Controversy over playoffs in Malawi top league

There is controversy surrounding playoffs involving three teams relegated from the top league who have been given another chance to fight for one place.

Wizards are having hopes on plays offs...Photo Jeromy Kadewer

Wizards are having hopes on plays offs…Photo Jeromy Kadewer

Malawi Super League runners announced for the playoffs to stretch the league from 15 to even figure of 16 as part of club licencing implementation.

But Dedza Young Soccer  feel that they deserved an automatic promotion having finished on position 13.

Airborne Rangers and Wizards FC who finished on position 14 and 15 will also take part in the playoffs.

Sulom General Secretary Williams Banda said the decision was made at an extraordinary meeting to involve the three teams relegated last season in the playoffs.

On the eligibility of players to feature for the players since some of them have joined other teams Banda said Sulom will decide.

“Those who take part are only those registered by the teams and are still with the teams,” he said.

“For those who have joined other teams such as Wizards FC and Dedza Young Soccer we are yet to meet and a decision will be made.’

The teams will play on round robin format and the overall winner will join the other 15 teams.

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14 thoughts on “Controversy over playoffs in Malawi top league”

  1. Leo Chisale says:

    why deciding late?How r the team going to prepare 4 this?What about the winning team ?U want it to b a relegation candidate!Justice delayed!

  2. Steven lyson says:

    i like how wizard fc plays,its their chance.

  3. Witcan says:

    Thus total nonsense, we have a log table already, why cant they use that as abasis? Corruption at hand !

  4. Lieutenant Gondolosi says:

    Effects of army officials dominating Sulom executive. They want Airborne to sneak back into the league because this is the only team that is still intact since its players are employed by MDF. We are now going to have a sixth MDF team in the Super League. I don’t see Fam, which has been advocating that there be only one military team in the league accepting this stupid nonsense. The issue of having an even number of teams in Super League started before kick-off of the just ended season when Sulom set up a task force to spearhead constitutional amendments but because Sulom did not want Dedza in the league, they were buying time because they wanted this to appear as a new thing. The one who think this is a new thing must be a foreigner who does not know the politics that was going on.

  5. Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan says:

    And there you have ONE OF THE REASONS why Malawi Football is not going anywhere in a hurry.

  6. johni says:

    The decision is new and can take any shape. It cannot be automatic for Dedza. That would only make sense if the rules were already there when they starting the league last year. Who know if FISD or Airborne knew about this arrangement they would have fought hard to finish on 13. As a new decision, it is the best. It does not put anyone at an advantage (which for me is bad) much as it puts others at a disadvantage

  7. Tati says:

    Why playoffs SULOM?? No.13 abwelere basi apa aaaa mwatani kodi?

  8. Tati says:

    Dedza mukuilakwira.They finished on Position 13 ndiye pali chifukwa choti adziseweleranso ndi akuchidonawo?

  9. Mzozodo says:

    Stupid SULOM

  10. Mbuya says:

    Bad administrators of football they need to go for management training

  11. Dedza Young Soccer Saints deserve an automatic qualification.

    SULOM decision is completely biased towards a certain team.

    Total retrogressive law

  12. Nakamura Asu says:

    Effects of FAM life presidency ndizimenezi….Mwati playoff’s home and away???????

  13. Shocking relegated teams to go for play-offs now when all of them have lost over half of their key players is not only an insult but very annoying and disasterous to our beautiful game.

    Wizards FC has not only lost half its squad but sponsorship aswell.

    Dedza Young Soccer and Airborne Rangers have not only lost most of their key players but coaches aswell.Miliyasi Jegwe Pofera and Sterio Gondwe are no longer with these teams.

    And giving these teams a surprise of two weeks to prepare for play-offs is killing them because the team that qualifies will still be relegated next season as it will have very little time to re-build and put its house in-order in readiness for super league football again

  14. Terrah Mcd says:

    Why Playoffs? Thats Unfair. Dedza Young Soccer Should Automatic Qualify.

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