CounterJab: Mutharika struggling to keep Malawi economy afloat? Karma’s a bitch!

Just six months after sweeping into office in disputed elections, things are not looking up for President Peter Mutharika who took up where his brother Bingu left off as leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in 2012.

Mutharika gets a CounterJab on economic performance

Mutharika gets a CounterJab on economic performance

Malawi’s economy is spiraling out of control as the currency slides with no end in sight; crime and lack of security are on the rise; teachers are not getting paid and there is a long list of problems begging for answers.

This is DPP’s third term. The first was in 2004 but through the back door. We all remember how Bingu wa Mutharika, after being elected on a United Democratic Front (UDF) ticket in 2004, had a falling out with his party’s chairperson and former president Bakili Muluzi, the guy who handpicked him as successor.

Bingu would later ditch the UDF and found DPP but had a tough time governing since a united opposition questioned his legitimacy and that of the DPP as the ruling party. His government, however, survived, thanks to a vibrant civil society and the media which railed against the opposition antics.

The Malawi leader routed the opposition in the 2009 elections and it was not long before an overconfident, chest-thumping Bingu emerged. He brooked no criticism from any quarters including Britain, Malawi main bilateral aid giver, which saw its envoy deported in a hurry. In a leaked memo to London, the diplomat had described Mutharika as autocratic.

Britain did warn of consequences if its representative was to be expelled but a cocksure Bingu refused to back down. Financial support from donors makes up about 40 percent of Malawi’s development budget. Donor concerns over economic mismanagement and a decay of human rights caused budgetary support to dry up. When Bingu suddenly dropped dead in 2012, Malawi was on the cusp of collapse.

Bingu was succeeded by his estranged deputy Joyce Banda. She tried to mend relations with donors and the severed diplomatic ties with Malawi’s colonial ruler Britain were restored. But a huge financial scandal responsible for the theft of $32 million from government coffers under Banda’s watch eroded confidence in her government.

In the May 20 election, Banda lost to the same person her former boss had wanted to succeed him at the end of his term in 2014. Bingu’s plan to be succeeded by his younger brother Peter did drive a wedge between the president and the deputy who, according to party hierarchy, was the next in line.

When he was sworn in as president six months ago, Mutharika was still answering treason charges stemming from allegations that he and other senior DPP members had plotted to circumvent the constitution and deny Banda the presidency after Bingu’s death from a heart attack in 2012. But senior DPP members who denied any wrongdoing claimed they had only engaged in thinking aloud about Banda as an outsider ascending to the presidency.

As president, Mutharika is immune from prosecution which means the treason charges against him no longer stand. The yoke was indeed removed around Mutharika’s neck but his government carries another burden which could be punishment for the sins of his brother and  predecessor.

Donors have cautiously applauded efforts by the administration to bring to justice those responsible for the financial scandal known as Cashgate. Since last year, over 70 people have been arrested in connection with scandal but only two people have so far have been sent to jail. A former senior civil servant who admitted to stealing $150, 000 got three years in prison while a junior civil servant found guilty of stealing $66, 000 was hit with a nine-year sentence.

How the money was siphoned from state coffers, by politicians and those with close ties to the Banda administration, was revealed by a forensic audit by a British firm bankrolled by the British government. But donors want more. They want another examination of government books dating back to 2005. There is a method to the donors’ madness since parallels can be drawn between 2005 and 2013 when two different parties which did not win elections were in power.

Check this out: In 2005, DPP, which was formed after Bingu had abandoned UDF, did not have money. In 2013, the People’s Party, which Joyce Banda founded after she was ejected from DPP, did not have two pennies or tambalas to rub together. When the Cashgate scandal broke, DPP accused the ruling party of masterminding the siphoning of funds from the Treasury to finance Banda’s campaign war chest. And please raise your hand if you know how Bingu’s DPP financed itself.

Mutharika says Malawi  today is on its own after the refusal by donors to resume aid to the poor country. He is appealing to Malawians and corporations to pay their taxes to help fund the government.

The administration knows that for it to survive, it must not lose the support of its people. To achieve that objective, it figured it was necessary that it enjoyed favorable press. But that was going to require cooperation from the media. One genius came up with the brilliant idea of padding the wallets of journalists with the equivalent of $100 after dining with Mutharika at the presidential palace! Unfortunately, some ethical journalists exposed the scheme after they received the blood money.

It is undeniable that the $150 million withheld by donors would help Malawi address some of its challenges. But the government winning the confidence of those who matter —  donors and the people — includes not treating some high-profile suspects in Cashgate as sacred cows. The government should forget getting sympathy from those who matter when it secretly gives $100 each to reveling reporters inside the palace while teachers outside do not have food and are demonstrating against non-payment of their salaries.

Has the world conspired against the DPP government? Aware that Mutharika was present at the genesis of Malawi’s current problems when he counselled his brother, CounterJab has no problem entertaining the thought that this is karma’s payback!

  • To fellow Counter Punchers:  Nyasa Times column CounterJab will be out of commission in the next 30 days or so. During its hiatus, CounterJab will mostly engage, on the ground, those against the introduction of federalism in Malawi. Meanwhile, CounterJab wishes the DPP administration well in getting Malawi out of its worsening economic funk. Hit me up on twitter: Patrick Mwanza @counterjab
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57 thoughts on “CounterJab: Mutharika struggling to keep Malawi economy afloat? Karma’s a bitch!”

  1. vavlov says:

    Malawi cant develop based on donor funding. Stop stealing and use Malawi’s own resources to develop the country. Donors please stop giving aid to Malawi. Let the country rebel against the thieves; may such an action will teach them a lesson. Malawi’s leaders are preoccupied with stealing and nepotism; how can the country develop with such destructive and myopic behaviour?

  2. Osauka Onjoya says:

    Bwampini ameneyu aziwona, akuzunzika anthu osalakwa chifukwa cha galu Prophesor Bwampini Peter mutharika, dziko lamukanika kuyendetsa ,boma la DPP linaba ndalama likunamizira JB ,koma mulungu ayankha posachedwa apita ngati mkulu wake, Nawenso Chilima bwampini wamkazi samala

  3. Grecium says:

    Malawi needs you and me to be on course.If only we can trive together,we can build better Malawi.

  4. bobo says:

    kubela munthu wa mulungu, kaya tiye nazoni, mulungu akullangani ndithu, simunati.

  5. Likoma Economist says:

    Peter Mutharika is, has never been, and will never be a presidential material. The fact that he is the president just shows how “backward” our country is. Apart from being landlocked, Malawi is brainlocked. All these things happen because we are underdeveloped: mentally, socially, spiritually, educationally, infrastructually, agricultually, induatrially, nutritionally, and politically.

  6. Tsami says:

    Anthuwa boma lawakanika ngati zithu sizisitha, komaso ngati sapepesa mtundu wa a Malawi tiyeni tichitepo kathu pa Feb 20, 2015. Tatopa kunamizidwa ife.

  7. Mr President,mmakana kuti boma lanu silidzayesela kuononga ndalama mwachisawawa,DPP came on adisply in 2004,where did Bingu get finance to the party yet that all overall was controred by Muluzi,You vowed to many Malawians that you will bring change once thrown into power,where is that prromises peter???????? mmafuna kukhala President now your failling to run the Government,God is not aman,God is highly furiourswith your administration,kubela ma Vote zotsatila zake ndi zimenezi.

  8. Mngoni says:

    This is so damn pathetic and miserable, malawians we do not love ourselves, let alone our country! All these things are happen in our watch but we are not moved, our country is continuously worsening in terms of its economy. I really feel sorry, Fellow countrymen come to think of it the said “bloody money” to how many teachers could it brought smiles if the said most executive could thought about donating to their drying accounts after months and months of dry teaching. After all what is the salary for the teacher, that you should find iy funny in handing out to some already fat pockets of the journalists. A malawi, dziko ili ndi lathu and ndiudindo wathu kuchitapo kanthu paja amati, “Muvi woyang’anira umalowa m’maso”. I really feel pity about this country, I don’t see the future. Look at Tanzania, Mozambique even Zambia getting better than Malawi, oh.., shame!

  9. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    MEMO TO President Peter Mutharika
    Mr President you are obviously clueless on how to restore our economy. How can it be otherwise. The demand of the donors is for your government to bring back the hundreds of millions your brother Bingu looted. Without this money coming back to Malawi the donors will never give us a cent. Please Sir go easy on the wine and get sober. Ben Phiri and Mukhito are savages they know nothing about running the country. So stop depending on them. Some of your ministers like Henry Musa are crooks and you know it. Get real forget about the wife who is in reality not a wife. And begin to be serious otherwise your Vice President is in waiting. He will take over sooner then you think.

  10. ndalama watenga ku Nac akabweze petulo ndi gertude

  11. Nganga! says:

    Why employ an aged Finance Minister, Goodal Gondwe? His time went, modern finances require ICT literate young guys as admitted by the Chief Secreraty.

    1. KK says:

      Umbuli mukuonetsautu Nganga.

      A Minister is about Policy, he is the CEO of the ministry. He has nothing to do with the day to day running of the ministry.

      What kind of ICT do you have in Malawi? If you have poor ICT infrastructure has nothing to do with the age of the Minister.

      For your information, if you had anyone on that post rather than Gondwe, all hell would have broken loose ages ago. Just be thankful he is there.

  12. Kangaroo says:

    If i appoint someone as a suitable person to a certain job and he fails. The one who appointed him is responsible for the appointees failures. Malawians have elected 3 presidents since the democratic dispensation but none seems to have delivered. The problem starts with our culture as a nation and then cascades down to our everything, leadership, Government, economy, football e.t.c. Our culture is not condusive for any change initiatives as may be introduced by any newly elected Presidents. Its so traditional and political that it is not businesslike, Are we conscious with waste of resources in our offices? Do we reward performance? Where are the bright students who have all along graduated from our colleges? How do we manage time.
    Leadership comes from the society it leads, and if we cant produce good leaders then we aren’t good ourselves. Am afraid the problems of Malawi can not be fixed by the hand of a President alone but with the help of his subjects. Where is our helping hand?

  13. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    I thought coming of Madonna will help Mutharika to solve immediate economic hussle troubling this old man! The problem is instead of concentrating on building the nation APM and DPP is busy demonising political enemies including JB, busy bribing Journalists and chiefs in order to silence them. APM and DPP are busy siphoning money from NAC to enrich themselves in the famous NACgate scandal. Imagine they have now twisted what they said in election campaign to be Iron sheets and Cement subsidy. They are now doing almost what JB was doing by building houses for people in the village. Is this subsidy? I feel sorry for my beloved country Malawi as it is now in the hands of dogs!!!!!

  14. BigMan says:

    Silly analysis, if you really think that the economy is the way it is simply because it is APM in the state house then you are brainless.

  15. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    The writer has nothing to offer to our economy please writers suggest solutions not past history until when

  16. Mbanangwa says:

    ’11’ , you may be right or not at all. It all depends upon which angle one looks at your comment.
    This is not the way to wean somebody. There ate steps taken in order to wean a baby. You do not cut the milk supply -all -at once! Death may result.
    Yes, World Bank might have said what you allude to, but this is not the way to go. It is by natural law that newly born baby will first be on he lap of the mother, later fit to be carried on the back, when the spine has strengthened a bit, the baby will later crawl, later on the baby will make little standing and fall, after some months the baby will stand upright to walk a lone.

    May be Malawi has overstayed at one stage or has missed some steps on its way to independence and self rule.

    1. Inu says:

      While I agree that this is not the best way to be weaned, however the problem has been that we have too comfortable as beggars. Bakili was actually considering himself as a proud beggar. We need to grow now. We still need the donors. But I would rather that both the government of Malawi in consultation with all stakeholders in Malawi develop a realistic plan of reducing aid dependency that can then be negotiated with the donors. In it there must be realistic programmes that must be rolled out, modes of funding and clearly outlined goals. This is the path that I would really like. Our political leaders have been too much comfortable with aid money and has made them not think. The citizens too have been sleepy thinking that someone will always be there to meet our needs. This is a great opportunity to think through things and identify means to better ourselves. That will require sacrifice on everyone. For instance why should top government executives mayors and others use very expensive vehicles. Are we serious that a Toyota camry is not sufficient for these people? Do we need so many advisors to the president? Should not this role be filled by principle secretaries who should technical advice to the ministers and presidents? We need to transform our political system, our minds otherwise we will still be having this discussion again in 50 years time

  17. CNN says:

    No11 has a poimt but it seems is a Lomwe whose faculties are empty. Point of correction, 1 Mr Mwanza is writing in personal capacity not as a representative of a tribe 2 Corruption has been the main cause of donor aid withdraw eg NACGATE not lack of good policies. Your reasoning on private sector is good but if you know economics then you are aware that politics play a major role which Peter is doing wrong by sending signals that our country is too corrupt & which investor would invest in such country? Please don’t support a thief unless you are also a thief. Peter is a mess & a big shit equal to a latrine

    1. Inu says:

      For your personal piece of mind, I am a half Chewa and Ngoni. I support MCP and have always voted MCP. So in that case maybe I am tribalistic against all tribes in Malawi since I only vote for MCP

      1. Inu says:

        Peace and not piece, sorry for the typo. Again while you are true on corruption, I noted that you have mentioned nacgate and completely ommited cashgate which led to the withdraw of aid this time around. And you are right, money that has been taken from NAC should be returned. This is the kind of criticism that I agree with. But just to state that APM has failed because the Kwacha has depreciated is completely nonsense since regardless of who would have emerged the winner in the May 20 polls would have been in the same situation now. You are also right that investors need the right signals from the country that it is politically stable and has the right legal and regulatory frameworks to allow business to thrive. For instance, we should commend the government for pursuing cashgate. What we need to ensure is that no one is spared regardless of the party affiliations, race, gender and age. This is our duty because at the end we are the ones who are at the receiving end of the evil fruits of cashgate

  18. Agama says:

    Fupa lokakamiza linaswa mphika.Boma munalowa thru back door.May be its a punishment from above.Ingobwezerani dziko kwawoyenera kulamula,its not too late.

  19. Liyaka Bamusi says:

    The most useless president Malawi has ever had is what we have now.Too old to think probably.Why cant you just resign Mr President sir???Munalowera votegate and pano zakukangani kumangoti phethi phethi kusowa chonena koma kugawa ndalama .Manyazi mulibe mumvekere I ordered 150 000 za atolankhani mmaso muli mbe kulankhula za umbanda popeza ndi za ku mtundu.

  20. chefourpence says:

    Recollection of everything we know! An exaggeration of anything we know! And an absence of something that we want to know!

  21. MADUKA says:


  22. chatty man says:

    Munganya uyu chalo chamutonda!

  23. petulo says:

    Any nation that depends on 40% donor funding for its budget is a nation infested with lazy, useless, chigololo-loving, totally unproductive, nsima-crazy, completely un-resourceful, looting, stealing, connicing, parasitic, constantly begging sub-human primates!! i rest my case!

  24. mona says:

    Apm resign please

  25. GUTUTU says:

    Eeh koma ma K50,000 ayambadi kugwira ntchito, makomenti ngati atiko imene? Zosachita kufusa izi padi ndi bopeni ya bwana zayamba kugwira ntchito.

  26. nyoko says:


  27. Mamuna wa Chilonda says:

    Last week one of the daily papers quoted APM as saying he and his team were working day and night to bring the economy back on track and that next week (meaning this week) he would announce measures that his administration was going to take to improve the economy. Well the week has come and gone – without so much as as a whimper from APM.

    I for one cannot say that I am surprised. Why wait for one week instead of announcing immediate measures that he and his team had already taken? After all during his campaign he used to say that Malawi was a failed state – one would have thought he already had a plan for Malawi by the time of his hurried inauguration?

    The truth of the matter is that APM simply wanted the perks of being president – he did not, and still does not, see the importance of WORKING as president. Presumably this is the responsibility of donors. His main pre-occupations seem to be to create a favourable image of himself and to deal with his predecessor. His problems are compounded by the fact that his cabinet is just as clueless as himself…

    1. wathu says:

      well said,i cant agree with you fact u be shocked to learn that while we are battered by the economic problems,the president is always busy in his office enjoying a bottle of wine.the guy is a drunkard and does drink in his office.i have no belief in this guy

  28. Think Tank says:

    We all know the history of the past 10 years. So please if you dont have anything new and sensible to write, shut up!!

    1. Wadyera says:

      u clueless lhomwes. ana opusa. u don’t have the brains to run a government. failures for the second time. shit!!!!

  29. Fraser Moyo says:

    Sorry Mr president, we the Malawians needs your help,without you convincing the donors we are nothing,and our country will follow down,I am a student of Atlantic International University, studying project Management in construction , the time I enrolled I had a budget that can manage to pay a School fees according to my monthly income,unfortunately due to devaluation of our currency it is difficult for me to pay a school fees, please help us you know our university intake can not accommodate all of us.

  30. J. Banda says:

    Uyu munthu manje azafuna kumuchosa pampando chifukwa mutu wake wakalachika. Wanidabwisa pa zimene wachita manje popereka ma K50000 ku majonalist, komanso kumasaka JB, kungala manje involved in NAC gate, house gate at MHC, 92 million gate. I beg u my brother to resign if u love M w more zan lomwe govt.

  31. Inu says:

    I think our thinking needs to change. This article offers nothing that is worth discussing. It does not suggest anything that needs to be done or has to be done for Malawi to become stronger economically. All what Malawi is going through is the real economic situation of the country. And I must say according to the World Bank, Malawi still needs to reduce its dependency on donors because even though budgetary support has been cut, there is still more donor money being pumped into the government system.

    This should be an important opportunity for Malawi to think hard about what we should do to improve our economy and reduce our dependency on aid. As long as we are dependent on aid we are vulnerable. Donors too have their own needs and not least their agendas. So to expect that they will always be there for us forever is being stupid, apologies for the not so good word.

    We Malawians, need to start pushing for things and changes that can stimulate the growth of the country. And you writer being from the north, you should be the ones leading this path since you claim to be the most knowledgeable. This is therefore your opportunity to demonstrate that you are innovative and can transform Malawi. The fallacy here is that people think that government develop countries. No, it is the private sector. In the west, economy is in the hands of the private sector. So show Malawians your strengths other just being political cry babies all the time

    1. Uyo Munkhungu says:

      Surprising you find fault only with the writer of the article and not the mediocrity in your presidency. Your comment also simply lists same echos we hear from each and every Jim & Jack. Nothing new about not depending on donors, etc., but those that were campaigning for leadership positions must be capable of showing us they know how to put in place policies that will grow the economy. Your APM does not look like he knows what to do, neither does his Vice. Some professor!

      1. Inu says:

        Again, you have wrongly assumed that I support DPP. You are right that APM is my president but that is true for every Malawian whether you accept that or not. This fact does not change. What I have a problem with is that we have dwelled so much on pilitics. To put it in one way, I remember Malewezi once told the women who were dancing at the rally to do other productive things because no one eats politics.

        Articles that are there just to bash someone are not helpful. For instance just to state that DPP has failed because the Kwacha has depreciated is not enough unless you give the reasons why you think APM has contributed to it. This is the kind of mature discussion I like where people write based on knowledge and understanding of issues. Political rhetoric is not of much interest to me.

        1. Uyo Munkhungu says:

          There is nothing mature about what you have advanced so far. If a president thinks dishing out K50,000 to journalists is the way to create image of himself, someone must reprimand him. If a president sleeps on the job, you can help him by waking him up instead of defending him. We cannot afford standing by doing nothing!

    2. martha says:

      I was really enjoying reading your comment until I got to the point when u made the comment tribal. Honestly, what does that have to do with anything?

      Okay, if you see yhe need that we the northerners should take the lead in sorting out Malawian economic problems that the southerners and people from the center brought upon us all, why do you find kt unthinkabke to vote in a northerner? Besides, we can give our suggestions but how do you know we will be heard? Furthermore, what is the representation of the north even in the cabinet? Kulankhula timalankhula koma sizimveka.

      Now we just decided that u leave us alone, let us manage our own country (north malawi shd be a country on its own). Then u will see a live demonstration of how things ougt to be done. Mwabaiba, mwapangapanba abuse power for personal gains to the point that the economy has collapsed in a way then mudziti tikuthandizeni? Think again. Tigawane malawi basi tikusiyireni mavuto anuwo. Ife tithane ndi a north malawi

      1. Inu says:

        Again, that is where we have flawed thinking. Growth is led by the private sector. Not being in the cabinet is not an issue here. What we need are innovative beings who will develop low cost solutions to our problems. I have watched young business people from Tanzania who have made names for themselves in the world, truly inspiring.

        Again Martha, sorry that I brought the tribal issue to it but again here is my point. Claiming to be intelligent than the rest of the country has to be credited by deeds. Simply getting a PhD does not mean anything. What we need is to use that education to bring about transformative changes. So I deliberately challenged our learned colleagues from the north to demonstrate their intelligent minds through innovations.

        Coming back to self rule, honestly, have any of the northern MPs inspired you that you can have a credible basis for feeling that being on your own things will change? In fact if you ask me, some of the worst developments in our history have been initiated by the people from the north and here are some, Aleke Banda crowning Kamuzu Banda as the life president, Khwauli Msiska proposing open term for president Baikili, late Inkosi Mbelwa crowning Bingu as Ngwazi, and the list goes on. It just shows that our politicians are the same no matter where they come from. What is wrong is not that they are politicians, the problem is that we have a rotten society with no morals and no sense of accountability

    3. Zamadula says:

      The private sector can only be the engine of growth IF there is an efficient civil service. The private sector relies on licences, power, water, medical facilities, general security, reasonable tax regime, transport facilities e.t.c. that are provided by the Govt.

      It is a fallacy to believe that the private sector can thrive without an efficient public service. So we are back to square one: The govt has to improve provision of public services first, then the private sector will indeed show what it can do.

      For example how can factories or offices operate in Blantyre with the very erratic water supply? DPP and its apologists should know that they can not hide behind JB’s mistakes, the withdrawal of donor aid, or the ‘poor performance’ of the private sector. DPP wanted to govern and this what governing is all about: Using taxes and other Govt revenue to improve public services. Being in power is not a holiday…

    4. Observer says:

      Malawians can only help drive the economy if they have a strong driver to guide them and a government which provides an enabling playing field, which accommodates views from the North, Central and South and explains to the people the direction it will take to revive the economy and develop the country, otherwise what can the people do on their own? After all they put a government in place for leadership, direction and guidance and not to find a scape goat at every turn in the past President.

    5. dodo says:

      What a stupid comment! Dont talk about the north!!! You must be an idiot.Mathanyula wakanika kuyendesa dziko!!!! Period!!!!

    6. Quantas says:

      We also need to change the idea of Big Government, a government that’s too big for its shooes. We need accountability, not things like appointment of Ngongoliwa to a Board position. For God’s sake the guy dropped out at Std 4 and he cannot even speak English. Let’s stop this stupid FISP, we can use manure instead of importing European dung. Let’s use ethanol and jatropha oil for our vehicles, and stop this daylight robbery on fuel imports. Forget tobacco, cane, nandolo and cotton are the new forex earners. Forget the use of Beira port unless the Limbe to Beira railway line is repaired, we should only use the new railway thru Nacala, road usage is too expensive and damaging to our roads. But first get rid of the dinasaurs APM, Goodall, Chaponda and get a new professional, young and slim cabinet. Alomwe musatipusitse, you can’t even dance ( your chopa dance is the worlds worst cultural dance). I guess even your performance in bed is atrocious. Let’s build this country up, and forget the stupid Shire/Zambezi waterway project.

  32. Mbanangwa says:

    All through we have gloried in saying that Malawi can survive without donor partners. What is this that is at our toes? A dark cloud is slowly falling in Malawi.

  33. Jokujoku says:

    Sure thing this is a pay back time for DPP to face the consequences of sending out of the country cokackola wa diet from Britain. When Atupele said that they talked with the donor community to change the Government, the donors didnt mean they wanted DPP but rather MCP or UDF. Joice brought back donors,why have they gone back after the winning of APM? This is not the Government the whites wanted. Check my writing , tidzathamanga ngati nthawi ya malemu Bingu wa Muthalika

  34. CNN says:

    Mutharika is a big shit that lords this country with impunity & some Lomweinised fellows wholeheartedly support him. What we want is a simple break up of this stupid country. How can the whole USA trained lawyer decide to blow out K27 million just for three events nameky Mulhako, BEAM & Journalists? We need to impeach him. Be may he is too old for sound judgement? Southerners have given a big garbage again in the name of Mutharika. Foolish voters. Mulira ndi kuchulukana kwanu kopanda nzeru pamene gogo wanu akuba makhobidi. Zitsiru anthu nonse akumwera.

    1. Ngakha says:

      Achindere imwe. What do u know about politics u nchewe.

  35. Charles Ndiche says:

    Sorry this is a failed project.


  37. M'doko says:

    Vuto la ntchimo limakhala ndi zotsatira

  38. Angel of Doom says:

    Is it any wonder Malawi is poor?

    All people that write on this page talk about the past, things that everyone already knows.

    News is about something new, hence “News”

    There is nothing wrong setting the tone, but you do not set the tone and nothing else.

    Thank God you will be out of commission for the next 30 days, “please make it 30 years”? It will be 30 years too soon.


  40. Mau Apaseli says:

    Boma la midnight usova bamps

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