Comic maker Che Nkope back in Malawi, well

Che Nkope comic-maker Nicholas Mbonera, who is also a DJ at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) FM, has given his first interview after undergoing a successful medical treatment at Milpark Hospital in South Africa, revealing he is in much better condition now.

Mbonela: Che Nkope  well

Mbonela: Che Nkope well

Mbonela was diagnosed with Cardiogenic shock, a condition in which the heart fails to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs, and government assisted him following President Peter Mutharika’s
directive for the broadcaster also known as Nthumwi Nikodemo to get best medical treatment outside the country.

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times on Tuesday, Mbonela who arrived back in the country last week after two months in South Africa, sounded jovial and in good spirit while revealing the medical
treatment restored his falling health.

Mbonela further revealed that he did not undergo a heart transplant as was earlier suggested; instead he underwent a thorough medical treatment that has proven to be worthwhile.

“I should say I had a successful treatment. It wasn’t as complicated as we earlier thought, and they didn’t do the heart transplant. After they reviewed my medical file, they said that would be unnecessary and put me on a treatment which has worked the magic,” explained Mbonela.

Mbonela said there has been a huge improvement since his time in South Africa, saying “I am now feeling better, I can’t complain of anything. God is indeed wonderful.”

He added: “I am really grateful for the support everyone including government gave me. My condition has improved, ndi za bho bho pano (it’s all fine now).”

He disclosed would take some time before resuming work as a broadcaster at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) radio.

Mbonela is expected to fly to South Africa again next year for medical review on his condition, adding “they have prescribed some medication am currently taking until I go back for assessment.”

Government spent over K6 million for Mbonela’s treatment, thus both medical bill and flight costs. Minister of Information Kondwani Namkhumwa said government came to Mbonela’s rescue considering the role he plays as a journalist and a musician.

Mbonela was once admitted to Blantyre Adventist Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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37 thoughts on “Comic maker Che Nkope back in Malawi, well”

  1. INEYO says:

    Should we help Sam1 coz he is so so so or coz is doing this and that? Then how would the unknown malawian(electorate)be assisted in such manners? GENUINE HELP SEES NO BOUNDARIES!

  2. madalitso says:

    zili bho. nancy anakusowani a che nkope. to God be the glory

  3. pit luanda says:

    Ine Nasy ndakodwa koooooooooo

  4. Martha says:

    To God be the glory for His healing hand on you.wish you a gud health . ife takondwa koooooooosya.

  5. Chibwempwe says:

    A Che Nkope ife tasangalala kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopsya

  6. Chibwempwe says:

    Glory be to God

  7. tadeyo says:

    all z well

  8. john sanane says:

    welcm back mkope

  9. DR DRE says:

    maputaputa mkulu uyu, komabe zayenda bwino, but let me tell him some of those who were down on their knees praying for you ndiomwewo umakhala ukuwanena aja, so lets hope this time yuo will be a gud boy.

  10. Concern Health Worker says:

    Spending K6,000,000.00 on a single person while we are loosing so many lives in different hospitals due to lack of essential drugs. Shame to the govt.

  11. Gideon says:

    Brother,we Hv Bn Playing For U Since U Left For S A Ambuye Apitilize Kukusamalira

  12. ABASS JAMES says:


  13. jaykay says:

    am glad may God bless

  14. Mulemekezeke ambuye muchizenso aliyense amene akumva mthupi padakalipano

  15. JAYKAY says:


  16. NASIMANGO says:

    Fotseki! akanafa galu ameneyu, ama talker shit…….. amazitenga ngati Dolo……….

  17. vj says:

    i concure with some comment on far top ATIMESIYA.nickolas learn to be humble and learn to b a normal malawian sometimes things that u do and talk makes us think u are a god .but what we kno is that u are just a pathetic youngman who nids our support. use the radio right and good. piksy knows u beta.and ur brothers money cant save ur life.we pray your heart to continue pumping blood normally,all the best.

  18. ATIMESIYA says:

    Another chance given to you, if you have a piece of brain in you, sit down and reflect on your life, allow Christ to take centre stage in your life, zokhalira kutukwana ndi kunyoza anthu pa radio sizikuthandizani… zina zimachitika m’moyo wamunthu kuti tiphunzire kena kake, ena mumawanyoza, kuwanyogodola pa wailesi aja they dont have a platform to answer you back, koma kuli Mulungu amene adzawayankhulira, so be careful………….

  19. rich mhura says:

    chemkope…we all welcome you back home…..we really missed you…thank God

  20. Gamaliel says:

    To God be the glory. May His grace overshadow u foever.

  21. Mwini Mbumba says:

    God Is Great, We Thank Him For The Wonderful Healing To Our Entertainer Che Mkope.

  22. we are proud of you che mkope ndipo musadzafe

  23. WAMISALA says:

    KOMA CHE MKOPE NDI NANCY timakukondani kooooooopsya

  24. Henga says:

    Che Mkope welcome back, devil is a liar, amafuna tisamaseke every thursday night mmatiiwalitsa mavuto a cashgate, Lero mwampeza MPHWi Mphwi! Mphwi! ali YOOOOOO!!! kundende uko. to God be the glory May he continue the good works he started on your life Phil 1 : 6.

  25. Dinyelo says:

    welcome back Mkoko Nikodemo.takusowani

  26. Vinjeru says:

    Mbonela , Iam very happy that you are back well I was touched hearing that you are sick. To God be the glory. Sister In the Lord.

  27. Wailing Soul says:

    Great news Mkoko! Can’t wait koooopsya!

  28. Nakari says:

    God be praised for the miracle brother,we will continue praying for you!we need your energy….

  29. PFIKOPFIKO says:

    Glory B to Him and always trust in Him. Welcome back Che Nkope

  30. Alemekezeke wamwamba mwamba

  31. Ena amat mwamwalira bat its only god who knowz

  32. Smart namwali says:

    Welcome back Che Nkope

  33. Oge says:

    wel cum back

  34. Tchaka says:

    GOD is great brother. Glory to GOD the Almighty One

  35. Uchindami says:

    God is great! Welcome back home.

  36. jumujum says:

    Tikukufunirani Mbonera kuchira mwasanga. Ambuye amachiritsa munthu wa chikhulupiriro khalani wa chikhulupiriro Ambuye akuchiritsani.

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