ana ao kumenrko. Malawians sre btter judges for JB not CNN

  27. Vavlov says:

    CNN please don’t lush into making conclusions. JB is an empty tin that makes the right noise without substance. her economic policies were at best medieval but would nonetheless give her a credit for not being tribalistic in her choice of ministers and senior government officials.

  28. Gogo says:

    Ndi Bodza ilo mmene wawonongelamu ndiye akakhale inspiring woman?

  29. kulyolyopera says:

    amalawi ma comment anuwa mwayiwale kale cash gate

  30. aleke says:

    i question the credibility of these organisations.

  31. chatty man says:

    Mama God bless you. Continue empowering women.

  32. Mizael says:

    kuno mbava zavutadi

  33. Apao says:

    Worldwide not in Malawi. Yoh!yoh! States mama. Wina akwiya nayo basi. Enanu kwiyo thooo. Malaphilia basi

  34. Lee kam says:

    hellen zille is not the current mayor of Cape Town but Priemier of western cape province

  35. bratusha says:

    Yes! I can really really see Malawi is a country of thieves. Starting with the first DPP and PP government lost a lot due to fraud and corruption and the consequences are evident today. And here I see some folks praising JB. My foot! It’s nothing but it is that you were one of the plunderers and you are jealous to see others plundering while you have now assumed a spectator’s status. On another note, it demonstrates how less ambitious Malawians are by walking tall with honorary accolades. We have leaders in this world who have remarkably improved living conditions of their citizens but you rarely hear about these nonsensical recognition. Countries with stable economies, no electricity blackouts, no water shortages, reliable transport systems, good hospitals, good road infrastructure, personsl security(houses without brick fences around them), good schools etc. Stupid Malawians! I hate you!

  36. John says:



  37. Here at home she’s regarded as the weakest link, she’s in “Guiness World Book Records” to be the first sitting President to lose elections in Malawi
    Her first priority was to please white Masters neglecting us the downtrodden/electorates, however,we are not astonished with all these unfounded accolades since she’s reaping what she sow_she paid dearly

  38. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Congrats Mama JB. Ena akulephera kuongolera kuno. Sadaname kuti mphunzitsi salandira ulemu kwawo

  39. Overseer says:

    What a great insult to malawians? CNN is stupid for honouring a chief cashgater who messed up her country and was voted out of government because is a thief. She is even afraid of coming back home fearing cashgate investigations. To us she is a stupid and useless lady deserving beheading. Stupid, stupid and stupid. Dont insult us

  40. Wamandasi says:

    She made millions of for the west by crumbling malawian economy. For white people anybody who chalenge their dictatorship labelled a villain. Check in Iraq, Zim, Libya. White people like weak minded leaders whom they can control. Don’t buy that cheap campaign. Cashgate please white people because weak economy will make Malawi beggars for loans.

  41. Dusty says:

    CNN and nyasatimes are lying.We already judged her here in Malawi.

  42. joseph banda says:

    NYASA TIMES TELL CNN to go to hell and let their souls rot there. How can she be inspiring after leaving behind this SHIT of economy? Why is she not in Malawi after elections? 80% of Malawians do not watch CNN, so on what base is she influential? She has Cash Gate, Motor Gate, Jet Gate on her heels to explain to Malawians, SO WHAT IS THIS FOOLISH CNN taking about? SHUT UP

  43. John Telford says:

    This government in power right now fear her greatly . if she ever comes home to Malawi they will arrest her and kill her . Any rubbish lies will do for charges against her. While she lives she is a threat to the thieves in power now so they must silence her . Just watch what happens to her . john Telford

  44. Mkwatenine says:

    We don’t care what the CNN is talking about this woman JOICE Nabanda. We have nothing to do with that kind of praise or whatsoever. The woman is run from CASHGATE here in Malawi and others have suffers due to her heavy plundering of taxpayers money.
    For CNN don’t waste our time here Malawians are in deep poverty now because of this girl who never went to school apart from selling scones in the streets of Zomba.

  45. Toto says:

    Dear Amai komwe muliko khalani komko.
    Lero akuti akufna adziwe kuti jet inawuluka bwanji. Mama anthuwa akukusakani osati masewera. Sakugona nanu tulo. Akuti dziko silikuyenda kambabka inu 20billion koma ife tudabwa inu mudatenga dziko 92 billion itasowa. Kuphatikiza spo zinthu zinali zovuta but 100days in office zinthu kuysmba kuyenda until May 2014. Mai pitilizani kugwada. Ambuye akumenyersni nkhondo.

  46. kamcb says:

    she deserves it

  47. Benson Chirwa says:

    Whatever it is, I have no respect for this woman. Always wanted relations above every body. Was very weak, kodi nyumba za ku Stella Maris zikuti bwanji? Too weak to be a president. Waba m ok waniyo, filthy rich, worked with amwenye as well as Mota who did not give her much room. Mwana mpaka kutsegula bar pa kamba. Hehede.

  48. qabaniso says:

    God bless you mama jb. Ziwakole za majungu!

  49. nkunthamasese says:

    and we say noo to this devil who is ruling Malawi now.

  50. bratusha says:

    Uku ndiye kukweza changa m’mwamba! Ngakhale amanena kuti, “a prophet is not without honour except in his homeland” Koma Joyce Banda, Bakili Mulizi ndi Peter Mutharika are worse presidents Malawi has ever had.

  51. Proffessor says:

    Nanga awa anayambitsa kabungwe kosesa mmisewu akuti beautify chakutichakuti angapatsidwe award? Komanso mmalo moti adzipange beautify akulimbana ndi kusesa mmisewu Nanga ntchito ya achina Chalamanda ndi chani?

  52. Fathara says:


  53. Mwana ovuta says:

    Amayi ndi dilu pipi yanyamuka odih uko amayi adutse otsawapingapinga, God bles you mayi malawi.

  54. A MPINGO says:



  55. Atupele Keba says:

    JB has bigger balls than all the balls of Malawian male politicians combined! More Americans know about JB and Malawi and none know APM (except his daughters) even though he lived more than 40 years in the USA. Go JB, go Malawi, go JB, go Malawi….!
    Btw have Peter and Gertrude refunded NAC. Its a Joke you. He can’t. He is still holding onto the houses he corruptly bought from Malawi Housing and Lilongwe City Council before he became president.

  56. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Please don’t tell that to our nkhalamba. BTW, how many recognitions does our nkhalamba have? ki ki ki ki ki ki. Mayi Banda woyeeeeee

  57. nambewe says:

    My God you have to give it to the woman! she is still managing to fool the west!

  58. wamasomphenya says:

    A dpp Ali fwe fwe fwe a pitala ntalika sangazithe izi mayiyu mpatali uyu. Kodi mukamati munawina a dpp mmanyengeza ndani?? Kaphale ndi mbendera?? Tonse amalawi timadziwa simunawine munabera chisankho ndiye musatibowe apa kumati awina bwanji JB lomwe sanawine chisankho kuno?? Kutiko ku Malawi munabera chisankhoko?? Inuyo Mulungu adzakulangani koopysaaa

  59. ine mmalawi says:

    i wishd you grant her presdency at cnn,since she has impresd you there

  60. Ney says:

    We are the one’s who live in malawi and we are the one’s who are feeling the pain which causes when she was in power. The west saw the weakness in her which would have been the door way to continue exploit our beloved country. May you do not know the whites wants africa to be weak thats why they hate strong leaders like Mugabe, Gadaffi and the late Prof Bingu instead they prefer weak leaders who will always submit to there selfish desires, people like Tsangirai, amayi and many more in africa. We say no to weak leadership here in malawi.

    1. pondomali says:

      A Ney chizungu chkuvutanitu apa

    2. ujeni says:

      Go then and live in Syria nobody is detaining you here. You look around and shop for a country where there is a dictator and go and live there. sudan may suit you

  61. daud says:

    Mama god bless u

  62. Maam says:

    God will continue to lay a table for Mrs Joyce Ntila Banda in the midst of the enemies. Mrs J Banda s cup will be filled to the brim and over flow. Whatever the enermy had intended for ev God will turn it round. When the enermies foe Mrs J Banda comes out like a flood, God will raise a standard. Mrs Banda s enermies will come out one way but they will be split in seven ways. God is in control.

    1. KK says:

      How go you know it is god laying the Table? Satan also knows how to lay tables, don’t forget that.

      In fact todays world is ruled by Satan, Lucifer The names are endless.

  63. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Mama proud of you! Osati zinazi mutu gwa cant comprehend any issue to do with govt business…clueless and seasoned failure!

  64. Nyabinghi says:

    The average viewer of CNN is 63 years old so we don’t really care of this, give her a Nobel award then we will respect her maybe.

    1. mangochi kabwafu says:

      Is that Malawian average or world? kikikikikiki

  65. Mercy Thindwa says:

    Koma amai mubwera liti?

  66. Original Northerner says:

    PP yanyamuka.

    1. Boduala says:


  67. ALEKENI ANENE says:

    Woyeeeee Amayi wina aphulika nsogoleri WA mbava kuno

  68. dadaboma says:

    Can you estimate what Malawi lost by not electing Dr JB to presidency? I cry for my country. I cry for JB. What the world sees in JB Malawians fail to see. That’s why when the world moves forward socio-economically Malawi moves backwards. Malawi does not think, reason, act, and behave like the rest of the world. The curse for Malawi is tribalism. Malawians hated JB for her accommodating the people of the north in her inclusive two year govt. Maybe because she was married to a northerner. That was the only time in the history of Malawi that northerners felt part of Malawi. And the rest of the other Malawians became very incensed with this. They scapegoat into cashagate, when it is not cashgate that these Malawians hated JB for. How do you hate someone who busts theft and simultaneously love someone explicitly involved in theft of govt resources? Who is a thief between JB and APM? People hated JB barely few weeks into presidency, way before she revealed the existence of cashgate; they said “ndiyetu boma lapita ku Mpoto through backdoor…” That negative sentiment continued throughout JB’s tenure as president and is what led people into electing APM as president. Some women in the south even said “most women contestants failed to qualify as MPs because JB had set a bad example of women leadership”. Just to show how other Malawians hate people of the north, statements like “sitingavotere mtumbuka” are popular tribalistic overtones in Malawi. It is this tribalism that has blinded Malawians from seeing what the world sees; it is this tribalism that has cost Malawi its socio-economic development; it is this tribalism that has sparked a strong wave of calls for federalism; and it is this tribalism that will obliterate Malawi and share it between Tanzania and Mozambique – very shortly Malawi will be no more.

    1. mzamba wamkulu says:

      big thinking. there is the whole tuth in your writing. not many people recognise this though others speak negative of her while yhey know the truth. big up!

  69. King of Israel says:

    Ok thats splendid.

  70. ingeles maunde says:

    its great to have your own former head of state being rated highly.

  71. Boza twoboo says:

    Mwayitha MAMA and we love you,,proud of you JB,,

  72. Kadakwiza says:

    Joyce Banda go

  73. mbalame says:

    where is the african union chairperson, US secretary of State Mrs Bush? The Brazil president?

  74. A MPINGO says:



  75. hfty says:

    Za mkutu basi!!! cnn just put her there to appear that its inclusive. How can someone who became president without being elected be inspirational? how can someone who lost an election with a landslide be inspirational? how can someone whose feet are deep in the cashgate corruption scandal be inspirational? I am glad I am not cnn

  76. Rift Valley says:

    Only shows how some sections of the world are out of touch with the situation on the ground. She is indeed most inspiring, but, in my view, in a negative way. Joyce Banda Foundation Intermational my foot!

  77. chamakoza says:

    That’s great mama I lyk it

  78. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Koma kumenekoooo! Wina alira! Jb woyeee!

  79. John Chindere says:


  80. Kadzibwa says:

    Congrats Amayi. Alekeni enawa abati fwe fwe fwe.

  81. kamfana says:

    Muli boo a Mayi athu,takunyadirani.

  82. DvD says:

    Kuno ku malawi palibe chomwe wapanga chanzeru,

    Useless woman!


    this is nothing strange.she is an exceptional woman.very few men can compete with her.she ruled malawi with dedication,passion,and with peoples welfare at heart.she is no longer president out of jealosy.

  84. Jimmy says:

    Good picture well done,but she must come home.

  85. namalaka says:

    indeed powerful woman

  86. shut-up and sit down recognitions are wicked in nature,up to the extent of honoring the first gay head of govt in Canada.No wonder here at home,the one recognized by CNN is on record to have danced to the tune of neo-colonialism i.e.devaluing the kwacha which is influencing inflation,suspension of samesex mariage criminalisation act,apprehending of Albashir in July 2012 which led to subsequent shift of AU meeting from Lilongwe to Addis Abbaba where Albashir was never apprehended or threatened,bartered the presidential jet,hired PR Bell Pottiger to prop her image on the sidelines of the systematic quick loot and faster plunder of public coffers at the heart of govt. So,is it based on these facts that you have honored her? This is a mockery to the languishing and gnashing their teeth due to her actions.If ones infringement on human rights are based on homegrown perspective,now,what is your barometer for such an honor SHAME CNN!!!

  87. dzina langa says:

    I like the rankings. Good work for JB. I like the approach of Hellen Zille of SA osati ziazimayi zinazi kuno ku Malawi zimangoziwa miseche stupid.

  88. Alungwana says:

    Congrants mama Joyce Banda. We can deny the reality of it.

  89. Zanu Izo says:

    You are the only president who is taking Malawi on an international map

  90. Muhlomwe wankulu says:

    Koma Amayi inu,ayi n’theradi Mulungu alinanu cholinga ndipo apitilize kukutetezani kwa dyelekezi alikuno ku Malawi. Ine sindine wa PP koma ntchito zomwe mukupanga zimandisangalatsa zedi. Kaliati ndi anzako onse a DPP mukumva bwaaa mmimbamo,simunayambe kutsekula kamba ka nkhaniyi yokoma onga iyi kodi?

  91. sense says:


  92. Joyce Banda we love you all the best

  93. Patriot says:

    Amayi ndi dhilu

  94. Big brain says:

    Konko ku CNN komweko

  95. Chabecheker says:

    CNN does not say cashgate for K20 billion happened under her nose and malawi has financially been robbed of economic progress due to JB’s dishonest administration and she now remains abroad for fear of possible investigation and prosecution against her

  96. padoko says:

    Congratulations mama. You make us so proud on the international scene. It is also our sincere hope that CNN will also vote for world’s most corrupt women who has practically turned her fellow citizens into dire economic stress. Pali uchi pali njuchi.

  97. Akulisinga says:

    inu ndi inu basi.

  98. Anch says:

    Congrats to you madam, you putting Malawi on the map,keep it up!

  99. acn says:


  100. Hanson says:

    This is great news to Malawi. A prophet is without honour in his own town

  101. Shogun says:


  102. fathi slshehaab says:

    well done Cnn the reseavh findings make sense…bu for Jb she shud adlo be listed as top thief for mk20.3b tho this is yet to be proved!

  103. fathi slshehaab says:

    well done Cnn the reseavh findings make sense…bu for Jb she shud adlo be listed as top tjief for mk30.3b tho this is yet to be proved!

  104. nkunthamasese says:

    Woooodi uko!! Amayi adutseeeeeeee

  105. Peter Benga says:

    She deserves that only that malawians do not know to appreciate always underestimating her

  106. ujeni says:

    Joyce Banda, woman of valor, woman of substance. She has lived all her life serving the under privilaged. Tribalist in tiny weenu small country hate her, the global world of USA, German, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc etc love her very much

  107. Nyapapi says:

    Give me a break!!!!!

  108. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    CNN yanama, wayera kukhala Getuludi Bimuthirasiti Nakigeti. hahaha! Tiyeni nazoni, wina sakakolopa nazo nyanja?

  109. Others see nothing in your achievements yet tge world recognise your achievements.
    Congrats Madam

  110. WIKlEAKS says:

    We dont know where these white people get the facts and if indeed she was inspiring why did Malawians reject her. Malawi know Joyce Banda as a
    puppet to the whites. there is nothing inspiring about her or else the meaning of inspiring has changed. Malawi has more women surely she should have won the elections resoundingly if she was inspiring. CNN should stop glorifying stupidness and call it inspiration.

  111. aphiri says:

    Joyce Banda was interviewed on BBC yesterday. She lied that she was given few hours to leave statehouse even her suitcases were pick up by other people yet she kept on staying in state house days after results. Am neutral but sometimes Peter is complaining about her bn bad mouthed outside the country which is true.

  112. Professional says:

    Wow. A prophet is truly not honored in their own home. Keep on keeping on, Madame President.

  113. opportunist says:

    JB 4 life .We love u mum.

  114. Merry xmas says:

    Joyce Banda always shines despite efforts by government to tarnish her good image. Keep it up.

  115. Duwa mutharika says:

    Amai you are a complete politician. How you get these top level recognitions i have no idea. Anyway ma congrats amenewa

  116. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Congrants Mama. You are making Malawi proud. You are really a leader osati zina tikuziona izi.

  117. Chigololo mwini thako says:

    Mumaitha amai. Congrats

  118. Apa Pali Mavuto says:

    Joyce Banda Joyce Banda Joyce Banda. You are something else. Congratulations our former president for keeping on shining. You deserve it.

  119. kanyika dickson says:

    koma mama joo umandimaliza

  120. Aunt Getu says:

    Amalawi amzanga mungazimvese kuti chiyambileni muja sanandinyengepo bwana wa. Tsiku limodzi lokha anayesesa kuti alowese koma Gadafi osazuka ayi. Ndili pa mavuto moti ndikumakhalila kuthilako madzi kuti ndichotse nyere.

  121. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    May be. Congratulations Mai Banda.

  122. Malopa says:

    I have worked with Joyce Banda she is a courageoues woman, i apologise to the nation for rigging the elctions. I thought i will be loved by peter but he is no better than bingu. He is another dead man walking. Soon we will have a state funeral.

  123. Bright Malopa Jere says:

    Nanga bwana athuwa kumbwambwana kumene kuja angawine ma award ngati amenewa? Ntchito kumangomvela ben phiri basi. Bwananso pena pake mukupoila.

  124. Pato wa Poya says:

    Joyce Banda boma boma boma boma. You can try to tarnish her image with the cashgate nonsense. Bottom line is that, she is way beyond your league. You can never match her. She is a complete politician. Bring back our beloved Joyce Banda.

  125. Sikusinja Thako La Njobvu says:

    Thats my president. Sizinazi ayi. Zimvekere mfwe mfwe mfwe iwe pitala ndiwe opepela kwabasi. JB you are real deal.

  126. Abiti Fwe Fwe Fwe says:

    I can hardly see our lady duck in the link. Please repost the correct link. What I can see there are actresses and Taliban fighters

  127. Madududu says:

    That’s the JB that we know. A woman of substance. Asafuna akamwe madzi ku Bangwe.

  128. Prudence wa Msaka says:

    Keep it up mum. Thats cnn saying it siine ayi. Very much pridemof you. You are malawi’ flag carrier. Continue to shine mai.

  129. Sekani says:

    The woman who even moves mountains. There is no other politician in malawi like you. Humble. Vissionary. Kind heart. Osati za enawa nkhanza thooooooo.

  130. Prudence says:

    You are very special woman Amai. You left very big shoes which pitala is failing to fill. Ma award otelewa ngosayamba.

  131. Magede says:

    Joyce Banda you are something else. You never cease to amaze me. Gid bless you

  132. Akapusa Mukwate Duwa Muntharika says:

    Congratulations Mum thats what you were made of, gold. Everything you touch shines. Keep it up!

  133. fkr says:

    Well done Joyce. You really tried for your beloved country but in the end those around you. Be them business men paying for your trips overseas, advisors and fellow politicians corrupted you so much that it all fell apart. You took your eye off the ball and trusted people. Big mistake. This country had been making good changes and confidence was returning after the the disaster that bingu caused. Now with bingu brother we are in a bigger mess and the fact that non of the donors Trust or like him makes it even harder. At least the donors initially had Trust in you.

  134. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    All Malawians are aware about this , it is only the party which won the general elections can disput this information.

  135. Sowhat says:

    What is CNN for us ordinary Malawians????

  136. Namu! says:

    That’s our mum. Congratulations to you! That’s what happens when you put God as the lamp to your feet. You are the best.

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