Consumers start demanding receipts –Kapito

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has called on consumers in the country to start demanding for receipts each time they purchase goods or services, saying they are empowered by law.

Kapito: Start demanding receipts

Kapito: Start demanding receipts

CAMA under a Receipt Langa (Demand for Receipt) project has since set-up a media club which will assist in monitoring and provide market inspection assessing the impact of the project as well as assist consumers understand the importance of demanding receipts.

Based on Consumer Protection Act (2003) consumers are empowered to demand for a receipt for every transaction or purchase made with the receipt providing clear details of the actual price as well as any duty, tax, charge, fees or levy the consumer is liable to pay.

CAMA Executive Director, John Kapito disclosed in an interview with Nyasa Times that the body initiated the project following numerous complaints it has been receiving especially on challenges consumers face when seeking redress on purchases made in absence of receipts.

“We noted the influx of substandard products and services being offered on the market, and challenges consumers continue to experience on how they can get redress on certain purchases they have done in absence of a receipt, and this has been made worse by many traders that refuse to give receipts to consumers,” said Kapito.

Kapito said  traders who continue to use disclaimer clauses such as ‘Once goods are bought are not returnable’, and those who refuse to give consumers warranties and guarantees especially on products that have long usage.

“It has also been noted that most traders are deceiving consumers that if they don’t demand a receipt then they will be entitled to a discount which is not true considering the many challenges they face after every purchase. We urge consumers to start demanding for receipts and ensure they use such receipts each time they seek redress on purchases made.”

Section 36 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act (2003) stipulates that “A supplier or trader of technology, goods or services shall provide a consumer with a contract, receipt, ticket, invoice, business record or any other document that embodies or evidences the transaction unless this requirement is expressly excluded by this Act or any other written law.”

The Act further stipulates in Section 34 (4) that “The supplier or trader shall, in transactions concerning products for long use, provide maintenance, after sale services and guarantee or warranty to the consumer.”

Kapito believes that the project would create a platform where consumers will be educated that a demand for a receipt must be compulsory, thereby assisting in eliminating fake and counterfeit products.

“It’s is our desire to see consumers refrain from conducting business with traders that do not issue receipts after purchase. We would like to see empowered consumers, and the changed traders who are able to bide by the law and stop giving consumers a raw deal,” added Kapito.


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40 thoughts on “Consumers start demanding receipts –Kapito”

  1. muhe says:

    How about school fees this coming January 2015 EFD receipt . I need to be schooled.

  2. muhe says:

    Kapito tiuzeni bwino za receipt ndi Burundi yemwe kodi? Ndiye tea wa mawa ayenda?

  3. Moneygram & westernunion says:

    Now, these two groups also should stop hand written receipts!!!!

  4. mark katopolo says:

    All you guys are blaming the Indians what about us local Malawians that don’t even have the EFD MACHINE. How can we be so racist and just blame the Indians. Let me be very honest with you guys as long as the Indians are in the market our country is surviving. So please don’t be so racist and blame the Indians only it’s us local Malawians that are not paying taxes the way the Indians are paying

  5. mamuna says:

    I would like MRA pr any responsible body to give out their contacts, or even come up with a toll free # so that we can report these crooks should they try to beat the system in place. (school me if such an initiative of toll free numbers is already in place)

  6. mzimwale says:

    Nanga akatiwuza kuti alibe receipt basi tisamagule? what about azimayi a bonya ndi tomatato nawonso azitipatsa ma receipt? tikagula ma jigisi ndi ma sweet amtengo tizitenganso receipt?

  7. IPIMBILA says:

    A Malawi Revenue Authority can you fund this project as it is of help to you

  8. gvh chagunyuka says:

    I thing for the first time in his CAMA life, DR. Kapito has been very right.
    Additionally, please all the receipts must have postal addresses for traceability and on legal matters. These too are important aspects. To my fellow vendors, change has come to stay and if we don’t change, change will change us.

  9. concerned citizen says:

    yes it is time . There is a lot of cheating in malawi by traders especialy Indians sometimes telling customers to colude with them to avoid paying VAT.

  10. Mumagulitsa dala katundu ofoira, zanu izo.

  11. zione says:

    paja walowa DPP.

  12. Gankala says:

    Dear Number 10. You say if you ask for a receipt you pay VAT. Meaning if you are not issued a receipt, you don’t pay VAT. Let me school you this. When traders are buying things for re sale, they pay VAT which is only recoverable by charging VAT to consumers. You think traders can be stupid to pay for VAT when buying things for sale and then choose not to recover it? They fool us big time these traders by making us think that we will not pay VAT when we don’t demand a receipt. The VAT is inclusive, and by not issuing a receipt, they pocket the VAT. Start demanding a receipt now. Be civilized.

  13. wangalusa says:

    What are CAMA & MBS(Malawi Beureu or Standards) doing with a lot of substandard products on local market made in China. I’m sick of useless Made in China products. Malawians may be poor, but we cherish good quality goods that are also durable.

  14. enock says:

    most indian traders are fond of saying the MRA receipt machine is not working and they end up give you a manual receipt which can not be trusted. they will always beat the system.

    1. MRA says:

      They cannot beat the system without your cooperation




  16. mlomwe original says:

    Kapito munthu oipa iwe za demand receipt unayamba lero?chaka china unaiyamba nkhani yomweyi koma inathera mmazira.Munthu oipa iwe

  17. kennedy jailos says:

    mpaka embassy ndizifunsanso receipt?

  18. Listford says:

    Kapito really youfight for the poor as you dont eat big bans from the seating government. You act against any wrong against any government not like the Tumbukas and marth Kwatauyo who become born again after eating bans from government

  19. alomwe says:

    Iwe CHOKAZINGA!!!!! (Kaya ndi chani unakazingacho?), dziwa kuti iweyo usamanene zokhuza mtundu wa a Malawi. Nena zako, who are you to talk issues about Malawians? Kapito has the mandate to do so!!!!!!! Ngati zakupweteka kamwe madzi a mu lake Kazuni ukamalize!!!! mtima uphweeeee!!!!!

  20. nabiyeni says:

    We are all unhappy of so many things. Intermittent water, electricity, soaring prices of basic commodities the list is endless hospitals requirements unpaid salaries our country unfortunately is in inexplicable chaos. But amongst us there are those that are not affected. These I term the owners of the land. Those of us that hv the spare time to post are mostly expressing the sheer frustration of our countries dwindling economy. Can we pretend to hope that there is really a light at the end of the tunnel. Or are we going to be diverted to non beneficial engagements where a few of us will be invited to eat and drink for free and enjoy the privilege of been recognized on that one day. I appeal to those that hv been trusted and hv promised to give Malawi and its citizens a better life by working to correct the faults that hv we have made. This should b priority in ur services. Refrain from dinners In lavish venues. Use that valuable Kwacha to at least feed n heal the poor. Ure bellies are already full u shd check ur buttons on ur shirts, their bursting. U don’t need more food and entertainment. But Anangoza, Anyachise, Avoo are crying out for ur help. This is our plea!

  21. mbuya says:

    Shaaàaaa……there is an indian opposite block buster,selling malata, mra check him out.

  22. Chief Jusu says:

    This message is to both Chokazinga and Kapito: AMWENYE have a policy of “once goods are bought are not returnable” and you two organizations are just looking at them and allowing them to treat Malawians with impunity and scorn. What are you doing about it?

  23. Ezekiel says:

    Amwene mukauze amene akutendetsa boma kuti azikupasani ndondomeko m’mene akuyendetsera chuma cha dziko. What is so special for demanding just a small paper? Bwanji muzingomenyera ufuku wa anthu agula pamene zinthu zadula kuposera myeso. Myself I can’t waste my time waiting for receipt on a counter, misonkho yanga yikungothera mmatumba mwa anthu ine chonsecho chisaukireni iya kagwereni uko ndi ka receipt kanuko.

  24. Munyasiwa says:

    This is good Mr Consummer. Not politics please.

  25. Chokazinga says:

    iwe kapito usatiuze chochita ngati umatigulira ndiwe umalephera nkhani zambiri zimene a Malawi timavutika osati ukadzuka uzitiuza chochita usazanenenso zopusa ku mtundu wa Malawi

    1. my right to speak! says:

      Bambo mulibe nzeru inu.

      1. yohane says:

        Ps ndiwe mbuli yotheratu. If you dont have anything to offer just shut up your mouth.

    2. aTeacher says:

      Ndi ntchito yake, if u dont want don’t read the papers azakumange uone.

  26. fkr says:

    When i ask for a receipt i need to pay VAT. a receipt costs me more and wastes my money. I don’t agree with Kapito to waste my money. Where does vat go?

  27. observer says:

    MRA is funding this campaign. Ofcourse it is good for our nation, our MRA officers are making a killing on the FEDs. Kaya zanu izo

  28. Tengupenya says:

    Malawi is a cashgate-drunk empire. All transaction in Malawi are cashgate prone in one way or another. the volume of the practice in government or public treasury has started to surface… more to come out with systematic forensic audits. But we tell you, that is making more noise because of the large discreet amounts involved. We ask you to open both your eyes and your ears about the entrenched and long-time operating practices by employees in small scale businesses and domestic workers; palibe konse yemwe ali bwino. Pali ponse pali cashgate. ma builders, ma carpenters, ma mechanics, mwina ndi ma fuel attendants omwe. Cashgate iri thoooo! all are thriving on some form of cashgate. Kuba should become a non bail able offence with mandatory community service component in the sentencing of first offender. community service for a year to clean, repair and rehabilitate drainage and sewer systems, toilets and clean hospitals, public markets, schools and prisons.

  29. Nyapapi says:


  30. Chakukamwa kwa galu says:

    Eee ndinaiwala, zinandinyasa kwambiri mmene anayankhulira ameneyu pa nkhani yokhuza kukwera mtengo kwa passport. Kapito bungwe lanu limaimira ndani kwenikweni? Ukazakonzaso demo uzapita wekha, usamandikwiyitse.

  31. Chakukamwa kwa galu says:

    A kapito tazingodyani ndalamazo palibe chimene mumatithandiza ife ogula,receipt wa okala kwa somanje ku mangochi angalitenge kuti?alembapo chani munthu olo aaa! samudziwa. Mmene zakwelera zinthuzi who will pay for costs of the receipts coz obviously they have to be bought, cant you sense yourself that the consumer will be covering this thru increased product prices.muziganizatu typical rural life osati kumayelekeza za ntauni, inu a kapito munayenderako ma shop a kuno ku mthiramanja ku mangochi?mumayambitsa timaproject kuti mudzilemeletse basi. ife vuto lathu si ma receipt, vuto lathu ndi kukwela mtengo kwa zinthu wamva john?

  32. j. Jere says:

    Executive director for life?????

    1. PP Propaganda says:

      Bolanso nepotistic tumbukas amakatenga waku north kukaya ndikumusiyila ntchito e.g. Mtambo.

  33. Namu! says:

    Good job, Kapito!!!

  34. OGO!! says:

    Well thought but a receipt should not be demanded it should be given as a consequence of two or more people exchange money for goods and services. It should be denied but should always be offered. The major thing CAMA should encourage is return policy, if good are substandard they should be returned in a reasonable condition within a certain period of time with either a replacement or money back guarantee.

  35. Nankungwi says:

    This is Malawi developing. Every buyer is entitled to a receipt. Its just that Malawians have lived with very low standards for so long that the absence of receipts has become the norm. This i where goverment can help but putting in legislation which enforces traders to issue receipts.Protect the consumer by passing such a law and then everybody is obliged to start becoming accountable in on foul swoop!

    it is possible to turn Malawi round such drastic measures need to be put in

    Stay cool Mr. Presdient you can do it dont let them confuse you. Malawi has not failed but Malawi is going throught a very difficult time and yes it hurts and be ready it will hurt a little more befroe it gets better.

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