Congestion hits Mzuzu Prison due to increase of remanded suspects

As workers in the country’s judiciary continue boycotting work to force government to increase their monthly salaries, the number of inmates at Mzuzu Prison has doubled, exerting pressure on the prison’s resources.

Overcrowding in Malawi prison

Overcrowding in Malawi prison

Regional Public Relations Officer for Prison Service in the North, Austin Mwasangwale, said if courts were functioning, the pressure could have eased.

He said the number of inmates in the prison has almost doubled since the judicial strike, now entering its fifth week, begun.

“In Malawi’s justice system there are three bodies involved. Thus the police first, then the court and later the person is taken to serve a jail sentence if found guilty.

“It’s not normal for a person to be arrested and thrown into prison straight away without going through court trials,” he said.

The courts, he said, would have eased pressure on the prison’s resources had it been they were functional.

“Mzuzu Prison was constructed to accommodate 260 inmates, but as of now the number has almost doubled. As of today [Friday], we have over 400 inmates, which are exerting more pressure on the prison’s resources such as food,” said Mwasangwale.

The judicial staff has been holding a country-wide strike since late October this year, demanding government to hike their monthly salaries by 30 per cent, according to media reports.

Recently, judges of the High Court across the country also vowed to join the strike if government does not bow down to the demands of the judiciary’s support staff anytime soon.-Reporting by Yohane Chideya, Mana

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15 thoughts on “Congestion hits Mzuzu Prison due to increase of remanded suspects”

  1. Palibe chanzeru mukamba inu imeneyo ndiye democracy. Ubwino ndikuipa kwake ndikumeneko

  2. Ambiri ndi Alomwe ndi Ayawo. Kuba mitundu imeneyi too much ndi Angoni a ku Ntcheu, TA Ganya.

  3. cbk says:

    tinanena kale maliro akatuluka mnyumba sabwelera,lero mukulira chani?siizi!!ma strike ndiye osayamba tatopa kuwawelenga tsopano.

  4. Nde Yake, Only Sorry Kwaonamiziridwa.

  5. Vyachalo says:

    Is Malawi prisons a place people to die? Atuluseni onse amene mukufuna muzawatuluse pa X-MASS, pa new year ndi ena milandu yawo ndi yaying’onoying’ono. CHI BOMA ICHI !!

  6. ganimunthu says:

    We never learn and please those of you who are on authority please take steps to work on these issues.

  7. nkhedu says:

    mpakana kupachikana miyendo mwamba?is it justifiable?

  8. chemboma says:

    athu osowesa mtendere they deserve that punishment so that they change for the better , enjoy life in prison

  9. shaha ranks says:

    everything in malawi is dysfunctional, dysfunctional opposition, dysfunctional civil society, dysfunctional parliament, dysfunctional cashgaters, dysfunctional judiciary, dysfunctional this,dysfunctional that.

  10. wakukaya says:

    Zikhawule mbava zikuba kwambiri.

  11. dadaboma says:

    Has CCJP of Roman Catholic church seen this reality? Why do they complain simply of corruption when all indicators show that this country is on fire and is burning? It is not corruption that should worry CCJP and RC more than the country’s leadership itself. Malawi does not have the correct leadership. And because of this, there are so many huge problems the country is facing. After the mistake was made on 20 May where people, at the instigation of CCJP and other groups, hated JB and chose APM, Malawi set itself on course for self-destruction. The situation at Mzuzu prison is just of the many. And there are many more problems the country is now facing, and worse are yet to come, all of them courtesy of the imbeciles that voted for DPP.

  12. mr malawi says:

    apatseni bale anthuwo

  13. Redeemed says:

    Malawi prisons have just proven wrong the perception by the majority of South Africans who blame the current state of prisons apparently compared to five star hotels as the main cause of high rate of crime in South Aftrica. Malawi prisons were declared the world worst jails due to there unacceptable conditions, however what never ceases to amaze me, is the fact that these disturbing, inhuman condions have not detered people from commiting various criminal acts.

  14. panyoko says:

    Give police bails and free all prisoners who have less number of days to finish their terms

    1. kangaroo says:

      Yes thats a good idea. Look at the Lutepos instead of feeling this bad treatment, are sleeping in their homes. I feel bad. Enawo anaba nkhuku ndi mbuzi koma see how they sleep. Lord have mercy!

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