Compensate Malawi victims of xenophobia – CHRR, CEDEP

Malawi government has been asked to press for compensation from the South African government for its citizens who are victims of xenophobic attacks in the country.

Mtambo (L) and Gift Trapence : Compesate victims

Mtambo (L) and Gift Trapence : Compesate victims

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development of People (Cedep) have jointly asked government to seek from South Africa to compensate victims of xenophobia for loss of life, property, jobs, dignity and other economic gains Malawians suffered during attacks.

The rights campaigners said government should first “promptly and urgently” engage the South African government in a “serious discussion” with a view to safeguard Malawi nationals.

In a joint statement signed by CHRR and Cedep executive directors Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence respectively, the two human rights organisations have said  Malawi should demand “prompt action” to put an end to the xenophobic attacks and guarantee protection for Malawian migrants living in South Africa

The two say Malawi should “demand compensation for the family of the Malawian citizen who has lost his life in this violence” and also demand compensation for survivors of the violence who have suffered loss of property and various injuries.

CHRR and CEDEP commended Malawi government’s effort to repatriate its citizens who are caught up in the violence.

“ It is the duty of the Government to safeguard its citizens wherever they maybe,” they pointed out.

However, the two group also call upon Malawi government to urgently attend to the economic challenges facing the country so that the economic climate in the country is conducive for Malawians living in South Africa and other countries to return home.

They pointed out that due to massive corruption and failure by government (the current and previous governments) to create mass employment, thousands of Malawians have trekked to South Africa and other countries in search of employment.

“We urge the DPP-led government to deal decisively with corruption, cut wasteful government expenditure and fulfil its electoral promises to create employment.

“ We believe that it is the duty of a Government to provide for a conducive environment for its citizens so that they are able to finds means to make a living within their own country,”  the two groups said.

They also urged all people in SADC, and the entire African continent, to show respect for human life and dignity and exercise tolerance and compassion for foreign nationals.

“ Let us live the spirit of ubuntu –the essence of being human –which is fundamental to our coexistence as equal human beings living in an open, free and democratic country.”

Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) a network of 97 Human Rights NGO’s/CSO’s has in a separate statement called on the Malawi Government to engage the SADC Secretariat and other Member states to convene an Extraordinary Summit of Head of States towards reviewing the latest incidents and consider revisiting the Community’s 2008 resolutions over the attacks which happened then.

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35 thoughts on “Compensate Malawi victims of xenophobia – CHRR, CEDEP”

  1. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawians are not for sale bear in mind.We are all perturbed for what has happened to our loved ones,but the notion of demanding compensations on their bodies sounds opportunistic and antagonistic.Remember,when South African youths were gunned down by the trigger- happy boer soldiers when these youths were demanding their democratic rights peacefully in Soweto township,former Malawian tyrannical despot,Hastings Banda established diplomatic relations with the boer racist regime over the blood of South African youths.Dont you think that this treacherous path also created tremendous sense of disbelief amongst millions not only of South Africans,but the whole of Africa.I think the best thing is to demand unequivocal appology from the South African government and let us continue to forge ahead with our good relations between our long historical brothers and sisters.AFRICA IS ONE.

  2. Lenard chikopa says:

    No more compasation, what needed is that, malawi government should create more job opportunity. Without that ,malawi wil crie for good.

  3. Not all victims of xenophobia are staying here illegally,the mob never mind the status of the subject they just kill,so please mind your envious comments.

  4. shaz says:

    Africa is for africans n not South Africans.I pass condellences to the families of victims affected by xenophobia.As S.african m shocked by violence of black against black of our brothers and sisters.Recently I decided to visit Malawi 4 th 1st time outside borders but eventually I had 2 put my trip on hold.M so sad n disturbed.Xenophobia must stop now finish n klaar,thank u.Frm Andrew Mothapo SA Gauteng Germiston

  5. shaz says:

    Am southAfrican am not happy about our country.what is hapening here in mzansi is not Good.I think mzansi need prayers srsly.

  6. Kkkk civil socienty awuzeni aku Geneva awo kuti RSA akuzuza anthu aku malawi now government ndiyofunikila lero mayesa Ku Geneva ndi amene akuthandizeni kkkk anthu osaganiza inu mwatani akuwabela ntchito azawo ndekumenena kuti akupepeseniso kodi adawayitana kumeneko? Sukulu mulibe mutumo mwangonkhala ma Directors wongoziyikapo pitisani ku Geneva mukawanenere boma la RSA ngati sangakusekeni

  7. I have read alot of comments here but some are goods and useless targetting malawi president that shows you are not asking what to do to help migrant back home. I want say on people going there for better employment this started long time ago even Dr H Kamuzu Banda was a broad it is not the government of malawi sending people abroad there it is not government to blamed but it is just umunthu wa boma to bring them home koma ena akukakamira kumeneko for their own benefit there they have to come home those graduates has to do investment opening business like nigerian most of them are graduates they are rich safe employed how companies do we have here compare people being graduating almost daily guys let us learn dont hating the government. For Mr Mtambo and Giffiti you said government has ask for compansation to people run away their country and start doing chitukuko kwa eni ake now zawathina akufuna government to ask RSA to compensate kkkkk i you Mr Mtambo and your friend Giffiti i dont know if you really graduated kkkk muzikhala zisaso but mwangokhala osusa ndizosa susa. There was Floods in Malawi but you Mr Mtambo and Your Friend Giffiti you did not come to assist people shame you guys an educated person amawoneka zipaso zake enanu kaya oziwa kuyambisa kudanisa. Amene adapita kunjako mwazifukwa zawo azipepesa okha ngati boma idawatuma kukagwira ntchito za boma la malawi pamenepa pakanakhala nkhani now awawuza kuti azibwerera kwathu kuno ife tikukhala bwa. Mayesa akuwamenya kuti akuwathera ntchito kumeneko anthu a RSA apapa pakusonyeza kuti they are there illegally it is them to compensate south african people kulanda ntchito zawo kudyerera

  8. manyuchi says:

    a pure non-starter. they were there illegally and what are you seeking compensation for? they have no records, receipts etc that will be proof of monetary loss, with bodily injury you may have a slim case but still you need IDs and proof that it was a South African that caused that injury with video records etc. still an uphill case. Come home brothers and lets push the govt to take more care for the livelihood of it’s citizens and thus lesse migration

  9. atupelemposa says:

    Z r just selfish we won’t stay here forever.

  10. Timoti says:

    The way these gays look makes me laugh. The human faces are gone, they look like animals.kutupa ndi ukalo wa mphongo zinzawo. Sex samachita between wandevu ndi wandevu.kodi ma Gay amakisana??? I can just imagine. Moreover you guys are backlashing your own country. Nzeru mulibe. Have you ever seen a Zimbabwean reporting their government to Geneva and return to the same soil?? Why did you come back to the bad country? Mbuzi za anthu!!! Timoti Mtumbo ndi nzako Gifiti mu trouser.

  11. Boko haram igwire ntchito basi.Compensation is almost impossible.Diso kwa diso basi.

  12. Boko haram igwire ntchito basi.Compasetion is almost impossible.Diso kwa diso basi.

  13. Wozinyanyala says:

    Brutsha you write sense. People migrate to look for greener pastures and in our case your guess is excellent. We have got young people, I mean graduates who cant get jobs in Malawi yet our stupid politicians, the president to be specific stands on the podium telling the world Malawians must go back because there are no problems. These old fools go out declaring their riches which they have stollen from the government meant to develop the lives of these people who would not have migrated only to face xenophobia. Instead of making sure you create a conjucive environment for young ones who will be our future leaders after you and your greedy politicians die of cardiac arrests. Kamuzu helped to ease the situation by starting at the grass roots which is farming. Nowadays people do the faming and you fools, I mean andale mmalawi reap the rewards…agalu inu as one of your own once said. Maiko akunja amakupatsani ndrama kuti mutukule miyoyo ya anthu as leaders koma you share the money. This is all your fault Mr. President Sir. Your beother died having stollen bags of money and you want to steal how much Sir.

  14. Galu WA galu says:

    Kalikose boma mpaka liti? Learn from Ghana. You will be respected if you respect yourself.

  15. brutsha says:

    When something happens we should always reflect and draw lessons. It’s good to do that. First xenophobia is worst evil, uncivilized and barbaric. Of course there shall always be migration. But why do people migrate (in migration and out migration)? Some reasons include; political, climatic, employment etc. In all this the major driving force is socioeconomic factors and people leave their countries for a better life elsewhere. How can we lessen migration.Let’s go back to the case in point. Malawians have been going to Joni (Theba) ages ago. But the tendency decreased when Kamuzu Banda stressed the importance of agriculture, people would buy cars etc from agricultural proceeds. Our question should be why do people for example, from Botswana not very much into going to Joni but the rest of most SADC countries? Why do Mexicans jump the border fence into the US and not Canadians? Why do hundreds of people dying on Mediterranean Sea as they trek to Europe and not vice versa? Your guess is as good as mine. In short, this should be a serious food for thought to all African leaders that they have a responsibility to create a socioeconomically attractive environment in their respective countries. Leave it or take it migration especially of this nature is self manifesting indicator of poor political leadership.
    That’s my view. Thanks!

  16. Nyachi says:

    Why should the govt compesate them? Zoziyamba dalazo? We dont pay tax for stupid things iwowo amangodya ndramazo samapanga chitukuko kwao kuno? Awasiye asove okha mwina chiwerengelo cha anthu opita kumeneko chichepa

  17. freedom says:

    Let us join hands in making the demos

  18. Roka says:

    most of SouthAfricans r lazy thats y dey hate forein countries

  19. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Why can’t you ask Malawi govt to compensate those deprived of their rights in Malawi? People are victimised because they don’t come from the Lomwe belt?

  20. chakumanda betha says:

    Eeeee zowonadi kodi kopemphetsa timachita kulamura kuti ndisanakhute ndidyeso zona.?? NDE tisamangoti akulakwitsa eni ake dziko atopa tidzakhala tikudikiza mpaka liti?? Ndi nthawi yoti lanthu lidzikhala ndi masomphenya a chitukuko kupanga mimwayi ya ntchito kwa anthu ake osati kumangotivutitsa ndi ma manifesto opentedwa bwino ndizokamba zake koma policy implementation kutikhaliranso ngakhale tikumawona ngati maphunziro apamwamba ndiyankho. A Malawi tizindikire kuti mapepala a maphunziro ndi utsogoleri wa nzeru ndizosiyana ndi wangwiro …

  21. dumakude says:

    But here in south africa malawi has done well more than other counrtrys cause malawi was the first to attend to his people than others. But we don’t like the ambassader he’s lasy to do his job please change him.

  22. Malindima says:

    Government to create jobs? Government only create conditions favourable for an investor and economic growth which can lead to job creation. Government can not directly create jobs; take note!
    Compensation? Do you think this is possible?
    South African Govermmemt will demand tax returns, business records, pay slips, bank statements or any documentation from those seeking compensation. Without these forget it and Malawi Government should ignore these Dreamers because it will not happen as 99% of these victims were illigal migrants thus without legal resident documents.

  23. Mbonga Matoga says:

    South Africa has already said it would compensate all victims who were legal immigrants in that country.

    The problem is that most of, if not all of these victims are illegals, who went to SA without following proper channels so how would the SA govt compensate them when they were the ones who broke the law in the first place.

    I would suggest that these illegal immigrants in SA should compensate the south African people for first of all causing job insecurity in that country and secondly for causing this mayhem we are witnessing now.

    SA is just a small country that can not take each and every Jim & Jack from all over Africa.

  24. thomson igwe says:

    Gv of Malawi always the services are slow why?citizens are dieting here in RSA do something quickly

  25. Mbangi Johnson says:

    The problem is with majority of African governments than SA. Ask yourself why there is no mass migration of people from Botswana to Johannesburg and Pretoria which is just mere 300km away but they travel thousands kilometres from Malawi to Durban. Solve the problem with your pathetic government.

  26. Galu WA galu says:

    Civil society yakuti. Akukangana ndi bomb m’malo moti achite protest ku SA Embassy. Koma kukakhala amathanyula ndiye wowowo ngati agalu.

  27. Wajoni says:

    makape ameneo compansation yachani, mwatimana cashgate ndiye pano mudziti compensation, zachamba.

  28. marimar says:

    Trapence and friends. Do u think most pple went to south africa becoz of failure of govt. to provide massive employment? It is becoz of Theba/Kujoni syndrome deep rooted in their forefathers. Others abandoned jobs here even businesses, schooling in search of greener pasture inorder to become very rich quickly. Its all coz of the syndrome. So present your case to the Tchaka zulu govt. Or Gevena not MW govt. coz we are all weeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Thanduxolo says:

    A mabungwe!

  30. Nginde says:

    Nkhani yachipepeso kuchokera Ku boma la South Africa ingatheke? Kaya! Kodi nkhani yachipepeso ya zija zadachitika 2008 idayenda bwanji? Sabata latha mudakaneneza boma la Malawi kuti likuphwanya ufulu wa anthu wachibadidwe ku United Nations Human Commission ku Geneva, Switzerland? Kodi boma la South Africa simukalineneza kumene mudziwa inuko?

  31. wamboni says:

    Bwanji osathamangiranso ku Gevena mukatule nkhani ya human right ngati imeneyi. Mwasowa nawo kopita mbuli za anthu inu. Mwati mubisale kumbuyo kwa boma. Go there and engage south african govt. or the embassy here ; the way mcp and its chigologolo chatsika did. Go to hell ma cashgater inu.

  32. ginxies says:

    Please we need the demos @ their embassy in Lilongwe please.that is only when u r serious..

  33. john says:

    Why always you issue joint statement?why can’t you just form one organisation?

  34. Chintebwe says:

    Azathu akumozambiqe achitapo zawo zosonyeza kukwiya even nigeria boko haram yawopseza kuthira utsi durban koma kuno mapemphero okhaokha basi tipindulanji.lets do an action.

  35. Manjie says:

    Your civil society friends in Zimbabwe have given RSA stain warning. You should do the same you sleeping bananas. Not even a demo at RSA Embassy? You are not proactive.

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