Controversy over Beautify Malawi milk donation: Disi irks ‘donor’ Aslam

Malawian businessman of Asian origin, Aslam Razzaq of Hafsa investment has protested that the a  tonne of condensed milk donation which First Lady Gertrude Mutharika received from Disi General Dealers were actually donated by him and not Disi.

Aslam: I made the donation

Aslam: I made the donation

The First Lady received the donation on Sunday at Kamuzu Palace from Torius Double, owner of the Disi Company.

But Razzaq told Nyasa Times that it was his donation, accusing Disi of “stealing the credit”.

“I made the donation to Beautify Malawi so that the milk can be distributed to young children living in camps in flood affected areas across the country,” Razzaq told Nyasa Times.

“If you ask Disi, they will have no papers to prove it’s their milk. I am yet to make more donations and that it should be properly credited,” he added.

State House press officer Chikondi Juma said indeed “DD General Dealers in collaboration with Hafsa [investments] made that donation.”

But Aslam said the condensed milk was “purely donated by Hafsa Investment only and not DD general dealers.”

Madam Mutharika check the items

Madam Mutharika check the items

“I  had donated 85 cartons of condensed milk and each carton consists of 48 tins. The weight of each tin is 390g which makes it 1.6 tonnes in total. Where did  the rest of the donation went,” he said.

The First Lady hailed the companies for responding to President Peter Mutharika’s call that every citizen must contribute something to assist fellow citizens hit by the disaster.

She said her Beautify Malawi trust was “grateful” that the companies had h so much confidence in them to donate the items to the people affected by floods.

Meanwhile, Lilongwe city central parliamentarian has also commended Hafsa for donating condensed milk to him to distribute in his constituency.

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James Phiri

This is crazy. Condensed milk isn’t good food for those affected by floods. BEAM is not a relief agency capable of distributing aid to the flood victims. You want credit for your donation because the donation is about political favour not humanitarian assistance.

Msangaambe Phiri

So you want to tell Malawian ppl that Disi company hijacked the donation and directed it to First Lady(Beam) not for flood related purposes isnt it?? Bcz the missing of some cartoons has raised eyebrows to many Malawians that they wanted to use it not donate to flood victims.If so then i tell them (Beam) that this was not what was intended.

Msangaambe Phiri

So you want to tell Malawian ppl that Disi company hijacked the donation and directed it to First Lady(Beam) not for flood related purposes isnt it???

Msangaambe Phiri
I always vomit when i read something like BEAM i dont know its meaning & origin even its main purpose.Iam now concluding in this way that BEAM was formed only to engage in corrupt activities in this country not to beautify as they say.You see some of the cartoons are missing,they are not even ashamed of themselves.How can you take the milk which was meant to be given to hungry displaced children????? I dont know what prompted Mr Islam to donate through this Useless stinking corruption organisation?? You standing looking like checking the milk yet you taking other cartoons for… Read more »
Alfred Munduwabo
Malawians wake up !!! I would not be wrong to say that all Malawians are sleepy and stupid ? Is BEAM parting away from dustbins and now busy receiving donations for floods victims ? Why taking donations to Mrs Getu Munthalika for floods victims as if you don’t know the 15 districts which have been badly affected with floods in Malawi ? Do people want to make names by going to state house than going to the floods affected districts ? ACB needs to investigate this corrupt Indian . Corruption was born in India and got spread alover the world… Read more »

Loading…ndikukuonani nonse muona polekela ndiutambwali wanuwo!


aslam doesn’t know meaning of sadaqa.we do show ppl this.jst let them share what ever u gave,Allah will reward mashaAllah.nxt time if u want to help dnt go with this big fish cz there dont care bout poor malawians but they stealng our daily basis thru government name.watchout!!!!!!


you motherfucker, why are you insisting. Did you give out of good will or for recognition. doesnt your holy book say that one hand should not know what the other has given? So your so called donation was not meant to support suffering Malawians but to further your business interests and strategically position yourself for favours from getsu, her stupid husband and the bunch of clowns that surrounds them. shame on you assholes, trying to get favours on the plight of suffering Malawians


Taonani uchitsiru ukuchitikawu.
Maiko ena samakhala bize ndi zithunzi koma kuthandiza.


As long as you channel aid to organizations that have nothing to do with aid channelling, you invite aid-gate. Chakwera warned us about this!!!

Beam again, please we are tired of this organization!!! Some milk has already gone missing!!!

I just can’t what I am hearing!!!

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