Councillor Bikoko launches K1.8bn housing project

In a bid to alleviate housing problems for the middle income earners in the capital city Lilongwe Madison Holdings Company (MHC) which is owned by the renowned young business tycoon and councillor, Desmond Bikoko, on Friday, launched an ambitious K1.8 billion (USD30 million) housing project at the colourful event which took place at the just acquired land, near CP Feeds in Lilongwe.

Bikoko: Housing project

Bikoko: Housing project

Bikoko said the company will construct  three to  four bedroom Houses, state of art of gym, Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Supermarket , Filling Station and a Moving Theatre all in one complex and restaurant.

“The project is estimated to cost about US$30,000,000.00 and we have had a number of interested financiers but we need to have secured the land before they can make any financing commitments,” he said.

“We have interested investors outside Malawi what remained was to secure piece of land for such an exercise to materialize,” said Bikoko.

The project lies on the land of 88 hectares.

Bikoko said he was happy that people who were owners of the land have already been compensated.

Meanwhile, the company has asked Government to fully support the project since it will help Malawians in different ways including employment.

Madison Holding is a group of companies which deals with formal trainings into trainings, car hire, recruitment, security management, IT Services and accessories, tertiary education provision services.

Madison Holdings has also opened Riverton University which is located in Lilongwe.

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32 thoughts on “Councillor Bikoko launches K1.8bn housing project”

  1. QueenB says:

    Observer you’re the one who is gay. Why are you interested in his love life and stalking him? Mukufuna mumupatsire matenda? He has twin girls to take care of and he will get married when he meets the right woman.Stupid azz iwe eti!!

  2. Observer says:

    I follow this Bikoko guy and he is always busy with something but is alone. Is he gay that he can’t have a wife

  3. This is campaign akufuna u mayor. How can you lunch your own business dispite that it is a good idea

  4. Naligonkhwiro says:

    Its a very important move but l urge u to consider constructing houses with storeys.

  5. Koma ????? says:

    Mthubu goloso…any lessons ‘from the Kanengo Northgate’ flop! This can help you make informed investment decisions. All the best?

  6. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    In as much as there is need for housing, two things about the proposed project bother me. I get the impression that the land was “acquired” meaning it was “bought” and became free-hold. This is wrong:
    1. The land on which the housing estate is to be built should not have been bought out-right (if that is what happened). The land should be leased. This will enable the owners of the land to continue to derive income ( lease psymemts) in perpetuity. Land is the only form of wealth the owners had. No amount of compensation can be enough for the loss of income derived from land for generations to come.
    2. There is indeed need for middle-income housing, but there is even a more pressing need for housing of the low income group. There are slums in Malawi. Bad slums with poor sanitation and other amenities. That should be a priority.

    By the way; such schemes should be joint ventures with the Housing Corporation to ensure that tenants are not exploited. I am assuming that the Malawi Housing Corporation is still functioning as credible statutory body.

  7. Bololo says:

    What this story needs to say is that there is a project in inception stage and currently trying to identify financiers and land amongst other critical factors that need to be finalised before it can actually reach implementation stage.

  8. Munthu the Citizen says:

    Man Bikoko, u ‘Mayor’ mukuutha heavy. That’s the way to go.

  9. Chingolopiyo says:

    Nyasa times, thank you for the inspirational story, but there some more infor that you did not furnish us with like, who is to benefit? Whch are the 5 companies that Bikoko is oweing? etc

  10. choka phiri says:

    The idea is good. Kamuzu Banda built houses for civil workers since they are very low was good idea. But UDF abolished tjat. Houses were divided among them one Peter took some chidren of Bingu and friends. If this man is building this complex with 1.8 billion Can u imagine how many hospitals were going to be built with 92billion Bingu stolen?
    The 30 billiga plus JBS . Malawi could Come a log way.

  11. john says:


  12. D.D. Phiri says:

    am joining u shortly

  13. truetrue says:

    Please do not make another version of China Gouji project which is simply hiding behind MHC to milk Malawians.

    Hope this will be worthwhile.

  14. QueenB says:

    Anguta, I hope you’re aware that he has a PhD, he actually went to class osati zogula ngati your other politicians. Anguta ndiwe mbuli yachabechabe.

  15. Patrick Manase Phiri says:

    Well done!!! That is what Malawi needs. God bless you.

  16. flamingo says:

    These houses are for who? why should government support the project?

  17. Anguta mwazolowela kuti munthu akapeza kandalama koma asinthe maonekedwe ngati kaliyati Patricia,kapena anenepe.
    Aai sichoncho ,anthu andalama zeni zeni sanasinthe maonekedwe awo ndipo matupi awo ndi abwinobwino osati kunenepa ngati nvuwu chifukwa apeza kandalama Dangote, Patice Motsepe,Bill Gates,Warren Bufet ndi ena.
    Omwe amasintha ndi awa ovutika ndi ntimawa.
    Chitsanzo ngati Jessie Kabwila ndiodziwa kuophsya kwa ma chemicals mukumaika m’mutuwa ndi zodzoladzola zinazi. Pamene anzanga ndi ine eeeeeeeeeeee kufuna kusanduka nzungu.

  18. Chenkope says:

    Bikoko the man of Vision our next ward councillor

  19. The Most Concerned says:

    Brilliant Idea.

  20. Anguta mukunama…simunamuwone mnyamatayu Bikoko..Anguta ndinu a nsanje…Mnyamatayu Bikoko is decent, handsome, highly educated ndiponso ndi wa mane…..jelous down zinazi ….These are projects and individuals that us as a country need. Not bootlickers who talk too much and have nothing….Not people who always oppose other people’s develeopment but they have done nothing to either prove altenative development or even build one.


    Congratulations for the project.
    Question is, why do we hear of these projects in LL only? The other year we heard of the Kanengo Northgate Project, (which later stalled). But why don’t people do the same things in BT or Mzuzu????
    Waiting for government? Or, is it that those cities are too impoverished to sustain similar projects? Okay, someone is telling me that there is no land in Blantyre; NO LAND????? How brainless!! What about Mzuzu; no land as well? Well, the last time I visited Mzuzu it looked like it had plenty of land; so the problem lies elsewhere.

  22. Rombani says:

    Hahahaha Simple is good! mumati awoneke bwanji.

  23. spiderweb says:

    So 1.8B can do that much, yet just a few people were sharing 89B. This country could have been the most improved long time ago.

  24. angoni says:

    by definition a billion is 10 to the 9th power,if my assumption is true then 30 million dollars should be 18 billion kwacha,Can someone do the months for me please
    10 to the 12th power is trillion short scale

    Is malawi long scale or short scale?

  25. Mkansala says:

    Money has nothing to do with maonekedwe koma perfect hard work

  26. Kumamvetsa says:

    What’s wrong with you?

  27. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    The problem with Malawian businesspeople is that you want to grow big within a short time. How can a young business like yours be a group of companies? Businesses never grow with excitement and emotions. Focus is the key. Do not be greedy. First you have to be mature in one business and then grow organically. You are acting like Mulli Brothers, Matindi etc. These people wanted to grow bigger within 5 years-impossible!!!!

  28. lackison says:

    Anguta or whatever u are , u are a hater , Desmond is a hardworking young man and well educated, an honest guy, he is always honest and straight to the point, jealous too much you guys

  29. Mavizi mtanga says:

    Congratulations Desmond you are determined and I know zatheka kale

  30. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Bwanji osangoti Bikoko Genera Dealers? Zonsezo wekha? Palibe tsogolo apa

  31. Kamtwanje says:

    Is it the case of Cashgate money coming back on legal platforms? #justthinkingaloud

  32. Anguta says:

    ndalama zomwe ukutchula ndi maonekedwe ako sizikugwirizana….u need a make up.

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