Coach Mtawali says sorry to fans for ‘unacceptable’ Malawi defeat against Zimbabwe

Malawi national team head coach Ernest Mtawali  has apologised to fans for  the Flames 0-3 defeat to Zimbabwe in Harare on Sunday and missing out of the Africa Cup of Nation finals.

Mtawali: Embarrassing defeat

Mtawali: Embarrassing defeat

Mtawali described his team’s performance as “unacceptable”, after they crashed out of the tournament with one academic fixture remaining at home against Swaziland in September.

In an emotional post-match interview, Mtawali branded the Harare debacle “humiliating”,  and made a point of addressing the nation to say sorry.

“It’s unacceptable to play this way. I am apologizing to Malawians for this shameful defeat,” said Mtawali.

Mtawali said he is now focusing on winning the Cosafa Castle Senior Challenge Cup .

“I am now focusing on doing well at the Cosafa Castle Senior Challenge Cup in Namibia in order to console your heavy hearts,” said the Malawi coach.

Despite dominating most of t the match, with some methodical build ups, the Flames could not find the winning formula against Warriors who scored through striker Knowledge Musona when he converted a penalty in the 16th minute, before Khama Billiat added the second with a cheeky goal after being set up by defender, Onismor Bhasera.

Substitute, Cuthbert Malajila secured the points with the third goal.

.According to Zimbabwe’s Newsday report,  Malawi were the artists, playing some beautiful passes, but the Warriors were the artisans, who got the job done.

Malawi squad: C Swini, C Msavoya, H Nyirenda, J Lamjesi, S Samudi, F Mulimbika, F Mulimbika, P Wadabwa, W Jeremani, (M Mhone 46), J Kamwendo, J Banda (H Mhango 40), R Namwera

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9 thoughts on “Coach Mtawali says sorry to fans for ‘unacceptable’ Malawi defeat against Zimbabwe”

  1. Gogodasi says:

    How did the Coach select Msowoya to be the Captain? The boy is very emotional and kept complaining and received warnings from the Referee because of his bad behaviour on the pitch. The Captain is supposed to demonstrate maturity and sound behaviour and inspire every player on his side to fight in order to win. Msowoya did totally the opposite. Ngati mwayamba kulandira masweet kuchokera kwa anyamatawa, u Coach muulephera baba Mtawali. The choice of a Goal keeper was also not acceptable.Just resign so we can have a new crop of technical panel to coach our national football team – it is more embarrassing to be fired than to bow out on your own.

  2. Patric says:

    Guys Ernest has never coached any psl team even in South Africa the last team he coached was sundowns under 12 and he gets back home we make him a national team coach and expect him to yield results totally impossible,FAM all you need is to put your house in order and take this disgrace away from Malawians by employing a proper coach for our national team,and Mr James Chuma please take an action,Malawians don’t need this disgrace anymore.

  3. John Kaunda says:

    The government of Malawi must stop sponsoring football and instead must consecrate investing in agriculture. Football in our country has no future at all. we are very tired at the everlasting poor results. This has also contributed to the economic decline of our country because all those involved in football are paid for their benefit and not for the benefit of the the country. Therefore it is better to pump in money in areas in which the country can recover and benefit the entire nation.

  4. Ngodza says:

    Zimbabwe is just unstoppable at the moment. The youngsters are extremely talented and had they had adequate time in camp like what the Flames did, I tell you yesterday was going to be a real humiliation for the Flames, a total massacre if I may put it that way. But I liked the Kamwendo guy, he is very industrious and talented, unfortunately there was no-one to complement his effort otherwise Malawi could have got a consolation or even two

  5. dalitso says:

    the coach is a novice good people. we needed a seasoned tactician but Walter and FAM goofed big time, infact this arrogant mtawali should have been understudying an experienced coach not throwing him in the mix.

  6. Trampcard says:

    The Malawi National Team is a total embarrassment and should stop shading crocodile tears.Any coach who want to spoil his resume aspires to coach this bunch of daydreamers and unpatriotic boys . who has nothing to lose but are busy enjoying our hard earned tax, I strongly believe the Sports Council should change its focus and stop funding these useless boy who are very unpredictable and unpatriotic to their Nation. I urge Sports Council to disband the smoke (The flame) and instead support our most deserving Malawi Queens. Why should these silly boys who gets the lions share of our tax continue to be embarrassing the nation. Disband the team altogether and focus on the QUEENS who make us proud. I am a man but I stopped way back watching these boys who spend most of their time daydreaming.

  7. Kangwazi says:

    Sorry is a kak.

  8. Zimbabwe says:

    you want to tell me you had not seen this coming, you thought you would beat Zimbabwe ??? There is nothing unacceptable here Mr Mtawali, you simply have to enjoy your life, it’s not your fault…your country currently simply doesn’t have talent

    1. Bibo says:

      I agree with this guy called Zimbabwe even though I have never been his country’s admirer.The fact that he is straight to the point, I like that- he hasn’t expressed an insult but exposing Malawi’s current footballing situation.

      It is true that Ernest Mtawali is one of those unbaked coaches with no qualitative coaching skills and technical expertise but due to lack of commitment to support football by government, FAM settled for this former midfielder from Luromo,Karonga- well, we call it “best buy Malawian” even though adding mediocrity to our dwindling standards.However, Ernest is just part of the problem which needs advanced dosage.

      To begin with, the falling football standards are a result of lack of long-term strategy from the early eighties. The period from 1982 to 2000, the country was so relaxed to establish structures for the youth simply because we had natural talent and produced quality footballers,atleat by African standards. In fact, youth development was understandably archived,but there was too much talk about clubs’ youth teams and national youth tournaments. Also, participation of the under 17 and under 20 in CAF championships has been a challenge for Malawi, we can just say is constantly proving to be a taboo for the country and yet such tournaments breed players of international quality.There are no shortcuts in producing talent in football, academies have to be the starting point of everything aside from participating in CAF competitions.Look, even the current edition of the under 17 and under 20, Malawi will be a no show because FAM withdrew the teams from participating.I doubt if there were teams created in these age groups after all.The country lacks seriousness in everything except corruption in which its people are good at.

      The current generation of players is a joke of players,with less talent,no stamina,no fighting spirit, and low workrate. No serious professional club overseas can sign such kind of players even if you expose them- they are lazy with no playing intelligence.Truthfully,Malawi’s woes in producing football talent are a result of lack of long-term development strategies from the eighties and are a result of lack of establishing youth academies. We can never produce complete professionals without developing them through academies.The country is in trouble because even clubs don’t have players that were developed in stages.Clubs get players from rural areas who never went through such development and most of them are already in advanced age.

      I suggest the administrators have to go back to the drawing board and reorganize.Malawi is slowly becoming the laughing stalk.The team is very inconsistent and with undesirable results.The coach is unsettled and keeps changing the team.We have been hearing the same song of building the team from Malawian coaches for a long time now,but let me be clear with them; you can’t build a team with players that were never developed at youth.This is why it was better for Ernest to continue with experienced players he found.

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