Controversy at Douglas Chirambo’s funeral : Bullets fans vent anger at officials

Thousands of Big Bullets fans paid their last respects to their defender Douglas Chirambo in a controversial way on Monday atKamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.







It was all sombre.-.-Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere

It was all sombre.-.-Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere

Bullets and Wanderers  supporters mourned together-....Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere

Bullets and Wanderers supporters mourned together-….Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere







Chirambo was hospitalized at Thyolo District Hospital in the outskirts of Blantyre after being diagonised with a brain tumour.

He reportedly died while being taken to the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for further treatment. He had been bed-ridden since last December, hence unable to participate in the Bullets’ 2015 CAF Champions League campaign.

The whole programme started peacefully at Thyolo mortuary, where thousands of football supporters led by Principle Secretary in the ministry of sports Justin Saidi paid their last respect to the footballer before the body was driven to Blantyre at Kamuzu Stadium.

There were somber faces along the Thyolo-Blantyre road with supporters lining along the road waving good-bye to their player who has served the team for a period of eight years.

At Kamuzu Stadium thousands of fans, Super League of Malawi treasure Tiya Somba Banda, Flora Mwandira from FAM, Mighty Be-Forward Wanderrss players and some Big Bullets players paid their last respects.

Bullets top fan Mabvuto Chibambo gave an emotional eulogy as he criticized sports administrators in the country for what he described as untimely death of Chirambo.

“Douglous Chirambo died because of negligence on the part of administrators,” said Bullets tops fan.

“He did not deserve to die so early. He could have been faced with proper treatment. Shame our football administrators, shame indeed,” he said.

Chibambo said the player lacked support when he was sick at Thyolo District Hospital.

“All what Douglas needed was K2.5 million to go for an operation. What kind of sports administrators do we have in this country? It is high time that we start treating our footballers well rather than using them as tools,” said Chibambo, amid ululation from thousands of fans.

Chibambo also urged government to establish a policy which can make players to work in a comfortable environment.

A moment of sadness came when it was time for Big Bullets captain Fischer Kondowe to pay his tribute.

Free- talking Kondowe also condemned football officials for manipulating players for their self- enrichment.

“Why do you use us as if we are hoes. Our friend Douglas could not have been dead if you supported him financially. He needed only a little money for his operation yet nobody cared about him,” said the Bullets skipper.

Emotional and sorrowful Kondowe did not even finish making his eulogy as he broke down in uncontrollable tears.

Tiya Somba Banda said Sulom will make sure from this season they will make sure that teams put their players on medical scheme.

There was drama when it was announced that there was only a 26-seater bus to take the remains of Chirambo to Lilongwe.

Supporters reacted angrily and started chanting, “Bus ibwere sitilola, Bus ibwere sitilola.”

Some supporters threatened to burry Chirambo’s remains at Kamuzu Stadium if a big bus was not provided.

It took two hours before calm was restored after Blantyre United owner Lawson Nakoma provided his bus for Bullets players.

The body was then taken to College of Medicine for another embalming process after noticing that it was not handled well at Thyolo Hospital.

Meanwhile, former Bullets coach Kinnah Phiri, who now manages Free State Stars, sent his condolences to the deceased’s family and the entire Bullets.

“He was a very good player. I coached him and he was hard working. That is how I will remember him. Condolences,” Kinnah told

Burial is scheduled for Tuesday in the northern region district of Rumphi. He was 25 and earned some nine caps.–©

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161 thoughts on “Controversy at Douglas Chirambo’s funeral : Bullets fans vent anger at officials”

  1. sports admin hater from today.. says:

    Zingini zanu na admin sizili khenge…
    Next time u wil b in the field nokha…

  2. pa low says:

    zinā ukawona

  3. Manzy bway says:

    Rest in peace daga always mis u god protect ur sour

  4. Prince Imanah says:

    I feel very painful wen I think abt ur death bro, may the Lord condole the deacesed family and mourners.

  5. Frank says:

    Ngiyakuthanda…Daga…always i shall remember you..uhambe…kahle…Inalillah…wa ina…illayh rajiuna.

  6. hamza mwale says:

    wat GOD write iz wat iz happening tiyeni tilire maliro osatikulozana chala there’s no one who can manage to control de death. Yr soul rest in peace Daga

  7. namz says:

    This is sad. In the west footballers make so much money for their talent koma ku malawi umaona akuyenda pansi. Kodi uyu kondi msungama wathawa cha? Waba zingati uyu? I’m sure that money could have been put to use. But as the crook he’s always been, akuyendera ma 4×4 Living luxurious ways. Mukapsya for the wrong you do to innocent people. Rest in peace young man


    may his soul rest in peace.

  9. opportunist says:

    Why buying him expensive casket and elaborate send off yet the same pple failed to show him love when he greatly needed it he was supposed to go outside for treatment .Selfish officials everywhere in this country busy enriching themselves. RIP Daga.

  10. opportunist says:

    Why buying him expensive casket and elaborate send off yet the same pple failed to show him love when he greatly needed it he was supposed to go outside for treatment .Selfish officials everywhere in this country busy enriching themselves

  11. Mtunda says:

    Childish negligence by both the zealous red army fans and administrators. why all the hullaballoo and splashy costs after death? does it make sense? not at all! time to wake up and make policies in a professional way.

  12. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    I will never forget u Dagga, why so early? May His Soul Rest In peace.

  13. Chidule T says:

    Only God knows, whom are we? May his soul rest in peace.

  14. Rev Fr.David Mponda says:

    Ambuye amusunge mpaka tizaonanenso pa tsiku la kuuka.

  15. Juliano Absalom says:

    It’s hard to accept death when it comes in our midst. I entrust the soul of Chirambo into God’s caring hand in eternity.

  16. ephraim says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  17. weniweni wa BB says:

    so sad. may his soul rest in peace!

  18. COLBY MAJON says:

    Douglas chilambo wamwalira kamba kosowa thandizo afam ndi banja la Bullets awonelera pa imfai.sibwino kumathokoza muthu oti wamwalira koma ali moyo simumathandiza zausilu mwapangazi

  19. Max Terrie Abwanamwano says:

    May soul of Daglas rest in peace

  20. Jah says:

    I feel supporters are not honest enough. These guys are able to organise themselves and force out the management of bb why not give whatever lito they could manage while waiting 4officials

  21. wyson justin says:

    May His Rest Internal Peace (Douglas)


    MHSRIP lesson learnt.

  23. chinsinsi says:

    nothing but prayer

  24. Rest in peace iiii iii

  25. dustan kandaya says:

    rip dagarous

  26. imbombo says:

    everything is under God’s plan. death is uncontrollable. human existence is movement towards death not how but when. rest in peace brother.

  27. phill says:

    May Daglas soul rest in peace,we did love you but God loved you more

  28. chiko says:

    zachisoni kwabasi..
    komabe ma players ndi inu ma fans mukanachitapo kanthu.. lets stop the blame game.
    chitsanzo ma musicians pamene wina wadwala amapangitsa ma shows specifically to help the one who is/ was sick..
    Koma Za Daga tangomva maliro not even 1 match kuti BB was raising funds to support nzawo. Moyo umenewu tiunikirane bwino.

    Ma player, fans ndi administration tiyeni tileke kulozana zala poti zambiri zikuloza ife tomwe.

    MHSRIP !!!


  29. khriss chitsime says:

    may his soul rest inpeace

  30. Mc never Ntambalika says:

    Comment. Douglous,indeed u were a hero.Rest in Peace

  31. MULHAKHO says:

    Tikulira tataya munthu ofunika kwambiri pa mbiri ya dziko la malawi…DAGRAS CHIRAMBO (REST IN INTERNAL PEACE)

  32. Chabwanda says:

    may his soul rest in peace

  33. Hestings Chivundu says:

    Commentmay His Saul Rest In Peace

  34. Paul Benala says:

    Ambuye asunge mzimu wa Daga,ntchito anaigwira yokoza mbiri ya Malawi koma otsalafe sitidamukonde.

  35. molson kondwani says:

    may the soul of daglas chirambo rest into eternal peace amen.

  36. Alie suarez stimer says:

    RIP Daga

  37. Commenti will miss you my brother forever and ever in this world, may your soul rest in peace.

  38. Pwekapu says:

    I am not a fan of Bata Bullets let alone local football, I didnt know much about Douglas Chirambo, however looking at emotions on the face of Miracle Gabeya, fellow defender – wrecks my heart and i am deeply saddened by his passing away.

  39. Bongani Bollah says:

    We will miss u Daga,i think this will be a learning point to our football organisers.MHSRIP

  40. Amthutha says:

    Comment so sorry

  41. Hestings Chivundu says:

    Im sorry!May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  42. tsetsefly says:

    Football as a career in Malawi is a suck. I once made my mind to become a career footballer but I thank my uncle for discouraging me to take such a path. I took a different path and I believe it was a good choice although I missed the fun of football dribles and dammies. My advice is that while kids want to play soccer encourage them to work hard in school. We can avoid being heroes who sleep on empty stomachs.

  43. Autmatic says:

    matimu agwirizane asegule account, imodzi timu izipereka k30 to k50 per month for emegency.

  44. we will miss you Daga
    Rest in Peace

  45. You must know!!!!!! says:

    Problem is that fam is surrouded by people who only think about filling their stomach and their famillies. This is stupid. The death for Mr Chirambo could have been avoided.

  46. Lackson Mustafa says:

    Rest in Peace Daga our tears will not stop flowing

  47. Khalidwe lao says:

    Mzimu wa DAGA uuse mumtendere. Komanso ukhanthe ose afam, ndi Sulom.

  48. Emmatuwa says:

    Very very bad R.I.P Daga

  49. inkosi ya mankhosi the poet says:

    Your taken
    With a good reason
    God knows it
    Rip brother

  50. phodogoma. says:

    RIP Daga. I think a lesson has been learnt here although it is a bitter lesson. However I am ignorant as how far did those who were close to Daga make noise for financial support? In fact for me I got the news just two or three days for the sickness of late Daga before he died. Yes Malawians are to blame since we have lost the player. Still look at what the musicians do in raising money if one of them is sick and has to be taken to outside clinic. They do not only raise money by themselves but also they make noise and noise until they are are heard by individuals and sometimes by the government itself. For sure if the arm was raised our minister of sports Grace Chiuma could have acted. She has been very close to footballers of let.

    BB what communication did you make to the nation and to BB club for late Daga. For example at Fomboni Football day why did you not spend at least a minute for the sake of his sickness as you did during with Sudan Game. That could be one of the ways of raising the arm to general public.Journalists could have picked it. It could impossible for journos to open their mouth wider over that when the owner has not allowed that. Remember our culture vs sickness. Are you not the one who say I am okey athough you are not okey. Dont blame Malawians 100 percent.

    My advice to all football players , please if you are sickand you need support as the case was, do not hide just come out public support as soon as possible.

    For sure there is a good relationship between footballers and radio journalists. Guys lets face the truth here. The player of Daga caliber even going to Ufulu radio meeting Mafuno and Chalungama public communication over his sickness, these people could have seen how include that message in their morning program, Daga could have been heard and money could have been raised through public awareness.

    Lets respect ourselves. We are loving people and we support each other. How many people have been assisted in Malawi for outside medical attention by government and even by corporate citizens and general public? Here we had communication breakdown as a country since relatives of Daga did not communicate to general public apart from his failure for Fomboni games.Unfortunately BB was also confused.I mean if you follow what has befallen on BB of late.This problem has ambushed them. This problem has ambushed every ones.

    Sorry for my bitter opinion during this time.



  51. scottmughogho says:


  52. RIP DAGA we will really mc u BB supporter

  53. Chris Kamuona says:

    Rest in peace Bro

  54. Mavuto Bokosi says:

    Rest in peace dear.

  55. Ambuye anapasa yemweyo walanda mzimu wake uwuse muntendere will never forgert amen

  56. BB GIRL says:

    Rest In Peace DAGALOUS CHILAMBO tikusowani

  57. Emmanuel Mpopo says:

    Mwasiya mbiri yabwino amwene pumani bwino until we meet again in heaven. Comment

  58. Bambala says:

    The heavens have gained an Angel. MHSRIEP.

  59. JONATHAN says:


  60. Anzathu says:

    mwadya zokwanira. sitiloranso.

  61. ZASHA says:

    R.I.P Mr Chirambo

  62. powder says:

    maplayer simungapange choonekera china chake to show the anger and change things for your betterment! official akulemera inu osewera kumasauka zoona? kanani kusewera until something happen, simple! mudandaula but mawa you are playing then what will you get. wake up guys!

  63. Ed Chikumbanje says:

    Insure the Players

    The last Bullets match I watched was a cup final they played against Moyale a few years ago. I only recognised a few players that played that day. I don’t know if Douglas played that day. As such I don’t have any memory of him as a player. But from the pouring tributes and the pictures I have seen, it seems he was an exceptional player and was loved by many. However the expression of that love has come too late for Doug.

    Doug has been bedridden for sometime, and out of the public eye he suffered alone. His heroics on the field being applauded in the last few days did not do enough to give him a chance to have a good shot at life again. His efforts on the field should have guaranteed that, because after all here was an icon that in his prime entertained the masses. Doug was worth saving so that the nation could see him again on the field of play. A win – win satiation.

    The story of Doug is not an isolated case though. There are many well documented stories about abandoned local sports heroes. For a game that commands significant sums of sponsorship money this is really unacceptable. This needs to change and it should start now.

    FAM, Sulom and the Players should realise that sports injuries will continue and they can no longer leave it as an unmanaged risk. Between them FAM and Sulom have recurring sponsorship money. Most of the money goes to administration and prize money. There must be a way the Super League, for example can get a group medical cover to provide insurance for all registered players. The players I am sure wont mind a reduced prize pot, given that everyone abandons them when they need medical care.

    Do it for Doug. RIP

  64. Mathanyula says:

    I am not a Bullets fan, but what has befallen Chirambo is very saddening. This death was very avoidable if Bullets, FAM and GVT officials were concerned with the welfare of the player. Do you mean no one amongst Bullets, FAM or government officials could offer MK2.5m to save the life of Chirambo??? sad on Malawi football. All in all RIP Chirambo.

  65. Bullets woyeee says:

    surely you failed to raise 2.5 million Ks for Doug’s treatment? That’s a shame really. And to to top it all, only managed to find a 26 seater to take him back to Rumphi? Analakwanji inu abale Dagga? Eish koma abale, a Malawi timapwetekana tokhatokha sure, osafunila munthu zabwino!

    Rest Thee well Dagga, and my condolonces to the family.

  66. philmon says:

    It is true we lost a youthful hero. R.I.P. Douglas

  67. Rest In Peace ( R.I.P )

  68. Manda says:

    Atumbuka satilemekeza mziko muno. Zaya mwamutende nganya.

  69. Mahomwa Mhango says:

    Where does Fam management get salaries?
    So why not Daga was not treated as Boko Haram

  70. che chipojola olowesa jando kwangonji . says:

    My be GOD put him in his plan, as one of his angers to sing song without tired at all ,we will met you when we crossing the bridges , amen .

  71. susyn says:

    RIP gone too soon

  72. TIGANA says:

    Comment D.Chirambo has always been a pillar for the people’s team(big bullets)now that he’s is no more,the team will luck a very strong man who had a hardworking spirit in all it Super League,in inclusive of other condolence to the bereaved family as well as to the people’s team who are in sharing the same tone of sorrow with the bereaved.

  73. mbwenumbwe says:

    Comment rest in peace daga but dont use players as only asource of income…try also to help them when they are in problems…

  74. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is a subject to the rest of players you should demand proper insurance from these teams when it comes to these extent other wise soccer will become a threat to Malawi as Daga’s death is concerned,when it comes to sale players then officials shine with Signatures but to this effect maintain silent.Shame with FAM. See my name.

  75. Wongani says:

    So it was Mr Nakoma, a Mlakho Lhomwe who gave his big bus for free to carry bullets supporters and players to Lilongwe and Rumphi? AMalawi we are one, we love each other. Tiyeni tisamanyozane. Siizi Mlomwe ndiamene wathandizatu maliro a Mtumbuka


    Rest in peace Douglas. We will miss your services at Bullets.

  77. Thocco square says:


  78. Chiipira Wachaje says:

    Rest In Peace, may GOD alone comfort the bereaved family

  79. Mzimba Solola says:

    God, thank you for the life of Douglas snd for all the years that he lived here on earth. We loved him but God you had your own plans. May His Soul Rest in Peace and May your name Lord Almighty be glorified in Jesus name Amen!

  80. Murray says:

    RIP….. No amount of words will bring back your life Dauglas. Its a lesson

  81. ambuye asamala mzimu wa dougras uwuse mumtendele amen.

  82. Tatopa says:

    Anthu ngati kondi kuti atenge phunziro lomathandiza ma player whole heartdly wina adzamenyedwe zeni zeni osati kumangowaopsyeza choncho adzilankhulabe zopusa mma radio ngati zakumtumbo zomwe walankhula lero pa matindi zija. Kulephela kuchita organize even frienddly match kuti Daga apite ku chipatala nkumanena za Godfrey Masonda bambo inu ndi achitsiludi eti. Casper usationjrzensotu iwe watopa chiyani? ndalama zili kuti?

  83. jeezy says:

    Rest in peace Daga,we’l miss U on the left wing,so sad mmmmh

  84. zamanyanzi says:

    Kondi galu iwe umafuna kutchuka ndiwe kupita kukathandiza ma flood victims sikolakwika koma Daga akudwala kumakatchuka ku lower shire shame on stupid Kondi kumapeleka ndalama kwa mbudzi za ma supporters kumazayimba nyimbo pa VIP zotamanda Kondi kkkk ku mpila kapena ndale takumbuka friendly ya Red Lions pa stadium

  85. Kakalaie says:

    Rest In Peace Daga. The entire Nation will miss u alot. Amen.

  86. Judge Joash says:

    Stupid FAM,stupid Bullets administration Stupid Malawi soccer fraternity.Why couldn’t you save Dougrous by contributing to his medical bill.2.5 million? Stupid!!

  87. concerned* says:

    I stil dont understand ua no more. The soccer fraternity will miss you. Rest in Peace brother

  88. sam says:

    may ur soul rest in internal peace Chirambo,y going like this???

  89. kamusuzanga says:

    Football in Malawi will never improve, because of our gready officials . K2.5 million only? Even you the supporters are not patrioitic. The moment you the supporters noticed that the sickness needed money, how many (suppoters) are you that you can not raise K2.5.million. Shame to you all.
    Douglas rest in peace.


    rest in peace mr section 65 we wil mc u

  91. King Cobra says:

    BB yaononga ma million ambirimbiri ati mu CAF osaphulanso kanthu. Kodi simukanatenga 2m kumuthandiza mnyamatayu?

  92. Buhari says:

    I wonder how Kondie Msungama and Fote now feel with the premature death of this young man. You must be a haunted duo!

  93. Patrck jumma Brown says:

    The good job to remember from #NKHUNGA CDSS Dwangwa NKhotakota where u showed ur talent as footballer kut team yakutowniko ikukonde [email protected] end failing to take care,veryshameful. Take an example for what malawi musicians did to the Gospel sing’er.RIP BRO

  94. Wanakabaghe says:

    Rip daga

  95. soja man says:

    Walter,Casper,nyirenda shud all go,this z not ufumu,angotupa zimimbs ndalama kuthera ma hule yet ma player azifa coz of 2.5 its a shame, heads shud go in peace daga.

  96. mzondi moyo says:


  97. mbani says:

    That’s why we don’t encourage our kids to focus on fball even if we ve noticed some talent in them

    1. mbani says:

      What do u expect the same fball administrators at all levels in Malawi since 1964

  98. gideon matewere says:

    Gone toosoon we miss him.

  99. amnzeru a ku mmawa says:

    a bullets katapila mmatenga uja simukwanitsa ku bweza mpaka nonse mulandisa zimene mulinazo. Mzimu wa Daga wakiya! Zitsiru za ma official. R I P DAGA.

  100. nyaka1 says:

    Mpira wa pa malawi amalemera ndi ma managers and administrators basi coz in the likes of Dick Malidadi, most players die coz of kutailira akapeza ndalama chifukwa cha akazi n popularity don’t follow this lifestyle takecare. Mmmmm otherwiise, Onething for sure learn to save money and if you can continue with your education so that when you retire from. Football you. Can be employed

  101. Israel Difense Force says:

    Chonsecho wina wapanga declaire kuti ali ndi ndalama zankhani nkhani koma kulephera kuthandiza pofunika ngati apa. Malawi is really a loughable state.

  102. DPP Guru says:

    Kondi Msungama has bought a Ford Ranger using football money. BB woyeeee

  103. Not surprised at all that is Malawian culture we wait for somebody to die first then make needless noise.Douglas got sick in december why were you not pressing your stupid officials.walemelabe Msungama.As for Nakoma keep it up but sell your players to Silver strikers.

  104. Amunabawa says:

    Gone too soon
    What a loss

  105. Donyisto says:

    All the administrators could manage is the coffin moti? I feel sorry for Malawian footballers who ply their trade within the country. Our administrators luck social welfare component

  106. Tabwerako says:

    Rest in peace chirambo.we will miss u

  107. mphande yituwa says:

    Daga you have gone too soon may your soul rest in peace

  108. Supporter wamkulu says:

    No future in Malawi football.Ntchito ma officials kukanganilana ma udindo and stealing money from clubs than improving the welfare of their players and football in Malawi.Shame on you corrupt officials making a living from this helpless underpaid players who die in abject poverty.

  109. God's Favour Ministries. says:

    Kumuthandiza Daga pomutumiza kuchipatala choyenera kunali kofunika Both BB,FAM and Min of sports,
    Koma sitinganeneretu kuti sakanatisiya pa 6 april Daga ndi Mulungu ekha amadziwa za malire amoyo wa munthu, Ndi ameneso ali ndi yankho yomveka kuti why Daga at 25? Infa iliyonse kwa ife ndi yodzidzimutsa,yachangu,tonse timakhala opanda mzeru.
    RIP Danga,tidzasowa ntchito zako mpaka Yesu kubwera.

  110. chithongo says:

    ma sports administrator ndimwe vizereza mwatikomera mwana ta wena mpoto

  111. Nawo andale amangowoneka nthawi ya kampeni, iyi inali nthawi yothandiza.Ikanakhala nthawi ya kampeni bwezi munkachita kulimbana.Shame to you politicians too.

  112. vry sad indeed daga my bst ever i will miss him rest in peace.

  113. double says:

    sad news

  114. odalla gracian. says:

    Wel done Jeromy for the photos,umaitha.may the soul of Daga rest in peace.

  115. onjoya says:

    Why fisher amavala mikanda mchiuno guyz? maplayer amankhwala awa

  116. Very sad indeed.Dougrous Chirambo rest in peace.Amen.

  117. Francis says:


  118. Matewe Anthu says:

    RIP Daga No Comment of his Death as BB will Miss Him…..

  119. Rest in peace Daga,we will miss u

  120. NYAKWAWA says:

    rest in peace Daga.

  121. gonthoka says:

    chotsani onse ma adminstrators asalemerere anthu ena

  122. Utang says:

    R.I.P Bro wil mc yu…. But FAM treat us players well not as dogs

  123. benard riviel says:

    R I P

  124. pa low says:

    shame on u mlw soccer officialas…dyela too much

  125. Arthur says:

    I ll miss u Daga…. R I P.

  126. ujeni says:

    So sad, in Malawi we need to get some of these basic human needs right. If it was a food festival at sanjika people would freely donate or buy a seat for K50m. Malawi is a laughable country, lets start getting things of importance first priority.

  127. GOGO says:

    Imfa Ikamabwera Sipamapezeka Wanzeru masapota ma players atola nkhani farm sulam tonse tinali nayo nthawi yomuthandiza dagalas koma izi sisinatheke ndi mmene imfa imachita ikamabwera lero tisalozane zala ai mukanachita izi daga ali moyo mwachosa bwanji coach chair kubwezera fisher ku flames kuthandiza mzathuyu kunali kotheka izi sizinali chonchi chifukwa imfa inachosa nzeru pakati pathu tisalozane zala nzimu wake uuse mutendere

  128. ken says:

    Its true he died n Thyolo 11:00am BUT not that was being refered to QECH i took part n caring 4 till death.

  129. Isaiah Bandson says:

    Madzi akataika saoleka

  130. Nanchunjule says:

    Dziko lathu lowola,nsomba imaola kuyambila kumutu mpaka kunchila,ngati atsogoleli a ndale asakuchita bwino china chili chonse sichingachite bwino,chifukwa anthu alive chitsanzo chabwino.

  131. geof says:

    zochititsa manyazi ngati timu osamuthandiza player, komaso osati ngati player chabe koma mpulumutsi watimu, koma lero mumakathandiza anthu ena kuchikwawa kusiya wanu cholinga ena akutamene, munalakwitsa zedi mwamulakwila douglas k2.5 m ndichani kuti mpana mukalolere kuluza moyo wamunthu. zikutipweteka ife ma suppoter

  132. RodneyMhango says:

    Rest In Peace Mr Section Sixty Five Chilambo Will Will Miss You

  133. joseph says:

    shame to bullet S official and entire soccer flatinity shame shame, lest in peace daga.

  134. moyenda maulidi says:

    rest in peace daugrous

  135. symon mataka says:

    R.I.P daga

  136. Profesor Chinkhwasale says:

    Implementation of medical scheme for players is required,Douglas Chirambo could not die in this way if proper strategies was followed! Players need to be taken care of! Rest In Peace My best player!

  137. symon mataka says:


  138. AMAN says:

    Very Sorry For Malawian Club Players Plz Do Something Rather Than Making Yourselves Rich

  139. tuntub says:


  140. wadyapo chikwawa says:

    May his soul rest in peace, ‘ll miss him so much.

  141. john says:

    Very sad moment indeed. Please put the player on medical and insurance scheme before signing contracts

  142. john says:

    Koma why taking the body to a national stadium?Izi should be avoided as next time violence may erupt and cannot be dignifiable for the departed?Rest in Peace Daga you died young and May God be with you and the family

  143. tiyo says:

    Rest in peace even my boyfriend went too soon lyk this, cant control my tear now

  144. Mtumbuka-07 says:

    We ll alwz remember u Section 65……May ur Soul Rest In Peace !!

  145. Chiponjola jr says:

    R I P

  146. sothini says:

    Parents never be overtaken my son plays bola well.
    Just send kids to xul football in Malawi has no future.

  147. Kes says:

    Kumangoti WE WANT K 20 000 000 for Fombani game, then swindling the money from gate proceeds after the game. Ndalama zomwe a Fote ndi anzanu stole for that Game at Kamuzu stadium would have been more than enough for DAGAs treatment. Players pa Nyasaland are being treated worse than hoes.

  148. Golden Tseteka says:

    May His Soul Rest In Peace. Admistrator Change U Behaviour.

  149. master says:

    am saddened DAGGA at your early death, u deserved better, if only BULLETS, FAM, SULOM were serious with your issue i think u couldnt have died at such tender age, am deeply saddened, i loved your footballing skills DAGGA, death is the final enemy we have to face in this world, kapumule mzala, tizamuwonana pakuvilonga, am deeply shocked my bro, life is indeed too short!!!!

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