Consortium demands withdrawal of new vehicles at Malawi Parliament

A national youth grouping, Civil Society Youth Consortium (CSYC), has asked the Speaker of Parliament, his deputies and the Leader of Opposition to withdraw the new vehicles that were purchased at K300 million failing which they will hold nationwide demonstrations and petition the President to push for proper closure of the issue in line with their demands.

The car for leader of opposiiton

The car for leader of opposiiton

The issue has caused a public outcry as it comes at a time when government is trying its best to control luxurious expenditure so as to serve Malawians better and stay on track for the International Monetary Fund monitoring mechanism which defined the country’s economy as off-track towards the attainment of the Extended Credit Facility.

In a statement that was read out during a news conference in Blantyre on Thursday, CSYC officials queried the transaction citing the current economic situation in the country as not tallying with such an extravagant expenditure.

“We are disturbed by obscene immorality and imprudence displayed by the National Assembly in purchasing of the four vehicles at such an amount at a country is in dire economic situation.

“ We demand that the purchased fleet be withdrawn from the National Assembly immediately to be disposed off through a sale at market value or be put off the road in the interim as a way of sending a clear message that such extravagance cannot be tolerated in these tough economic times,” reads part of the statement  by CSYC National chair John Thawe and Publicity Secretary Kenneth Mtago,  made available to Nyasa Times.

It added: “We demand that the cars be withdrawn from National Assembly fleet immediately and be disposed off at market value or be put off the road in the interim so as to send a clear message to all Malawians, especially public officers, that extravagance using public money in these tough economic times cannot be tolerated”

The consortium, which has over 300 youth organizations under its jurisdiction, faulted the Speaker, Richard Msowoya and Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, for failing to uphold what their Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has preaching.

Recently, the party has been attacking President Peter Mutharika on his entourage and his hiring of a private jet to the the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

“Comments by the Speaker questioning whether people want them to be to walking on foot are just as insulting as they are rude to a majority of Malawians living in abject poverty.”

“Work cannot come to a halt even if they did not have the new cars owing to the fact that all the four beneficiaries have several cars on duty and others that are personal. Furthermore, all the four officials have just benefited from K24 million loans that were approved by Parliament months ago,” reads the CSYC statement.

The youths also faulted the stand taken by MCP saying that the whole transaction was carried out last year as such it should not be questioned as a very recent deal.

“Their sentiments are even a more confusing disconnect of the reality on the ground because Malawians know very well that the economy has not been performing any better since Cashgate was exposed in 2013.

And on top of that, the President himself stopped any increment to his benefits last year because he knew how much the economy could not cope with such expenditure.

Chakwera and Msowoya ought to emulate this kind of consideration for public money” President Mutharika sometime last year stopped increment on his, his Vice and cabinet minister’s benefits and left them where he found them when he assumed office.

Currently, members of Parliament get more benefits than a deputy minister. Furthermore, the executive arm of government also stopped any purchase of new vehicles for cabinet ministers and judges among others as a way of saving public money.

The youth consortium highlighted that the money saved from this ‘unnecessary’ sale can be used to construct around 20 school blocks and waiting shelters at hospitals on top of serving all referral hospitals for the whole month.

Public discourse through the media has shown that Malawians are not in favour with the purchase of the “fuel guzzlers”.

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111 thoughts on “Consortium demands withdrawal of new vehicles at Malawi Parliament”

  1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    all this is because of poverty. look at neighbouring countries, these countries are purchased by individuals. look the bmw that prophet bushiri bought, can you compare with these prados? its a shame that the whole govern is crying! if u can’t manage to run the country, just resign guys

  2. Litrate Youth says:

    Don’t You Know The Role Of Opposition In Democracy? Consult Very Well And You Shall Never Be Against MCP As You Do Mbuli Inu.

  3. Benson Chirwa says:

    I feel sorry for these lousy youths. It started like this with late Chasowa. You’ll be duped, dumped and left for the dead. Invest your energies into something productive before you lose your identity and future. THUGS.

  4. Tumbuka weniweni says:

    Sijerousi Man, Koma zimene amane Jessy ndinzeru, we need 2follow, kuti anthu asiyanise Mcp & Dpp azikane galimoto, akalola ndiye ndiamozi

  5. H,Chitumvi says:

    Asabweze tadziwa achita ukutumani kuti mulankhule izi zonetsero muwachitile a boma, parliament singagule galimoto excutive osavomela ayi.Kafunseni Nduna zanu choyamba musanapuse nazo

  6. kasuzga says:

    It’s very unfortunate to hear youths who are supposed to act soberly acting in this manner. Most of these so called youth leaders are being used by politicians in a smear campaign. Parliament has commented on this issue and they have proved that they followed all the necessary processes. The vehicles were bought with blessings from OPC and the ODPP and for govt to be querying on this is total absurdity. Mayor’s who have a temporary tenure are using the same prados and no one questions them BUT it’sa problem cuz the leader of opposition using the same? If its about the type of car then it shud start with the president, his vice and the whole cabinet. Why is it that presidents propose their salary cuts as an austerity measure? Why not reducing their rate of allowances? They know that their monthly income is mostly from allowances and not salary. If Malawi economy is in tatters because of this MK257m (and not MK300m) then mavuto alipo ambiri.

  7. chipie says:

    Awanamiza kut awalemba ntchito. Kma nde hehe! Zamasanje zenizeni. Anyamata osazitsata.

    1. SWE says:


  8. Mfumuye says:

    a thawe mwalowelera zoipatu apa statement yanuyo tamva kuti wakulemberani Bamusi. koma umphawi ukuphani any am at a inu ndidyera lan7lo

  9. Owen says:

    Please don’t be surprised these youths are educated fools even if you teach them how the Government works the can’t understand if (THE BIG FISH) is also puzzled. Please lets keep on praying God will answer very soon.Thank you Evangelical committee for organising prayers in them month of November 2015.Glory to God.You thieves my God will punish you in Jesus’ name!!! Therefore repent so that all should be well with you.

  10. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Speakers and opposition leaders deserve the package. They are at per as the ministers not even the PS’s. You want them to use Nissan March? Jealous siumuna. Look at Directors in different organisations what they drive. Musapatse BP anzanu.

  11. sapitwa says:

    If I compare these Youth with CSOs, there is no difference. Both groups are exercising their rights even if their reasons may not make sense. Both groups are against careless spending from irresponsible officials of the government. Both are denuding their rights even if they may not make sense. Both have large followers. Both are against silly attitudes: 1. Mutharikas banging of the tables and 2. Musowoya’s silly answer of questioning on how they could go to work; walking?

    The difference is that the CSO,s rely on the youth when it comes to demonstrations. This time around, the Youth have decided to go it alone should these vehicle not get returned.

  12. Murray says:

    Ubulutu ndi ovuta. Chakwela and Msowoya are not in Government. They don’t authorise the sale or buying of vehicles.

    Its the Government that does that. For your information, magalimoto anagulidwa chaka chatha. Why phokosoli now?

    Ndale zikutiononga a Malawi and achinyamata musalole kugwilitsidwa ntchito.

    Boma lisaoneke lochenjela pa nkhaniyi.

    Blame the Government and not the recipient. Plz dzukani a Malawi

  13. Drowning Man says:

    There is nothing wrong that the Speaker and Parliament have done .
    They are entitled to these vehicles as per conditions of service.
    The DIPIPI are taking advantage of the stupid Malawians who are ruled more by their emotions than reason : telling them half truths, and leaving out essential facts !
    The expenditure in question was ( AUTHORISED BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT AND CABINET, BANK ROLLED BY THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE ) for the LAST financial year and it was carried out last YEAR and yet it is being sold as a recent event.
    All new cabinet Minister were bought new cars after the elections yet that fact is being muted .
    The so called Youth whatever,.. are nothing but the DIPIPI cadets.
    Mutharika should be very, very careful , HE COULD BE UNLEASING FORCES THAT HE MAY NEVER BE ABLE TO CONTROL

  14. Zongan zamadula says:

    Utsogoleri ukatikanika ndibwino kuvomwreza kunenera pamawa azanu akuliyendetsa mwabwino mopanda phuma ndi khawa kamba kakutha zeru kusowa pogwira napepe APM zakuvutanidi mochititsa manyazi

  15. SABITI says:

    Zotumidwa ndi choncho where. were you when. school fees was raised, school certificates scrapped, 500million blown by hangers in USA ,am not.sure if know what y)ou are suppose to fight. for as youth future leaders

  16. REX MSISKA says:

    It appears that Malawians have decayed in terms morals. All the comments you read must have vagar language.

    Where are you going with this? Let me tell you that this doesn’t worry politicians at all. Where they sit they just laugh at it. “Leave them that is how they understand democracy,” they say. Who knows they might even be calling you with the same languages.

    Good luck if this is how you think you are really solving issues.

  17. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Zowona k300m magalimoto atatu. sizoona. Nanga Msowoya ndi m’bale wache Chakwera akazalowa m’boma azizapanga bwanji?

  18. Hamu says:

    Who approves this? ODPP, President or Speaker? if its the speaker blame him if not, why are you talking about Chakwera on this issue? Government knows that their messed up on taking 115 delegates to UNGA, so to cover this mess its when they are coming up with this. MBC reporters and all other workers there remember that we are not fools anymore we know what is happening in our country. Before making your propaganda put your matako properly and make your investigation before sparking. Bingu was doing the same with MBC. today mathanyula is doing the same, Global Fund agreement and now Malawian gays has the right to health care in malawi. where did the government knows this figure of 40,000 gays? uchitsiru wanu omavura kuchipinda ndi azika anu musamaubwelese poyera. Nyasi zanu ife ayi mutisamale. Revolutionary can start to any country if the government fails to solve problems people facing. Viva revolutionary

  19. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Za zii, who bought these vehicles.?Is it not the same Government. Kambani zina izi zokha sizikumveka. If it is a diversion gimmick at you have failed big time. You think all of us are fools like you. Does the speaker or Leader of opposition control the governmant purse?

  20. nobel says:

    These youths are so stupid! They are being used. Tell me the economic difference between hiring a jet from Dubai, taking 116 delegates to UNGA versus purchase of vehicles for speakers & LoP? Is hiring vehicles not expensive just as hiring presidential jet to America? U idiots get facts before u walk on our taxpayers roads!!

  21. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Where was this consortium when the President was busy chattering a plane on his trip to UNGA? Where was this grouping when government had to spend millions of kwacha on an entourage to UNGA? Where was this consortium when the President decided to marry immediately when he got into power?
    Leave the Parliamnet alone you foolish consortium.

  22. Zonse says:

    MUfuna ma youth’wa asonyeze umbuli wawo for being used by DPP. Ndikati boma la machende ndalakwa?

  23. Mnzwanya says:


  24. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    MCP mwagwa nazo baasi apa izi (Plain bad optics, no less).
    Hypocrites, liars and clearly big time spenders of other people’s (the public’s) money. CSYC, as a group, represents young people throughout the country, and as such, they are the future of Malawi. They are only protecting their futures; they are forward thinking, in contrast to the old men of MCP. CSYC may be in tune with the sentiments of the average bao player in this country than are the famous NGO. I tell you: if these CSYC people called a demo, the turnout would simply dwarf the one a couple of days ago.

    The public is still waiting for MCP to explain these untimely purchases.
    Where is the least competent spokesperson of any political party in Malawi, Ms Kabwila-Kapasula, when she is really needed? This is the time to show her mettle. No? Call a press conference and explain.

  25. Bingu says:

    You are twisting the lion’s tail.if MCP so decides, it can make this country ungovernable.

  26. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Let us issue be free from political machination typical of such cases. Government wants to divert peoples attention by capitalising on the parliament issue. If Msowoya was not connected to the MCP this was aminor issue. The expences that government incurred on the UN trip have not been made public despite calls from several states stakeholders. While any extravaga

  27. kanyika says:

    kodi mumafuna speaker aziyenda pansi? ngati PS ,JUDGES,DC,DHO,ARMY COMMANDER,INSPECTOR OF POLICE,DIRECTORS amapasidwa official car.kuli bwanji speaker amene ali wamkulu? check the conditions of service for my speaker,all these are there.a consortium ndinu mbuli kwambiri.ngati MAYOR amapasidwa galimoto,what about speaker? ndinu mbuzi a CSYC mwamva? ine ndi wachinyamata sindikugwirizana nanu

  28. Observer says:

    Government bought 25 VXs and distributed them to all senior executives. 4 are used by the president, 3 are being used by the first lady, 2 are with the VP, 3 for parliament, 1 for the ST, and each Ps. All the CEos are as well using the same vehicles. The chief Justice just bought a new vehicle . The list goes on. I wonder why these so called youth consortium has chosen parliament as its target.

  29. Good will says:

    This is a very bad example by the two. Msowoya and Chakwera. They need to think about poor Malawians before they can make laws. I am sorry for this nation

  30. Bingu says:

    This so called CONSORTIUM does not know functions and responsibility of each arm of government. Know this Parliament makes laws, Executive arm where there is the president makes decisions and implements them while Judiciary interpretes laws. A proposal to purchase the said vehicles came from parliament and was approved by executive arm of gvnt…so you youths when demonstrating do that against the executive arm which makes and approves all decisions! If it is not umbuli for u i must say muvulala with ma politicians who are using u. b objective not subjective agalu inu!

  31. Hansou says:

    People, this is a diversion tactic. There are so many such state of the art fuel guzzlers in government and parastatals.

    Why pick on parliament only? Answer is: DIVERSION FROM REAL PERTINENT ISSUES!!

    Why the coincidence of parliament where speaker is MCP and the other vehicle for leader of Opposition? DAUSI TACTIC, JUST RECENTLY NIB WAS ON SMEAR CAMPAIGN THAT MCP WAS PLANNING TO TAKE GOVT TO TASK THROUGH DEMONSTRATIONS…


  32. MMALAWI says:

    Chanzeru ndi chiti; kugula for K3000000 kapena hiring for K3000000? Did the speaker demand the buying of these vehicles or parliament deliberated on it? Foolish demos. Paja you are being sponsored by the same government eti?

  33. Happening Boy says:

    I think This government Is the worst we have ever had, This issue was well explained That the purchase was not done today and on top of This was authorised by the sale Jappie friends, the government, mmwasowa zochita, fools. You can’t win This Battle, go anywhere You Will only expose your foolishness. As You tout about economy You still have money to sponsor such kind of conférences, You are stupid and dull. God is watching.

  34. lloyd mpofu says:

    Parliament doesn’t deal only with your father that can board ” CARINA IT” and feel “Eee! TINAKWEE CHIGALIMATO DALA”. Remember high profiled pp comes to parliament hence need of VIP RECEPTION AND NOT IN A CARINA. Musamanamizire umphawi poti SIMUNADYE NAWO. “BIG UP PARLIAMENT”

  35. lilongwe city council says:

    If Lilongwe city Council managed to purchased similar cars just for useless mayors under DPP regime and yet u r saying Malawians r suffering, letss just accept that our country it’s God forsaken nation,tigwade tipemphere ndale zomwe mukupanga spa sizipindula,one mulomwe ndatha.

  36. chimboro says:

    Abweze they are very stupid.There is no money to buy seed for subsidy inu mkugula magalimoto.misokho thoo. basi kuseweresa ndalama.vindere pathako pinu,mwapulika.MRA musiye kutotera akusewesa ndalama awa.Vindere ,Khubwerezaso Pathako pinu

  37. Gladson says:

    Interesting! I hope these demonstrations or protests will not end up to anything soar for the nation. I am not a politician, and I do not dream of becoming one. But my mind is full of unaswered questions having read the article: Is parliament not part of government? If it is, if parliament goofs does it not mean that government has goofed? Of course we may say that parliament is independent, but I think parliament can only convene after the speaker has consulted with the State President. I stand to be corrected, but to me, any disgrace given to parliament is extended to the presidency. Whosoever is sponsoring the proposed protests has to rethink their reasoning. And what if other groupings begin to protest over the extra-ordinarily long presidential convoy? How many prados are going to be parked to ensure equal play in the game? Whoever advised these youths has done a huge deservice to the nation. The end result might not be as pleasant as many people think. Let’s love our country, and let’s behave in a way that we will sustain both the democracy and the peace.

  38. John says:



  39. Thomas brian says:

    Only God knows why a poor country like malawi in complete serious poverty, with a common person dying of hunger and leaders spends so much money on just mere vehicles. we still living in a state of denial. Lord have mercy on us.

  40. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    I support the protest against the extravagance by Parliament. What are trying to prove as a country? At a time when we need to show serious fins Hal prudence, we cannot afford such lavish luxury!

  41. murupale says:

    unfortunately all csos are members of mcp hence they hv left the battle inthe hands of this youth grouping.where is mayaya, undule, so called chanco political analyst ,,So called Dulani kkkk stupid fools…mwashosha olakwika.. .kunyansa !.reverend bwintoso chakwera kkkkkkkk Shame on u cochroaches….

  42. Attention Seeker says:

    By forming an NGO it just shows that this is a bunch of unmarketable and therefore unemployed youths. Please fight for real things like job creation so that you get jobs to earn a living rather do this ganyu for DPP. Aren’t you ashamed that you are supporting a party which has clearly said all it can do for you is to send you to community colleges but does not seem to fix the economy so as to create a conducive environment for you to be successful entrepreneurs after graduating?

  43. mpopoma says:

    They is nothing wrong with the purchase of vehicle’s. Infact; a gula zochipa ndithu. Kumafunika
    Stupid consortiumo.

  44. crazy stuff says:

    Malawians are bloody cowards!!!!!!! You cant do anything

  45. mdk says:

    We have lots of hypocrite in this country their parties comes first and not the country.look at them kkkkkkkk

  46. mdk says:

    Ndimanena ine nonse ndi chimodzimodzi musamanamize anthu.tawelengani ma comment chimodzimodzi mmene enawanso amapangila siizi pano ena alakwitsa fans busy kubakila same awanso amapangila.kķkkkkk

  47. dannaman says:

    Bwanji tidziwe laye ndalama zaonongeka ulendo waku amarica ndiye tiyambe zinazi chifukwa akuluwa amadziwa kuti dziko silikuyenda bwino koma kutenga anthu 120 komanso hire ndege yaiwo ndi akazi awo pamene aspeaker anagula galimoto chaka chantha ndiponso tinamva kuti inapha munthu wanjinga ku mzimba ndiue inu mukuti chiyani akutumani pangani demo nokha chifukwa mwapana bunzi mkamwa mwanu speaker angayende pansi nanga president nanga vice osamangopanga zinthu osaganiza asiueni akulu akuluwa aziyambana okha osalowerera tingaonoge mayina athu ndidziko ili tikuona ena akubvutika chifukwa amasapota mr z kapena mrs y msiyeni nansongole akulire limodzi akudziwana

  48. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    Is that the reason why you cry to get into government you Msowoya and Chakwera? So that you should run this country down through mad extravagance? You congress people are a big let down and the little trust we Malawians had in you as a party of principles has now been blown away into thin air. And with your party ‘s horrifying history of human rights and financial abuse, it will be impossible to regain the little glory that you were beginning to gain at a tortoise’s pace. This is a monumental political blunder in which you have exposed your true hyena colours in broad day light. We will never never trust you Mr Msowoya and His Excellency the Life Leader of Opposition, Hon. Dr. Lazarous Chakwera.

  49. Milambo says:

    Let this bunch of useless bacteria and protozoa get to the streets….tikakumana komweko!!!! Akutumaniwo akupweteketsani!!!

  50. Zambiata says:

    Nde akabweza muzikwera ndinuyo magalimotowo? Zopusa basi. Almost all the minister are MPs and they benefited from the K24m loan facility and they as well have official prados which they use, why didn’t you make noise on this one? Ndinu opusa zedi ndi amene wakutumaniyo. There are real issues that as a country we can be discussing not this petty thing.

  51. chatonda says:

    What a consortium, These are educated and unemployable fools. Let them rot with hunger in their homes. They was free money from DPP. fORGET IT

  52. Khwethemu says:

    Waste of time by this watever u call consortium

  53. Njolinjo says:

    Check when these vehicles were purchased and delivered. Government simply wants us to forget about the entourage to UNGA. Fotseki!

  54. Dokotala Mtabeni says:

    So these stupid people want Chakwera and Company to use personal cars because they benefitted from a 24 million loan?,if these stupid are wise enough they would have known kuti leader of opposition enjoys prevelages like those of ministers, if Chakwera having Prado is a problem,why is it not a problem for the ministers to have same cars? These dull kids need to know that those vehicles are being bought for the office of leader of opposition, speaker and his deputies.

  55. English Guru says:

    I dont get the argument that MPs get more benefits than deputy ministers and that the President stopped his, and his deputy’s salary increments last year because the economy could not cope. The president, during the news conference he held when he came back from New York, explained that salaries (am sure that includes associated benefits) work like a domino effect. He said MP’s salaries are a third of that of deputy minister; deputy ministers’ salaries are a third of ministers; minister’s salaries are a third of that of the VP and the VP’s salary is a third of that of the president. He said when MP’s salaries are raised, it means all salaries get increased to maintain this ratio, and that I why I am failing to understand the argument that MPs are getting more benefits than ministers. In the same vein, the president’s salary increment could not have been put on hold if MPs had theirs increased that’s because the president said that this domino effect happens automatically.

    So either someone is lying or someone is not following the issues! But I just don’t get that argument!

  56. Zuwua phiri says:

    Less say the truth.parliament is independent branch of goverment.koma do u want aziyenda pansi and those cars they will be used by

  57. cadet 1 says:

    Why the president bought also a new landcruiser vx yet Joyce Banda left new one. He also bought the toilet car recently at a very high price. Chakwera has got only one company vehicle

  58. chilungamo says:

    cheap propaganda boma kubisala pachipande. leave Chakwera, Msowoya alone when did Malawi parliament over rule the executive, msb sale bulldosed by government, Adpp mwatiwonongera chuma chathu ndani sakudziwa anyamata inu akugwilitsani nyansi a dpp.

  59. Katakwe says:

    These youths seem not to have gone to school. Take them to Toyota Malawi to learn the pricing of new vehicles. They look to be very dull youths. They expect the senior politicians like these will travel on the bicycle? Stupid youths! Which is more expensive to buy one vehicle for Chakwera as Leader of Opposition over maintaining 7 presidential villas and hundreds of vehicles on presidential convoy?

  60. wo says:

    Any car that is toyota is a cheap brand But nyasaland is really a best example of poverty. The whole speaker driving a toyota branded car 2015. shaaaa!

  61. becks says:

    Zawana safula

  62. mmmmm! asabweze koma azilakhula mosamala. osamangoloza chala mzake pamene nawe ukuchita zomwezo mwinanso worse…. ndalama zandale si chakhumi mdala kkkk

  63. Hens master says:

    Dpp youth at work. They are well misinformed

  64. cm says:

    You need to feel ashamed of yourselves you guys so called CSYC. DPP has funded you to do that. Instead of you rising up to the occasion and tell DPP in the face to use the money zomwe akupatsanizo for other better things, you are the first to eat the money when your uncles, parents gogos etc are lacking mankhwala mzipatalamu zoona? Is your conscious clear pomapanga zimene mukupangazi? In case you don’t know, tikukumbutseni kuti Peter and the others did not refuse the salary increment. The increment is there but the payment thereof was deferred, meaning that it is being accrued (it is accumulating) and they will get it sooner or later. What that means is that the country is accumulating ‘domestic debt’ and you and me will pay that. Peter wanuyo akanakhala wanzeru sakanapanga zoti payment should be deferred, akanangokana any increase outright! Coming to the issue at hand, you may wish to know that it is the executive arm of government that bought the vehicles. Mwinanso simukudziwa mbuli inu, executive arm of government ndikomwe kuli Peter wanuyo. If you are to demonstrate, the demonstration should be directed to Peter for buying the vehicles. Koma umbuli siwabwino guys, you mean you cant see kuti by making noise about these vehicles you are actually saying kuti the executive should not have made that decision/approval and should now reverse their decision? These sentiments are being directed to the wrong people. All you are trying to do is to draw people’s attention away from real problems the country is in. In fact you are just showing that you are against MCP. I am not MCP myself but I wonder kuti nkhani ikungokhala ya Chakwera and Msowoya (MCP) yet magalimotowo agulidwanso for the 2 deputy speakers, why the bias??? Lastly, Peter ananena kuti we have to respect the office of the president by hiring jets (not using commercial flights) for him, why should the same not apply to these people in question here? Mufuna aziyendera salon? Convoy yake mumayiona akayenda even locally? He should have started by reducing the size of the convoy. Convoy ya Cameron munayiwona? Mwinanso Cameron simumudziwa agwape inu. Mundiyankhulitsa pambali….

  65. becks says:

    I pity the youth of Malawi. They are sheepish and used easily by politicians. They lack originality of ideas. Instead of positioning themselves on what Malawi government should do for them on the sustainable development goals they are busy falling prey to smear politicquing

  66. Bwande says:

    Some ill informed youth consortium being funded by DPP. Asking to withdraw vehicles that were bought in 2014! Waste of time and energy. So will this mean the other VXs for the ministers will also have to be withdrawn! Let’s see what the nationwide demostrations will bring. If the demand for withdrawal only means for the two, then this is all sinister. Why not ask for the withdrawal of our jet? huh?

  67. Konyapapa Nyapani says:

    Galimotoyo yalembedwa # plate ya MG meaning ntchito zomwe galimotozi zizigwira ndi zaboma not zakunyumba kwa Olemekezeka a Chakwera ayi kapena bwana Speaker ai,Malawi akuyenera kudzuka this is 2015.Komanso chili chonse cholemba MG ndi chaboma ndipo galimotoz ndi zaboma,Boma pogula galimotozi limadziwa kut m’dziko muno mulibe ndalama koma lidakatan ngat nthambi zina za boma zilibe galimoto limayenera kugula kusiyana ndikumapanga ma hire galimoto lidamawonga ndalama zambiriiiii

  68. Zovere Mtolo says:

    Confusion at its best in Malawi . If these people are being sent by DPP then let’s call it that’s the end of DPP as a ruling party especially if the party is involving these brainless stupid 300 idiots to start controring another arm of the government it means that DPP is digging its own grave before the 2019 general election .

    DPP , go ahead and you are marking you end before 2019.

  69. Sidik says:

    Chokani CYSC pezani zochita zina…mukanagailidwabe ma K50…. MCP it empowers the youths kugwira ntchito molimbika osati kudzipaka paint wa blue wa DPP mukhala choncho…

  70. chidya afiti says:

    Those cars were purchased last year ministers,PS’s,government CEO’s have them too. why attacking Msowoya as if those are personal cars.

  71. Sandram says:

    Fokofo ana Jappie Mhango go to hell…

  72. GRM says:

    These youth are being used or misinformed. Even the car on this picture looks ordinary to me. It will serve parliament. UN delegates served themselves!!

  73. muhammad says:

    Kikiki Ana osasamba aDPP zoonadi…

  74. BMW says:

    CSYC is a government puppet trying to divert attention from real issues those cars were purchased last year if the CSYC wants them disposed it should start with ministers

  75. GRM says:

    I wonder if the pple attacking parliament have heard parliament’s media response today. The vehicles were legally bought at Mk256Million and delivered in November last year and January 2015 using last budget!!!They are ordinary govt prescribed vehicles. OPC and ODPP approved!!! Why it is an issue now is that APM propaganda pple think it is a potential distraction from UN scandal.

  76. Mussa says:

    Ana a APM get out shupit…munava kuti Parliament kugula katundu without govt approval…ask G Gondwe for guidance pliz…ana osasamba inu…

  77. Phiri says:

    Amene wakutumaniyo akuphweteketsani foseki…Chakwera boma 2019

  78. Banda says:

    Just shows that you don’t know anything CYSC….get and read Procumenent Act, you will realise that all procedures were followed…and for more information ask Godall Gondwe who appended his signature authorising transactions….DPP mbuzi za anthu….

  79. ben phiri says:

    you the govt cso funded why blame leader of opposition and speakers office . why not blame procurement or the bank that accepted the payments. first blame un trip then come to this .leave politics aside

  80. Patrick says:

    This CSYC is it a company or organization cause they seem not to understand what it takes to run a govt,please indicate to us Malawians of which govt you’ve runned for you to be opposing the purchase of the govt vehicles or I assume your organization operates without vehicles.

  81. John says:

    Kikiki za ziiiii ana APM….Chakwera ndi dhiluuuu 2019 Boma

  82. Mlomwe weniweni says:

    CYSC nde chani shupit….ana odzipenta aja inu, mbuzi za ana, mbuye wanu APM watsala madzi amodzi…..

  83. chikhwa says:

    Kodi maina anu ndani? Muli kuti? Nanga munapangitsa Register ka bungwe kanuko ndi NGO Board?

  84. Kaligondo says:

    Kodi lero za wawa poti ndi mcp?,anthu inu nanga poti pulezdent anawononganso ndalama ngat zomwezo pa ulendo uja kodi nawonso abwenza? Chikomere mbuzi ugunda galu?

  85. wise says:

    I don’t understand these caled youth to what they stand for, look’ here u caled yrself youth of malawi for what and protecting ur man who took 115 ppl to New york spending a lot of money that cld help poor ppl. we never hear frm u protesting and there’s money missing here K5.somth millions we never heard one of u protesting. R u telling us that u stand for DPP or u stand for ur own beneficaillys frm this Goverment so that they cld give u more donations to confuse malawians? Ppl pls tell me where’s these youth belong too ?

  86. Dusty says:

    A Chakwera kwerani njale iyo asakutentheseni agalu awa.Ayambe ndi Pitala kupanga withdraw njalezo before inu bwana Chakwera.

  87. da says:

    Useless youth!invest your energy in something akakabweza what good will it to do?you think we will have our money back! this was a transaction that was errored in the first place but you cant compare the stand of the economy by then to know. Why talking ngati kuti it takes a day to make a car. Rubbish!this transaction was done that time…ngati mulibe chochita kadyeni mango!!

  88. The Analyst says:

    Chakwera is not a wise politician!

    Imagine how many souls could Chakwera (and his friends in crime) have bewitched into MCP had he just said “no” to the proposal or just delayed it or outrightly refuse to take the vehicles; citing the current econimic challenges as the reason! And then publicise the same through news conferences, on Zodiak, nyasatimes or even pakamwa pa Kabwira? This is how souls are won ka! Aaaaa!

    What an opportunity missed!

    What use is holding a political card when you do not know how to play it?

    How can a mad man tell another mad man to get dressed and cover his nakedness when he himself is equally naked? And expect the other mad man to take the advice?

    How do you check the executive when you yourself need to be checked? It will be difficult kaya! Cant you see? No sane man nor the mad man you check shall, take you seriously ka going forward.

    We sent you thinking that you are sane to check those we already know are insane only to betray us (to learn that you are equally insane) and needs checked? You have betrayed Malawi, big time!

    Then whom shall we send! Who will be our messenger? Asked the Lord in Isaiah 6:8.

  89. benjamini says:

    Mwasuta chamba apa akagulitsa mudzayambenso ngati za Ndege munkati agulitse Pano ndalama simunaziwone akagulitsa Galimotozi ndalama zisowanso muyambire kukatenga ndalama zaku USA za anthu 100 adapita aja kenako za ndege ndiye agulitse ma Galimoto akakudyetsani chibanzi cha Mathanyura mutisokonse za utsiru mufera wosawuka ndi za ziiiii

  90. willybetha says:

    Let them alone 2019 muzayankhula time yao iyi let’s respect their offices now.

  91. Well well well. A Kabwila mbwibwi mukuti chani. This country just needs dictatorship if it is to develop. Too much pull-them-down syndrome in a democracy. Woti mfwee kufinya basi. A JB nawo bodza. Woyipa athawa yekha.

  92. When doing such nonsense, be mindful that officers mentioned in this case have their own support and by doing that, you are fueling a fight which will be difficult to control. Don’t think that people are afraid of any out come of this fight. Bearing in mind that we all know that you are being funded by your stupid so call government and DPP. Please don’t dare to tamper with them.
    The case was supposed to do with the procedure of procurement and not what you are trying to cook. if procedures were followed so what. Government has real issues to sort out and not this issue. WARNING, Don’t dare. they have support like what you are doing to your Ziphwisi Government.

  93. BRAJOE says:

    A malawi mufa ndi umphawi basi even if you withdraw the vehicles your economy still not gona be normal. Dziko mwaliwononga nokha zoona munthu woyimba nkumamuvotela kukhala MP, akayankhula chiyani ku parliament. KAMUZU anali tate wathu amenewuja osati zanuzi ayi.

  94. Joshi says:

    I can see Malawi not going anywhere… in short Malawi as country has no future with this type of old school politics.

  95. Nyoni phiri says:

    Ma youth ake akuti amenewa, mukawelengenso ma book a dzuka a standard eight.

  96. Chaponda says:

    Dausi akumalemba za bodza ndikumataya nthawi ndi ndalama za boma pazinthu zopanda pake .Ndiye a bomawo akupatsani ndalama zingati to carryout this stupide propaganda. Useless DPP

  97. chimphonongo says:

    When did the government purchased the vehicles and who bought the vehicles is it chakwera or msowoya or Malawi government,I thought they were procured some time back a Malawi tazionani zokangana abale imu amabungwe umbuli kwambiri panoso kuti bona ligule ndege ya president mulankhulaso zopusasa kwenikweni mumafunachani vomelezani kuti president adzakwera ndege yodula speaker and leader of opposition adzakweraso galimoto zapamwamba chifukwa chamudindo awo basi

  98. pel says:

    Dpp at it again! Unfortunately they don’t know that public unrest they are promoting through trivial fighting is denting the current leadership. Let parliament withdraw the cars and in the same manner let APM and crew refund all the money spent through the UNGA and all cars used by ministers and top government officials be withdrawn.

  99. Anabanda says:

    Does peter have brains or not

  100. Achimidzimidzi says:

    These kids are misinformed.

    Are these vehicles registered in the names of Dr. Chakwera, Mr. Richard Msowoya, Mr. Chiwaya and Ms. Chilenje? If the registration numbers are MGz who owns the vehicles?

    Baby politicians, who has mobilized you?

    You better talk to your dad first, to give you guidance on this issue.

  101. Prophet says:

    A Malawi tiyeni tilimbane ndikupanga organise special prayers for good rains not ma-demo. Chaka chatha DPP kungolowa m’boma mvula kuononga. Inu anthu musamapange masewera. President kuiwala baibulo polumbira? ndiye mwati dziko liyenda bwino,kapena mvula kugwa bwino? Blessed is the nation whose Lord is God. Let’s seek God and be innovative like Israel not just being beggars.

  102. Clement says:

    I don’t understand how chakwera and the fucken Msowoya thinks. They have been blaming the govt for spending such huge amounts of money now they are doing the same, how serious are they these bulshit oppositions? Fuck you chakwera and msowoya. You will never taste presidency in Malawi.

  103. Hehehede says:

    Nanga 10 agulidwa ku police abwezedwanso? Amenewatu ndi ma vx osamanga ma nyumba a police bwanji? Most officers have no houses ena a kugona panja ena angophedwatu ngati mbalame no bullet proofs.

  104. BRAJOE says:

    Stupid idea,did Chakwera asked for the vehicle? Do you want chakwera to ride a bicycle to go fight for you poor malawians?

  105. gule says:

    where is Chakwera and Jessie Kabwira to comment on these sensitive issues.You gave us a comment on salary increments last June. What about the VX you are using?

  106. Noma basi says:

    please may you emulate the honourable minister leader of the house, he simply uses toyota double cabin not brand new.
    that make, a new one can not cost more than 16 million kwacha.
    keep it bwana leader of the house, how i wish you were the speaker.

  107. abinte says:

    When e tell you pple that these so called politicians are not.serving our interest.mbuzi za anthu

  108. M'busa says:

    Okay! So it was a calculated move by this DPP government to tarnish the image of MCP. I can see, you are trying to use different stakeholders (probably dpp fans) to come in front critising Chakwera , Msowoya and the MCP. Nkhanga zaona.

  109. Kanyimbi says:

    So they were given K24 million car loans? So why did the Minister of Finance approve the buying of new cars? izi ndiye chamba chokhachokha. Both the opposition and the government need to have passion for Malawians.

  110. SONG says:

    Osangoti DPP tiyambe ndale. If Mthalika new people are suffering could he go with 115 people to America. You have failed all of u stupid zanu. Boma lonunkha ili no magetsi no madzi foolish

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